Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Aceti Still Talking About Raising Taxes

DEMA president and Carlsbad resident Steve Aceti has been the #1 backer of Prop. C which would have raised your property taxes to pay for the existing clean water program. The Coast News story reports Voters Reject Prop. C Aceti said one idea he is going to suggest to City Manager Kerry Miller is that the city consider raising the hotel tax to fund the program, much as the city did to help pay for sand on the beaches.

Mr. Aceti is still unclear on the concept, the voters are telling the city to use the existing budget wisely. I never have liked Prop R which taxes tourist to help pay for sand, mostly because the sand that gets imported is always this god awful scratchy gritty stuff that leaves this weird white film on your skin. I feel sorry for the families that try to set up camp in those patches of crappy sand down at Moonlight Beach. We don't even need any sand imported this year, we had a mild winter and there is still lots of sand on the beach. The coming spring and summer south swells will refill the bare spots.

Mayor Guerin has this quote in the North County Times story, Clean-water initiative flushed in Encinitas "We'll do exactly what we need to and nothing more," Mayor Christy Guerin said.

That is fine and great (almost sounds like a threat) but I wonder if Mayor Guerin even understood what the clean water program is all about, which is this:
Moonlight Beach and Cotton Wood Creek cannot smell like sewage!
. Moonlight Beach is the heart of the town and our #1 tourist destination. The city has been spending a lot of money on that beach, building a playground for example, and is about to spend more (new snack stand, etc.)

That area should not smell like sewage but trust me it does. Ride your bike through there on a hot August night and tell me you want to live in one those multi million dollar homes or stay in the nearby hotels or eat at the Moonlight plaza restaurants. The smell is bad for business, it's bad for tourist, it's bad for residents, it's bad for the new park and it's bad for the children's beach playground.

What is upstream from the Cotton Wood Creek outfall? Gas stations, car washes, grocery stores, hotels, car dealerships and restaurants line Encinitas Blvd. I wonder how much tax revenue per year the city collects from these places? Remember, Encinitas Blvd, stretches all the way east to Rancho Santa Fe. It's these business's and car traffic that contribute to the vast majority of runoff into Cotton Wood Creek. It's also reaping lots of income, the gas stations alone must be raking in huge taxes.

The revenue collected from Encinitas Blvd alone should be able to pay for the clean water program, there was no need to cherry pick home owners spread across the town's 5 communities.


  1. There is another reason for that smell. Take a hike up the creek from the new park. There is a well worn trail there so you will not need hiking boots. You will find that lots of undocumented workers live along the edge of the creek, and do not have access to a bathroom or a kitchen.
    Only Aceti could figure a way to place a tax on them.

  2. Encinitas Municipal Code 9.01.020 -
    Camping on Public Property -

  3. Steve Aceti I believe is president of DEMA. Because he is president I assume all the members of DEMA feel like he does. If they didn't they would vote him out. I also believe that DEMA gets a city subsidy so they can operate and try and raise our taxes. To be fair perhaps the city should also give the Encinitas Taxpayers Association a subsidy. Perhaps a way to send Aceti back to Carlsbad where he should be is to stop visitng businesses that belong to DEMA. They have a web site that lists all the members. Aceti should be bugging the Carlsbad residents and trying to raisze their taxes not ours. Aceti GO HOME.

  4. What's that stink?March 14, 2006 9:41 PM

    Why are the downtown merchants still listening to Aceti? He is not doing them any good. His street cred is zero, in our eyes.

    Yes, those "stinkers" mentioned in the first comment are the same guys who wait by Smart and Final , across from Shell, on Encinitas Blvd. And sadly, some of the same impoverished undocumented workers that did much of the "grunt work" on the two new developments next door to us that are being sold for a million dollars plus, when the double lot, with quaint, if decrepit older home, was sold, for $300,000 "on a handshake" to a corrupt developer, who bought it through a pocket deal with a sleazy realtor, outside of any brokerage, and against the wishes of the real owner, who had been put in a convalescent hospital, and while medicated, gave away her power of attorney, and all her worldly goods, to her Fresno based brother, ten years her junior, exhibiting classic signs of dementia.

    Yeah, that's part of the "stink," too, caused by greed and deceit. I don't think we can blame it on the workers. This particular developer got away with everything but outright murder. And this is who supports Bush, Cheney, and yes, Bossypants.

    We don't want our taxes raised. Nor the hotel taxes. I would like to see City Hall opened on Fridays. There was an article about this in the NCT, too. It was originally closed to save energy costs during those extremely high priced days when SDGE was socking it to us all. But not all cities are doing this. Hey, they could cut the hours down, but still be open, at least half days on Friday.

  5. The every other Friday off for the city workers became a part of the union contract last year (or was it year before last?). It was a very big perk for the union bosses to get in the negotiations with the city.

    The city could go back to 5 days a week open city hall, but don't expect it with this council or with the current city manager. Perhaps the next union perk will be reduced working hours but with the same pay.

  6. Why is Aceti so hell bent on raising funds for the city? Could it be that he is seeking a salaries for the oversight commitee members that would be involved?

  7. We all knew that Aceti was a shill for the city but he denied it. This latest move proves that we were right.

  8. Steve Aceti, like Peder Norby,is a buearacratic mercanary. Aceti preys on coastal cities to make his living. His weapon of choice is coastal development.


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