Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dirty Tricks

Council chose a water meter tax and a trash bill collection process rather than a more equitable property tax collected by the county so that it would only need 50 plus % of the votes rather than the legitimate 66.6% tax requirement.

The water meter tax is unfair because single family homeowners will be required to pay almost all the tax. Approximately 1/3 of all Encinitas residents will not pay the water meter tax and business will not pay their share.

To read more Dirty Tricks by the Encinitas City Council click here.


  1. Give 'em Hell, BillJanuary 18, 2006 8:04 PM

    I hope Bill lets Council have it. He is such a gentleman, I know he has had to bite his tongue. Because the truth stinks!!!!

    City Council thinks we are no-nothings and that they can get away with tricking and deceiving us right and left.

    Check out the link on this post and see what you think.

    I so wish I could have gone to Council Meeting tonight. But I will be watching it, taping it, on Cox 19 tomorrow.

    City keeps ripping out the signs the taxpayers association is putting up re NO on C. City does not own the right of ways!! Why are Council incumbents allowed to put their signs up all over the place? And they whine when they get defaced. Could happen to you, this time, Dan. Your band of mauraders trounced on Dennis Holz. What goes around comes around.

    Vote No on C. And Christy is History!! We hope the new candidates promise to slash City Manager's pay. How long is this contract good for? And you know who draws up the contracts? Corrupt City Attorneys. Just so long as they get their fat raises too!

    So sad it has come to this. Let's not give up hope. If we can defeat C, we will be on our way to Victory!! Please tell your friends.

  2. Even dirtier council tricks:

    The council changed the rules tonight.

    All parcels in the city, including other agencies, city owned, non-profits, etc., will be sent a vote ballot regardless of having an active water meter. But, only properties wtih active water meters will pay the tax. EDCO collected on about 16,000 addresses with active water meters. The city is senting out 22,111 ballots. Steve Aceti, a city lobbyist for the California Coastal Coalition, was the spokeman of the group in favor of the tax.

  3. Steve Aceti is a putz, spelled P-U-T-Z. At the meeting last night he admitted that the water quality wil not be get better or worse because of this proposition. That pretty much neuters his environmental theory. Whats left for him to fight for? More money for the general fund. He must feel pretty crappy this morning when he figured out that he is being used by the city.
    You may not see the puppet strings coming from his small shoulders, but they are there.
    His next dance will be for parking meters downtown.


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