Monday, April 10, 2006

A Merchant Parking Solution?

As the population grows and downtown Encinitas becomes more popular the parking gets tighter. Parking meters are not an option because those just aggravate people and make the downtown experience miserable. It has been suggested that merchants and their employees park in the upper Moonlight beach parking lot and that is a good idea but how about adding the option of parking in the city hall parking lot?

The city hall parking lot has a sweeping view of lovely downtown Encinitas and always has plenty of empty spaces.


  1. I always find a parking spot.

  2. Are Sunday nights dead in downtown Encinitas? Plenty of empty parking spaces.

    After 7:00 p.m. isn't the Coaster parking lot available with empty spaces?

  3. I've never had a problem finding a parking spot. Is this a Dalager initiative? He supplies no parking for his customers. He relies on the street for his business. So a meter might help his business.


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