Friday, March 31, 2006

City Attorney Glenn Sabine!

Free speech threat backfires
Eye on the Coast

March 10, 2006 from the Coast News

LA MESA ELECTEDS BACKPEDDLE ... An ill-advised letter that threatened legal action against a resident who addressed the La Mesa City Council in January may reverberate to the November election. Mayor Art Madrid could find himself a few votes short of re-election.

In rather strong language demanding a retraction and apology sent to Chris Tanner by City Attorney Glenn Sabine. The ensuing hue and cry by La Mesans favored the accused. At stake was an infringement on a citizen’s right of free speech and an effort to muzzle future citizen’s comments at council meetings. Sabine, who also represents the Flower Capital city in legal affairs, has been on the short end of some decisions there. Peter Scheer, executive director of the California First Amendment Coalition, indicated the law clearly was on Tanner’s side. Maybe the mayor and city attorney oughta review citizen’s right of free speech under the First Amendment.

I don't want to ever get sued by city attorney Glenn Sabine!

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  1. This is why we need an elected City attorney.

    Glenn is willing to actively participate in actions that are against the law and against the public's intrestests. Encinitas watchdogs are already keen to this.

    The City uses Glenn to protect them from the light. They apparently picked the right man for the job.

  2. I heard they got the formula for viagra by bottling Glen Sabine's sweat.

  3. Freedom does not equal OppressionMarch 31, 2006 10:26 AM

    Glenn Sabine is Bossypants Mayor Guerin's Mommy Boy. He tells Namby Pamby City Manager Kerry Miller where to jump, and how high. The City Manager should be over the City Attorney in our form of government. That's not the way it is, here.

    The City Attorney is like staff and Council's private attorney. And Bossy Christy needs one. How much was your Workman's Compensation Settlement for, Ms. Guerin?

    More people on the government role, making us pay higher taxes, without any say by us, if they can get away with it.

    And yes, we have been sued by Glenn Sabine, and Bossypant's power squad, in the name of the State of CA for crossing our legs wrong. He is a vindictive power monger who does not respect the State of Federal Constitutions.

    Power to the People. We do need elected attorneys. And new faces on Council, come November. Why can't Council particpate in the primaries, so our votes will count?

  4. Glenn Sabine's tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried.

  5. Glenn Sabine is dating the city Finance director of Encinitas. It's a cozy little family affair at city hall. Interestingly, she has zero experience in the field but holds an important job. Is there any wonder that the city has no idea who gets a $75 refund. She did not even keep records in the proverbial shoebox.

  6. Glenn Sabine is telling people that he and the city Finance Director are married. Really? Insiders at city hall say there is nary a word about this. How strange! Or does he wish to protect himself from charges of nepotism? It's about time that we have an elected city attorney.

  7. Never fish off the company pier.

  8. Hey that audio to City Attorney Glenn Sabine is toooooo funny. I am rolling on the floor laughing my head off.

    For sure, nepotism is alive and well at our City Hall. Ask Captain Mayor Bossypants Guerin. Yeah, we should all go down to City Hall and file claims for our $75.00 plus. We each know if we paid out that illegal fee.

    Listen, they didn't have any problem figuring out how to charge it on our EDCO bills. The trash co. can give them these records immediately. City is stalling. Why no meeting this past Wednesday? We should have one every week, so they don't have to go on till 11:00 p.m. so often.

    Glenn Sabine makes sleazy private practice lawyers, or non lawyers posturing as legal counsel, like Aceti, look good. Sabine practically pounded his shoe on the podium (pounding his hand, instead, we were there) when before Judge Annello, still lost that case. He gives misinformation to City Councils all over San Diego County.

    Thanks for bringing this bad lawyer to everyone's attention. Those who sleep on their rights are doomed to lose them.

  9. People throw out next November:
    Bossy Pants Guerin
    Lawnmowerman Dlager

    People to fire immediately after the elction:
    Mamby Pamby Miller
    Sleazy Sabine

    Fiel you claims at City Hall with Jace Schwarm [] $75 for illegally collected fee; $11 interest and $50 for penalties; TOTAL $136 per water meter.

