Tuesday, June 06, 2006

50th District Yo

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  1. I have no papers but senorita Francine says that I can vote. Which precict will I go to for this service?

  2. Senorita NoTaxLadyJune 06, 2006 3:30 PM

    Cardiff Elementary School. Be sure to enroll your children while you are there. As you leave you can go the emergency room on Santa Fe to get some cold medicine fro you and your kids. If you hit anything on the way don't worry about it because the gringo driver probably has uninsured motorist insurance for you.

  3. I saw this movie last weekend where Francine and Bilbray had a baby, it was called The Omen.

  4. We like FrancineJune 06, 2006 4:40 PM

    You, alejandro are a fraud like Roadside Park Bum. You are both some raging republican for you know who.

    same with you, fake senorita.

    We just voted for Francine. She worked hard on the School Board, and she is honest. She is not a lobbyist.

    People are fueled by fear. Too bad. Don't let your prejudice make you react in an ugly manner.

    We got to vote for her twice. Once to finish out that Republican Cheater, Randy Duke Cunningham's term, and once for the upcoming term.

    We'll see what happens. If the Republican developers and corporate heads didn't give all the illegals cheap work, they wouldn't be here.

  5. My ninos are in the Cardiff school, gracias for the free education. It could be made muy bueno if senorita Francine would understand that with only dos escuelas and only several hundred ninos,they dont need two principals AND a 'el Jeffe' superintendante. What a waste of pesos at the students expense. It's like my native land where many politicos suck the life out of the system. It makes me feel more at home.

  6. oh shut up, you bogus a-hole.

    Just go vote for your candidate and stop trying to smear FB with you BS.

    You are full of it. No one is going to be influenced by your hateful racism.

  7. Roadside Park BumJune 06, 2006 8:20 PM

    I am insulted that you did not include me.........The Roadside Park Bum in the list of candidates for Congress. I made a very sincere effort on this blog to get the vote and you totally ignored me. I feel slighted, just like Leucadia!!! To cover-up my shame, I'm going to get drunk and do some drugs and puke on the sidewalk as a political statement against the status quo!!!

    But I want you to know that I am now announcing my intention to run for office again in November 06 as a write in candidate. Put a BUM in office I say!!!

    We Like Francine---- chill out, come down to the park, let's share a beer or two(you buy the first rounds) and I'll give you a lesson on how to tell fresh half eaten tacos from yesterdays half eaten tacos. Hint- check for maggots, kinda hard in the dark but you'll learn.

  8. Maria de la Mil Lagrimas!!June 06, 2006 8:31 PM

    Oye Alejandro,

    I like dis voting thin, it's mucho fun. I vote like 6 or siete times, all over city. I go in and say "Francine send me to vote!!!" So they give me big ballot and I vote for Senora Francine!!! And I vote Si on 82, porque I wan my 6 or 8 chilren( I no remember bien) to goto the preschool por free!!!

    Alejando?? You thin that Senora Francine gonna give me free cheeses along wit da free Social Security!! Es muy bueno!!!!

    Viva America, es land of milk and honey!

  9. Personally, I am looking forward to the lawsuit over Bilbray's residency. Like Encinitas, the only way to get the politicians to listen is to sue and win. San Diego and the 50th can look forward to being the laughing stock of the country when the democratic party sues over Bilbray's fictional residence in Carlsbad.

  10. Roadside Park BumJune 06, 2006 9:14 PM

    Bilbray can come and live with me in the park, I don't discriminate against political bums!!!

  11. Roadside bum,

    Are you registered to vote in that park? Is it legal for you to comment on the election if you're not?

  12. The voters seem to have spoken.
    In spanish or english the math is the same. Bilbray beat Busby and will be our Congress person to complete the term of the felonious Cunningham. Bilbray and Busby will face each other in November for the general election where Busby will likely lose for a third time in an effort to attain this seat.
    Such is life. We hope that Bilbray will give a sincere effort representing us back in DC.

  13. I'd vote for Roadside Park Bum but I'm a registered Hobophobic.

  14. If you are white and rich, Bilbray is your man. Good night and good luck. 666 was indeed a bad day.

  15. If you hate Bilbray then you should be happy because this means he will end up in jail someday.

  16. Hey Hombre RSPB,

    Of course you can vote, that loser Busby, says you don't need papers to vote. Just pick a preceint and tell them you want to vote and Busby said you didn't papers. It will be okay. If they say no just sit down in the polling place until they give in. Well you have to wait now till November when I bet she changes her position on everything in order to get elected.

  17. I dunno, Bilbray seems pretty Aceti like...

    Comes out of nowhere and claims to know what is best for our community. Francine has the locals support. Bilbray gets votes only because he has and R next to his name.

