Friday, June 30, 2006

La Costa Ave Expansion?

Guest Commentary by Herb Patterson

We all understand how city staff and city councils can make mistakes, we are human too. But how can a city fail to even begin to plan or budget for something deemed necessary when the city was founded and documented ever since ? That's what the City of Encinitas has done.

The stretch of La Costa between I-5 and 101 has always been planned to be a four lane developed highway from the inception of the city. This is again brought out in the North Highway 101 Specific Plan adopted in 1997. This plan comments that based on 1990 information, there were already intersections operating at less than the City's preferred Level of Service [LOS] C. Recent traffic counts show the average daily trips [ADT] are increasing by roughly 12% a year this without the impact of the nine planned projects directly impacting the area, the Carlsbad Ponto Project or the I5 expansion.

The City staff has covertly realized the problem and attempted to force Shea Construction to build a signalized intersection at Vulcan and La Costa, but calmer voices prevailed and only a modification of the Vulcan lanes was required. Both the City's and the developer's money would have been wasted when this section of La Costa is built to four lanes and the new intersection would have to be torn out.

The City of Encinitas has one catch-all LOS for every two lane street in the City an ADT of 11,000 for a LOS C. The current ADT averaged above and below Sheridan is over 16,000. It is more than clear that this section of La Costa needs to be expanded BEFORE the construction of all the other homes, hotels, etc. Besides being cheaper and more convenient for the residents, it will be significantly safer to do so without the additional trips generated by the on going development.

So given the facts, you would expect the City would have a plan ready to go, a source of funding identified, and be preparing to do the work.


There currently is no plan for the La Costa Expansion and no source of funding. There is no mention of this necessity in the current budget nor was it even discussed in the recent budget hearings. The fact is that the City of Encinitas has a series of priorities that are just more important than infrastructure. They will OK the development, but not do what is necessary to support it.

You may well ask, what happened to the traffic mitigation fees collected from the developers in this area? Good question. The code requires that collected fees “shall be used solely for the construction and reconstruction of Circulation Element streets and traffic facilities developed in conjunction with the new development. [23.94.040A]. So where is the money?

*blogger's note-I drive on La Costa Ave everyday on my work commute. The section between HWY101 and the freeway is reaching a boiling point. The addition of new homes in the surrounding neighorhood combined with people trying to get to the beach, trying to turn left onto Sheridan and Vulcan, people trying enter and exit the nurserys, the gas station, the freeway on and off ramps, will all reach critical mass when the new hotel goes in. It's like the powers that be are eager to develop that area into super suburbia while leaving this tiny section of two lane country road. It's bizarre and worse, it's dangerous. Somebody is going to die soon.

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  1. They are letting Leucadia rot so that it sounds good to everyone that we have a redevelopment agency over there. In Leucadia, only the developers will benefit from such an agency.

    The council also knows that this part of the city knows them and so won't be voting for them. They have given up trying to those people's votes.

  2. I fail to see how it could be widened between the new bluff house on the North side of the road and the other new construction.

  3. Could we throw in a Roundabout to satisfy the malcontents?

  4. A roundabout on every corner and a chicken in every pot!

  5. It would be nice if it could be widened enough for a center turn lane at Sheridan. I'm sick of the idiots honking at me because I want to turn left into Sheridan. Go around me on the right, there's enough room.

  6. Stop treading on us!June 30, 2006 1:00 PM

    From what was said at last Wednesday's Council Meeting, I feel as though our Council has given up on Leucadia and Cardiff. Mainly they seem concerned with Encinitas Ranch, New Encinitas, Olivenhein.

    We aren't going to have enough water, either, in a few years. No one on the current Council will be in office, most likely when that sh*t hits the fan.

    Council isn't willing to make the hard decisions, to say we can't support unchecked growth at the expense of the quality of life of the residents already here. Traffic is an unmitigated nightmare. Some billboard truck with flashing signs seems to go up and down Highway 101 right at afternoon/evening rush hour.

    Our City Council has sold us out in the name of profit, speculation, development, and in the case of Christy Guerin, in particular, political and social ambition. All we can do, as notaxlady says, is boot them out. Boot out Bossypants Guerin and Lawnmowerman Dalager.