  10. Revolution of ConsciousnessApril 01, 2006 10:42 AM

    Right on, anonymous. Yes, let us start filing our claims, claiming our inalienable rights to due process of law.

    Dump Bossypants Guerin, Lawnmowerman Dalager, Sleazy Sabine, and Mamby Pamby Miller.

    Let's show Aceti and all his cronies that we have got guts, we will stand up for our inalienable rights. We don't deserve corruption and a bunch of "old boys" (including Bossypants) spending our tax money on their self glorification and political ambition.

    The change starts at home.

  11. Keeping Tabs on city hallApril 03, 2006 9:29 AM

    Great so who wants to run for city council???????

  12. This creepy Sabine character is lucky the AP didn't pick up his story. Small town yokels fly under the radar 99% of the time but his letter to that Tanner kid is the kind of story that could go mainstream. And yes we need an elected city attorney.

  13. Yes, there was a blog, through San Diego Union Tribune that did, Hoystory. I guess one could Google it. One of the Council members, Barry Jantz? was falling all over himself saying that he didn't blame La Mesa City Attorney Glenn Sabine for the unconstitutional letter he wrote to private citizen Chris Tanner, threatening a lawsuit.

    In our case he followed through with the lawsuit. This happens, in part, when the press is to chicken to cover these lawyers. Hey, guys, they cannot sue you if you have reason to believe what you are saying is true. We sure do. Sabine is a real sleazoid, in our opinion. He has threatened a friend of ours, too, a psychologist, saying she couldn't freely talk during oral communications.

    Well I guess they can sue, but we hope they can't win. In our case Glenn Sabine and his awful cohart, Randal R. Morrison, of Sabine & Morrison have violated both our First Amendment and our Fourth Amendment rights.

  14. Guerin's goons, Sabine & MorrisonApril 04, 2006 1:31 AM

    Yes, we could start a whole new post on firemen. We don't need a hundred foot ladder truck in our opinion. And yes, they could keep busy cleaning the yucky water at Cottonwood Park perhaps? Put some kind of filtration systems on a few of those trucks. They've got plenty o' hose!

    Firemen make an awful lot of dough compared to most folks. We do count on them, but balance is essential. I was at Moonlight Beach one day when a big truck got stuck in the sand there. The fire guys had to dig it out. Grandkids thought it was fun to watch.

    Where are the firewomen? I don't think we need the multi million dollar new firehouses, either. No way. And no more bureaucratic "authorities," either, just more burden on taxpayers.

    Oh the fire folks will be for Mayor Guerin, probably, as she is always for raises in perks and benefits, pay, for sheriff and fire departments. I can't get over the fact that she is a big money spending "Republican." Hey, did you default on a home loan Christy Guerin? Or what? Wish someone with some courage would interview you.

    The papers around here are pretty darn conservative. Christy might sic Sleazy Sabine on them. The local press often seem afraid to exercise their cherished First Amendment Rights. At least the La Mesa fiasco got coverage in the San Diego Union Tribune, and by Bill Arballo's column in the Coast News. What's up NCT? Are you afraid of Guerin's Goon Squad, Sabine & Morrison?

    Oh, Mayor Guerin, how can you run in races if you had to retire on workman's comp disability from the sheriff's dept, where you were a lowly jail guard? You, hubby, all your bro-bros are on the dole. Welfare for the wealthy, we call it.

    Hope you get defeated like the lanscaping and lighting measure, Propositions A and C did. Dalager, too, cuz he can't stand up to Ballbreaker Bossypants Guerin.

  15. If everyone Sabine has had a negative encounter with would stand up and say something, perhaps we could get to the truth. I will say that he has threatened me. Unfortunately, it was on the phone and I didn't tape it. Won't let that happen again. Perhaps it is time to pressure Adam Kaye to keep us informed. I've already e-mailed him, but no response so far. Is everyone afraid of him?

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