Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Leucadia, the Red Headed Step Child?

Leucadia group protests reduced budget for improvements

By: ADAM KAYE - Staff Writer

ENCINITAS -- A Leucadia group is objecting to plans to reduce funds budgeted to improve North Coast Highway 101, though the Encinitas City Council could reverse the proposed $900,000 takeaway when it meets tonight.

The Leucadia 101 MainStreet Association, which represents merchants and property owners in the Leucadia community, wants more than that.

The group has called for increased funding and for planning of the North Coast Highway 101 Streetscape Program to begin immediately.

"We are frustrated by the fact that other capital improvement programs in the city seem to be once again taking planning and funding priority over our project," board members from the group stated in a letter to the City Council, which was copied to the North County Times.

The planned highway, sidewalk and landscaping improvements between A Street and La Costa Avenue are among nearly 50 projects on the city's capital improvement program. City staffers have proposed funding reductions or increases to 16 of the projects.

The proposed capital program budget reduces funding for the North Coast Highway 101 Streetscape Program from $3.2 million to $2.3 million. The proposal trims $500,000 allocations to $200,000 during the 2008, 2009 and 2010 fiscal years.

Leucadia 101 wants the council to set aside $1 million for the streetscape program during each of those years and wants planning to begin immediately.

"Every day of delay in starting the planning is a day of delay in completing the project," said Charles Marvin III, a Leucadia 101 board member. "So let's go."

A business district striving to improve itself needs sidewalks so that visitors can walk safely to the stores, art galleries and restaurants along the highway. Long segments of the highway have no sidewalks at all.

Encinitas City Manager Kerry Miller said Tuesday that the proposed funding reduction is a "budget exercise," and that the project's budget ---- even if left untouched ---- would fall far short of what is needed to improve nearly three miles of highway.

"We all know that when it comes time to build that project, it will be underfunded," Miller said.

Construction of the full streetscape program is years away, he said.

In the meantime, officials are planning sidewalks along portions of the highway, and a construction proposal should be ready for the council's consideration this summer, Miller said.

"It's not acceptable for Leucadia to have to wait for years for fundamental pedestrian improvements to take place," he said.

The MainStreet group has spearheaded some sprucing up of the highway. It recently coordinated efforts to landscape medians near Leucadia Boulevard and also planted a garden around a newly installed entrance sign.

Elsewhere in Encinitas, Marvin notes, the city has invested substantially to beautify South Coast Highway 101 and Santa Fe Drive.

Merchants and city officials say the $5 million Downtown Encinitas StreetScape Program has paid dividends with increased business and sales tax receipts.

"What about us?" Marvin said. "I've owned property here (in Leucadia) for 30 years and I'm tired of waiting."

The City Council meets at 6 p.m. at 505 S. Vulcan Ave.

If Leucadia received half the love Santa Fe Dr does the community would be improved dramatically. Keep Leucadia Funky does not mean weeds and dirt. Please city council, share the wealth. Imagine, with a little friendly landscaping Leucadia could be a cross between coastal Laguna and Solana Beach's Cedros Design District. It's not rocket science or brain surgery, it's just sidewalks and flowers (last I heard we were still the flower capital of the world, I'm sure we could find some to plant around here somewhere).


  1. Thanks JP- I totally agree with your comments. Hopefully the blog follower and Leucadian lovers will get to the council meeting tonight and show some love for leucadia. Tell the council to get real. If they can send 20 million in the first phase of the regional park, and 15 million on Ritz Fire Stations, they should easily be able to afford a measly $1 million per year for the N. Coast HW Beautification efforts. Ask them how much property tax have they collected over the last 20 years from Leucadia properties and how much they have spend on capital project within Leucadia. With more funding Leucadia will end up being the coolest funkiest artist beach community in the world! Please tell Council we Leucadians want $1 million per year for the next 6 years or more! God knows we've waited long enough! The Council meeting starts at 6pm. Wear something that shows your Leucadian.

  2. I'm bringing 20 migrant workers to the meeting who know how to pour concrete sidewalks.

  3. I thought we didn't want Leucadia to change? Why would you want to displace RSPB with sidewalks?

  4. No Tax Lady... Leucadia has changed. There is boocew people here. Beaches and streets are crowded. You can not ride your horse on the beach while smoking a dobee and shotgunning a Tequila. The issue now is do we want to continue to be a driveway for Ponto Boxes and Villages of the Boxes or preserve and promote some form of peacefulness. If you think things have not changed, go walk along HW101 on a Sunday afternoon... You'll go home deaf. I don’t remember our peaceful community even being like that 10 years ago. Ten years ago, you wouldn’t see Beacons with 40 people out on a blown out 2 foot day. Things have changed and will continue to change. How do you want it to change and what are you going to do about it?

