Monday, January 16, 2006

Who Wants to Host a Roast?

Whenever I am out running errands people stop me and request that this blog start to focus more attention on our plastic haired city manager, Kerry Miller. To that I say, okay.

Tahoe Daily Tribune Story from 1999 about our city manager Kerry Miller departing South Lake Tahoe.

Miller was city manager in South Lake Tahoe for 12 years, which explains a lot. Miller is out of touch with Encinitas. He left South Lake with an RDA program which is now becoming a real burden and mistake for the residents of that city. Thank God we fought off the RDA proposed for Leucadia. I suppose if that went through Miller would have ejected half way through that adventure to prey upon some other poor town.

Mr. Miller preparing for a city council meeting.


  1. Why did the City waste tens of thousands of our tax dollars on consultants to tell us about redevelopment agencies when it is an obvious bad and unwanted idea AND we could have just had Miller tell us about his experiences and been done with it?

  2. The money woes of South Lake Tahoe.

    Christy's History, too said...
    Hey, I checked out the South Tahoe link. Oh my gosh!!!

    Kerry Miller, our big spending manager, just got another fat raise, plus benefits totaling over $176,000.00 per annum, two raises in one year! And this, too, was put on the consent calendar. Council would prefer just to rubber stamp staff and management raises and fat pension perks!!!

    City Attorneys, on contract too, got similar significant raises. Except Sabine & Morrison get paid, astronomically, for being on retainer, to various cities, by the hour. It is obvious the more they litigate, the more money they rake in, win or lose, at the taxpayer's expense.

    Here is what South Tahoe Daily Tribune says, in part about that town's current search for another city manager, again, after previous manager wanted out after only two years. Miller seems to have left quite a mess with the redevelopment organization he worked to initiate in South Tahoe.

    "Assistant City Manager Sue Schlerf has acted on an interim basis at the top job. She wouldn't say Tuesday whether she's applied for the position.

    Schlerf has been put into the position before. The last time she filled the role was when Kerry Miller left in October 1999 to take a lateral job in Encinitas, Calif. . . The city manager's starting salary is $108,144 a year." This is what South Tahoe is paying after Miller screwed up the works up there. For a city our size Miller is way overpaid!!

    Right now, no one appears to be able to clean up the mess made by poor management in South Lake Tahoe. Now, in Encinitas, we are paying $70,000.00 year (including fat perks) more for another city manager's mess which, in the long run, will surely prove to reap the same disastrous results of poor fiscal planning and restraint.

    Kerry Miller left a troubled city in his wake, up north. Plus Miller has been inaccessible to us. And he doesn't have control of litigious City Attorneys who are charging the taxpayers a bundle.

    Plus Kerry Miller favored starting another RDA here. That's right folks. We need a change in direction. City Council and its hired guns should not be allowed to run roughshod over the people. They are not judge, jury and executioner.

    Guerin is big bad sister. Bye, bye, Christy, you are history!

  3. I was talking to a guy in the water about Prop A and went on to list all the disasters and dirty tricks that the City has recently undertaken. He told me it sounds like everywhere else and said his experience living in other cities was the same as here. I disagree. I said most cities are more honest with the public and gave references for him to call upon and then jokingly I said he must have been talking about when he was living in New Jersey or Boston. I completely snapped when he said he was referring to his few years of living in South Lake Tahoe in the late ‘90s! Anyone who knows "Silverfox" should ask him about his time away from the surf and living in Tahoe.

  4. From The Tahoe Daily Tribune article it looks like Kerry is a pro at sucking the financial life out of an otherwise healthy city. The Coast News editorial this past Friday sheds some light on the slipper slope that he has us on right here.


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