    Christy could "have something" on everyone up there, like she apparently does on Nanninga. She throws her muscle around and they all fall into line. It's like some kind of absurd, twisted reality show, with secret alliances formed in the closed sessions where there's never anything to report. They are supposed to report when decisions are made to go forward or to settle lawsuits, for example. Yet they don't. They violate the Brown Act on a regular basis. Their slogan is: "look for a loophole; the Courts and the Coastal Commission cannot tell us what to do. Nothing will change after the court's rulings. But, hey, we will continue to tread on you, tell you what you can or cannot do in the privacy of your own home."

  7. Yeah, Bossy Guerin does throw her weight around, as she did while a deputy sheriff, sometimes using unnecessary force, on one young lady, for example, slapping her into handcuffs for a minor traffic violation.

    She won't discuss this stuff, or her workman's compensation award, because she implies she has a right of privacy. Yet she won't give us one, in our own home.

    Guerin will now make a whole lot more money being Bilbray's chosen District Manager, and stacking his office with her children, at least her one daughter, Kaylin Guerin, who is defensive and rude during phone conversations.

    Who can blame her. Oh Bossypants would not be an easy mom to endure, in our opinion. She doesn't need to play cop or mom to our city. If she is working full time as a political appointee, she should devote herself to that office, and not confuse the issues by suggesting she can get help at the state level to fight the Coastal Commission. That is not what we want or need!

    Kaylin Guerin says her mother is going to follow Brian Bilbray's platform, exactly, that her position will be his position. That doesn't sound right or fair to us, either.

    This smacks of influence peddling and nepotism. Get them out in November, please, folks. This is really hurting our residents' feeling of city pride and especially, our quality of life, as suggested by the previous poster.

  8. We DO need to vote them out, but who will run?
    I say we draft J.P and I have a few sample slogans;





    JP .. AOK

    Come on folks, think of some more

  9. Who is this Herb guy demanding La Costa be widened to 4 lanes? Is he working for the Ponto developer? Maybe I'm missing something but do we want to push the City into widening this section of La Costa. It seems to work ok for me. It could use a turn pocket on La Costa at Vulcan and maybe one at Sheridan but that might encourage more commuters to cut through to Andrew. All in all I would be careful what we ask for because we just might get it and do we really want it.

  10. The City has done some advance planning regarding the expansion of La Costa, they said so at the Planning Commission when the Chevron station expansion was discussed. What will keep this widening from happening is the huge expense involved with the widening of the bridge over the train tracks, major bucks, bucks that could be spent many other ways.

  11. Who will run? Who will run? Have you ever considered with the apparent success of anonymous Leucadia blogging, that not many people would enjoy exposing themselves to the minute by minute scrutiny this venue allows.

    Is that your idea of a dream job?

  12. Don't be shortsighted anonymous. There may be a candidate that would put the will of the people before self interest and greed. There may be a candidate that respects people that take the time to attend a city council meeting and speak their heart. There just might be a candidate that loves the community enough to respect and defend the charachter that built it.
    I am waiting for that person to step forward and I think she will soon.

  13. O.K. I'll take the bait.

    Vote for J.P. at least once
    Throw em out and elect a real man

  14. could that she be notaxlady??

  15. Perhaps RSPB can use a job. The city councilpersons in Encinitas make 35 thousand a year. And one makes close to 55 thousand a year. They also get a PERS retirement after five years. Not bad for a part time gig. Of course there is all the gratuities you receive from developers and hospital adsministrators.

    Do you have to be a citizen to run? Perhaps alejandro could run. Maybe Dr. Lorri. What about Gil? He could move back to the city. I am sure we could draft anonymous. Notaxlady, do we really want someone like her that seems to be that opionated about taxes? Most city councilpersons never met a tax they didn't love.

    We do need two canidates.

  16. Councilpersons make $35,000 a year for part time work! No wonder Mayor Guerin can afford to drive a $60,000 car.

  17. No Short term rentals. They will destroy the area.

  18. was that last blogger Mayor Guerin trying to change the subject?

  19. Maybe instead of La Costa Ave getting widened it could be repainted with turn lanes?

    I always slowly cruise around cars turning left on Sheridan and Vulcan but other people honk and slam on their brakes, full panic freak out on the cell phone while trying to drink a latte mode.

  20. The properties on both sides of La Costa Avenue will be sliced off for a four lane highway. Don't forget the forever costs of the La Costa Ave. city landscaped medians and roadway that all Encinitas property owners will be forced to pay.

