Tuesday, January 17, 2006


This NCT article from last March has Encinitas city manager Kerry Miller claiming the cities financies are hunky dory.

NCT link #1

Also, big-ticket items on the city's list of projects ---- a new library and 43-acre park are among them ---- can proceed uninterrupted, and over the next 10 years, the city can leave its $6.2 million in reserves untouched, Miller said.

This NCT article from this week says we are lacking over 6 million smackers to build the library.

NCT link #2

In his report to the City Council, Richard Phillips, assistant to the city manager, recommends that the council reject the bids and authorize $150,000 to pay for a "value engineering" study to reconcile designs with cost demands.

Holy freaking moly, you mean it is going to cost 150k to find out why we can't afford to build the library?

Are these people huffing paint thinner in the back alley of the city hall or something?


  1. Did I recently read that the city wanted to spend a huge sum to study a public works yard on the Ecke land even though the people sent a LOUD message that that was verboden? Where the heck is all this dough coming from? Come on Kerry ... give this city a break... were not broke yet but your trying pretty hard.

  2. But the city manager's office art section just approved 8 new original paintings that are already hanging in the planning and building counter area. The Council's approval tomorrow night is a formality. Not to worry, no city money was spent. Developers and other people who do business with the planning department paid for the paintings and then donated them to the city under the city's new art policy.
    Quid pro quo?

  3. shameless and soullessJanuary 18, 2006 8:24 AM

    These people need to find religion because they have corrupt souls.

  4. Do you think they'd pay me 50 Grrrr to value engineer the value engineering study? I can guarantee I'd save them money and it won't take long to tell them what's lacking in value.

    Hey city of Encinitas. If you are paying someone 150 grand to value engineer the Library and Park projects, YOU'RE GETTING RIPPED OFF!!!

    Here's a novel idea. Save the 150 large, actually use it for the Library, and value engineer some of those ridiculous salaries down to something befitting a civil servant if you are worried about meeting a budget.

  5. Get set for a library user fee on property when the library is finished. Years ago, the estimate for yearly operation and maintenance was about one million dollars with the city picking up most of it. Now the forecast is about $333,000 needed from the city with the county picking up the rest. Better put a lock on your wallet, soon the city will be back with more property tax/fees needed.


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