Friday, June 02, 2006

How are you spending your $78 refund check?

Refund checks from the city of Encinitas are now in your mailbox returning the money they illegally collected from you. How are you going to spend your check?

Susan Myers, data entry
I'm saving it for the Detour hair salon just in case the new guy here at the office ask me out. I keeping dropping hints that I'm not married.

Tim and Bud, unemployed
I'm taking Bud to Petco and he gets to pick out any toy he wants. Whatever's left I'm using to buy pot.

Bob Johnson, engineer
Poinsettias. Lots and lots of poinsettias.

Helen Frisket, retired school teacher
Viejas baby.


  1. I'm going to donate my refund to the City so they can buy a book for the library. I heard a rumor that there is no funding for the books yet. I don't want it to open without a book for everyone to check out. Do people still check out books or just play on the computers for free. Many cities are facing problems with wierdos accessing porn over the internet on the libraries computers and etc... if you know what I mean. Or on second thought, I'll use the $78 to fill up my tank and get a burger.

  2. Don’t forget about the organization the helped expose the “clean water fee” as nothing other than an ILLEGAL budget augmentation fee and that no new clean water measures were being tied to the fee. Lets help the Encinitas Taxpayers’ Association keep us informed by sending the ETA a portion of that refund.

    Why did the Council want the extra money? Costs of running the City did go up, but all 5 Councilmembers and Kerry Miller have acted like 12 year olds. They acted like revenues were unlimited and promised way too many capital improvements, gave the staff fantastic compensation increases, and squandered a significant amount. Why did they act like revenue was unlimited? Maybe the thought they would just increase taxes or borrow their way to the realization of their promises. They should have promised tax increases simultaneously. Maybe it is because some on the Council thought they would be in higher office by now and someone else could clean up the mess, or simply some are abdicating all their responsibilities to a weak City Manger.

    How did we go from “flush with cash” a year ago to a massive bond issue on the table?

    This Council did not plan, pay attention to effects of their individual decisions on the big picture, or closely monitor what was going on. Wait. They do the same thing with development decisions. Those behaviors are why this City’s bad developers have supported and funded Dan, Jim, Jerome, and now Christy. Unfortunately, they have not restricted this bad behavior to development. With these 5 in office we need our watchdogs to have resources, so send the ETA a contribution.

  3. Anonymous,
    We have to pay for the library before buying books. I guess we found the money by gutting all sorts of other projects.

    Why are we committing some much money to the library when if we just waited a short time we could tap into the state bond money? And no, building materials will not increase in cost forever. In fact, with the huge decline in housing starts demand for building materials is likely to slack in the near future because production is ramped up so high.

    I don’t endorse the library bond but if it passes we might as well get some of the money back here in Encinitas. At the very least, we should get some of that money for books if we have saved up some money for the matching funds. Does the City’s budget have money set aside for equipment and books?


  4. MoneySavingWoman....June 03, 2006 9:56 AM

    Dear Bibliophile,
    You have to be kidding. This city council cannot think ahead. All they are concerned with is leaving their mark on the city. Unfortunately, to BossyPants and Lawnmowerman that means how much debt can I leave for future generations. Their lives will only be fulfilled if their names can be enscribed on something.

    I propose saving the city millions of dollars and hiring Roadside Park Bum to scratch their names in the toliet stalls of all the public restrooms in the city. Perhaps their phone numbers so that people can call and compliment them on their terms in office.

  5. MoneySavingWomanJune 03, 2006 10:00 AM

    I forgot to tell you how I am going to spend my refund check. I am going to save it to pay for a building project on my house.

  6. super friend #1June 03, 2006 10:08 AM

    The city council makes life harder than it needs to be. For us and for themselves. City council take a chill pill, you act like spazzy ASB high school kids.

  7. Out with junket hopping GuerinJune 03, 2006 11:29 AM

    I am going to use my refund check to pay for copying at Kinko's for our Reply to Randal Morrison's of Sabine & Morrison) still improper "revised" Respondent's Brief.

    City has spent well over $100,000 of taxpayers money bringing a civil case against us in the name of the people for owning and maintaining a pre-existing studio/office/workshop, attached to but separate from our in-use (and fully permitted, from 1953)garage (two motor vehicles actually parked in garage!).

    Christy Guerin doesn't care about spending taxpayer's money, folks. She and her husband both have had government positions and expect to stay on "the dole" that has been very good for them, including Christy's Workman's Comp award.

    Do not fall for her warm and fuzzy presentations during Council Meetings that make the meeting go on so long most people can't stay to hear important agenda items.

  8. I deposited my check and am going to Lou's records. Thank you leucadiablog and ETA for helping get my money back.

  9. I'm going to give my money to Steve Aceti. Nooot!!He spent so much money on his losing effort he may need a dole. I suspect that he is really Roadside Park Bum in disguise.