  18. Yeah, and some idiot Bilbray supporter is trying to trash this blog with his fake Mexican comments, lies.

  19. Trashy posts,
    I tell only the truth. Get your head out of your behind and listen to the radio television or read the newspaper. Of course you may not be able to recognize the truth being a vocal democrat and all. Just call names when you don't have position. That is what usually happens. Busby cannot take back her statements on voting with no papers, etc.

  20. If a democrat really wants to win the 50th he/she needs to come out with a strong plan of support for small business owners. Only then will they get the extra 5,000 votes needed to unseat a republican.

  21. Busby is probably nice and all as I do not know her personally. Based on her TV spots she appeared as though she was stiff and was reading a script written by someone else for her. Hard to vote for that.

  22. The racism on this blog is disgusting - so not funny and so disheartening. This blog seems now to serve only as a space for people to anonymously air their hateful rantings in a public forum. It allows weak people to feel powerful. It's sad because they are ignorant enough to believe that the immigration issue has organically come to the forefront at election time. It has been raised at this time by the Republican Party merely to inflame far-right voters and get them to the polls - just like the gay marriage issue. And it works because everybody LOVES to hate. Gay people and immigrants - such easy targets. It's sick.

  23. Gee-I go out of town for a few days and when I come back the blogsite appears to have deteriorated into a pissing contest for who knows whom, instead of a cyber kiosk for the community. How sad. I did manage to get the cactii planted in the 100 degree weather, won a few bucks on the way up at the local indian casino, had a few days without TV, phones, electricity, or computers and am now back to take up the issues that are important to me. I'll try to give all the different factions in our community something to snipe at, respond to your blogs, and keep plugging away as long as it seems worth the effort. I'll be at the next council meeting; pressing for portables at Beacons, Stonesteps, and Grandview, asking for more clarity of exactly what Phase I of the Hall project means, modification of, or proof for, the language in the short term rental ordinance and just generally making the council members asses twitch as I approach the dais, cause no one knows just what I'm going to say. If you want to join in, it's Wednesday, 6PM til ?. If you can't make it you can catch the rerun on the tube. I'm baaacck.

  24. Welcome to the internet, home of the haters.

  25. No time for hateJune 09, 2006 12:01 AM

    I'm not here to hate.

    That thing about "papers," might have been out of context, too. I would want to hear the whole speech, not just a "sound bite," used by the big spinner money ment.

    I had to fill out a "provisional ballot," cuz my name wasn't on the list. I asked for absentee ballot, once, re last general election, No on A, all that. They put me on permanent absentee, even though I didn't check the box.

    This was after the mailman brought my postcard request back to me, instead of sending it to registrar of voters, before. Bugs in the system. Had to affix another stamp, but we got them in before we left on our roadtrip.

    This time we went in person to vote. As I said, there was a mix-up. The nice volunteer guy said my vote would still be counted, though.

    I don't hate. But I get disappointed with some people who work on rhetoric, hyperbole, trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator. You are very "unoriginal," trashy, to say the very least.

    When you spout cliches, like getting one's head out of one's bottom, well, what can I say?

    I won't match wits with an unarmed man. Most of the people here, are kind, decent. There are a few who are blinded by their own fears, and prejudices.

  26. Dear no time for hate...

    So you are so intellectually superior to everyone else we must believe your hyberbole. Give me a break. That is a typical response from a democrat. When I don't have facts on my side put up a smoke screen or write a book. Perhaps you can claim to have invented the internet.

    Busby and your positions on immigration are not what the majority of the people in 50th district believe. That has been shown by the recent election. Perhaps you should reaccess why you continue to live in such a hateful enviornment and perhaps move on.

  27. Imagine what we could do with all of the frustration and energy on this one blogsite if we used it for the good of all humankind Many of us have strong feelings that differ from one another. Because we live in a democracy and have First Amendment rights, we can usually say what we want. Not so in many countries. Since most of us cannot change the world, perhaps we can focus on our little portion of it and use different tactics than hate and fear to go about change. Who knows, it might work.

  28. In China they throw people like me in jail. No sense of humor I guess.

  29. Does anyone know what happened with our usual polling place at the motel on 101? I heard that a wedding party booked the entire motel (on a Tuesday?) and then the wedding was cancelled - allegedly because the groom cheated on the bride after the rehearsal dinner (Someone called that in to a radio show). Who books a wedding party for a Tuesday, and at THAT motel. I'm not normally a conspiracy theorist, but it seems odd to me, considering how blue Leucadia is, and what consistent voters we are. I'm just a-wonderin'.

  30. Roadside Park BumJune 09, 2006 11:27 AM

    You can vote with me at the Roadside Park!!! ON Tuesday I voted with Mr.Coors and Mr. Budweiser and their cousin from Mexico Sr. Corona and we voted to get drunk!!! And we decided to keep being BUMS!!!!! The vote wasn't close, all in favor say Schlitz!!! It's unanimous!!!!

    Voting with a 6 pack down the 101, it's YOUR Roadside Park Bum!!!

