Saturday, June 17, 2006

Great Headline in NCT

Solana Beach council withholds Fiesta money

I laughed when I read this headline. The word "fiesta" is such a fun word that the idea of it being withheld gave me a chuckle.

But the story got better!

Fiesta Del Sol is almost always cloudy and overcast, thus it's nickname Fiesta Del Grunge. I've been to almost Fiesta Del Sol every year for my whole life so I am kicking myself for not going this year because I didn't know Hank III was going to be there.

Hank Williams III is the grandson of the legendary Hank Williams of Your Cheatin' Heart fame.

I think Solona Beach got a little confused on their Hank Williams.

This is Hank Williams, he had so much talent that if had poked him with a pin, talent would have oozed out.

This is Hank Williams Jr. a terrible glam country singer who does that horrible Monday Night Football theme song. He has no talent.

This is Hank Williams III who plays kick ass rockabilly music. He has talent.

I love this quote, "The artist chose to turn (his show) into a demonstration of his disdain for society," said David Carroll, who was master of ceremonies for two-day music festival.

Yep, sometimes artist will sometimes express themselves. Dang that pesky 1st amendment, it strikes again.

I'm buying Hank III's new album at Lou's tomorrow.


  1. First the surf classic, now the fiesta, got to keep everything dignified, gentrified, sanitized. Dang me, they're gonna get a rope and hang me.

  2. Express yourself!June 17, 2006 11:30 PM

    Yes, we support First Amendment freedom of speech rights. A lot of residents of Solana Beach do also.

    Also, freedom of assembly, the pursuit of happiness.

    I lived on Hill St., near Pill Box beach for over five years, in the 80's, then Cardiff, now Leucadia.

  3. Have we (us "baby boomers" and others) become so "old" that we cannot appreciate different expressions of music? Unfortunately, I didn't see Hank3, but I'm with J.P. Think I will check his music out. Music usually reflects what is going on in society, so if people were offended, perhaps they might want to check out what IS going on.Perhaps that would disturb the apparent apathy and alienation that seems to be in not only this part of the world, but the U.S. as well. Just a thought.

  4. Happy Father's Day!June 18, 2006 12:00 PM

    Happy Father's Day JP, Kevin, all our dear dads.

    Keep up the good work, which includes being a great father, raising kids who love love and realize we all deserve to be happy and free.


  5. johnny cash tacoJune 18, 2006 5:51 PM

    Note to organizers, try googling the bands you book first for your ice cream social.

  6. It's just lunchJune 18, 2006 7:55 PM

    Hank ,the original, once dated Notaxlady. Just a little secret that we should keep to ourselves. She could most likely talk some sence into this III character.

  7. Just like the Del Mar Fair, the crowd was having too much fun. So only tame bands from now on. we don't want anyone dancing or anything like that. Oh yea, when did JP become a dad?

  8. Well, Kevin C. is a dad, I know that!

    For some reason, I thought JP was, too. We can all celebrate for our fathers, though.


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