Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Where Does Runoff Come From?

In the previous post we talked about how Encinitas Blvd and it's infrastructure feeds out to Moonlight Beach, the heart of our tourism.

Here is a link to Google maps of the Cotton Wood Creek outfall. Start working your way east and marvel at what is there.

Google map of Encinitas Blvd


  1. I see my house.

  2. lotsa houses, with lotsa vegatation that has to be sprayed to keep the lawns green and the trees and shrubs bug free, lotsa parking lots for the commercial element, and lotsa new streets to get everyone to their homes and the malls. lotsa cars parked dripping oil, tranny fluid, brake fluid, cig butts and anything else one might scuff out of their cars as they get in and out, and of course the list goes on and on. used to be able to see the bottom when u surfed, now ur lucky to see ur feet when ur sittin on ur board, used to never worry about eating the fish i caught from shore now i check for worms and dis-colored flesh. If the sludge keeps flowing to the sea pretty soon we'll have acid fog in the mornings all the way to crest dr. That area back there used to be a watershed, with the springs on crest providing drinkable water. Those days are gone.

  3. thanks for the great link, JP, the great comment justaplumber. Yeah, you guys rule, the golden rule.

    Whoever runs for office, could, and we hope will push for a new vote by Council, to take the already in place hotel/motel tax, Transient Occupancy Tax, TOT, and put it toward fixing the problems, along with the big General Fund. We don't need more consultants. We have planners, engineers, plenty of City Staff. I am amazed reading the article in NCT by Theresa Barth about how City has put almost $200,000 into consultants for a plan still not completed for only six blocks in Cardiff! And this is after years of “planning!” This is insane! And all the development has already gone in, the alleys stink, the potholes are wrecking tires.

    We want to put our city staff to work. We could use some of the day workers, the City does anyway, through temp jobs, to clean some of the sludge, somehow. Yeah, a bucket brigade with water during our hundred year storms, of less, and a bucket brigade to get the sludge, and put it where? Could we somehow turn it into oil, to fuel our mudmobiles?

    No, we're serious, we need solutions, not more consultants whom we are just paying for their time, and to justify the junk Council has already cooked up. To many chiefs and not enough worker bees.

    Yes, we know a guy from Mexico, without a green card, who has been working for the City. These guys are here. This part of our state did before belong to Mexico. We don't need to be ruled by fear. Nobody wants to lose their jobs, or to get paid so little. But we have to help this planet, this city heal, some miraculous way.

    The city, with the help of its own workers, perhaps a public works corp., I'll help, could build more public toilets, keep the restrooms clean. You should see how clean the government sponsored bathrooms are at every gas station I've been at in Mexico. We need solutions, not more crap.

    And yes, Bossypants Guerin's statement was not a veiled threat. It was blatant. We are so fed up with her piss poor performance. I want to have compassion, and do. But please, our next job is to get someone on Council who can think for himself or herself. No more puppets being pulled by the strings of petty politics, and money, counting on continual expansion, at the expense of our quality of life, and the expense of oldtimers and newcomers alike.

  4. OK, happy St. Patrick's Day, everybody. Here's a silly St. Paddy's limerick:

    There once was a scared man named Grover
    Who sought to find a four leaf clover;
    He searched high and low,
    Above and below;
    Wised up, planted sage, won’t roll over.


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