  21. The city can do a good job on street improvements look at Santa Fe Ave. It just costs a lot of money. I see a traffic circle at Sheridian Road and another at Vulcan.

    It could be a beautiful thing or the city can continue to ignore the problem and it will stay clogged up at coomute times. Carlsbad building in POnto is a sure thing.

  22. What, I thought that our Council members only made something like $900.00 per month? When did that change?

    I thought they were in it for the "service?" You better ask Bossypants or her daughter, Kaylin Guerin about this one. If they are making that much, with retirement benefits, then Christy Guerin will be triple or quadruple dipping when she finally retires. She got retirement from the County, through the Sheriffs. She got a Workman's Comp settlement because of "stress related injuries," she will get her Encinitas pension, and now, she is on Brian Bilbray's staff as his district manager. Her daughter works out of Bilbray's local office, too, being rude on the phone, in our opinion.

  23. I don't see how they can make La Costa 4 lanes without taking peoples property. I would think that a left turn lane at Sheridan might be squeezed in and hopefully the city can squeeze some money out of the developers of the new contel at the foot of La Costa to upgrade the Vulcan/101 intersections.

    As for a viable candidate for council, it has to be someone who can hold together the Leucadia coalition and pull enough votes from the rest of the communities to get elected. I don't know if he would run but I think Jim Kydd would be a tough candidate. He has some momentum and name recognition from Prop A and if his business can continue in the hands of the editor with his recent expansion into Vista and San Marcos he might be a good choice. Another one might be Bruce Elhers but I am not familiar with his take on preserving Leucadia and never saying the redevelopment word.
    I can't because I would not be able to appear before the CC if I was a council member and I worry that if only one new member is seated it will be business as usual and the vote will be 3/2 on important CC items. You need two strong candidates with citywide name recognition and creditability.
    With two strong candidates, Maggie might find her balls and come back from the dark side. It's summer now, someone needs to have a barbecue and get all the potential candidates to attend and then select two to back. If there are eight or nine candidates the anti vote become divided and the incumbants will be re-elected.

  24. Its all good. Let love eachother!

  25. Change is inevitableJuly 02, 2006 12:54 AM

    Getting some new Council Members elected would be a great way for us to show love for one another.

    Gil, I don't get why Council won't even address your requests for Porta Potties. There was a memorial service near Stonesteps today, and I saw little kids needing to go potty up against the cliff, as usual.

    I don't see why Christy Guerin and the rest of Council can appear before the Coastal Commission, yet you say you couldn't, Gil?

    Anyway, what's important to a lot of people, too, is keeping down new regulations and all the new fines and fees that come with them. This includes increased fees for water and sewer, increased fines, increased permitting fees for everyone.

    People, individual citizens, need to feel in charge of our own lives and our own properties.

    Our local City Council need not intrude in our lives, but could act as true public servants, not police, ambitious politicians, and petty tyrants.

  26. Gil is right. We need 2 very strong candidates. And, we need to work on it now. Who will step forth is the question?

  27. The filing period for the upcoming council election is July 17 - August 11. I doubt that anyone, except the incumbents, will announce until August. Why be "out there" as a target for the clown-people longer than necessary?

  28. Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

    Has anyone bothered to look at the preliminary design the City Engineering staff has proposed? Maybe it is acomplished within the existing right of way. You might be jumping to conclusions to assume the City will need to extend the R.O.W. for road improvements.

    Or not.

  29. Dan and Christy are going to get reelected. Most people think they are doing a fine job.

    Everyone thinks they can trust Dan and he is a guy the remembers the good 'ol days and Christy is a great conservative leader who is an excop so she will take care of public safety.

  30. I'll bet the last poster thought that prop. A was a slam dunk and that prop. C was in the bag. Guess again anonymous one ... there will need to be a strong candidate or two but the machine is ready to go to work for the forces of change.

  31. Yeah, for sure, last anonymous. I think you are Kaylin Guerin, Mayor Guerin's daughter, and coworker out of Brian Bilbray's local office.

    How do we like having Mayor Guerin's having more outside, conflicting commitments, divided loyalties, now as District Manager for our Congressional Rep, who replaced dishonored Randy Duke Cunningham?

