Monday, December 05, 2005

Leucadia Still Funky

I am pleased to report that Leucadia is still funky as of Dec. 05 2005.


  1. Tired of being Tread upon by City HallDecember 05, 2005 10:47 PM

    Hey, was the parade funky?

    Beautiful picture, this post. I wonder if we'll have train crossings within 5 years? Doubt it. Don't give up your prescriptive rights to cross the tracks. Just look both ways for Ms. Bossy Pants keystone cop train track patrol squad. $300 dollar ticket for exercising our right of way!

    Did City Hall make any gestures of reconcilliation? No way, Jose.

  2. How did the City of Solana Beach get double tracked and grade seperation paid for?

    Stocks was all for pushing full steam ahead on the double tracking with getting anything from NCTD.

    Now Stocks is head of NCTD.

    I hate that intersection.

  3. with OUT getting anything

  4. brah JP..

    this is totally unrelated, but I wanted to write and sned my
    hope that all is ok for you in light of the dark grey cloud that just planted itself firmly over the surboard building industry for the forseeable future. Best of luck to you and all of your family my man.

    P.S. - is that one fish still available? Did the price just go up?

  5. Condolences, JP, and allDecember 06, 2005 11:52 PM

    Yes, are all the shapers, manufacturers, distributors, and related vendors all getting shorted by blank industry shifting to all imports? Only foam manufacturer in the states was just shut down, plant dismantled, I hear.

    I dream that we can someday very soon figure out a way to protect our jobs and the environment too. So sorry to hear that many good guys will now be out of work. And what's with GM having to lay off 30,000 workers?

    Why can't we have one operating plant in the U.S. for foam manufacture? Just hard to believe with all of our weapons of mass destruction, the US cannot help to support industries who give people jobs so they can feed and house themselves and their kids. And how could the housing market ever get so out of control, just to support the social and often political ambitions of speculators and developers?

    You know our Encinitas City Manager ($168,000, plus pension plus beaucoup benefits) and City Attorney make way more, on the books, than poor discredited Duke did.

    Cunningham should get his VA pension, not his big fat Congressional pension. That money should go to those more deserving. However, I think Duke should just have to do years of Community Service, live off the $100,000 plus his wife makes as Assistant Superintendent of Encinitas Union School District.

    Wifes are accountable too, by the way, in my opinion. Duke's wife knew what was going on. How much time did she spend in DC when she was earning her gonzo salary for working at EUSD, also paid for by over burdened taxpayers? What was with that million dollar party for her daughter hosted by a defense contrator? Did I hear the news correctly? Why are we being played for such schmucks?

    Why can't the U.S. help sponsor the technology needed, as Japan has with many of its industries. No, our government is far too busy bombing, then rebuilding infrastructure in Iraq, at billions per month, getting more and more innocents killed.

    Compare those "capital improvements" abroad to Encinitas' illegal demolition of the Hall property, here. Our doofus City Council went about that demo all wrong, without a proper Environmental Impact Report, and ended up putting the whole neighborhood at risk with decades of pesticides flying through the air, as dust. City knocked down walls, did unpermitted grading, always written off as "brush removal." Yeah, right. Remove some brush from your brains.

    So many people are tired of not being able to support our families, without working with less vacation time than any other civilized nation. Many parents are tired of having to both work, so kids always need day care, or have to fend for themselves.

    Yes, we are so tired of running nonstop in this rat race, while a few bloated, corrupt government officials, rolling in political platitudes, looking busy, act high and mighty, all the while, looking down their quickly growing noses at the workers whose weary backs they ride upon, like porked out morphing monkeys, squeeling, throwing excrement.

    Planet of the Apeholes. That's Encinitas City Council, right now. At least Carlsbad sent some money for Tsunami, hurricane relief. Our City Council is out to lunch. Let's hire all the out of work shapers to get paid to do community service. Get rid of some way overpaid staff, get new faces on Council. Please.

    Sorry, JP, and all. My heart goes out to you, if what I just heard about the industry is true.

  6. isn't that a Scott Saw picture/painting ?
    by the way there are other foam blank producers in the u.s. just nobody doing blanks at the number Clark was making (some say nobody does the quality of his blanks either).

  7. We heard Clark was doing 90% of blanks. Still, we wonder what the repercussions will be. I hope Clark can get a good lawyer, because court "prosecutors" can be quite heartless, corrupt.

    Yes, lovely photo that begins this funky post.

  8. Getting back to Cunningham, and Mrs., I now hear that she is leaving Duke. For better or better.

    We know you knew, Madam. You were part of it.


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