  5. let's close off hwy 101 and make leucadia a gate guarded commnity. Then we can restrict memebrship to only knarly people like ourselves. Cowabunga anonymous why hasn't the city council thought of this. Then only people we approve of could surf beacons.

    We would have to offer RSPB a membership. Kind of like grandfather him in. We will show progress they can't mess with us.

  6. NoTaxLady I hope your joking. Lets See-Why displace our roadside park bum- The neighbors would not have human poo deposited throughout their landscaping. Little boys and girls would be safer walking to school, Residents and tourists wouldn't get sick to their stomach or catch lice when they have to walk by the unpredictable foul smelling lice infested poor soul on there way to the beach, less litter, property owners and businesses would have less things stolen. Leucadia would have few lice cases. I forgot- how does the bum add character to Leucadia, besides a shady character... I say lets set him up with a new box shelter up by Palomar Airport Road-Carlsbad needs more character than Leucadia. Or get him into the affordable housing program in Del Mar- that would be classic.

  7. I came close to hitting RSB with my car last summer as he staggered across hwy101 at night. Too bad I hit the brakes.

  8. Use the RSB as a piece of art work and pour him into a slab of new sidewalk concrete. We can give him a bottle of 2buckchuck and when he passes out, turn him face up an have the illegals pour the concrete just slightly over his face. That would definately be funky. He'll be with us for the next 50 years. If we do nothing I dont think his liver will last past another 5 years and he'll just be replaced by another RSB.

  9. No tax lady sounds like a poor victim type personality to me. Complain, complain, complain, poor me- but never does anything to promote positive change. The world is so tough on notaxlady- Why is everybody always pickin on me?

    Maybe our resident Dr. can "listen" to her and pick her up as a client.

  10. If the council goes ahead and floats the bond issue, which it appears they may, it behooves Leucadians to DEMAND that the council spend some of the bonded library money on improving the Leucadia infrastructure. 1.) Because it needs it and deserves it and like the neglected step-sister in Cinderalla, it has the potential to be the bell of the ball. Leucadia has more of an artsy element than all the rest of Encinitas combined and given a chance to flourish will make the entire community proud. 2.) If the council will commit to spending some money in Leucadia it will put to rest all the pro-redevelopment hub-bub that continues to slither around like a deadly snake. The next council meeting is going to have the budget as the main item. It is soooo important that the community speak up and demand that some of the bond windfall go to keep some of the many promises that have been made to Leucadians the past years. Like Cinderalla, Leucadia doesn't need much to get started, more that mice and a pumpkin but not much more. The improvements need to be the type that don't work with redevelopment but do work with the overall intent of the Leucadia community. Make the council take a position on helping Leucadia get started so that it becomes very clear which council members support improving Leucadia and which council members support razing Leucadia.

  11. Gil,

    How can you call bond proceeds a windfall?

    Its a loan that is to be paid back by the general fund (our money)!

    Finding an unmarked bag full of $100 bills is a windfall..

    Investing in a stock that increases 500 fold is a windfall..

    Hitting it big in Vegas at the crap tables is a windfall.

    Repaying a $23 milion loan is NOT a winfall!!

    If you were to borrow all the equity in your property in Elfin Forest at a market interest rate and pledged the income from your business as the promise to pay would that be a windfall ... I think not.

    Aceti went down the road of shilling for the city, where is he now.

  12. KISS is right on. No room for argument there.

  13. Razing Leucadia is lame and neglecting Leucadia is lame. Less is more for Leucadia, it doesn't need much. Make Leucadia walkable. People staying at the new $400 a night hotel will want to stretch their legs and explore. Give them a sidewalk and a few places for them to go and we are golden, local and tourist alike.

  14. BullShit- I just think Gil used the wrong word but I fully agree with his statement. I say pay as you go, but if council will sell out our kids, leucadia better get a piece of the pie. it should not go to Ritz fire stations ($5 mil), first phase of Hall Regional park ($20 mil) and a public works yard (cost unknown with no budget). Gil is right on the money with his remarks. I dont see anything were Gil says anything to promote debt. I hope all you yipers show up next week to show Leucadia support. At least Gil addresses council to support Leucadia. what have you done? Thanks Gil and the other who address council from the bottom of my heart.

  15. I did not mean bullshit to JP- I think JP should run for council. I meant bullshitt to KISS. Perfect word JP. Run for Council.

  16. Gil is right. There are those in city hall who will try to form that Redevelopment Agency again in Leucadia...last time Charlie Marvin, Peter Norby and Morgan Mallory were all standing in line to be on this agency, and looking to make big bucks, (how does $1000,000 a year grab ya?), and remember, an RDA lasts 30-45 years and the charter can be re-written at any time, so if someone tells you eminent domanin can be remove, it can also be written back into the RDA. The Council is simply waiting to see how the elction in November plays out.