    Cunningham was supposed to go to the last 4th of July picnic, at Cottonwood Creek Park, but he was a no show. Dan Dalager was there; he wouldn't talk to us.

    Christy Guerin is not conservative when it comes to spending, and not a conservationist, when it comes to supporting the Coastal Commission.

    She is also not a conservative when it comes to honoring our individual property rights and rights of privacy. She used excessive force as a cop, and gave out private information.

    Now she has some kind of spell over our Council, who seem to have lost the ability to think for themselves. I was glad Jerome Stocks voted against the total ban on short term rentals for all those who don't already maintain one. This won't stand up before the Coastal Commission, or before the Courts. More wasting of taxpayer’s money because Guerin and Dalager think they can make "political hay" out of this issue.

    Time will tell. Yes, I hope a miracle happens, and someone steps forward that will stand up to the forces of overspending and over-regulation.

  32. Right on, Gil, about Maggie's going over to the dark side. What's up, Maggie? Don't you see that you are betraying those who worked so hard to get you into office? This is even more the case with Christy Guerin who betrayed a whole lot of Sheila Cameron supporters, not to mention or former Mayor Cameron.

    And no, I'm not Sheila. I admire her though, and would vote for her in a flash, if she ran again.

    We think Christy Guerin is good at forming "secret alliances" to her political advantage, mainly through private meetings and closed sessions. We don't want backroom government. This is not a cheezy reality show; our quality of life is at stake.

    Remember Christy Guerin backed all the failed ballots, Prop. A, Prop C., and the lighting and landscaping ballot. All of these wasted a lot of money. Now Council, at Christy Guerin's urging, is trying to saddle us with interest on a 30 year bond for their continuing extravagences, including entertaining a group from Japan to the tune of $30,000???

  33. We can defeat anybody if we just turn the voters out. Appathy will get Bossypants and Lawnmowerman reelected. Bossypants needs an issue to run behind to galvanize her base and split the opposition vote. Her election issue will obviously be a city wide ban on short term rentals. Lets not let her use that issue effectively.

    Lawnmowermaqn will hide behind Christy's skirts and hope all the campaigning will focus on her. Someone should ask him why he attended UCSB and see if he gives the same answer he gave during his senior year at San Dieguito HS.

  34. Go to LA- Not EncinitasJuly 02, 2006 10:07 PM

    You short term rental folks are using this blog as a PR tool. We true Leucadias can stand you. Short term rentals are one of the biggest threats to destroying our family beach town. Please leave us and focus on PB. Who ever runs in November- if they do not support a ban on short term rentals, I will not vote for them. Ask yourself- would you want to live next to a short term rental property or someone who owned their property. Its all about ownership and accountability. Vacation rental have neither. Short term rental slumlords are the worst thing for Encinitas and this blog. Thanks for destroying our town.

  35. Will the short term rental ban allow all the current rentals, but prohibit any new rentals? If that is the result, anyone complaining about the rental properties now won't see any relieve. Why isn't the city charging the offending landlords for allowing a public nuisance? Ask why the council isn't requiring enforcement of noise ordinances.

  36. Well I support short term rentals. I do not support running short term rentals as a twelve month operation in any neighborhood. I do support short term rentals for 110 days or less each year. I expect a steady renter or homeowner to occupy the house the remainder of the year.
    Why?? They cried.
    If it takes STR for someone on a fixed income to keep their house, I'm for it. If all the homeowners who bought with ARM's can remain homeowners throught the use of STR for 110 days a year I am for it. If Social Security gets reduced or eliminated and STR for 110 days a year makes it so that the family that has lived in Enc. all their life can remain, I'm for it. If the ability to have STR means a house gets re-roofed or a bathroom or kitchen gets re-modeled when instead the homes begins to look blighted, then I'm for it. When the family with kids finds the kids gone out on their own and Mom and Pop can, because of STR, put a kid through college, visit that kid in college or take a trip to Europe or some other vacation they could never afford when they were raising the kids, then I'm for it.
    Ownership, accountability, responsibility, are things I support and I do not believe STR and these things are not both attainable. I do not want to destroy the beach community feeling and short term rentals have been going on in this community since the forties and some families may depend on their ability to rent to remain and maintain the homes they have occupied for generations. I do not support un-regulated STR. I want families with kids who live inland to be able to stay in our community at something other than our woefully family inadequite motels which are not set up for, and do not cater to Mom,Dad, and three kids looking for a way for their families to experience and learn to respect the ocean. Our beaches belong to everyone and I am going to fight to keep them available and I'm not moving to LA. Short term rentals helped to make this town and with proper regulation they should be able to exist.
    This community has always welcomed short term visitors. This community grew because people visited, liked it, and found a way to come back to make this home. As Dan Dalager related it to me, this community can find it's roots in people who moved here to grow flowers, sold things to those flower-growers, or were surfers with jobs. Those of you who would restrict access to our community and our beaches should move back to the east coast where beach access along that coast is a joke!
    I expect to try to explain this to the Coastal Commission when it comes before them later this year. If you have hard facts to prove the opposite I expect to hear from you at the meeting and to see the sheriff's reports documenting the problems and something other then your rhetoric to document your use of the word slumlord. Me thinks thou doth protest too much!!

