Friday, April 07, 2006

Renters Holding Us Back? Doubtful.

Someone posted this comment the other day under the Roundabout topic,

You can sure tell who is a property owner and who is a renter by the comments they make. So I guess if you are a renter you don't want the city improved because that might make it a nicer place to live and perhaps raise your rent.

I have to say this is one of the funniest comments ever posted on this blog.

Was it renters who fought the RDA and declaring Leucadia blighted? No, it was property owners.

Was it renters who came out in mass to vote down Prop A? No, it was property owners.

Was it renters who voted down Prop C? No, renters couldn't even vote on that one.

It is property owners, and even more specifically, home owners who are settled here for the long haul that are getting involved in local politics.

The yuppie family who buys or builds a McMansion and then flips it 4 years later and moves away doesn't really care what happens around here.

It's the people who have made a commitment to living here and being part of the community who are voting. It is they who will feel the longterm effects of the financial decisions this city council makes.


  1. I'm don't rent, don't own, but have been fighting for quality of life in this city for thirty years. Actually I thought the blog you reference was very Aceti-like. I just figure that anyone who attends Council meetings, writes letters to the editor, or posts on this blog has concerns about the city, it's direction, and the piloting of the city's course by whatever council is sitting. Our city's roots were agriculture, small business, and surfers who had jobs. There are lots of cheaper places to rent in this county than Encinitas. Those who rent in the City make sacifices in other parts of their lives to maintain residency here. They do this because they are drawn to the unique culture of our community. Having just driven the coast from here to the Coastal Commission meeting in Carmel, I can assure everyone that we continue to have a very special City and that is what all the "mal-contents" are concerned about preserving. This blog site serves a very important service for anyone who visits regularly, be they renters or property owners. I love your site JP and your photos are terrific.

  2. Hear! Hear! I couldn't agree more with J.P.'s and Gil's comments. Let's at least try to preserve a little of what makes Encinitas unique.

  3. Neighborly LoveApril 08, 2006 9:55 PM

    Yes, terrific blog, posts J.P., Gil, Jerry. Love you guys!!

    Yes that was a miserable post, probably was Steve Aceti. His tactics, along with his City Council sponsors too often have been to twist the truth, to divide and separate.

    I have been a renter in Cardiff and Encinitas before. Now we are fortunate to own, with the bank, our tiny home here.

    But we love our neighbors who are renters, too. We do not want the rents to get so outrageous due to the speculation of developers, like Pattinson, and lobbyists like Steve Aceti, that regular folks can no longer afford to rent here at all. My children bought in North County, but outside of Encintas. Our rising property values just mean rising property taxes, if one doesn't want to sell or refinance, adding to debt.

    Thanks guys, for calling a spade a spade. Hey, there was a good letter to Editor from Psychologist Lorri Greene in NCT this past Thursday, 4/6/06 re City Attorney Glenn Sabine and his shenanigans.

    Yes, people who participate, get involved are the saving grace of our diverse community here. Keep the faith.

  4. I started out as a renter 22 years ago and quickly decided to stay for the long haul. Encinitas is and was a great place and could remain great IF we can counter the unbridled development interests. I've spent many nights at City Hall watching our council. I join Gil in encouraging more people to watch a meeting, write to a newspaper, call your council or post on a blog. The council needs a steady stream of commentary from everyone in the city. Of course the ultimate in council feedback occurs in November. Democracy is a participatory sport and attendence is required.

    Remember the words of Plato ...
    "The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men."

    Call, Write, Comment, Post, Attend, Talk to your friends and Vote in November.


  5. Out with the old, in with the newApril 09, 2006 10:59 PM

    Thanks, Bruce. Good comments. Yes, I wish we could vote for a proper city attorney, also. Glenn Sabine, whatever your experience with him has been, is not watching out for the citizens of "Greater Encinitas." He has many conflicts of interest, as he is city attorney for several other cities, and essentially acts to protect council members of various cities and staff. He is not out to protect you and me from rampant govt. and corporate corruption. We think Mike Aquirre is trying to root out some of this in SD. He is elected, too.

    I wonder if Denniz Holz might run for City Attorney here, if he could, or Rob Wilder? These should be public service jobs. The main value for public servants should not be big paychecks and big benefits, far greater than the average citizen here. Maybe that's changing because pretty soon only millionaires will be able to afford to live here.

    Bruce, we do want a change, a big change. We actually had high hopes when Christy Guerin and Denniz Holz were elected, with Sheila's help. What a backstabbing betrayer Christy Guerin has been on every level, for us, and so many others.

    She might be "cute," but her actions make her ugly in my eyes. She has turned our Fourth Amendment and First Amendment guarantees upside down through her henchmen, the lawfirm of Sabine & Morrison. They are trying to charge us nearly $95,000 for their bogus, illegal costs and fees.

    Randal Morrison says, in part:

    "I am unable to complete the City's brief for filing by April 10, primarily because our Associate, Elizabeth McLean, who was assigned the task of completing the first draft, suddenly left the firm. In addition, within the last month, my work schedule has included three appellate briefs in the Ninth Circuit, all major First Amendment cases, and amicus briefs in two other federal circuits. Another client, the City of La Mesa, has a brief due in this Court on May 17, 2006, in Case No. DO46299."

    "The Defendants in this case are in prop per. Their respective attitudes regarding me paersonally and my client, the City of Encinitas, are clear in the papers they have filed in this court."

    This declaration was sworn to under penalty of perjury on 4/5/06. And we should all know whose "side" Mr. Morrison of Sabine & Morrison is on re the First Amendment Cases. Not ours, not yours. Not on the side of our individual inalienable rights to an open government and freedom of speech as defined by both the Federal and State Constitutions.

  6. I own 50 houses in Encinitas and I always find a place to park my BMW.

  7. Let's keep watching Sabine and Company. He has a lot more dirt on him than he may even know.We need a City Attorney who will repect and protect everyone's rights. Not just those who have money or political power.

    "The Doctor"


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