Sunday, April 23, 2006

Those Pesky Voters And Their Ample Grist

The computer internet supplying information to voters is really ganking up the game plan for the powers that be.

North County Times plucky reporter Adam Kaye files this story click me

This funky little blog gets some press:

Virtual venue
The lawsuit has provided ample grist for the Keep Leucadia Funky blog, a site launched by a surfboard builder and longtime resident of the beach community, J.P. St. Pierre.

He said he figured the site would never get more than 20 visits. Traffic to the site grew heavy, however, during the Prop. A and Prop. C elections, he said.

He added that the site has sparked political interest among younger, Internet-savvy residents who now are voting when they might not have before.

"It seems almost like a big group of people are hitting the age when they start caring about these kinds of things," St. Pierre said.

Let's see..."Encinitas city councilman Dan Dalagher isn't the sharpest tool in the shed." Hee Hee, that's comedy gold!

I was shocked when I checked my stats for this site. I hadn't taken a look at my stat counter in a long time and when I saw this site was logging 4,000 hits a month my jaw dropped. I guess once word gets out news travels fast. I averaged 2,000 hits a month in 2005 but some reason the traffic has doubled in 2006.

That is sweet my peeps. Thanks for visiting.

It's troublesome news for the redneck establishment that has taken over the city. My peer group is now in their 30's and own property and have kids. We are no longer apathetic slackers. We use the internet and we vote.

I guess our parents did a good job raising us afterall eh?


  1. Never again Guerin, DalagerApril 24, 2006 12:36 AM

    From the NCT article, talking about widespread criticism of her and Encinitas City Hall:

    "It comes in waves," Guerin said, "and obviously, it becomes more active during election years."

    Since last fall, the election cycle has been nearly continuous, with local measures on November and March ballots. And in a matter of months, campaigning will begin for the November council race, when the terms of Guerin and Dan Dalager expire.

    The two recent ballot measures fueled debate as well and criticism of City Hall."
    Yes, Bossypants Christy Guerin, it comes in waves. You flowed into office with the support of Sheila Cameron, whom you betrayed, forming your alliance with Bond and Stocks to get her out. Now you are on a losing roll. Yes, ebb and flow. We hope you flow right on out of here, come November. All of the ballot propositions, which you supported, though the citizens have not, including Prop A, C, and the Lighting and Landscaping mail out ballot, were all defeated. Does this give you a clue?

    Christy, you do not need to take your paid junkets to Washington DC, Monterey (there to lobby for developers) and Hondo Japan, for publicity opportunities. You are out of here, in the near future. You are on an ebb. Thanks for teaching us a whole lotta lessons in the school of hard knocks. You could do us all a favor and step down. Eight years of you is far too much. Go micro manage your own family. Your and Dalager's terms are almost "expired," as the article, and we, the citizens, have made crystal clear.

  2. We deserve better come November!April 24, 2006 12:44 AM

    Great post, JP, great blog. I am grateful people are checking in here, from all over "greater Encinitas." I hope some good souls decide to run against Guerin and Dalager. They are old news!

    We need a fresh start, an honest outlook. Our elected officials need to remain neutral when it comes to ballot measures. Christy Guerin is so blatant that she doesn't have to do so! Unfortunately, she keeps aligning herself with the losing side. We deserve better that Bossypants Guerin and Lawnmowerman Dalager.

  3. Wow you guys I cracked up when I saw the front page of the paper. Way to be. I sent the link to this blog to everyone in my address book last year. Most of my friends are married, always a bridesmaid never a bride the saying goes, and I got all the married couples to vote no on prop a and c. My sister says J.P. was always aan anti establishment rebel back at san dieguito high school lol.

  4. Hey, keep up the good work, you're making a difference. Activists over here in Carlsbad had a bit of a victory the other day. The developer who had been meeting secretly with the city to develop the Strawberry Fields above Agua Hedionda lagoon were forced to let their option on the land drop. You can read about it here: Sorry for the hijack!

  5. Hey Jay, Como estas? Anti establishment rebel huh?
    Yeah that sounds about right.
    I've been enjoying all your posts from the land of Pura Vida. Hey, guess where all the people who made a huge wad of cash on real estate in North County in the 90s went? Yup, Costa Rica baby! Now they have all the same problems here, local corruption,environmental degradation, overbuilding, and skyrocketing land prices. Ahhh it warms your heart, dont it?
    Ps : remember, there is no there,...there.



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