  37. Right on, Gil!July 03, 2006 1:46 AM

    Another good one, Gil. Right on.

    And the other poster is correct, too. Banning all future short term rentals will not fix the problem, as those rentals that are the supposed problem now, will be grandfathered in as legal, non-conforming.

    All of the reasons listed by Gil are valid. And there is more than the short term rentals at stake here. The question also is whether or not we want the Coastal Commission to continue to help to protect our quality of life.

  38. The developers and their boosters hate the Coastal Commission, and make no bones about it. Christy Guerin and Dan Dalager are not honoring their constituents’ interests, our interests, by putting the City of Encinitas in an adversary position, us vs. them, in context of the CC. Both Guerin and Dalager have received and will be receiving big campaign contributions from and through developers.

    A girl at a previous Council Meeting was given a special presentation by Leucadia Town Council. She stated her family had come to Leucadia every summer, renting a place, and she was so grateful they had made the decision to be here full time.

    The condos at Seaside Bluff have always had rentals. The speakers at the last Council Meeting included many who were against the complete ban on future rentals, for those not already renting out, only. Many of the speakers agreed this would not work!

  39. Coastal Commission Rocks!July 03, 2006 2:09 AM

    Yes, it's true; the Homeowner's Association of Seaside Bluff had before suggested that $150 per year for a permit is excessive for those who only rent out occasionally. Moreover, the process for issuing these permits seems intrusive, inconsistent, vague, and discriminatory, as opposed to those people who do longer term rentals, who need to go through no such process. Why the huge discrepancy?

    We can make the laws we have on the books work. Overall, they are working. The police incident reports do not support the claims of a very vocal few who would have our entire city be under "covenants and restrictions" stricter than the ones they agreed to as part of gaining title to their own homes, in the case of the Condos. Living on the Coast has always included vacation rentals.

    This is not Olivenhein or Encinitas Ranch. We are not Pacific Beach, but we are Leucadia, Old Encinitas, and Cardiff. Don't tread on us Christy Guerin and Dan Dalager!

    We support the Coastal Commission on this one, and also on the lawsuit City Council lost re the Hall Property. The City's environmental impact report was deficient, a sham, simply giving the first stages of the process a "negative impact declaration."

    Guerin and Dalager, don't blame others for your mistakes. We are not whiners; you are, complaining about the Coastal Commission. We think the Coastal Commission Rocks!

    We are good citizens who want to remain free. Happy Independence Day!

  40. Yes, the blog can be a great way for the public to realate to one another, to post comments without fear of political retribution.

    What's wrong with that? Nothing. This is a way people can participate in democracy. The way our elections work for Council Members, those with a mere plurality can get into office. We hope there is election reform in Encinitas by 2008. We'd like to have Council Members elected for four years, from each of the five districts in our city. Eight years max, as with the President.

  41. I think we should actively pursue some potential candidates to run. Or is this already being done? I think some potentials are Gil, Shiela Cameron, Dr. Lorri, and that man who ran last time who was an envoronmentalist at UCSD. I can't remember his name. I am sure there is more, I just can't think of them this early.

  42. I know I can't make it to the Coastal Commision meeting, but all that can go should go. It would be nice to have more than Dan and Christy there. I am glad that Gil is going. Where is the meeting held? If it is out of town, how does Christy and whoever on the Council pay for it? If I were runnning I would make the Christy's stance on bucking heads with the coastal commision an issue. Most people are grateful for the Coastal commission and she is going against the majority of us on this one.

