Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Adidas "Leucadian" Flip Flop Take 2

Funky or Blighted?


  1. Not unlike Leucadia, my sandals definitely have a "funk" to em.

    Friends don't let friends put racing stripes on footwear. Don't drink and design.

  2. I own a pair of sandals but will quickly change come November when I will help give some city council members the boot!

  3. Kick 'em high, kick 'em lowJanuary 31, 2006 8:15 PM

    Yes, let's boot the scoundrels out of office. We do need new blood. We don't need an overpaid City Manger, Kerry Miller, who can't even pay our electric bills on time. And taxpayers pay the fines!

    We sent in our No on C, certified. Hope everyone who votes, votes NO on dishonesty, deception. That way we can avoid another expensive lawsuit.

    Kerry Miller needs to get his head, and heart examined. We hear he gets living expenses, in addition to his big fat yearly wage. He sits up, on high, with Council, and rarely, if ever, says a single word. Council unanimously passed his and the city attorneys big fat raises, because they are all "partners in crime." And it's not on their dime, it's at our expense!

    Incredible. And what do our bogus City Attorneys get for filing superfluous motions, petty lawsuits against the little guys, with no dough for attorneys? They have no incentive to settle, because the more they litigate, the more exparte hearings, the more motions, the more they get paid, at $150.00, guaranteed 50 hrs. per month, but always, you can be sure, billed at far, far more. City Attorneys have their own little lawsuit factory designed on bad advice, and nefarious intent.


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