Saturday, January 14, 2006

No On C Yo...


  1. I want to be the first on my block to get one of these!!! How do I get one?

  2. click on the ETA link. It is in the list of links on the right side of JP's homepage.

    You can find contact emails in there somewhere. Hopefully you can help out with a donation so that they can print enough signs and mailers. It is a good investment. When we win we get a check from the City!

  3. I saw some signs tonight right at the corners near City Hall. Christy will need to use the spare depend in her purse when she drives in on Tuesday. What a sight!

  4. Big Bad Sister, Dull Lawnmower ManJanuary 15, 2006 11:34 PM

    Yes, Bill Rodewald has signs to distribute now! So glad we are keeping up the momentum. Out with misrepresentators!!!

    As for the check; City Council should not have been able to impose that fee without a super majority, at least. The $70 per homeowner was illegal, whether calling it a tax or a fee. Dalager and Guerin (and Maggie) wrongly voted for it!!!!

    Every homeowner who paid $5.00 per month on EDCO trash bill should be able to put in a claim for $70.00, now! We should not have to wait for the election. Our money is being held illegally.

    Vote No on C. Vote out incumbents. Christy Guerin is a pig in elephant's clothing. Lawnmower Man needs sharpening.


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