  43. Just a ThoughtJuly 03, 2006 7:40 AM

    Terms limits are a good thing but council seats by community have a down side.

    Right now all five communities have a say in every election and can support multiple candidates. If that is changed to community seats areas like Leucadia will only have a say once ever four years and for only one seat. I am not so sure that would be better.

  44. Problems with STR's are because the Sheriff's Department is: 1) Not called on problems or 2) don't do anything about the problems. I vote for #1. The exisitng laws and ordinances are sufficient to handle STR noise complaints. Neighbors can go after owners in civil court and be very successful. My research shows that in many communities that tactic has been very successful. The Sheriff's Department through their community policing deputies can help anyone with that problem.

    There are very few complaints in this city on short term rental noise. The most complaints are in Leucadia's Sea Bluff condos.

    Bossypants is just using this as a campaign issue. A blogger said they would never vote for someone that wouldn't support a ban on vacation rentals. I am just the opposite I would never support anyone that would support a ban. Not because the ban would effect me one way or the other. I don't think this city council should be taking property rights from anyone in this city. That person, like bossypants and lawnmowerman will just be enriching our city attorney again in a citizen lawsuit because they are trying to get reeclected. Perhaps the city should make available ownership information readily available so people can call the owners of STR properties when there is an issue.


    Use exisiting regulations to enforce noise, and parking complaints. If you have a noise issue call the Sheriff's Department and insist they do something about it. Remeber they work for you.

  45. Short term rentals belong in PBJuly 03, 2006 8:38 AM

    The more short term rentals the greater the problem. Support any ban on short term rentals. Any limiting factor is positive.

  46. I know this is off the topic, but, hopefully, J.P. won't throw me off:) Please, if you see one movie this year, make it AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH. It is amazing, and powerful. The envirnoment is our number one concern, and if we don't protect it, we will not have to worry about politics of any sort. There will not be a planet. The film is NOT political, but filled with facts that have been backed up by 100% of the scientists. Global warming is real. It will kill our planet, whether there are short term rentals, who is in office, etc. Let's do something. We could start with KEEPING the Coastal Commission and not let our City Council and develolpers get away with planetary murder. Having said that, I seriously doubt, as one kind poster offered me as one of the coucnil candidates,I would ever have a chance of being elected to any office in this City.

  47. Oh, Dr. Lorri, I do. I think you'd be great. But honesty is not something our Council is used to.

    Nor humility. You've got both, Lorri!

    Yes, I want to see the movie.

    Happy Independence Day. We can come together, right now!

  48. Change is positiveJuly 03, 2006 10:42 AM

    Re district candidates in 2008, vs. at large:

    If each community, say Leucadia, or Cardiff, got to vote in the primaries, and the November election, then we could have a member that was representing the majority of the people from that district.

    What we get now is a hodgepodge of influence peddling by PR masters who do sound bites and who often spin out their propaganda in now defunct newspapers. I do not feel well represented by Dalager or Houlihan, and they are both living in Leucadia. They are not on the west side of the tracks, as far as I know, and they are not really in touch with the needs of a "surfing" community. This is even more true of Christy Guerin. Let's start by getting her out, and those who would hide behind her skirts, like Dalager.

    Term limits could and should eliminate the rest. Jerome, and Maggie, please give us a break. Let some new blood have a chance to make a real difference. Mr. Bond, please, 16 years is too much for anyone.

    Cardiff has no one that represents the citizens who live there, and we once did, on City Council. That seems unrepresentative, and unfair.

    All of the people do not have a voice, because the vote becomes so splintered that no single candidate gets a majority of the vote.

    And who knows how much City Council Members actually make now? This is very unclear from the blog comments, here, and from what we had been told at Council Meetings.

    Reform is possible. We have nothing to fear but fear itself! We can govern ourselves, and do not need Big Sister or Big Brother breathing down our throats, pushing us around, like Bossypants pushes her Lawnmowerman all around the playing fields.

  49. A city council member elected from each of the 5 communities could be a problem. Cardiff got John Davis for years because no one else would run and he was not a good CC person. You run a very big risk in someone getting elected by default because no one else would run from a certain community.
    Term limits are a really, really good idea and it's time.
    There are several people talking about running this year but we really need to get behind only one candidate and make the "bullet vote" idea work. And it will work if everyone understands that they need to vote for 1 person and only 1 person.