  31. The fact that the Mayor and the City Council will not give up the fight for the Cross, even though it has already cost the City over a million dollars and there is no CHANCE of winning, would be funny if it wasn't so scary. Bilbray ran, and won, while promising that if elected he would make sure the Cross stayed. This thing is starting to freak me OUT.

  32. Hoping for a better wayJune 09, 2006 7:08 PM

    Busby lost by less than 5% in a district that has 14% more Democrats than Republicans.

    No one needs to move on because of tactics of hate mongering and fear. Anonymous, it's pretty easy for you to hide behind your anonymity and attack others.

    When someone tries to make a post asking for common courtesy and compassion, there will still be a mean hearted, close minded few who opt for separatism, racial slurs, and name calling.

    Bilbray did win in a primarily Republican district. That he won by less than 5% of the vote shows that the voters are disillusioned with the tactics of Republicans. Randy Duke Cunningham's tactics did not help.

    We've all made mistakes. I didn't hear what Busby said, only a small sound bite, taken out of context. But that gave some rabble rousers the opportunity to make this election more about the immigration issue than anything else.

    That is where fear and prejudice can take hold.

  33. Correction, last post should have been 14% more Republicans than Democrats.

    Big difference.


  34. Dear oops or hoping for a better way...

    I don't see you signing your name to your blogs. But yet you chastise people that don't sign theirs. Sounds like you want to maintain that democratic double standard.

    You didn't hear Busby's full comments but you talk like an authority on it. The blurb was taken out of context, how could you know that if you didn't bother to hear all the comments before talking abouty it?

    It is fun to blog with someone like you that obviously doesn't research the topics, like Gil Forrester, before they speak.

  35. Busby lost with just about the exact numbers as the loss aginst Duke. She has not and will not change those numbers in November. Sorry.

    Her remarks were not taken out of context as many would have you believe. Sorry

  36. Ok, I meant that while there are 14% more registered Republicans than Democrats in the 50th District, Busby lost by less than 5%.

    So I believe the numbers are different than when she ran against Cunningham, before he disgraced himself in office.

    Who, posting here, did listen to or read Busby's entire speech? Did you still "anonymous," or two thoughts? The reason we only heard a sound bite is because that was the political campaign add, run over and over, by the Republican Committee, just before the election. I didn't see the speech referred to published in the paper, or hear it recorded anywhere. Did you? Whatever she said, it was, in hindsight, used against her, and was a mistake, in that respect.

    "Anonymous," I have said, everyone has the right of privacy here. Although Bilbray did win by a slight majority, it was not decisive in the sense that the votes against Prop. A and Prop C were. You do not need to come out of your anonymous shell, I've said that. I would ask that you realize you are more than the pot calling the kettle black.

    You are instigating hatred and fear by your obviously prejudicial posts against Latinos, with your condescending fake accent, etc. Your words betray you, not my calling you out on them.

    Now you switch your prejudice to prejudice against democrats, instead of Mexicans. Well, do what you want. No one here pays much attention to your meanspirited attempts to make people react in fear and bias, whether racial or political.

    Calling on Gil Foerster, pretending he's on "your side," won't work either. He made some very direct comments on this post by JP and others, about your kind of remarks when he said, "Gee-I go out of town for a few days and when I come back the blogsite appears to have deteriorated into a pissing contest . . ."

    You know what, anonymous, you win, you can have the last word. I'm sure you can win any pissing contest that you begin, because you don't have a heart, and you are not aware, awake.

  37. Good bye...


  38. I am back. What topic did I not research thoroughly enough for this blog? Not the water issue. Not the sewer issue. Not the ground squirrel issue. I wasn't here for the Busby/Bilbray BS. I side with the court decisions on the cross issue and I don't believe in vampire humans. Give me a clearer clue "anonymous one" and I'll do my best to give you something fresh to attack! Vague generalities don't cut it. We can agree to disagree on issues if you can articulate what your pet issue is. Give it your best shot! The name is spelled Foerster.

  39. Here is a letter to the editor from the NCTimes that brings more light to the "mentality" of our 4-1 voters on the Encinitas city council.
    I am shocked that Encinitas City Council people Jerome Stocks, James Bond, Dan Dalager, Christy Guerin would have the gall to endorse lobbyist Brian Bilbray in the upcoming congressional race.

    In December 1996 Bilbray and his wife took a (non-reported) New Year's junket to the Marianas Islands on a trip organized by (now convicted) lobbyist Jack Abramoff. They toured garment manufacturing plants but mostly played a lot of golf -- according to the New York Times. The next year, Bilbray voted against a bill in Congress that would have extended US federal minimum wage laws to the mostly female workers in the Marianas Islands (a US territory) where these women work in near slave like conditions -- as reported on National Public Radio. Here's the worse part: NPR found out that these women garment workers are also subjected to forced abortions if they become pregnant. How embarrassing to have the Republicans on the Encinitas City Council agree with these obscene values.


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