Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It's Your Roadside Park Bum

"You don't want pesticides in the water nor cigs butts, nor brake fluid, but how do you feel about urine and feces??? Because that 's what going into the ocean off of Stonesteps and Beacons and Grandview without any bathrooms facilites. Where do you think all the people are going to the bathroom when they need to relieve themselves?? That right in the Pacific Ocean!!! Hey can you blame them, the city doesn't provide facilities for Leucadia, but they do for Swami's and Moonlight.
Leucadia isn't even good enough for a portable weekend crapper in the summer when all the evil inlanders come to use the "locals" beach. Perhaps the city could start to regulate beach use by charging fees, after all the excess urine and feces has to be coming from the inlanders!! Heavens knows that "locals" would never deface the sanctity of the ocean just because there's no toilet, hell no they'll hold it until they get home!!!

Well I can't hold it any more, whissing down the 101, it's your Roadside Park any TP you can loan me???

Hey can I get on that gravy train??? Where does the RP Bum sign-up for a free trip to Japan?? After all I think I do just as good a job of representing the scum of the city as anyone down at city hall. Hell, I do all this work for the city as it's Official Roadside Park Bum and I don't get any of the perks!!
There have got to be bums in Japan and they have to live near some park or another, it's just how we are that makes us unique.

Maybe Hondo reps will come to Encintas next year?? I hope they bring a bum with them, I can share living tips, like how to recognize day old burritos from Juanitas from those of Karinas.Or how to hide your vodka bottles in the trash so that the sheriff don't find the hooch. Japanese bums might want only day old sushi, well we got that covered now don't we, good ol Leucadia Sushi Bar and Pachinco Palace. I don't mind day old sushi but that day old wasabi is a killer!!!

Staggering down the 101 , it's your Roadside Park Bum.

Hey, I thought the topic was "Keeping Leucadia Flooded,err Funky" not the Roadside Park Bum(s). I'm just doing my share to keep you informed of the truth involving your community.

Roadside Park Flower Child- I've never seen you in MY park, so don't go 'round trying to grab headlines off my JoJo.

Chuck Norris- My fellow bums and I, NO we don't pick up trash from the beaches...........we are the trash!!!!

Sylvia Martinez- Bless her soul, she has it bad- I've pissed, crapped and puked more than once in her front/back yard, alleyway. Whatever you want to call it. I think I might have even slept under her trailer once or twice!!

Staggering down the 101, it's your Roadside Park Bum- you know who I am, go ahead and give me a honk when you drive by, I can't wait to give you the finger!!! But let's not forget I add "character" to the community!!

It's not your home being flooded every time it rains- do you know how long it take to dry out a sleeping bag?? And what part of no streetlights or sidewalks do you like?? Personally I prefer to not get rundown in the street while making my daily beer run!! A few sidewalks would help me immensely-keep a bum on the sidewalk, I say!!! But Oh Yeah I keep forgetting we don't wanna be like Del Mar or Carlsbad. They have sidewalks, streetlights and storm drains!!! We have weeds and dirt for our center median, and taking your life in your hands evertime I walk the 101. Drunk or not that's just wrong!!!"


  1. Roadside Park BumMay 31, 2006 11:54 PM

    Well, well, well don't try to curry favor by me with your complimentary posting of some of my finest blogging comments, I CAN"T BE BOUGHT!!!! (Well I can, but it will cost you at least 2 bottles of hooch and any other illegal substances you care to leave in the park, put them in a brown paper bag and leave it next to the garbage can).
    How am I supposed to feel so bad about myself and keep "bumming" if you give me my own posting. Dr. Lori PHD might even offer to give me complimentary counseling to help me deal with my troubled past., Hell I might just have to clean up my act and be a real man for a change. But what fun would that be?? After all I've reduced my life down to the 2 most basic human needs booze and drugs, err I mean food and shelter. Just like the caveman of 10,000 years ago.

    Look I'm going to keep this one short and go easy on you, I won't mention your LA hipster blogger friends that have bought up most of Neptune( they don't really want to be in Leucadia, but they can't afford Malibu, or Manhattan Beach or Marina del Ray for that matter)they add nothing to the community!! They arrive and spend a few bucks at Calypso or whatever it's called or move on down the road to Vigipukies, but they really don't give to the community. How many of these "outoftowners" are members of L101 or donated $$$ to plant flowers in the center median?? Let me give you a rough guess...........ZERO!!! And I won't even mention that they don't and I mean DON'T throw me so much as a frick'en bone!!! How are they to feel bad for the RPB when LA has 50,000 homeless bums living downtown, these "outoftowners" are numb to the RPB. BTW, those 50,000 bums in LA piss 50,000 gallons of pee onto the streets and storm drains of LA each week and it all ends up in Santa Monica bay!!! But hey the Surfrider Foundation is keeping the oceans clean aren't they now!!! Sure, sure and I'm going to sober up some day and watch those pigs fly outta my ass as I stagger down the 101. Why?? Because I'm your ROADSIDE PARK BUM!!!!!

