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we do not care to spend our taxpayer dollars to be manipulated by high-priced consulting firms

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Encinitas should vote no on Prop. C


If political observers are looking for the kind of controversy that Proposition A generated in the Encinitas November elections, they may be disappointed.

Either outcome in the January mail ballot election known as the clean water regulatory fee, or Proposition C, will produce the same result as far as the cleanliness of our ocean and lagoons. Both sides in this debate are demanding that the city of Encinitas continue to comply with all state and federally mandated requirements as they have since 2001. And both sides should congratulate the city for setting an example of excellence throughout the state in complying with those regulations.

The differences of opinion will become more apparent when the discussion leads to the funding for the program. The city has been funding the program from current property taxes via the general fund, and it can easily continue with that method. Despite the fact that the Encinitas City Council in recent months chose to grant substantial employee pay raises and a 35 percent increase in city pension benefits, Councilwoman Christy Guerin admitted that the city could afford to continue the clean water program. Then why the new tax?

If there is controversy in this election, it will revolve around the city's plan to deceive the voters. They have spent at least $110,000 with three consulting firms (Tramutola LLC, Godbe Research and MuniFinancial) whose Web sites and proposals promise to assist the city in passing a new tax.

They also promise to assist in the wording of opinion surveys and the actual ballot language to achieve the desired result. If this new tax was so good for the voters, it would not have cost a penny to spread the word.

It is clearly time for the citizens of Encinitas to send a message to their elected officials that we do not care to spend our taxpayer dollars to be manipulated by high-priced consulting firms. We need to tell them that we certainly do not want to pay twice for the same service. We need to tell them that they have to practice fiscal conservation as well as environmental conservation. A no vote on Prop. C will communicate the concept that they either work for us or find another line of work.

Cardiff-by-the-Sea resident Bill Rodewald is president of the Encinitas Taxpayers Association.

Bill is a nice guy so I will say what everyone is thinking, if you vote yes on C you are gay.


  1. hey,
    i'm gay and 99% of the gay voters in Encinitas will vote against this tax.
    J.p. sometimes you are sooooo
    middle school.
    say if you vote for this you are an idiot or a republican or some such insult

  2. The North County Times names 3 people who will shill for this tax. One of them, Frank Dudek of Dudek and Associates does a whole lotta business with the city as a contractor. Do you think they held out a carrot or used the old stick. It will be fun to learn more about what compelled the other two to do the city's work and if they even live in Encinitas.

  3. It's a Family Guy reference, standing up in front of congress Peter tells them, "Anyone who doesn't want to invade Iraq is gay." Then the congressmen start tripping over themselves to vote for yes before anyone else in order to prove that they are hetro. Chaney exclaims, "I was the first person who wanted to go to war!"

    Even though it is okay to be gay no straight man wants to be called gay, especially a rebublican. It's a jedi mind trick man, shhhh!

    Why is 1% of the gay vote going for the tax?

  4. Surfrider will support the tax like they supported Prop A. Do any of them surf or have they forgotten their roots. Like Stocks said its not an environmental issue. I'll vote no.

  5. Surfrider and Marco Gonzales have been one in the same in Encinitas for a while. Is it true that his firm has been hired to help promote the tax? Why in the tarnation is that happening?

    And why does it seems that Marco has been going easy on the City this last year or so? Does Marco have any conflicts of interest that we don't know about?

    We should get Marco to post his situation and his take on this tax on this blog!

  6. N.C. Times has a great Editorial this morning (01/05/06). They nailed it when they said that folks are getting angry with the city council over stuff like this. When is the next election?

  7. i would personally prefer that the city continue to foot the bill for the mandated water clean-up. Why? i believe that the city powers that be will be more inclined to invest time and $ in educating the public to control trash, dog shit, chemicals,and cig butts that enter the storm drains if the city has to pay for the clean-up. Once the cost is passed off to the residents in the form of a new tax the city will have a revenue stream to fatten and expand the clean water clean up division. Remember that we also provide the vac trucks to the city of del mar and it is unclear what happens to the $ that del mar pays our city. An intensive program to promote ecological awareness should dramatically reduce the 3000 tons of crap vacumned up yearly. If the clean up comes out of the residents pocketbooks no one on the council or in city gov. will be motivated to get those living in and passing through our city to clean up their act. and of course i hate the gay inference for a multitude of reasons. i'm in the l. bruce camp,"never met a dike i didn't like."

  8. No new city taxes: dump incumbentsJanuary 08, 2006 5:15 PM

    Yeah, it's part of the grade school, Southpark mentality to insult people by calling them gay, like Arnold and his girly men comments. Now some people are calling Arnold a flip flopper, cause he wants to dramtically increase state funding, to buy the vote, including building a whole lotta new prisons to lock up mostly non-violent criminals on our taxpayers dollars.

    Christy Guerin is a big flopper too. She wanted to get hired by Arnold, was willing to dis her City Council job. Then she got passed over. Why? Cause Arnold changed his stance to a far more moderate one. Christy is too right wing Republican even for Arnold.

    And she is flopping about her "platform," which is pro big pensions, raises for all police (she and her husband are or have been Deupty Sheriffs. Hubby's now a Captain according to NCT) and firemen. And one of her fellow officers, Mike Neuman, just shot somebody four times after detaining him on the street for writing a bad check. OMG!

    There are some mad cowboys on our police force. We all know that, all but Christy. She is a cowgirl, for sure, coming after those, through her personal "City Attorneys" whom she knows cannot afford counsel. Unfair.

    Guerin is a bully. Dalager might have a brain, but he lacks courage. He works at a family biz, and gets rental income because he is lucky enough to have family ties in this area from wayback. But he has gone over to the dark side too.

    Kevin Cummins wrote a great letter in NCT last week. Let's stick together and not find ways to divide and separate. That's playing right into the hands of corporate corruption of Enc. Inc. Christy Guerin is on the dole as far as we are concerned. She makes all her money through taxpayers, and got a settlement through Workers' Comp for knee injuries, when she is running in races now? Wow.

  9. J.P.: Your message gets diminished when you use "gay" as an insult. Don't you know your audience? It really does not matter that it was a reference to another's misuse of the word. Must you propagate it? (Note: I wouldn't use the "N" word either, if I were you - also not funny.) Instead of making excuses, how about an apology? If a man can't apologize when he inadvertently insults people, then he must be a Republican.

    Signed: Woodnymphe.

  10. I went to San Dieguito high school with JP and back then the word gay meant something that was lame and it had nothing to do with sex.. We used the term homo for that and it was a bad term.

  11. Even back when J.P. was at San Dieguito, the word "gay" was a reference to homosexuality - when something was "gay" it was lame because being gay was lame. But now, as adults, we all know or should know that using the word in such a manner is derogatory. I would not allow my kids to use the word in such a way, just like I would never let them say someone or something was "retarded." If J.P. and his high school buddies want to continue to use the word "gay" to mean lame, that's their right. But let's not act like we all don't know what it means.

  12. politically correct manJanuary 10, 2006 9:23 AM

    Changing the name of the parade was pretty gay. The mayor is retarded and so are you.

  13. Oh wait - I love this. "Politically Correct Man" is pissed off that the word "Holiday" was replaced with the word "Christmas" in the title for our local parade, but he calls others retarded if they feel similarly about the word "lame" being replaced by the word "gay"? You're fun, PC Man.

  14. Invite me to your next party.

  15. Now, why is that so tempting to me?


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