  50. The problem with term limits is when you finally get someone elected you really like they can't stay. Term limits can work against you.

    In a small town like ours with a lot of apathetic voters it can be really hard to beat an incumbent unless you find a dead hooker in the trunk of their car.

  51. I agree with the previous post. What if no one in Cardiff, Leucadia etc. decides to run? Maybe someone from New Encinitas will rent a place in Leucadia, sort of what Bilbray did. I love the idea of term limits. One reason is the developers cannot put their money on one person too long. There are many other reasons why this is a good idea. New blood in the Council; no one gets too complacent; The people will be heard. We have term limits on Presidents of the United States. Most people believe that it is a good idea. The incumbent usually has the advantage.So, if it is good enough for a presidential election, I think it would work for us.

  52. Council members annual earnings:
    Salary - $898./Month
    - $10,775./Yr
    Benefits - 12,580./Yr
    This includes:health,W/C,Life Ins. and retirement benefits that vest after 5 years. A one term council member gets no retirement benefits.

  53. Gil, where is each council member's $500 a month expense account shown?

  54. I didn't ask that. I will on when I go to pick up the council meeting tapes and the water quality reports for beacons, stonesteps, and grandview, if they exist. Anything else so I only have to make one more trip this week?

  55. The council members are also paid for sitting on the SDWD. They also get paid for some of the other boards or committes each is assigned. Every $250 or $500 a month adds up over the year. There are also city credit cards. How many are there and who in city hall has them.

  56. Gil, what you think I lied when I blogged the annual compensation of our council ranged from 35 to 50 thousand dollars a year. I did my research. You obvoiously are trying support this council again. Go back to Elfin Forrest and support your supervisor Bill Horn.

    If you claim to do all that research at least do it right.

  57. Governement employees know the rules when it comes to Freedon of Information requirements....they only tell you what you specifically asked for even if they know there is additional related when Gil asked for council salaries that's all the information he got even though staff is fully aware that each councilmember receives additioanl compensation.

    They didn't lie but just failed to tell the complete truth....

  58. Welcome to the dark and shadowy side of the city hall twilight zone.

  59. No. Sometimes they do lie. Ms Guerin relayed to Parks and Rec that the current water testing at beacons, stonesteps, and grandview did not show a water quality problem existed at those location. I asked to see those reports yesterday and found out that they do not exist at city hall. They may exist somewhere but Ms Guerin couldn't have seen them or Paul Hartman would have been able to produce them on Monday.
    I did not support or vote for Bill Horn, never have. I am only interested in obtaining information about the current council pay and benefits because someone asked. Again, I will ask about expense accounts, credit card, and committe pay for council members on Wednesday. I'm not asking about credit cards for the entire city, that will only cloud the real question of council compensation. When I have finished posting on this blog all the pay and benefits council members receive,each of you can do the math and come up with a compensation figure a little firmer than 35-50 thousand per year. The potential candidates for election this Nov. should have that information anyway, shouldn't they? If anonynous has an accurate breakdown he/she could save me the time of researching them by posting them, or is it some informational secret? I don't like closed sessions and I don't like secrets. I expect to continue to come from Elfin Forest every day 1. because my business is based here, 2. to ask the questions that light up the "dark and shadowy side of city hall". Don't like it, just skip my blogs when they appear.

  60. Gil: Since you are going to City Hall, perhaps you could find out Jennifer Smith's qualifications to be Director of Finance. I have tried repeatedly. Perhaps I am going about it in the wrong way. I have asked under the Freedom of Information Act. I have asked that her personal data be redacted, so just her qualifications exist. Still get NO.I have e-mailed council-no answers from anyone. I have e-mailed Kerry Miller. Again, no answer. I am curious as to why the mystery? If she has the qualifications, then show us. It is beginning to appear that perhaps she doesn't. I do know that the City did not post the job anywhere else. One day she was Kerry Miller's assistant and the next she was Director of Finance. They don't legally have to post the position outside of the City, but most cities do, with a position of that nature. Let us know if you find anything please?

  61. I have it on good insider information that Jennifer Smith is not qualified to be Director of Finance, nor was she qualified to head up the Hall property project. She was personally chosen for both positions by Kerry Miller because she is very compliant and will do exactly what she is told to do. She is also very nimble in public and quick with answers, even when they are untruths, but sadly she is lacking personal ethics and morality. She is the perfect spokesperson for Kerry Miller.