  2. Hey Roadside Park Bum- Be glad to offer complimentary counseling, if you share your booze! I'll even meet you at the park. Spent many a day and night doing what you are doing. Might be fun.

  3. I just got my $78 refund from Kerry Miller for the illegal charge on my water bill in 2005. Hey, Roadside Bum, let's party! Can you score me some crack? It sounds like you'd know where to score!!

  4. got my refund check today . Hope it doesn't bounce.

  5. Got our check tooJune 01, 2006 6:03 PM

    Yeah, we got it too. It's addressed to the person on the trash bill, not the person on the water bill, we notice.

    This illegal fee should not have gone on the trash bill. There should have been a public vote, to begin with. When there was, the people clearly said, no!!

    Now we don't want the City to borrow $23 million, in retribution, trying to get around a public vote, again, by trying to use sneaky loopholes and "joint authorities" to turn a general obligation bond into a water district lease revenue bond. This is unethical, unfair, and surely, goes against the direct intent of Prop. 13 and Prop 218.

    Roadside Park Bum, I still don't buy that you are who you say you are. But you are funny, sometimes.

  6. tortilla flats in da houseJune 01, 2006 9:55 PM

    yes we got our refund too,
    just in time for mi hija's bday party. No we can have as many kegs as candles on the cake.

  7. Got my refund too. And to Tortilla Flats: Orale compa. Just be careful with the cerveza. You don't want to spoil the celebration.

  8. Got my refund as well.

    Thank you HJTA and ETA.

    A portion of my refund will go toward renewing my membership in both of these groups.

  9. Hey RPB you are negatively impacting the community character that we all have worked so hard to perfect. Why would you chose such a place to habitate? Is it because there is no foot traffic on 101 to bother you since nobody walks to any of those funky shops on 101? Is it because the area looks so rural you feel as though you are camping? I don't think you could sleep on the sidewalks anywhere else in the City without being bothered. If you are dead, it may take a few weeks for someone to notice and it would probably be only because of the stench from your decomposing body that would alert them. If the City forms an RDA for this area you are definitely going to have to be relocated to your native habitat which this area will no longer have. Or maybe we could get you into one of those low income units (you do qualify don't you or are you one of those millionaire bums?)that will add 25% more units to every development. Or maybe you will be declared an endagered species and new similar habitat will have to be purchased and you will have to be relocated to Escondido for you to do your thing on their streets.

  10. Dear RSPB,

    It appears that the City of Encinitas doesn't care where you sleep. The Sheriff's Department doesn't care as long as they can get the Starbuck's door open. I suggest you take up residence at City Hall. It is close to Leucadia, there are restrooms available, for drinking water, I understand your desire to defacate and urinate in nature. There are ample trash cans behind the building for you to raid. Just don't be seen to often by bossypants Guerin or she will tell you what to do because she knows it all.

    Good Luck and happy dumpster diving.

  11. Did anyone hear Bossypants Guerin on the Hedgecock show today? She called in from who knows where to let Rodger know how much she loves Bilbray and that she was the first to sign on as a huge supporter of his fiscal conservative ways.

    Too bad she did not mention that she has never met a fee, tax or bond that she did not love and stump for. Also too bad that Rodger was unaware of her record as a tax and spend councilwoman or he might have called her on it.

    What will she do when she is voted out and has to live on her workers comp claim? Does DEMA need another employee?

  12. My Friends,

    The Republican Party is in trouble. We’ve strayed from our roots by embracing massive spending budgets, creating new welfare entitlements and failing to secure the borders.

    Who are the people who have wrecked the Republican Party? It's the liberal wing of the Party. And now one of their own is running for office. Brian Bilbray is part of the Republican establishment that has caused the party to lose sight of its principles.

    As a former lobbyist he was paid to lobby for whatever bills his clients wanted him to lobby for, a job which fit his worldview -- or lack thereof -- perfectly. As a former Congressman, he claimed to be pro life but voted with the pro-abortion forces. He claimed to be pro-2nd amendment but then voted for gun control. He claimed to be pro-traditional values but then authored gay rights legislation. He claimed to be a fiscal conservative but then earned "Ds" and "Fs" from national taxpayer organizations. He claimed to be a loyal Republican but then supported the Democrat who ran against me when I ran for the state assembly in San Diego County. He's a chameleon. He's is exactly the kind of Republican who has led the party on a path to suicide.