    Jerome Stocks said, "Redevelopment can be a friendly animal". It can also be a 500,000 foot boa constrictor that can swallow old Leucadia whole.

    The original RDA map targeted 200 parcels in Leucadia-taken by eminent domain and sold to developers. Right in the classic part of Leucadia. I know, I saw the plans.

    Please, everyone pay attention in the next year! The Council is "crying poor" as a way to promote an RDA in Leucadia. They found out the community was offended by the term "blight" so they are trying a different tactic and different verbage.

  17. Leucadia would be better suited by marketing itself as a City lost in time while everything else around it has changed. I don't think people want to see it changed. Maybe those that want it changed are the money hungry developers and owners of businesses who are here today and gone tomorrow. If I want to shop I go to Encinitas Ranch, if I want to go the beach and hang out with my friends after we go to Cardiff and downtown Encinitas, if we want to go back in time and space out we go hang out in Leucadia.

  18. KISS - There is no question that the bond proceeds are a debt. A debt backed by the general fund...your money! Likewise there is very litle question that a bond issue on the ballot for ANYTHING in Enicnitas would not recieve 2/3 of the vote of our combined communities. The Prop A. issue was a clear question of a development contract set essentially in stone and it could not get 2/3 of the vote. On a strictly "pay as you go" general improvements plan, nothing would ever get done in this city. I hate debt but I also hate no progress. Windfall may have been a poor choice of words...finding a bag of money and not returning it is theft, not a windfall, investing in a stock and having it increase 500 fold and getting out before it corrects is probably insider trading, hitting it big at the crap tables in Vegas is blind luck.

    We stole from many other projects, Leucadia streetscape being one,to fully fund the library, the potential bond issue is going to encumber the library for future generations, they are going to be the users, this doesn't seem all that out of line to me. The money that comes back from the bond could and should be allocated so that Leucadia gets some attention which it deserves and keep the RDA creeps from closing in.

    If I borrowed against my business property at market rate interest and used that money to expand and improve my business to the point that the interest was non-consequencial compared to the improvement to my business, I would consider my ability to borrow against my good credit a windfall.

    Aceti went down shilling for the council and probably is still in their pocket. I shill for the health and welfare of our combined communities and so far I'm still here and expect to be here until I'm too old or too sick to todder down to city hall every Wednesday.

    KISS you need to focus on the city council, their actions or inactions as relates to Leucadia, redevelopment, and the Coastal Commission; which is really the last line of defense for our coastal communities.

    I have to begin to write material directed toward the coastal commission about the council's attempts to redraw the coastal commission sphere of influence from east of I-5 to west of Neptune. Such action, in my opinion would just be another block removed from forming a RDA in Leucadia.

    But not today, today I'm goin surf fishin'... you can spot me in the straw hat between Seaside and the resturants. What a beautiful day in paradise.

  19. If Gil would go back a few years regarding the council spending, he would find there was a more prudent approach to incurring debt. Within the last six years, since the arrival of Kerry Miller, the trend of spending money has increased almost exponentially. Mr. Miller's managerial style is to agree with whatever the council wants. He won't offer stern warnings that the ship, the city he is running, is heading for stormy times.

    With the five silly geese currently sitting on the council and no fiscally responsible city manager in charge, taxpayers can expect to see the need for even more bond floating.

    The library costs have soared in part because of bad business judgement on the part of those six people.

    Leucadia businesses want sidewalks.
    The council and staff will take that far beyond pouring concrete. The area must be city landscaped as they did in old Encinitas. The money for the upkeep of the landscaping doesn't grow on those trees. It comes from a property assessment that the city staff says is out of money. Every new project cost money to build and maintain. This isn't picking on Leucadia. The downtown streetscape, Santa Fe Drive, the just proposed NEW project to improve and landscape Santa Fe Drive from I-5 to Mackinnon, will forever be a drain on either the assessment district or the general fund.

    Sidewalks - yes. City landscaping maintenance forever - no.

  20. a few sidewalksJune 16, 2006 6:40 PM

    Yes, previous anonymous sounds reasonable to me. There are some spots, like in front of the Panikin, where a sidewalk would cut into the grassy area, or the outside tables. So, no, we don't want them there. We don't need them at Roadside Bum's Roadside Park, either. That's fine how it is.

