Sunday, March 05, 2006

12,000 of 22,111 Prop C Ballots Returned

The North County Times plucky Adam Kaye is reporting: What started with a flood of incoming ballots is now a trickle, and at 4 p.m. Tuesday, the spigot will close.

Mailed ballots for Proposition C, a measure asking property owners whether Encinitas should assess a $5 monthly fee to support a mandated clean-water program, are due in the city clerk's office by that hour.

A March 7 postmark won't suffice.

The ballots ---- 22,111 of them ---- landed in the mailboxes of registered Encinitas property owners in late January.

City Clerk Deborah Cervone said last week that 12,000 to 13,000 envelopes containing the ballots had been returned, a response rate of 54 percent to 58 percent.

NCT link

It will be interesting to see what the result is. The funniest thing about Prop C is that it gave myself and Steve Aceti big fish in small pond style fame, the second dorkiest level of fame in the world (the first would be an unusual or funny death where bad radio shock jocks make fun of you). Coast News link.

This is my favorite line from Adam's story, Recent rainstorms have damaged campaign signs that popped up like mushrooms starting in January. A bare, wooden stake with a soggy ball of cardboard at its base is all that's left of many signs.

This is where Cotton Weed Creek drains out at Moonlight Beach, right under the volleyball courts. The outfall forms a sandbar on a small slab of reef out in the surf and I make the bold claim that over the past 20 years no-one has surfed there more than me. The clean water program has been a great benefit, afterall upstream you will find strip malls, restaurants and gas stations, the runoff from those places can't be good.
So why don't I support Prop C?
Because it's a scam, that's why. The truth won over emotion in this case so I had no choice but to criticize Prop C, and I never even got a ballot.


  1. The small pond that Aceti has been swimming in will dry up later this week. He will have to go back to running an obscure non profit and cramming for the state bar exam.

    Crow is best seasoned with heavy spice Steve.

  2. Whatever the outcome of Prop C it has been a fine example of our city employees and council people looking after themselves and not the people they are hired or elecetd to serve. Anyone that supports these people in future elections is a fool. Dump pushy-pants and lawnmower-man!

  3. New Statewide Poll Shows That Californians are Willing To Pay for Clean Ocean and Beaches

    A poll released two weeks ago by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) ( shows that
    Californians (Democrats 80%, independents 73%, Republicans 68%) place a high priority on reducing ocean and beach pollution, even if that means higher taxes and fees.

    The poll bodes well for Proposition C as the election comes
    to a close.

    According to the poll, nine in 10 Californians say the quality of the beach and ocean is just as important to them personally as well as for the overall quality of life and economy in the state. Residents say the condition of the
    coast is very important (61%) or somewhat important (30%) on a personal level, very important (24%) or somewhat important (30%) to the state’s quality of life, and very important (63%) or somewhat important (30%) to the
    economy. Coastal contamination from local street and storm drain pollution worries a majority of residents in the state’s South Coast (61%) areas.

    The poll is consistent with a similar poll conducted by the PPIC three years ago (, which found that
    large majorities of residents displayed a strong desire to protect the coast despite potential economic costs.

    The PPIC poll is also consistent with a survey conducted by the city of Encinitas last fall, which showed that 63 percent of property owners in town would support a $5 monthly fee to clean up the city's storm water if they were told the revenue would be used to protect the ocean and lagoons.

    Californians across the state have
    shown that they are willing to help pay the cost of protecting our ocean and beaches and, when the ballots are counted Wednesday morning, a majority of Encinitas property owners will have cast "yes" votes on Prop C.

  4. Boot out bossypants, lawnmower manMarch 07, 2006 1:47 AM

    Aceti, you are a boring, know-not. You can cut and paste your polls, skew the facts till hell freezes over. But you cannot make a lie the truth.

    Encinitas Council has said that we have plenty of money to pay for what it wants. Most of the Council members are Republicans. Bossypants Guerin tried to get a job with Arnold, for the State. We are so tired of her pushy, lobbyist for developer ways.

    Yes, we do want clean water. Why do you keep using that as a red herring? We don't want increased taxes. We don't have to choose, because we will still have clean water when this new tax is defeated. It should not be a parcel fee. A parcel fee is a property tax, plain and simple. According to our State Constitution, property taxes, or fees for services that affect all residents, are to be voted upon by 2/3 of the electorate at a general election.

    You and your buddies, your patrons on City Council cheated. We hope and believe this bogus tax will not pass. If it does, the City (and taxpayers) will have to spend another wad on litigation. Who wins? Sabine & Morrison will.

    The citizens lose, because Council and Kerry Miller, Manager, could not keep their promises.

    I'll be glad when the suspense is over. Our No on C signs are still in prime condition. No saggy cardboard here!

    But I bet the Yes on A got washed away. Just like you will, Aceti. Bah humbug; a lot of us think you and Glenn Sabine, Randal Morrison are scumbags.

  5. boot out corruptionMarch 07, 2006 1:52 AM

    Hey, I thought the vote was supposed to start at 4p.m. Tuesday. And I hope the Encinitas Taxpayers Association can observe, as promised by the Clerk's office. We don't trust consultants that are not "arm's length." They were bought and paid for to sway public opinion, as clearly promised by their website literature, the propaganda that ensued. More sleazy tactics by sleazy politicians willing to do anything to manipulate the people. We are not stupid! And we cannot be bought as Steve Aceti has been.

    We all want clean water. We want clean government too. Aceti, you are playing dirty, and you know it. So is Christy Guerin. She went up to Monterey, on our dime, to lobby for developers. Boooooo!

    Boot out corruption!

  6. I'm claiming 2,000 yes votes vs 10,000 no votes.

  7. Please be aware that the vote counting process is at city hall and will begin at 8AM on Wednesday. The Encinitas Taxpayers Association will try to observe as much as possible but we need help. We have now been told that the vote counting process may continue for several days.

    Deborah Cervone at the city has indicated to me via email that she does not anticipate a final count until the 13th or 14th. Part of the delay is that your city staff is off on Fridays.

    The count will be facilitated by MuniFinancial, the same consultants that specialize in helping cities pass tax and fee increases. That would not be my first choice but I am just a voter.

    It would be greatly appreciated if any of you would have the time to stop by city hall to help observe over the next few days. It might be a great civics lesson and we may be able to put some pressure on the city to keep it above board.

    I have been on the phone quite a bit over the past few days with people who are disgusted with the entire process. Several people wanted to change their vote based on the information that has come out in the press. Others never got a ballot and a few got their ballots forwarded from an escrow company that they used many years ago. One man on Sunday said that although he has several properties in the city he will not vote because his name and parcel number appear on each ballot. He may want to develope one of his properties and fears retribution if he votes agains a city sponsored proposition. He said that this "whole mess" does not seem like the American way where citizens get to vote in the privacy of a voting booth. I agree.


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