Thursday, February 02, 2006

Small Town Yokels Ripped Off for $10,000

BREAKING NEWS-Members of the Oregon based firm Moore Information Inc. clinked celebratory champagne glasses together and threw their heads back in laughter after scamming $10,000 out of the small town yokels in charge of the quaint coastal community of Encinitas.

City manager and resident boob Kerry Miller organized the hiring of the survey firm at the cool cost of $10,000 so he could find out if 300 people who live here think it's like, cool and stuff.

The esoteric question, "In your opinion, are things in the City of Encinitas going in the right direction, or not?" required a yes or no answer only.

Sixty-six percent of respondents answered yes, 22 percent answered no and 12 percent said they did not want to take a survey because Will & Grace was on.

What Do You Think?

Bob Johnson, engineer
Maybe for $170,000 a year Kerry Miller could put in an honest day work and gone downtown with a clipboard and asked people himself.

Susan Myers, data entry
Was there any questions about warm and fuzzy things? Because we certainly don't get the warm and fuzzy things out here as much as I would like to receive them.

Tim and Bud, unemployed
I thought the survey was accurate and well worth the money, Bud and I are only 93% satisfied with trash collection as well.

North County Times Story


  1. fees to the kneesFebruary 03, 2006 5:56 AM

    What a waste of money! This is right up there with spending over $100,000 on the goofey survey that lulled the council into thinking that people want to be taxed twice.

    When you red the results, satisfaction with beaches gets the highest score so it looks like the current clean water program that we are all now paying for works!

    Get ready. The lowest score was for trails so expect a new trail beautification fee. Aceti can form a new citizens group out of the Calcoast offices and shill for this one too. Anything to please the boss ... Kerry Miller.

  2. This story is enough to make you sick.

    If that doesn't do it, check out crack investigative reported, Angela Lau's article in the UT today. Guerin raised over $6k of the $10-$20k that she thinks she will raise. She did it at one event at Ecke Ranch just a couple of weeks before the Prop A vote. The donor list looks like the family tree.

    Can you spell Quid pro quo?

  3. It would be funnier if I didn't feel sick to my stomach.

  4. Angela Lau, Feb. 1, Union-Tribune, writes that the new library may be built at the expense of other capital projects because the city is short of money. Guerin is talking about bonds to finance the library. The city's budget projections for the remainder of the fiscal yr and next show that none of its capital projects are fully funded. Your City Mgr Kerry Miller said "costs are going to escalate significantly. There just isn't money!" This from the man who just a few months ago said the city was financially healthy and more than able to pay for raises. What got rooted in cement are the 3 and in some cases 4 years of raises, and benefit and pension increases that will go on day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year while the rest of us watch projects being cut back one after another. Next election let's do something different for a change - let's elect a couple of council members who listen to the electorate and not to the unions and bureaucracy at city hall.

  5. Stephen Keller's article in the Coast News today confuses me almost as much as Nanninga's drug induced rant (or for that matter Aceti's piece supporting Hamas).

    Stephen said that Aceti's group will file but not when. If he files, and I'm not sure any of us trust him to do so, will it be in July when the whole deal is over.

    His credit card will be maxed out by then.

  6. On page A4, today's Coast News ran an editorial about Hamas which erroneously listed me as the contributor. I didn't write the piece and the paper has acknowledged the error:

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Tom Chambers []
    Sent: Friday, February 03, 2006 1:42 PM
    Subject: Error in the paper


    Not sure if it's been brought to your attention, but your byline from the community commentary on Jan. 27 was carried over to a piece about Hamas on A4 of the Feb. 3 edition of The Coast News.

    I'm sorry about the error, and we'll run a correction in the next issue.

    Tom Chambers
    Editor in Chief
    The Coast News Group

  7. anonymous (who writes just like Bill Rodewald talks):

    Will the ETA be filing a campaign disclosure statement before the March election is over, even though the statements aren't due until July 31? Probably not. They have held them back until the last minute during in the past, even though there is a 30-day period between the date the reporting period closes and the date the statements are due.

  8. Chris Kirkorowicz has a great letter in the NC Times today. Simple and right to the point.


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