  21. Amazing MarvinJune 16, 2006 6:41 PM

    I am amazed how much influence Charles Marvin is suddenly having on Council. Now that he says he is retired, he is focusing way too much energy on lobbying for his commercial and motel interests in Leucadia. He does not want short term vacation rentals interfering with his businesses. He wants us all to have to pay more taxes, and have more regulations, because he does. He and his wives have made beaucoup money by the rise in property value in Leucadia. He should give back a bit for beach replenishment. Perhaps so should some of the property management firms that are renting on a regular basis, now, according to Council, out of Encinitas.

  22. Crazy Council MembersJune 16, 2006 6:44 PM

    There was no reason all the fines and regulations had to be doubled re short term rentals. Also, there are plans to make it harder and increase regulation re "regular" Code Enforcement. That was agenda item #7.

    At this Wednesday's Council Meeting, Christy Guerin was rude and was not speaking for anyone I know, except developers, when she said it "is none of their damn business" about the Coastal Commission attempting to make sure there are plenty of affordable vacation rentals.

    She is a control freak, and the rest of council is falling in behind her, like a pack of mutts. Jerome Stocks had a fever at the Council meeting and didn't seem to know what he was doing. Dan Dalager called the Coastal Commission "a bunch of elitist snobs out of Sacramento." James Bond is going back on his former attempts to remain fiscally conservative. He is no longer calling for an independent audit. And he went to Japan, on a junket, when he had always refused to do so, on the taxpayers dime, before.

  23. Big Sister, Big BrotherJune 16, 2006 6:46 PM

    The vote Wed. night was to go forward with a complete ban of vacation rentals, bring it up to the Coastal Commission, again, after already withdrawing it due to lack of support. This unanimous support included Naggie Maggie Houlihan suggesting Charley Marvin could get on the bus with Council and supporters of the complete ban, with Charley acting "Pro Bono" as legal counsel. This is a blatant conflict of interests.

    Maggie was also all for the "sign sweep," saying they could make sure people take down old Christmas Tree lights too. Even Dan thought that was going too far. The land is ours out to the curb. This was confirmed to me by Public Works. The City has a right of way over the sidewalk, but does not own the land on the other side of the curb. We can put campaign signs there if we want to. That is part of our First Amendment Rights. They have no right pulling up any signs. I wouldn't blame folks now for pulling out any signs for Dalager or Guerin this coming October.

  24. Don't Tread on usJune 16, 2006 6:49 PM

    You know what, the City has no business in my backyard and in my home. They want to control and regulate everything I do. This is getting absurd. They are spending a huge percentage of the code enforcement and legal budget on so-called "illegal units," without having substantial evidence that they are illegal, and not legal non-conforming according to the cities own definitions.

    The "illegal unit" percentage is 2% of the total complaints. What percentage of the total legal budget is being spent on our case alone, where Sabine & Morrison have now billed for themselves and their associate private development inspectors and their stake out "Battle Attorney Services," over $100,000?

    All Council cares about now is money, control, and sound bite and visual opportunities to pat themselves on the back during their endless "presentations," while the meat of the business, such as the Budget, is put off till nearly midnight, or postponed.

  25. Bogus Code EnforcementJune 16, 2006 6:54 PM

    We went to the City Council Meeting, but had to leave at 9:00, before the short term rental regulations agenda item, #8, was finally open to speakers from the audience.

    We did speak about Code Enforcement. Staff and Council now want to do a bunch of new regulations. They are spending an exhorbitant amount, as previous poster said, on so-called "illegal units," grandfathered, or in the city's parlance, "legal non-conforming." This is Council throwing a meaty bone to Code Enforcement who could add another officer. No mention was made except by a public speaker about the fact that Cindy Adams retired in 2005 after 19 years.

    Also enriched is our corrupt City Attorney, Glenn Sabine, of Sabine & Morrison, who does not seem to believe in our Bill of Rights.

  26. Wonderful WatchdogsJune 16, 2006 7:02 PM

    Well, 3 minutes, or 6 minutes wasn't enough time for us. City Council and staff have no time limits, like we do, public speakers citizens.

    We were glad to hear from Gil Foerster about the portable toilet issue, Matt Walker and Bob Bonde about the proposed Lease Reveune Bond, and Chris, on Melrose, about Code Enforcement too. Kevin Cummins did an excellent oral communications presentation, asking why minutes from past meetings could not be corrected. Answer from Christy Guerin: we have (City has) the audio of the meetings; we don't need to correct the written record; the audio is the record.

    Oh, we were very glad to see and hear Donna Westbrook, too. She spoke against the City wasting money on excessive code enforcement actions.

  27. No ProhibitionJune 16, 2006 7:06 PM

    We've had more than enough of Christy Guerin's incompetence and bias. The new rental regulations make the penalties harsher. Why?

    Changing the fines, increasing them, so that the first one is $250 instead of $100.00 seems excessive. $150 every year for the permit application is excessive.

