Tuesday, March 21, 2006

On the Brink of a Riot?

Photos from last year's Machado event at Cardiff State Beach when Christian rockers, Switchfoot took the stage. The state is afraid of such national bands (our local band , Switchfoot is from North County) causing violent riots.

Click photos for large view.

Machado himself is in the center of the bottom photo holding his daughter in his arms (he has the fro and sunglasses) He feels safe enough to join the crowd (his neighbors) and not just lurk backstage.


  1. Are you kidding? Did you see the look in the eyes of the kid with the popsicle?

    That mob is like a powderkeg ready to ignite!!!

  2. Power to the PeopleMarch 21, 2006 6:26 PM

    It's amazing to me that folks can't have the now traditional surf contests because of the fear of those in power that they might somehow, someway lose some of their Big Brother/Bossypants absolute control. To them the liability is all about money, therefore greed and fear combined: a destructive combo.

    It's pitiful that we can go bomb other countries in the name of freedom, then take away the right of the people to freely assemble on our own beaches! What is happening to our freedoms??? Well, we need to organize a protest, maybe, instead of a contest. Stand up and be counted to passively resist the powers of fear and greed. Three cheers for civil disobedience. Thoreau is right.

  3. If the state bans the contest we should all just show up anyway and hang out.

  4. I think Rob is hiding WMD's in his hair. Cardiff will soon be attacked by freedom spreaders.

  5. Why doesn't the city sponser a citywide surf contest instead? Think of it as the Encinitas Surf Championship. That said, I believe the Machado event has grown too large for the venue.

  6. fertilizer spreaderMarch 24, 2006 6:40 PM

    Glad this blog is finally working again. And as to the previous comment, I am not sure I would trust the City to do something like this with our current Council. And you know what? If the State won't allow it, then the City will not take on the supposed liability either.

    Yes, so much fighting, deceit, oppression, taking away our privacy, our inalienable rights in the hypocritical name of "freedom."

    More like BS spreaders.

    All we've got to fear is fear itself, as FDR said.

    Power to the surfers, to the people.

  7. honesty begins at homeMarch 24, 2006 6:58 PM

    I watched the Council Meeting from Wednesday last night. Dan Dalager never said a single word, that I heard, during the entire meeting.

    Good for Bill Rodewald, Chris K., Bob Bonde, Donna Westbrook, all for speaking out. Christy Guerin and Maggie Houlihan would not admit that they had made any mistakes re Prop. C. Oh why, ladies? Can't you see that the tax was illegally put on our EDCO bills to begin with? And the way it was marketed, while addressed by the speakers, asking, why? - was not addressed by you. Maggie and Bossypants Guerin both said "we weren't trying to fool anyone." You know what someone told me? You are either idiots or liars.

    Maggie, you said the people chose not to "subsidize the clean water program." We are subsidizing it through the General Fund. Our taxes subsidize it already. This was a new, unnecessary tax, pure and simple, which was to be unfairly applied, and which was really being charged so that the money allocated from the General Fund could be used for the library and other projects. Hence you were not completely honest with us. We all know it.

    Christy, you said the election was so that you would know what the people wanted. Well why did you have to do that bogus "survey" then, bought and paid for to convince us to vote yes? Why did you, Christy Guerin and Maggie Houlihan, and Dan Dalager, vote to put this illegal tax on our trash bills to begin with?

    We find it sad that after the tax was removed, EDCO was allowed to raise our tax nearly five dollars a month anyway. Is this Quid Pro Quo for having done all that paperwork, all that billing for each address with trash service, which by the way, is completely unrelated to storm drain runoff?

    And why couldn't you call it the storm drain initiative? Wasn't that sexy enough for you? We were marketed to and manipulated. We all know it, and we didn't fall for it. Thank God for good folks who helped us all to see the light, like Bill Rodewald, Bob Evermore, JP, Kevin Cummins, Bob Bonde, Dietmar Rothe, Donna Westbrook, and untold more.

    Would the Boston Tea Party be considered a riot? Yep. And if Bossypants Guerin and Lawnmower Man Dalager were in power back then, we probably would not have had a revolution. The only true revolution is a revolution of consciousness. Think honesty, transparency. This victory is empowering us all to continue making a positive change. Growth in development is not always good. Growth in understanding, liberty is what makes our very lives more worthwhile.


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