Saturday, February 25, 2006


Construction bids for the Encinitas library have come in up to 50 percent higher than a city estimate of $9.3 million.

Friends of the Encinitas Library


  1. Hence the need to pass Prop C.

    Then D

    Then E

    Then F

  2. And to get new blood on City Council. Out with the old guard, including corrupt attorneys, incompetent city manager, in with the new.

    We can do it too!

  3. We need to defeat C like we did A. Then we can go on to clean up the storm drain of City Council, Bossypants Guerin, Lawnmower Man Dalager, corrupt Glenn Sabine, incompetent Kerry Miller. Check out this week's Citybeat re our bought and paid for city attorney, who doesn't care about our Constitutional rights.

    Power to the People!

  4. "in with the new" and "no on C",
    Sounds like a broken record. We get the point.

  5. forget the library ,make it a parking lot and with the money internet for everyone!

  6. The point is not decided till they count the vote. Sorry dude. Takes a lot of repeating to get the word out, to get people to hear, to listen. If you're bored, go read Aceti's webpage. lol.

    And the City Beat editorial, SD Union Tribune article about Glenn Sabine, our sleazy unelected city attorney's Unconstitutional antics are fairly new info, still breaking news, although some of us know this bias and unfair treatment of citizens has been going on for some time.

    Don't tread on me isn't new. Power to the people isn't new. Some of the old slogans are classics, never go out of style. Put that in your Ipod and dig it.

    Yeah, the real broken record is City Council's needing again and again to increase fees, pay for overpriced consultants, raise taxes, all the while telling voters that the budget's in the black; everything's hunky dory; we're solid, financially. And at the same time, needing to shuffle all the funding to pay for capital improvement expenses of library, new teen center at Hall Property. Hey, we have a decent teen center by Oak Crest Park.

    Christy Guerin said at last Wednesday's Council Meeting, "Next time we won't all be on cold medicine!" ha ha. She and Jerome Stocks seemed woozy; Bossypants was coughing and confused.

  7. just put a sign up with directions to Carlsbad's library.

  8. J.P.
    did you get a copy of Glenn Sabine's letter re: La Mesa? It's worth sharing. That situation could be Encinitas.

  9. Glen Sabine sues people who speak their mind?
    Then all I have to say about Glan Sabine is that he is a handsome man who dresses really cool and is probably really good at sports.

  10. rolling on floor laughing! rofl

    JP, make sure you don't pronounce it "Zabean," as some of us hicks have. And it's Glenn Sabine, not Gland.

    If you subpoena him, you can kiss your grannie goodbye. Sabine will soon be a has been. That rhymes, btw.

  11. New Statewide Poll Shows That Californians are Willing To Pay for Clean Ocean and Beaches

    A poll released last week by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) ( shows that
    Californians (Democrats 80%, independents 73%, Republicans 68%) place a high priority on reducing ocean and beach pollution, even if that means higher taxes and fees.

    The poll bodes well for Proposition C as the election comes
    to a close.

    According to the poll, nine in 10 Californians say the quality of the beach and ocean is just as important to them personally as well as for the overall quality of life and economy in the state. Residents say the condition of the
    coast is very important (61%) or somewhat important (30%) on a personal level, very important (24%) or somewhat important (30%) to the state’s quality of life, and very important (63%) or somewhat important (30%) to the
    economy. Coastal contamination from local street and storm drain pollution worries a majority of residents in the state’s South Coast (61%) areas.

    The poll is consistent with a similar poll conducted by the PPIC three years ago (, which found that
    large majorities of residents displayed a strong desire to protect the coast despite potential economic costs.

    The PPIC poll is also consistent with a survey conducted by the city of Encinitas last fall, which showed that 63 percent of property owners in town would support a $5 monthly fee to clean up the city's storm water if they were told the revenue would be used to protect the ocean and lagoons.

    Californians across the state have
    shown that they are willing to help pay the cost of protecting our ocean and beaches and, when the ballots are counted next Monday, a majority of Encinitas property owners will have cast "yes" votes on Prop C.

  12. Steve Aceti is shoveling it again.

    The election ends at 4:00 pm on Tuesday, not Monday. The votes will be counted starting on Wednesday, March 8.

    Other elections have a deadline of 8:00 pm.

    Why did the Encinitas city council decide to end the election 4 hours before the state mandated deadline?

  13. Steve,

    We agree with you. Everyone we talk to is against C, yet these same people would have answered with the majority in the polls you point out.

    Reconcile that!

    We want to pay for clean water. We already pay and we are happy to do it. We don't want to pay twice and be fooled and deceived again by the City. That has got to stop.

    This is a revenue generation scheme by the City. That simple. The City would have been smarter had they actually promised additional clean water functions with C. This would have muddied the waters of the "debate." Actually it would have created a public debate. There isn't one now, because it is that simple. This thing was a crystal clear example of how this City is run.

    You yourself admitted on this blog that we aren't getting clean water from prop C. We are just getting higher taxes. Did the polls ask any questions remotely similar to our situation? Like, "California resident, if you lived in a City that had clean water and a clean water program would you volunteer to pay twice for it and not get cleaner water for the extra payments?" Somehow I think less people would say yes.

    Now add some information about the poor administration and games played by the City and no one would vote yes for prop C.

    By the way, you don’t live in Encinitas. Why are you so involved? Are you paid to lobby? Isn’t that what you do for a living? Does Carlsbad have a clean water fee? Who is paying you? Where is the money coming from? Is anyone working on Yes on C voluntarily? I heard that Dudek had to get all his employees to place out signs for yes on C (even the ones that have a No on C in their front yard at home). Tell me that isn’t true. With the polls you cite where are all the volunteers and donors?

  14. It Prop C was such a slam dunk why did the City spend at least $110 K promoting it?

    Heck, why do they need you?


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