Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Prop C Ballot Count Has Begun

The ballots are opened, scanned and counted and put in bundles of 100 and go into boxes. For some reason the yes and no ballots are not separated. The votes are clearly visible through the thin envelopes before they are opened.


  1. 8 hours of that? No thanks.

  2. After the ballots are counted they are not separated. That would be nice in order to provide a quick visual assessment of the final tally (maybe we can request that for Prop D). This would have made for a great photo op.

    I asked the City Clerk about this practice. I was sufficiently satisfied with the final reasoning behind why we couldn’t separate out the votes (this time).

    What was more interesting is what the guy is doing in the first photo. He seems to be looking through the semitransparent envelopes to see which way the ballot was loaded into the envelope, because he is about to cut it open and doesn’t want to cut through the ballot wrong (voters loaded the envelop in various ways). I think the City provided the envelopes. Next time we should require that the envelopes not be transparent. It appears that you can read the vote through the envelope. I couldn’t confirm this.

    The City Clerk made sure that I understood that individual voters could easily verify the final votes. There will be a data set available after the vote. The data will include information on which parcel voted yes and which voted no. Hopefully, the City Clerk will allow citizens access to a digital copy of that data. I am very interested in analyzing patterns in the vote.

  3. better than voting in florida,

    better than voting in Ohio,

    For the good news,

  4. We did it!!!!

    NO votes 6,420

    YES votes 4,170

    Thanks to everyone that helped to spread the truth

  5. Every rate payer in Encinitas needs to file a claim with the City for the refund of the illegal tax the city collected to the tune of 75 dollars per water meter.

  6. Prop C defeated and Dubai port deal is dead. A good day.

  7. Did you see the article about the security measures they used at San Dieguito Academy to insure their lottery was fair and verifiable? They allowed witnesses and video taped the counting so it could be verified later. They also read aloud the each ballot as they were pulled. The next city vote may not be so decisive and the counting process may need to be confirmed.

    The City could learn from the schools.


    SD Union snip
    "March 1, 2006

    ENCINITAS – Before five witnesses and a videographer, Principal Barbara Gauthier gingerly pulled white index cards one by one out of a paper bag and read aloud the winners of this prized high school lottery. ... For the lottery, Gauthier selected a brown paper grocery bag to ensure that no names could be identified before cards were pulled out, and to limit the amount of fanfare attached to the proceedings. ... The video was taken as proof that the lottery was properly conducted."

  8. I wonder why the San Diego Union covered Steve Aceti and his inaccurate and false statements on this election but when he lost there isn't even an article in the paper about it. What does Angela Lu and Aceti have going? But then again, what should we expect from a paper like the San Diego Union.

    The Union Trib and Lu haven't reported accurately since the City tried to fool the voters. Cudos for the only voice that the citizens in this City have, The Encinitas Taxpayers Association, Leucadia Town Council and the Cardiff Town Council.

  9. Have you seen the article about Prop C in the North County Times today? In the article the City Manager and Bossypants Guerin are quoted. Kerry Miller, "The Clean Water Program will be stripped to the leanest components needed to comply with state and federal mandates".

    Bossypants, "We'll do exactly what we need to and nothing more". These are people that sound just like a 10 year old when they are told to eat their dinner. Waa, waa, waa, I'll only eat what I have to. It is just this level of maturity that calls for the expulsion of both of these people from our city government.

    I would never vote for anyone that is out of touch with the electorate (prop a 66% of the people, Prop C 61% of the people).

    I would never vote for anyone that isn't committed to firing a crybaby city manager. His job is to make it work with what he is given by the people. Not crying because he didn't get his way.

    We don't expect anything different from bossypants. Does anyone know, can we recall Encinitas City Councilperson?


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