Thursday, December 08, 2005

More Fees

We all know about the new tax/fee the city wants to hit us with for storm water runoff. Here is a UT story about the city raising fees for your next remodel.

UT link

Remember, a fee is a tax.


  1. No increased feesDecember 08, 2005 3:27 PM

    Here again, City Hall is trying to add more money on to the already bloated cost of living here, improving our homes.

    This article doesn't say anything about the cost of remodeling, specifically, such as a room addition, which should be protected under the Homeowner's Relief Act of 1998. Permits for a new roof are only supposed to be $7.00, $200.00 for a room addition. Cities need more money because they have too many "contract" workers, and too much staff. There has been a huge increase in property tax revenues, and various fees applied to our property taxes in recent years.

    The City of Encinitas is always bragging about how well we are doing financially. Yet they keep piling on expensive capital improvement projects, and adding more staff, giving existing staff hefty raises, fabulous perks.

    Who cares about the "little guy?" Not Council. We are just poor schmucks. Even Dan Dalager is threatening to build 10 homes on his subdivided property if he has any problems getting through his "compound." Yeah, he would be eligible for a "density bonus," while he and the rest of Council coerce and threaten people, sue them for allegedly being "public nuisances," for simply maintaining pre-existing granny flats and studios, here long before the City was.

    Just a bunch of hypocrites. These increased fees will filter down to everyone, and will be raised, yearly, if staff gets its way. Why were they not raised the last 14 years? Because we did not need to, and because state law requires that certain improvements be encouraged by keeping fees to a minimum.

    The City has already been taken to court for charging excessive building permit fees. We need new city attorneys, new faces on Council, because the ones we have now just go along with the attorneys. They are not free, creative thinkers, just political hacks, Lawnmower Man Dalager and Ms. Bossy Pants Guerin.

    No new taxes. No new fees. The money for Council's self aggrandizing ambitions should come out of their own pockets, or the general fund. No new staffers; City Hall should be open five days a week.

    If that "clean water tax/fee, at $5.00 per month passes, please realize that too will be compared to "other cities' rates," and will be increased every year or so, as well.

    If City Council had its way only millionaires would be able to move here, only millionaires would be able to afford to stay here, or to remodel. We can band together to do whatever we can to fight the gentrification of Leucadia, Encinitas. Can we secede from this imperfect union?

    "You may say I’m a dreamer,
    but I’m not the only one,
    I hope some day you'll join us,
    And the world will live as one."

    ~~~~ In honor of our beloved John Lennon.

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