Sunday, January 08, 2006


The new lot buster on the corner of Third and D St. gets the first 2006 FUGLY IN ENCINITAS Award.


It has ornamentation that has no functionality.

The scale for the site is completely disproportional.

It is trying to be something it is not (you are not a Spanish conquistador dude).

Window grates over non-windows!

The ornamentation is there to break up the facade but the facade should be determined by it's function.

There is no purpose for the aesthetics of the house.

Houses like this are labor intensive and contribute to the inflated price of real estate in this area.

In other words, it's fugly!

This shit cost money yo.


  1. that house looks like it threw up on itself.

  2. Fugly fees, incumbentsJanuary 08, 2006 5:43 PM

    We feel it's part of the grade school, Southpark mentality to insult people by calling them gay, like Arnold and his girly men comments. Now some people are calling Arnold a flip flopper, cause he wants to dramatically increase state funding, to buy the vote, including building a whole lotta new prisons to lock up mostly non-violent criminals on our taxpayers dollars.

    Christy Guerin is a big flopper too. She wanted to get hired by Arnold, was willing to dis her City Council job. Then she got passed over. Why? Cause Arnold changed his stance to a far more moderate one. Christy is too right wing Republican even for Arnold.

    And she is flopping about her "platform," which is pro big pensions, raises for all city staffers, firemen and police (she and her husband are or have been Deputy Sheriffs. Hubby's now a Captain according to NCT. And one of her Christy's fellow officers, Mike Neumann, just shot somebody four times after detaining him on the street for (supposedly) writing a bad check. OMG!

    Afterwards Mike claims the guy tried to go for his gun. Right, Mike. We know who you are, and how you operate. How many people have complained about your excessive use of force? Last we heard, the victim is still alive.

    There sure are some mad cowboys on our police force. We all admit that, all but Christy. She is a cowgirl, for sure, coming after those, through her personal "City Attorneys" whom she knows cannot defend themselves. Unfair, beware of female dogs in Council designer duds.

    Guerin is a bully. Dalager might have a brain, but he lacks courage. He works at a family biz, and gets rental income because he is lucky enough to have family ties in this area from wayback. But he has gone over to the dark side too.

    Kevin Cummins wrote a great letter in NCT last week. Let's stick together and not find ways to divide and separate. That's playing right into the hands of corporate corruption of Enc. Inc. Christy Guerin is on the dole as far as we are concerned. She makes all her money through taxpayers, and got a settlement through Workers' Comp for knee injuries, when she is running in races now? Wow.

    The bullies and posers who are making these big decisions are like a privileged "Board of Directors" for Enc. Inc., convening less than two times a month on an average, for Council meetings. They just arbitrarily canceled the last two meetings. Why do they schedule them when they know they will be taking their vacations then? And most city staff gets every other Friday off, paid. What a farce. God save us, having Anti-Christy for mayor again. Vote no on bogus new clean water fee. Come next November, please, vote out Guerin and Dalager.

  3. Looks like a gal I dated in the 70's. Lots of ornamentation that did not make sense. Everyone called her fugly, cept me.

  4. that house is totally gay.


  5. The free space between the foundation of the house and the rest of the lot amounts to approzimately a 2 ft. wide strip around the perimiter.

  6. it appears blighted and should be razed, except for the fireplace. we need to lower the floor area ratio west of I-5 so that we don't end up with wall to wall mcmansions unless this was built for an order of friars. was it?

  7. bring back the Ragpile

  8. whatever it's private property, I'm sure you can find some old houses in Enicinitas with poor architecture. A location that close to the beach in any place will be prime real estate, of course it will use up as much of the lot as possible. Would you rather have more sprawl = Single Family Homes with big lawns to sprinkle with fertilizer and water?

  9. This question is difficult. Michael Pattinson had another piece in Tuesday's NCT about similar issues in Solana Beach. We all know how much we can't stand that guy, that he makes no bones about being a self-interested developer.

    Deal is, you can't legislate taste anymore than you can legislate morality. This city, like our country is for sale to the highest bidder, except for those of us who hold firm, won't sell, or overdevelop.

    If an older home is not considered historic, the owner does have the right to knock it down, put up something bigger. Public opinion does count, though. If people don't buy the new monstrosities, then perhaps the builders will come up with better design.

    To protect community character, the City could give incentives to homeowners to remodel, instead of encouraging demolition, to get the higher property taxes, development fees. Council is in office for the short run. They are not looking out for us, in the long run.

    Today's NCT (Tuesday) there's another excellent letter to the editor by Bob Bonde, one of our founders, working through the North Coast Coalition to Incorporate Encinitas. He is furious with Council for their big spending, big taxing tactics, as are we.

    Bonde says people are fed up, steaming mad, ready to revolt; check it out. The city is all of us people who live here, raise families here. The city is not a bunch of elitists sitting on high like a stuck up board of directors. Vote No on Prop. C in March. We can do it again!

  10. Form follows function is a basic architectural concept that I can get with as well. It is no suprise to me that you feel this way JP (knowing how much you enjoy Dwell), however it is important to note that many many people in our communities feel quite differently. The average person (one who does not spend all day thinking about architecture and it's place) sees houses with superfulous ornamentaion as some kind of expression that they have "made it" and they spend their lives pining for the same mcmansion that their neighbors have, regardless of whether it fits the context of the neighborhood, is a reasonable amount of house for their needs, or is a huge waste of money. This goes all the way back to the Greeks and then the Romans. Is a corinthian column anything if not extravagent? How about the Acropolis? The Louvre or Versailles in France? How about the dozens of cathedrals built on the backs of hardworking peasants to show the power of the church? Throughout history wealth and power have been displayed through shows of gross ornamentation. Today in North County, is no different in that regard. I am not the least bit suprised to see houses like this sprouting up, and sadly for people like us, the people who see that home, and wish it was theirs, are likely to be in the vast majority.

    So what do we do? We do our best to keep getting good architecture built, and hope that people who see it begin to realize that ornamentaion does not always equal sophistication. We do our best to influence our built surroundings, and we try not to get too discouraged when another wasteful and innapropriate montrosity gets built right before our eyes.

    I am not holding my breath. Good taste is subjective and nobody can agree on it completely (much like I didn't think that metal box that you love is all that exciting in and of itself). For that reason we will always see the complete spectrum of taste being built whether we like it or not.

    As the saying goes.. "you can't stop it.. you can only hope to contain it".

    The struggle continues.

  11. I have expressed in the past that I am against any design review board in Encinitas.
    I am having a bit of fun with this property for two reasons:

    I am 99% sure that my former landlord (slumlord) owns this property and he has terrible taste, ha-ha!

    That property was the former "Ragpile" a classic surfer rental that has been the scene of many shenigans throughout Encinitas history.

    I am NOT endorsing any future legislature that would restrict the look of new buildings. I DO stand by my assement of that building, it's FUGLY (fucking ugly).

    From now on any buildings I see in Encinitas that I deem FUGLY are getting FUGLY awards on this blog, har har.

  12. Festus PorkmeyerJanuary 11, 2006 1:56 PM

    Anybody know how to reach Howard Roark?


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