    There should still be one warning! Why were the penalties doubled? Everything sounds so arbitrary. And one has to submit a floor plan. The "black market" rentals will only go up.

    Also, many of the cases brought up were just bad tenants. One lady talked about kids that it took them seven months to get out. That is not what was being discussed. Christy said she heard about "two new cases!" She is full of it. The man from the Sea Bluff Association was not in favor of making the regulations harsher than the homeowner associations' own. He knows all the "problems," would be grandfathered as legal non-conforming, as far as a total ban. Prohibiting future short term rentals would not solve the problem!

  28. Vindictive CouncilJune 16, 2006 7:09 PM

    Staff and Council seem vindictive because Council was forced to withdraw its former complete ban. Now the fines and regulations have gotten at least twice as rigid.

    The police are still the first force to answer a call. Council would rely on surrounding neighbors as a kind of de facto enforcement crew. Then the City gets involved, hoping to make some money off fines and more vindictive lawsuits.

    Ultimately, we agree. This is about control and money. More money in fines and permit fees for residents, homeowners. More control, stiffer regulations to satisfy Bossypants and her paid henchmen. We will have less control in our own homes!

  29. Please JP Start a blog for the one or two pimp sellout short term rental slumlords who keep spewing their crap on your blog. Council is finally doing something that will keep Encinitas more family and peaceful for years to come. Vacationers Vacation. The have no ownership or respect for the neighborhood in which they vacation. Like me, when I am on vacation I kick up my heals up and party. Unfortunately- the neighbors next door may have to work the next day or may have kids, so they may not be in the party mode with me. Charlie Marvin and others are looking out for the future quality of life of Encinitas. The question is simple-"Would you want your neighbors to own and occupy their home or would you want your neighbors to be short term renters ready to party all the time?""Short term renter pimps -Shut up and get real! Leucadians and Encinitians are not stupid. Either rent by the month or get the hell out of our fine beach loving coastal town. Lastly quit flooding our blog with spew that comes from all of your orifices.

  30. Yeah- thats what I want is a full on party house next too my home-especially when I am putting my babies down for a nap. Residental zoning areas are for "residents". Commercial zoning areas are for "vacationers". Short term rentals suck when you live next to one. Shut em down boyz. Go to PB

  31. You profiteering piece of shit! Short term rentals are the worst thing to hit Leucadia since the RSPB. Leave encinitas and focus on LA Beaches. We want family and peace in our town, not party all the time. Get the hell out of Leucadia and all of encinitas. You suck and I hope you reap all the Karma you desire.

  32. I fully agree with JPs comments. Leucadia needs some love. JP please run for council! Please replace the Slingblade Dalager.

  33. Big Brother big sister- Big JackAss. A sign sweep is needed. Real estate agents are polluting our town. Maggie is right on the money. and getting charlie pro bono would be a blessing. that man knows whats good for encinitas. Sure he owns commercial property, but its the best looking commercial property in Leucadia. I hope others follow suit. Hell- I wish I could afford some Leucadia commercial property. I think Leucadia has a great future if we can keep it focused on peaceful beach community and not party town!

  34. A few sidewalks- your clueless! Sidewalks infront of the Pannikan would not impact the grassy area or any existing seating area. and the roadside park already has sidewalks along HW101. Park your car and get out and walk HW101 you'll appreciate leucadia much more!

  35. I dont want to space out in leucadia. I want to frequent business in our commercial area. The previous comment said it all. they could care less about leucadias future let it be sold out to developer who will turn it into PONTO BOXES. Well- Im sorry but I love Leucadias diverse architecture and culture to much to see that happen. Let keep improving Leucadia from a grass roots efforts so the big time developers stand less of a chance.

  36. JP for council!

  37. More tattoo palors.

  38. more of any cool shops!

  39. Which commercial property does Mr. Marvin own? South Leucadia is in better shape than north Leucadia.

  40. Roadside Park BumJune 17, 2006 6:36 PM


    You want sidewalks in Leucadia, then trip and fall and call the city and they'll put in a sidewalk within 2 weeks. Don't believe me??? Go check out the NEW sidewalk in front of Longboard Grotto, all because some citizen tripped on the uneven pavement and injuried themselves. That's the only way Leucadia will get sidewalks in the next 10 years!!!

    Yes all this about telling the city to set aside $$$ for improvements is for nothing!!! The city hasn't and won't spend any money on Leucadia unless they face lawsuits. Shit, Leucadians haven't and won't complain so why bother with the place. It's a DUMP!!! Yep you read that correctly, A DUMP!!! It's always been a DUMP and Always will be a DUMP. That's why I live and "work" in Leucadia. I remember in the 70's people used to say that Imperial Beach would be like Coronado in 10 years. Well it isn't and never will be. But hey there's somthing for Leucadia to shoot for........... to be the new Imperial Beach!!!! Meanwhile let's keep Leucadia as DUMPY as possible.

