Sunday, January 22, 2006

Are You Entitled to a Vote But Will Pay Nothing?

The city spends $1.3 million yearly to monitor and maintain its storm drain system, which empties into the ocean, lagoons and creek that surround the city. If approved, the fee would generate an estimated $1.1 million per year for 10 years.

For a property owner with a single water meter, that adds up to $60 a year, or $600 over 10 years.

A property owner with two meters would pay twice that much. A property owner with no meters, even though entitled a vote, would pay nothing.

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The North County Times allows readers to post comments about the stories on the website. There is a comment from "Katherine" that is pretty classic.

Katherine wrote on January 21, 2006 7:31 PM:"Despite the tripling of property values in the past five years, and the welfare that is Prop. 13, nothing has changed when it comes to asking wealthy property owners to contribute their fair share. 99% cry poverty when it comes to chipping in for infrastructure, schools, etc., yet they're first in line to sue when a city sewer line breaks and keeps them from getting their Hummer to Starbucks in a timely manner. Not surprising the "ME FIRST" generation would again fail to provide a healthy future for the generations to come. Greedy much? "

If prop C passes it will be because of mush head poser hippies like Katherine. She seems to think that every single person who owns a home in Encinitas is a high rolling yuppie lawyer tearing around town in an H3 spilling that nasty ass coffee known as Starbucks on their lame shirt from Banana Republic.
If Katherine would stop and meditate and light some homemade incense from the farmer's market she would realize that yes, there are actually old people living in Encinitas.
Old people are sometimes called senior citizens and some of these senior citizens have lived in Encinitas since like, I least the 80's or something.
Senior citizens are on these wacky things called fixed incomes. It's because these freeloading senior citizens got too old and feeble to show up for their jobs (yeah right, lazy bums) and now eek out the rest of their pathetic lives on something called social security.
These crazy "ME FIRST" senior citizens once sacrificed a lot to fight off these jerks called the Nazis. I think it was for selfish reasons.
Anyway, Katherine says she hates the "welfare" that is Prop 13 but also hates people who don't pay their fair share. The funny thing is, in the article she commented on it clearly states that not everyone will pay if prop C passes. That sounds really FAIR Katherine!
Not everyone who owns a home in Encinitas is wealthy. Some people have owned their homes for a long time, at least before the rest of the world discovered our small town, rushed in, tripled the prices, tripled the population and tripled the runoff.
So Katherine, do you own a home with a water meter?

Why should only people with water meters pay for a program that benefits everyone?

Greedy much?

Yo, Whistler's mom! Get out of your chair and write Kerry Miller a check for $60 bucks pronto.


  1. If it passes, can I pay the 10 year fee in advance? In pennies?

  2. Sounds like Katherine bought her home recently. Probably with zero down, interest only or negative am loan. Her property taxes are killing her and rates are heading North. She would like us to share the pain by increasing our own taxes, or ditching prop 13 so my grandmother would lose her home that she has lived in for 35 years.

    Thanks much, but no thanks.

  3. K is for Kooky HeadJanuary 23, 2006 8:07 PM

    Katherine is so full of it. And by it, I don't mean compassion, or insight. Don't blame the old timers cause you overpaid for your digs.

    Hey, are you related to Kerry Miller, Katherine? And, by the way, what kind of vehicle do you drive? Are you subject to the fee? Do you stand to get $75.00 back? And if you think Prop. 13 is welfare, madam, you are dfinitely off your rocker. The people passed that much needed tax relief because of exactly what has happened. Speculators and posers like you have flooded the market, chasing all the old-timers out, by hook or by crook. For those of us older folks determined to stay, here in Leucadia, land of the free, all we can say, is don't tread on me.

    Why don't you move on up to South Lake Tahoe, snap up some of the property Kerry Miller had declared blighted up there?

  4. ouch, that one stung. You got served.


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