Sunday, March 12, 2006

Barratt American, Your New Neighbors on Sheridan!

Leucadia, known for flooding, welcomed a brand new drainage problem with the first Barratt American project's completion. Some Sheridan/Andrew neighbors had been worried that the development did not fit Leucadia's community character. Turns out that the new development fits right in!

Sheridan was recently reengineered by Barratt. The photo above (click for large view) was taken after pumping cleared the southbound lane. City engineers have promised to pay that guy in the orange waders for the cost of pumping water away from his house. His house is down the driveway. Your tax dollars are being used for the pump rental. We better hope he doesn't flood because then we will paying for all of his flooring to be replaced.

Note the concrete pad in the drainage swale in the above photo (click for large view). The City got bent over and allowed Barratt to shove all the right of way work in a narrow strip (northbound lane, northbound parking, walkway, utilities, and drainage swale all squeezed in.)

Good idea!

After construction ended, residents pointed out that the utilities in the path forced kids to fall into the swale or into the narrowed northbound lanes. The City realized they got caught and they had to move the utility boxes out of the way. You think they would ask Barratt to help and put the utilities up on Barratt's property (where it should have been right of way in the first place). Everyone knows Barratt would have helped out, right?

Instead, the City decided to double up again and placed concrete slabs over the swale where the utility boxes can be moved onto them. See the new concrete that guy is standing on, that is it one of them. Unfortunately, there is a side effect. It works like a dam.

Who would have ever guessed?

Dig the wall/fence designed to keep those "blighted" Leucadian surfer/skater locals out of the shiny new Nantucket area. It's like a yuppie prison.

Barratt American CEO Michael D. Pattison (above) writes a regular column for the North County Times. There was a lot of controversy about this "Nantucket" home project, most of it having to do with ducking the proper grading permit process. Here Pattinson compares a man who skipped getting a grading permit to American civil rights hero Rosa Parks. link


  1. Even before the dam was created water pooled up on the road. They built a low spot into the road without a way for the water to run off.

    Any rain=Pool of water on Sheridan

    Who signed off on that?

  2. Flooded with biasMarch 12, 2006 8:50 PM

    The Rosa Parks comparison from Pattinson is BS. Try doing a "simple act of defiance," to our City Hall, and the wolves will be at your throat, that is, unless you are a developer, or someone of "influence," (read, can afford high digit lawyers). Even when permits were originally pulled, fifty years ago, City will manufacture a fraudulent case against you with hyperbole about "defiance." We know.

    Pattinson just had an article in the paper about a week ago, again complaining about our Coastal Commission. Unfortunately, it worked this time. The Coastal Commission went along with the Condo/Time Share developers and our lobbying mayor, Bossypants Guerin, against the environmentalists, the growers, like Gilbert Foerster, against their own staff recommendation!

    This deception, prejudice toward big money, political bias, will not stand!

  3. Pattinson is the the worst person in the world.

  4. Next time put that hose through the fence.

  5. Concerned ShrinkMarch 13, 2006 10:04 AM

    Speaking of bias and deceit at the level of our City Council,our city attorney, I am submitting this letter with permission of a concerned psychologist:

    I would love to know who hired our city attorney, Glenn Sabine and ask WHY? What qualifications does he have besides having a license to practice law in the state of California? Even more importantly, why hasn't the City Council fired him? Although I am not an attorney, it seems reasonable when any attorney starts using intimidation against the citizens that the Council is supposed to be representing, he or she should be fired. Not so with Mr. Sabine.

    His recent antics actually happened in La Mesa, where he is also city attorney. He sent a letter to a La Mesa citizen, Chris Tanner, telling him he needed to apologize to the council, or else there would be consequences. Although I haven't seem it printed as yet in the North County Times, (if it has, I apologize),I am sure Adam Kaye will want to follow up on it. It has been in the Union Tribune, and people that care about First Amendment Rights are looking into it.

    I, too, have been threatened by Mr. Sabine. It seems he is getting a bit more brazen in his methods, as I only received a phone call. He told me "if I showed a particular photo to our city council, there would be consequences." When I asked what those might be, he stated "you really don't want to find out." Others in our community have been given ultimatums by Sabine. They can stand up for themselves, as I know they have and will.

    Please, dear council members, get rid of this man. There are plenty of good attorneys in San Diego that would probably love to advise the council and protect the citizens at the same time.

  6. WHY? What do you mean why?

    He does exactly what the Council wants. The law doesn't matter. That is why they gave him two raises last year.

    (hey, send an email to JP. You might be able to help us out and we might be able to help you)

  7. I hate it when you post up that picture of MP's fat head.


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