Sunday, June 18, 2006

Divine Message


  1. Retired Baptist MinisterJune 19, 2006 8:52 AM

    No good Baptist would be caught dead in Leucadia!!! Sin, Sin, Sin!!

  2. In my humble opinion~~June 19, 2006 2:07 PM

    Great sign. Thanks JP.

    I think rbm, previous post, is rspb.

    Same pattern of multiple exclamation points.

    He/she is a man/woman of hidden agendas, imho.

  3. IMHO- Who cares whether its the same person?

    Try to come up with something interesting.

    The agenda is clear- RSPB is disgusted with the condition of Leucadia and would like to see improvement and no bumps crapping on private property. Is it that hard to figure out? At least RSPB didn't crap on the sign.

    they just say it in a much more amusing manner. PS- Would you want a short term rental next to you home?

    Good Baptist

  4. I grew up next door to Leucadia!

    I like RSB's post too, but he mocks the wrong people IMO.

  5. Keep Leucadia Funky, Love, Compassion, and speaking out, all in one picture. Not bad J.P. A non-denominational church would have been better, but you get what you can. Perhaps all of us, including our civic leaders( or do we have any?), could learn a few of these qualities.

  6. It's just a cheap sight gag.

  7. The shadow knows~~~~June 20, 2006 6:29 PM

    Are you mocking Baptists or sinners, Charlie (Marvin)?

    Or people who can't afford high priced rentals? Like yours?

    How much did you pay some of the Mexicans you got your Leucadia properties from, originally?

    More government control, through City Council won't fix the problem of existing bad neighbors, whether they are short term, or not. Mayor Guerin is dead wrong to say it's none of the Coastal Commission's "damn business." Dalager is wrong to say the Coastal Commission is "a bunch of elitist snobs out of Sacramento." This is straight from the horses' mouths as quoted by the Coast News on Friday in a great article.

    People, generally, do support and appreciate what the Coastal Commission is doing to preserve and protect our Coast. Our current council wants no checks and balances, either by the voters getting to vote on the newly proposed bond for over $20 million, or by the Coastal Commission over excessive, vindictive regulations re rentals.

    Patrick Murphy said, "sometimes an inspection would be required." Well it should be all or none. Inconsistency shows bias and favoratism. Glenn Sabine said, "we could get warrants." This is the City using its police authority to invade our homes.

    We don't have any rental, but we don't want more govt. intrusion.

    Hey, let's give peace a chance.


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