    And now Bilbray's campaign chairman is calling for the impeachment of the Judge who issued the warrant to search Congressman Jefferson's congressional office – the guy who stuffed $90,000 in marked bills in his refrigerator. That's right. We have yet another corrupt politician, a Democrat this time, taking massive bribes on film and then refusing orders from the authorities to turn over evidence. A Judge reviewed the evidence and ordered the raid just as he would if it were a private citizen. But Brian Bilbray and his campaign chairman apparently believe that Congressmen are above the law; that they shouldn't have to obey the same rules everyone else has to. This is the arrogant attitude which has infested our party. The Republican Party should support the rule of law and reject any appearance of granting privileges to our leaders that the rest of us peons don't enjoy.

    But the Washington big wigs are out in force on behalf of Bilbray. You will hear local Congressmen and National GOP leaders all talking nice about Mr. Bilbray ignoring that he is lacking any core values. But we know he will, as always, return to his chameleon ways, changing his stripes whenever it suits him. This is what's wrong with the GOP and it’s time we demanded better. Let’s not reward those who have destroyed our party. Tell Brian Bilbray you’ve had it with his behavior. Call William Griffith the Independent and tell him you admire his integrity.

    Steve Baldwin - Republican
    Former State Assemblyman, 77th District

    P.O. Box 2215
    La Jolla, CA 92308

  13. federal protectionJune 02, 2006 9:35 PM

    you listen to Rodger Hedgecock?
    that guy should still be in jail.
    call in and ask him about the bags of cash he used to grab at the drive in theater in south bay. he'll know what your talking about.

  14. double secret anonymousJune 02, 2006 10:52 PM

    I wonder how Bilbray stores his cash?

  15. toilets or anything??? they pee n poo in the Pacific Ocean?!?! what the..??

    but yeah, you rili cant blame them..

  16. Bilbray for sure!June 03, 2006 12:15 AM

    Steve Baldwin posted on this Leucadia blog? Steve Baldwin of El Cajon? The right wing-nut Steve Baldwin?
    Jeeze, this blog has got to be the closest that facist EVER got to a beach in his entire up-friggin-traditional family values-tight life!
    If that A-hole is anti-Bilbray, then the surfer/ former lifeguard Bilbray has my vote for sure!

  17. Hey Baldwin,

    You sound just like all those trashy mailers I have been tossing out. Get a real job bub.

  18. Guerin seeking more pr opsJune 03, 2006 11:18 AM

    Just because you don't like Baldwin, (I had never heard of him) doesn't make lobbyists Bilbray and Christy Guerin acceptable.

    Too bad we can't vote against Bossypants Guerin in the June election. We would if we could.

    Someone claiming to be a surfer does not make it so. Have you ever seen Jerome Stocks surfing? Don't think so. Maybe in times gone by. Being a surfer might make one sympathetic to some, but doesn't make him or her qualified. We like surfers, generally, but not cheaters, like Christy Guerin, who lobbied for developers with the Coastal Commission, in Monterey, recently, on her junket up there with Patrick Murphy.

    Roadside Bum, do you vote? We hear you can use a P.O. Box to establish a voting address now.

  19. Roadside Park BumJune 03, 2006 4:41 PM

    Why do I need a postal box address, Francine Busby says you don't need to be a citizen to vote, I guess I'll just show up and claim a ballot or two or three.

    I'll be a write-in candidate, Vote-Roadside Park Bum for Congress 2006!!

  20. I think the best place to catch up with Jerome Stocks is at The Office, a bar in Cardiff. Buy him a few drinks and you never know what he night say. Bring a tape recorder, just in case.As for the rest of them, happy hunting. Maybe someone can get a photo of Christy doing something she is not supposed to do because of her "disability". She collects money( ours, by the way) from that disability. I think runing in a marathon might qualify as something she is not supposed to do if she is so disabled. So take your cameras and keep them ready. Danny, well he may be at his "compound" but you never know. Hard to say about Bond. Maggie, just go the any animal shelter. Let's find out if Sabine and Jennifer Smith are engaged or married. That would be a nice conflict of interest that might get rid of both of them. I'm sure with a little creativity, we can get the whole gang of incompetents.

  21. I haven't seen Stocks in the lineup recently, although he used to be there a lot. But Bilbray has been a regular at the warm water jetty, Teramar, and Ponto.

    Never seen Guerin out there.

  22. Guess what Witness, I never met "anonymous" at any surfspot, or even any bar!
    Cheap cheezy accuzations from a blogging coward is worth what it costs to post and to read!