    Or, maybe I should donate it to Gil for gas so he can go ride around with city staff and listen to more of their bull----.

  10. I'm going to give my $78 to anyone who can replace Christy Guerrin's on the City Council. Has anyone seen those letters she sent out supporting Billbray? According to John Elliot, on KLSD, they were printed on City stationary and assembled within City Hall. Even if she were a Busby supporter, this would be illegal and unethical. Has anyone else heard about this ?

  11. Sara Lee gives me gasJune 03, 2006 10:51 PM

    Dear stale Sara Lee;
    Busby herself apologized for the false accusations you promote.
    Christy Guerin wrote a letter endorsing Bilbray (which is her right) and the Bilbray campaign copied it and sent it out in their envelopes at their expense.
    The person who claimed it was done by the city has offerred some lame excuse about being mixed-up and now apologizes for the confusion. Sorry you didn't get the memo.

  12. Guerin's letter included her politicking for her re-election in November.

  13. wimmin n' chillin' firstJune 04, 2006 3:13 AM

    #5 combo at Karina's for 15 straight days yo.

  14. It's not just the $78 refund that I'm happy about. Remember that we would have been paying the fee every month for 10 years if Bossypants Guerin and the Lawnmower man had prevailed.

    They should have asked Asceti what his credit card limit was before they chose him to carry their water.... Priceless

  15. MoneySavingWomanJune 04, 2006 7:45 AM

    Ah..the spots fall away...

    Sara Lee gives me gas = Bossypants Guerin

    Roadside Park Bum = Steve Aceti

    Gil Forrester = Gil Forrester

    Bibliophile = Shelia Cameron

  16. I signed my check over to the Encinitas Taxpayers as an expression of my appreciation for their support.

  17. Big Spenders; send 'em home!June 05, 2006 6:03 PM

    Gassy, you are also full of BS.

    We know from Christy Guerin's Monterey Junket to promote very expensive time share rooms, for a developer, that she was acting as a lobbyist on that issue.

    We know from her taking the side of those who have given her much money for her campaign, the developers, that she lobbied for them by coming out and endorsing Yes on A on the campaign literature, and signing the Yes on A arguments in the Voter's pamphlets.

    Guerin's letter re Bilbray also shows that she is on the side of BIG SPENDING Republicans. She is not on the "side" of the vast majority of her constituents. This can and will, we fervently hope, be demonstrated come November.

    Yes, Bossypants Guerin and Lawnmowerman Dalager can ride into the sunset on a big Rider Mower, and we will be very happy.

  18. bought some squirrels from a Bum in O=side. gonna turn em loose at Beacons tonite.

  19. Just wondering~~June 05, 2006 6:31 PM

    Hey, whoever paid for and assembled the mailing where Bossypants Christy Guerin endorsed Brian Bilbray, was the "copied" letter on Encinitas City letterhead, or not?

  20. Diabetic in trainingJune 05, 2006 9:40 PM

    I'm gonna go to the outlet store and stock up on Hostess Ding Dongs!

  21. Drills Screwing down, screw up bluffsJune 05, 2006 9:46 PM

    Speaking of squirrels on the bluff at Beacons, we went nearby there and a huge drill, with crane nearby, was pounding and drilling deep into the ground for another bluff construction project, putting huge pilings in. This intense vibration impacts the surrounding bluffs, has far more detrimental effect than the poor squirrels, now poisoned!

  22. That seems like a large project from just a $78 refund!

  23. Gee-I go out of town for a few days and when I come back the blogsite appears to have deteriorated into a pissing contest for who knows whom, instead of a cyber kiosk for the community. How sad. I did manage to get the cactii planted in the 100 degree weather, won a few bucks on the way up at the local indian casino, had a few days without TV, phones, electricity, or computers and am now back to take up the issues that are important to me. I'll try to give all the different factions in our community something to snipe at, respond to your blogs, and keep plugging away as long as it seems worth the effort. I'll be at the next council meeting; pressing for portables at Beacons, Stonesteps, and Grandview, asking for more clarity of exactly what Phase I of the Hall project means, modification of, or proof for, the language in the short term rental ordinance and just generally making the council members asses twitch as I approach the dais, cause no one knows just what I'm going to say. If you want to join in, it's Wednesday, 6PM til ?. If you can't make it you can catch the rerun on the tube. I'm baaacck.

  24. Treasurer DennisJune 09, 2006 7:49 AM

    Kudos to the three people that have donated their entire refund checks to the ETA so far. This is money the ETA can use for our next defense of an illegitimate and/or unneeded tax.

  25. Treasurer DennisJune 10, 2006 12:51 PM

    Kudos to the five people now that have donated their entire Prop C refund check to ETA to help the next fight.


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