    The Hall project is stalled, so she was switched to Finance to spin the financial crisis at city hall because Kerry Miller won't do it himself, even though he created it. Jay Lembach is more qualified, but it not as good as Jennifer Smith at pretending to be truthful.

  62. Wed. City Hall Update
    1)K. Cervone is preparing the info concerning expense accts., auto/fuel allowance, board stipends. She can't have the infor ready til Monday. The board infor will be what each member is paid if in attendence, for actual payment you must contact each board for particulars, that info she does not have. Lori Green is on vacation til Monday so that is reason for delay.
    2)Jennifer Smith - K. Cervone says that this bio information is not required to be made public and she will quote the statue that says so. As to ad placement for job of DIrector of Finance, I have to speak to Kerry Miller, who is out of town until Friday. I will check with him when he returns on selection requirements and process for filling that position.
    3) The tapes of the council meetings where Guerin and Dan condemned the CC were being made for me as we spoke and I should get a call today or tomorrow.
    4) No word on the current water quality reports for beacons, stonesteps, and grandview.

    That's it from city hall this morning.

  63. Thank you Gil. Cervone is wrong about the information on Smith that I requested. I asked her to redact any and all personal information, then give me her qualifications, as per Proposition 59. Also, the position was not posted, per a reliable source who is a director of finance for another SD County City.Legally it doesn't have to be posted , but most cities do anyway. I think you may have meant Kathy Greene when speaking about Lori Green, as I don't think there is anyone at city hall named Lori Green , though I may be mistaken about that.Thanks for all that you do for us.

  64. I have seen sampling data for Cottonwood and Rossini Creeks. They include several sampling stations along the creek. The last stations are at least 100 yards from the ocean. Several years ago I helped in the annual Surfrider sampling day, and two of us sampled Rossini Creek, one at the bridge on Bach and the other where the creek enters the lagoon. We didn't sample the ocean.

    I am not aware that the city ever takes samples in the ocean. Thank you, Gil, for checking into this. No restroom facilities at the Leucadia beaches is a big problem. My understanding is that the city is responsible for runoff, so they may try to wiggle out of this one. It costs money, after all, to sample and analyze. Trips to Japan are more important. Let's hold their feet to the fire.

  65. Dishonest City "officials"July 06, 2006 1:43 AM

    Thank you guys for your persistence, and for truly caring, for posting, for not giving up.

    We looked at the some supposed "disclosures" by various city officials and were amazed by what is being left out. In the case of Christy Guerin, for example, under schedule E, "Income-Gifts Travel Payments, Advances and Reimbursements, she only lists $1800.00 for the year of 2005. This is falsely sworn to under penalty of perjury. We were supposedly "given everything," but nowhere do we see anything listed for "gifts." Also, last year Christy Guerin went to Hondo, Japan, and this is not showing up under Travel Payments or Reimbursements. Why not???

    FPPC is the Fair Political Practice Commission. Their toll free number, to report suspected violations is 866- ASK-FPPC, or 866-275-3772.

    We will be giving them a call regarding questions we have regarding the information we have received, which leaves much out. The statements of economic interests are to include everything, and do not. These can be requested for anyone contracted with (in the case of our "City Attorney"), employed by, elected or appointed by the City of Encinitas.

    I suggest asking for one on Jennifer Smith to see if she is being honest about her possible conflicts of interest or other affiliations. However, we will not be able to find out about this year, 2006, till late March, or perhaps April of 2007.

    One could ask for this info for the year 2002 to see the campaign gifts given to Dan Dalager and Christy Guerin prior to their past elections. This would clearly be informative and relevant. 2004 would be relevant to Stocks, Bond and Houlihan.

    The three individuals for whom we have obtained these publicly available documents did not disclose all of their gross income. Public officials have a higher duty of disclosure, and yes, honesty.

    We are disappointed, but not surprised. Yes, Christy Guerin is not telling the truth. Lies of omission are still lies.

  66. Did the mayor list the Japanese sword and kimono she was "gifted" by our sister city or did she turn them over to the historical society? I'm sure they weren't purshased at 'ichi' mart. A good ceremonial Kimono could easily cost a thousand bucks.


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