    Message to "oppressed", "Crazy council", "don't tread on us", and "bogus code" we know that you are one and the same individuals. Maybe you better look in the mirror and ask why "YOU" cost the city $95,000 in Taxpayer $$$. Why was your unit nonconforming, where was your permit to rent out that space and how much of that $$$ was reported on your taxes??? You think you have problems now , wait until the IRS comes after your back taxes, and filing false returns, those are both felonies and you WILL do prison time. I'm sure you can't wait for your grandkids to visit you in prison, you might be able to tell them how your cellmate is Randy "DUKE" Cunningham!!! You can share stories 'bout 'NAM!!!

    Let me give you a piece of advice: JERRY'S DEAD,GET A JOB!!!!!! But don't try to move in on my freeway offramp, it's mine and I get all the $$$ that I don't report taxes on!!! See I don't have any assets, but you do so that why the city is after your house. If you'd been smarter(there a laugh)you'd have quit claimed your property over to me the RSPB for safe keeping. But it's too late now, that lein will keep you in Hell for years. But I'm not vindictive when the city takes your house, you can live on the street with me the Roadside Park Bum.You can call yourselves the "Used to have a Home Bums" On to more important people bore me with your "victim" mentality.

    I hear that Gil presented the city with a cost breakdown on porta potties for the beach, Good for you Gil. But don't look for the city to put them in this year, if ever. No they have bigger fish to fry. like the library or the Hall property or the maintainence yard, all much more important than anything going on in Leucadia. Oh, did I forget the FireHouses??? Yeah we need more firehouses with ocean views like the one on Balour. 'Cause ya know an ocean view makes fighting fires and responding to 911 calls so much more Laid Back.

    On the subject of 911 calls, it's about time Leucadia has one of those "Food" things again. This year DON'T call 911 just because I'm passed out behind the F street book store. I was Drunk, I like being Drunk!!!It adds to my character. When you see me lying in the alley. LEAVE ME ALONE!!! DON'T CALL 911, I"M A DRUNK!!! all you dogooder nitwits do is cost yourselves a coupla grand everytime emergancy services responds to my drunkenness!!! Stupid chumps!!!

    Well that's enough for you to digest for a Saturday, I don't want to take away your time staring at the sun and waiting for the "greenflash", besides there are Bottles of beer to down and left over pizza from Robbies to puke, errr eat.

    Laughing at your dogooder innocence as I stagger down the 101 it's Your ..............Roadside Park Bum!!!!

  41. Oh yeh, firehouses with ocean views. Have you really looked at the symbol of the new firehouse on Balour with ocean views. The figure 5 inside a circle looks exactly like the the ice cream shop "31 flavors". Cannot look at that firehouse sign without thinking it's an ice cream shop.

  42. Roadside Park Bum, we will call 911 if we see you passed out. Your spewing lies and BS doesn't make you right. You sound incoherrent and bitter. Nice (for you, only) that you can distort the truth on this blog, with no reality check whatsoever.

    What the previous posters were talking about were the new permitting requirements for short term rentals. That is not what's going on, or ever has gone on with me.

    The corrupt city attorney, Sabine, and Jail-guard Guerin have cost the taxpayers over $95,000.00, not me. All the permits that were required, were pulled. Permits were pulled in 1953 for the improvements in question. The City's record is incomplete, as is the County's. They do not keep a complete record of the actual older permits. However, in my case, the permit numbers are there, and the dates they were pulled. We don't have a rental. Encinitas Municipal Code defines legal-nonconforming. Being "non-conforming" for same or similar uses is legal, as you know.

    By the way, what happened to all your assets RSPB? Did you piss them away? Or did you never have any?

    You obviously are losing your mind, rapidly. You are a spongehead, and don't know what you are taling about. We are not on disability, Workman's comp, or welfare, like you probably are. We have had and do have jobs, unlike you, hypocrite.

    How do you live, anyway? Even our mayor and her husband have had Workman Comp Settlements.

    Happy Father's Day, RSPB. Get a life. And have another bottle. Oh, and if you want to stop hiding behind your fake identity, I'll be glad to meet you and buy you a cup of coffee or a beer.

  43. Charles Marvin owns the Gold Coast, among others. We know his ex-wife Marylou, got several Encinitas Commercial and residential properties in his divorce settlement.

    Marvin did get in trouble for some of the previously squalid conditions at some of his "short term" rentals. He had to make repairs. He doesn't like competing with others. The required repairs were before most on this current Council's time in office.