  23. Hey, good point!
    The rightous "annonymous" said
    "I'm sure with a little creativity, we can get the whole gang..."
    That can only mean that truth is out the window, the ends justify the means, and if these current elected folks are actually doing the right thing, we don't own and control them so SCREW THEM! WE WANT OUR WHORES IN OFFICE TO DO WHAT THE FUCK WE WANT!!!

  24. Hey enforcer, what's up with you? You are upset that someone wants to expose cheaters. Perhaps we should be looking at you. From your blog you must be high on meth. Where do get it? Leucadia?

  25. Hello from righteous anonymous: If I could, I would put my name to the acusatiions I made about council members. Unfortunatey,these people I speak of, with the exception of Maggie, are vindictive as hell and I am not particularly interested in beng harrassed by them. Don't believe me? That is your right. As soon as I am able, which may not be long, I will put my name on these accusations and hopefully someone from the NCTimes, or Coast News will publish it. You won't see it on th blog, I can assure you of that. I do have a personal vendetta against a couple of them, but, nevertheless, if they are doing illegal acts, they should be removed from office.

  26. RSB's crappy post; Guerin's crapJune 05, 2006 5:47 PM

    Now I know you are a fraud RSPB. A real bum wouldn't be spreading lies about Francine Busby. I don't see any illegals, or immigrants hanging out at roadside park, lately. And, by the way, we have seen police giving a guy with dark hair and a beard at roadside park a hard time. The man was sitting on the ground, with the cop towering over him, giving him the "what for."

    The illegals, lining up across from Shell, by Smart and Final, are too busy working for the developers, putting up cheezy McMansions, to be lazily sitting around in the park like you falsely claim to be, Roadside Bum. If they are not working construction, they are often working as housekeepers or gardeners for cheating wealthy Republicans, like ex governor Pete Wilson, who began putting our State into debt long before Gray Davis came along.

    Busby never said that non-citizens should vote. No wonder you need a Biffy, RPB. You are full of shit.

    Look at the current posts on this blog. Guerin is a big spending Republican, lobbyist like Bilbray, pure and simple. Guerin is liberal when it comes to spending taxpayers' money, conservative when it comes to big guns make right.

    I know Guerin got a Workman's Compensation award, which she appealed (not enough in her eyes), and lost. I don't know if it was a settlement, or if she is still getting payments on that. It can work both ways.

  27. Go blow, you are full of blowback.

    Of course you never "met" anyone who is anonymous, by definition.

    But you do not know everyone's name at a bar, or in the lineup, either. Oh, it's easy to get lost in a crowd. Especially if one is using sheep's clothing, or bum's clothing, too, on this blog.

    People can choose to be anonymous on this blog, on a wave, or in a bar. Our current council is extremely vindictive; we know.

    Are you Jerome Stocks RPB?

    Or Aceti?

    You don't have to tell. But we know you are not who you claim to be.

  28. Roadside Park bum, Roadside Park Bum, we'll vote you into Congress and then bribe you with rum!

  29. ROADSIDE PARK BUMJune 06, 2006 7:45 AM

    Vote ROADSIDE PARK BUM for congress!!! Just ANOTHER Bum in office, to join the other 434 bums there now!!!

    Hell at least you know what I'm going to do in office..........SHIT on your community, I do that every day, I won't do it from D.C. behind your backs like Bilbray or Busby!!

    Hey it's the 3 B's running for Congress, Bilbray, Busby and BUM!!! VOTE BUM TODAY!!!

    Hey, if you saw me being harrassed by the sheriffs how come you didn't come to my defense??? After all I add "character" to the community!!!

  30. Dear Busby Supporter,

    Get serious. Busby is an open borders gal. Anything for the illegals. In fact, I heard the tape, Busby while addressing a meeting of Hispanic supporters said that you don't need papers to vote and that you don't need to be registered to work on her campaign. She has repeatedly supported amnesty. However else can she and her fellow cardifians get cheap household help.

    It is unfortunate that in Encinitas we have to chose between the lesser of two idiots. Just like our most recent city council elections. Hey RSPB we need a good canidate for city council. It sounds like you are not beholden to anybody. Will you be around next November or will you have moved on to LA?

  31. RSPB is just some McMansionite mocking Leucadia's character and the homeless. He probably cheats on his wife and his taxes, ignores his kids except when they win their soccer games, and then judges the homeless for their immoral lifestyle. We should ignore him, just like we do the homeless. Remember: If you give them money, you are just rewarding sloth - right?

  32. Leucadia has like, 3 homeless guys. Encinitas around 6. Downtown San Diego big money RDA district has around 7,000.

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