Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Knock Knock


The people of Encinitas are incredibly fortunate to live in our coastal community with an ideal climate, clean beaches and friendly neighbors. We should all consider it an obligation to be active citizens to help insure that our community retains the characters that attracted each of us to this corner of paradise.

Part of our good fortune is that we live in a democracy where we have the opportunity to choose our leaders to represent our interests and our wishes as our community experiences the inevitable changes associated with growth and prosperity. We have the opportunity to periodically evaluate our city council members and decide if they are in touch with the citizens that they serve, or if there is an alternative that better represents what we are looking for. That opportunity will again knock in November of this year, just 7 months from now. We had better get started!

In evaluating an incumbent or a new candidate, I would encourage everyone to take a look back at the last few years. Ask each candidate what their position was on important issues that have affected Encinitas in either a positive or negative way. Let’s look at just a few of them to stimulate the debate.

- According to the North County Times, in a May 2005 article, approximately 90% of the Encinitas general fund is used for staff salaries, benefits and contracts. The city of San Diego got into deep trouble when that figure for them reached 80%. Is this trend acceptable?

- Proposition A, although strongly supported and endorsed by some on our existing council was rejected by the people with an overwhelming majority of 66%. Although the council asked us for an advisory vote, at least one of them served on the YES on A committee and has since taken large campaign contributions from the people who would have benefited from its passage.

- Proposition C. The council first voted for an illegal tax, then hired three consultants at taxpayer expense to convince the voters that paying twice for the same service would be a good thing. 61% of us disagreed. Now they are interviewing yet another consultant to help them figure out who paid the illegal tax and is owed a refund.

- The Hall property is an eyesore with wonderful possibility. Will our children have the opportunity to enjoy the parks potential benefits, or will they talk to their kids about what it could have been?

Please get involved! You may have issues that need the attention and debate of local elected leaders that represent your point of view, your interests, and your neighborhood. Opportunity will knock in November and your vote will make a difference.


  1. Yes, we need a new city council.

    Tomorrow, the planning commission will consider approving a project with
    7 to 14 variances. The city planner and the planning director recommend approval.

    Time to clean house, starting with the city council.

  2. Yes, there is no consistency on Planning. And the consultant/inspectors just take the money and run. They do not require that the standards required in the plans are met.

    For example, next door to us there were to be drains into the street, La Veta Ave.; the raingutters were not to empty into the alley. Yet that is what is happening. The guy directly behind, on La Mesa, has to put sandbags out to stop his yard and garage from flooding. The grade is changed by excavation. The extra dirt is put into the alley, and onto the house pad, raising the elevation about a foot or so.

    When we were trying to get a permit for a pre-existing studio/workshop, attached to our two vehicle garage, we were told, don't even try to get Council to give you a variance. And we didn't need one!

    Yes, we have had big problems with Patrck Murphy, Planning & Community Development Director, a yes man to Sabine & Morrison, like City Manager, Kerry Miller.

    Patrick Murphy went away, then came back. He will get a big fat pension at tax payers expense, of course. As will Miller. We were shocked and dismayed to see statistics that 90% of General Fund goes to contractors, benefits and city staff payroll. Horrifying!

  3. I don't have to pay taxes.


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