Monday, May 15, 2006

The New Roadside Leucadia Sign, 45 mph.


  1. I could blow up the photo by double clicking. lol.

    Still can't see the sign.

    Last Council meeting (or was it the one before last? they blur together so quickly, especially when they are aired late, with missing segments] retired lawyer Charlie Marvin was in shorts. Wow. What is he saying about Leucadia demanding sidewalks?

  2. That picture is what Carlsbad residents and all commuters see within Leucadia HW101.... What are we going to do about it?

    I love the sign and everything that L101 is doing for Leucadia. Way to go Charlie!... We need to slow cars down below 60mph so folks can enjoy the eclectic beauty of Leucadia. Plus it hurts much less when commuters plow into me racing through town when they are going under 50....

    I especially love when I have to walk out into 50mph traffic in front of La Especial Norte or waiting for the light at HW101 and Leucadia with no sidewalk with cars ripping by…. I’m just waiting for the big moment when someone kills me, so my family will have the attorneys sue the crap out of the City for unsafe conditions on HW101 and set up big trust funds for all the kids and grandkids. My family will own city hall, moonlight beach, the new library and the Hall property!

    Sidewalks- who needs them…..let pedestrians go to hell with the rest of the City……

    I know, I’ll just quite walking and become fat and ugly like the typical American… then I wont have the energy to care about Leucadia….

    Speaking of fat and ugly Americans, let’s put an affordable housing mobile home park at Moonlight Beach and Swamis. The mobile home folks deserve it… after all mobile home parks add so much character to our town. What a joke! A mobile home park adds about as much character as the crappy big boxes being built in Carlsbad….

  3. April 12, 2006

    It was to be a routine Saturday morning for the four San Clemente women. Jog along Coast Highway in southern Orange County.

    But a motorist who never braked plowed into two of them, both mothers of three, and authorities said Tuesday they were still searching for the owner of the car.

    Carol Daniel, 41, was thrown about 60 feet and remains in critical condition at Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo. Stacy Neria, 34, was upgraded to serious condition Tuesday but remains unconscious.

    Margaret Senske, who was uninjured, saw her friends get hit and the driver take off.

    "He sped up and couldn't get away fast enough," she said.

    The 1981 Buick Park Avenue was last registered to William Todd Bradshaw, 37, who is being sought for questioning, said Jim Amormino, an Orange County sheriff's spokesman. The car, extensively damaged, was found abandoned a mile from the scene in Dana Point.

    Next- we'll be reading about our own article infront of the La Especial Norte.

  4. Lovely LeucadiansMay 15, 2006 9:39 PM

    Oh, I thought Pappy's Chinook was grandfathered in there, by La Especial Norte. People are careful walking there; do you know of any accidents? Is Pappy willing to give up part of his property for a sidewalk? Emminent Domain, anyone?

    Could they put a sidewalk in front of the Panikin? That seems like a crazy spot, some days. There I have seen accidents. But I've also witnessed them in front of the Roadhouse, where sidewalks are present. These accidents have not involved pedestrians, to my knowledge.

    How will sidewalks slow speeding cars down, anyhow? The speed limit is 45 miles per hour, as far as I know.

    Hey, Charlie, did you make that last post? Lots of people do want to keep Leucadia Funky. Maybe a few more sidewalks along North Coast Hwy. 101 could be in order. But we don't need or want them everywhere in Leucadia. The speed limit could be reduced.

    When a nun from the old St. John's Church and school got run over, the County put in a stop sign at Marchetta. That sign works fine.

    That Church and school, by the way, did have historical significance. Our young City let a mini housing development go in there, just like it let the Friendship Inn on El Portal, now Econo Lodge, exceed the height limitations.

    Our not so fine city is selective and inconsistent. The pedestrians can walk along Neptune, the bluffs, which is part of the system of trails. The businesses on North Coast Hwy. 101 are usually driven to. Pedestrians do need to be cautious. And they have been. Where needed, the speed limit can be reduced.

    Lots of people realize that the mobile home parks, like the Valley of Dreams, are part of our community character, too, and one of the few remaining sources of more affordable housing. Anonymous, what you could personally do about the sign is to slow down, or, pull into a nearby business and take a picture of the sign, on foot.

    We don't think Leucadians are all ugly Americans, trying to sue the City to make a windfall. In our case, we were sued by the city, due to a vindictive ex cop mayor who is not accountable or approachable, Bossypants Guerin.

  5. where would you like people who were born and raised here and can't afford
    anywhere else to live???? maybe some cramped apartment or how about in the bushes...
    oh right we should just leave...
    i guess we really don't "fit" anymore
    we have to make room for those special
    people who can enjoy the eclectic beauty.... S%!t

  6. No wonder all those LA people want to move down. We have signs that go 45. JP - for future reference...shutter speed 500 when another fast sign comes by.

  7. Beautiful Leucadia?? All Leucadia Hwy 101 corridor does is pull down the rest of the community. It is old and falling apart. Redevelop and make a nice pedestrian friendly business area. If you want to slow traffic put up more stop signs so traffic can move to North Vulcan. After all the people that live on that street won't care MUCH. Get real people.

  8. Redevelopment would have meant the loss of private property. The small business and homes would have been replaced by corporate hotels.
    What if Leucadia received the same care as Santa Fe Dr? All Leucadia needs is a tune up, it doesn't need to be torn down. Redevelopment left south Lake Tahoe 200 million in debt.
    Get real greedy people. Leucadia is slighted not blighted.

  9. I always figured Leucadia never got sidewalks or landscaping because then it would compete with downtown Encinitas.
    It's simple and obvious, downtown Encinitas can be the place to shop and eat and Leucadia should center itself around becoming a walkable art community.
    Both areas lack a decent music venue. Calypso is great but a bigger place with a real stage on the coast highway would be killer.

  10. Lets see if Council cares about Leucadia and follows through with Leucadia Blvd. The Dalager doesnt seem to care about anything but building the largest park in north county. Were do the other council members sit?

    Of course, the composer district's Sante Fe got done first. Not nearly the traffic or pedestrian needs, but then again,It an Entry to Cardiff! Lets see how long it will be before Leucadia Blvd. is completed.

  11. Commutors kill Leucadia!. Stay on I5 or take the Coaster. Put stop signs up on HW101 and Vulcan. Let the commutors stay on I5 were they belong.

  12. Leucadia IS beautiful. Funky and beautiful. It is home to beautiful people too. Compare the girls of Leucadia to the girls in the rest of the country. Leucadia girls do yoga and surf while the rest of America's girls have eating disorders and sit on the couch watching Oprah.

  13. Leucadia IS rad. We live on the Central Coast and Leucadia is the ONLY coastal town in SoCal we visit on a regular basis.

    Keep the funk.

  14. Johnny Taco is correct. Leucadia girls are the best in the world!!! lol.;D

  15. After reading the 2nd post by anonymous I have to ask, is L101 taking an anti-mobile home park stance?

  16. When folks get involved in their communities, great things happen.

    L101 is to be congratulated for the farmers market, the flowers in the median, and the entry sign. Several businesses have "freshened up" with facade grants and that keeps them around longer. That's a good thing.

    Have you seen the Leucadia motel or Inn? It's a classic! That guy knows how to do it.

    Thanks for the hard works guys!

    I think sidewalks (wide) on the west side of 101 would be very nice. In the neighborhoods leave the streets without sidewalks.

  17. north county times reported 6 out of 10 people living in the local mobile home parks are over the age of 63.

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