    Hey, the regulations and outright ban will not fix the problem of the current abusers. These are considered, "legal, non-conforming," according to Glenn Sabine. Renting property, whether short term or long term is not illegal. You did not need any permit to rent, before. People who bought within the last 15 years are paying a great deal of property taxes. Charles Marvin bought before that. Commercial and residential properties are protected by Prop 13. He gets the older, lower rates.

    Using hateful language and twisting the truth doesn't impress or convince anyone RSPB. Are you Amazin Marvin? Or Aceti, afraid to show your face on the blog after the defeat of Props A and C?

    You are a piece, whoever you are. You are no one to pull others' Karma down on them, RSPB. Go anywhere, you are still a bum. You are judging others when you are a pile. Otherwise, why are you face down on the ground, right now?

    The only sign sweeps I've ever heard of by Council have been campaign signs. Dennis Holz cried foul when his signs were taken or defaced by alleged Dalager supporters. The real estate signs mentioned by Maggie on horse trails, we've never seen. The people who own these easements, with a public right of way, have a right to their signs, too.

    City is wanting more and more control, that is obvious. They do not want any interference by the Coastal Commission, yet they do not realize how they are now perceived as interferring with individual homeowner's rights to privacy, rights to free speech, and rights to rent. The new regulations are only for rentals for less than 30 days, by the way. Some of the speakers were complaining of bad tenant neighbors, not bad short term rental neighbors.

  44. RSB seems to have Pot Calling Kettle Black syndrome.
    RSB, what should the future of Leucadia be? What is YOUR plan?
    Your plan as a real person with a computer, not in character.

  45. "Lastly quit flooding our blog with spew that comes from all of your orifices."

    Hey, potty mouth, you don't own this blog.

    And if you go to the Panikin, you will see that sidewalks would eliminate parking, the grassy area, or seating. Where else could they go?

    A few sidewalks only said that Roadside Park is fine as it is. So why give that poster grief? Sounds like you agree?

    Vacation rentals are included in residential uses, by prexisting law. You don't get to make up the law as you see fit. Vacationers are not all bad.

    How many residents have lived here as long as JP? Not many. Some of the people who started out as vacationers are now permanent residents, including one girl who got a scholarship from Leucadia Town Council.

    Leucadia is changing. That has already happened. Still we are not Coronado, Carmel, Hondo, Japan, Imperial Beach, or any other City you can threaten us with. We are not Orange County. All these places allow vacation rentals, because you can't pass laws prohibiting free enterprise.

    If you are worried about your "babies," anonymous, then teach them not to use the word suck in vain.

    Also, who are you talking to when you say, "Shut em down boyz?" Marvin and Aceti? They have both done plenty of profiteering in their time.

    Why do you think Marvin said at the City Council meeting, "I'm retired; I don't do that anymore?" He has represented the so-called "little guy" a few times in the past. But he knows that he has plenty of interests that make him want to eliminate the competition of short term rentals.

    We don't have a present financial interest in this, as we don't rent out our home. We live here, and have. You and your mean spirited remarks, under you veil of anonymity will not make anyone pack up and leave their homes, or this blog.

  46. Short term summer rental use dates back to the development of the del mar race track when a two lane road from LA to del mar meant maybe u didn't want to go right back after a day at the races. folks quickly caught on and initially short term rentals were trailers at seaside or on 101 in leucadia. short term summer rentals date back before all the new yuppies bought in. Now, short term summer rentals are the only way a moderate income family can spend time near the coast. You think mom,dad and three kids can afford 3 rooms at marvelous marvins hotel or the new contel going in at the foot of la costa? People on fixed incomes, with no fat pension from the city may depend on the rent from such rentals to pay property taxes, a new roof, a trip back east to see the grandkids, or maybe a vacation for themselves. I got the police reports for the last couple years, there are not a proliferation of problems from short term renters. This is the summer to prove it if there are, this issue isn't going to coastal til Nov. If you have loud, irresponsible renters, file a report with the sheriff, document your problems. If not expect the same outcome in November when this returns to coastal. As to there being problems in sea bluff, the reports from the homeowners association just don't bear this out. There was one sheriff call about a situation and it turned out to be the disgruntled son of a resident. The short term rental problem will NEVER be like in PB or OB where the units sit on the sand and it is a party atmosphere night and day. I don't want to eliminate short term rentals if even ONE long time resident of leucadia is forced to sell with their demise. I do want to maintain the status quo. I do want to preserve leucadia and the coastal zone in our communities and I believe that short term rentals do just that.

  47. Roadside Park BumJune 18, 2006 1:09 AM

    Russ Marr, so you pulled your permits in 1953?? That would be 53 years ago, and would make you about 6 years old at the time. You musta been the youngest property owner in S.D. County in those days. Good for you!!! But it's not 1953 anymore.

    You complain about my hidden identity yet you post under at least 4 different psuedonims. I'd pity you but why waste my time. There's drugs to do and being a BUM is such a stress filled job. Every night I need to find some place to crash, perhaps a nonconforming alley/studio/workshop/garage you know any place like that Russ 'Ol Buddy?? Naa, not you, your Mr. Conformity. Mr. Law & Order!!!

    Staggering down the 101 (with one 1 alias) it's your Roadside Park Bum!!!

    Next time the paramedics come to give me mouth to mouth, I'll ask them if it was you that called?? Thanks in advance, thanks ..........for nothing!!!!

  48. I thought that on this blog you could post as anonymous. How then, RSPB, do you know that Russ Marr has 4 pseudonyms? Kind of scary if it is true. Also, I don't believe that he stated he pulled the permits. I read that the permits were pulled in 1953. Big difference.The former owner of the property could have pulled those permits. It sounds like an older home if it was permitted in 1953. Laws were different then. Why are you so angry?

  49. Yeah, we can post under anonymous and any other alias here. I think this so-called bum dude is trying to get us to hate the homeless, hate immigrants, hate one another.

    Your "clever ploy" won't work. Bum, your shtick ran out here; you have no street cred left. Only crud. Nonsense, anger, self-hate, and bitterness are not convincing. You only persuade us that you are a man who loves to twist and pervert the truth, under stinky cover of your anal explosiveness.

    Seems like you, Bum, get off on targeting a few in order to take attention off the problems of bias toward developers going on at City Hall, the mounting regulations and government control that are robbing us all of our freedoms.

    Every person deserves to be free. When we salute the flag and say the pledge before Council Meetings, we say "One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all."

    I'm not Russ, but he and everybody reading this have the right to live free, the right to our pursuits of happiness, as long as we do no harm. Even you, Bum. Government is to govern, to guide, not to rule and control how people think or act in the privacy of their homes.

    Since when are you so "conforming," Bum? Glenn Sabine, City Attorney, and our City's written code, as well as the Courts, all recognize "legal, non-conforming." Common law includes the term "grandfathered." Good to consider on Father's Day.

    Bum, stop spinning webs of lies, attacking people, stirring up anger and derision, and start figuring out why you hate yourself.

    Happy Father's Day, all dads. Have a great, relaxing day.

  50. Roadside Park BUMJune 18, 2006 12:11 PM

    I didn't know Russ Marr is 4 different aliases until YOU just told me. All the posts are the same whining about the city and the city attorney!!! I was guessing, I was correct!

    AS a PhD you should know about self responsibility, 'ol Russell should start practicing some, IMHO.

    Why am I angry??? Because I'm a BUM!!!

  51. Roadside Park BumJune 18, 2006 12:40 PM

    Whaaaaa,Whaaaaaaaa, my feelings are hurt!!! I'm going to retreat into my world of booze and drugs and lay in the park and puke my brains out, I'm going to add a little character to the community of Leucadia for fathers day!!!
    Sniff,Sniff, Whaaa, Whaaa!!!! Come on down, bring your own bottle though, 'cause I don't share my booze!!!
    Staggering down the 101 on Fathers Day with hurt feeling,it's your Roadside Park Bum!!!

  52. No one told you anything, Bum, cuz no one can. Your ears and heart are plugged with vomit and feces. A real bum would have no computer access on a Sunday. Too bad you can't enjoy and let others enjoy this Father's Day without trying to get in your last, bitter, hateful word.

    There are several posting here, believe it or not, Bum, who are fed up with our City Attorneys and the city council acting as bullies and control freaks. Because several post on the same or similar topics does not mean we are one person. We all know this. You are getting more delusional and paranoid, Bum.

    Yes, you can have the last word here, putting out more of your lies and hate. You are not "my" roadside park bum; you are not coherrent; you do not make sense, and I'm through wasting my time.

    You are wrong about who is who. We know who you are; you are not a homeless person, you are a "pretender," promoting your persona to stirr up hate, fear, disrespect.

    You jump on people who have the courage to say who they are. I am not Russ, JP, Dr. Lorri. And, thank God, I am not like you. You will reap what you sow. If your feelings were really hurt, that would be a good sign; that you could have any feelings other than anger, fear, prejudice, would seem like a miracle, to me. I do believe in miracles, though. So I won't literally poop on you as you have tried to on others.

    Goodbye, and good luck getting anyone to listen to your BS.

  53. Roadside Park Bum!!!June 18, 2006 3:32 PM

    Thank God

    It always amazes me that people on this blog fail to stick to the point, the point is that Leucadia is a DUMP!!! And I'm part of that DUMP!! Somehow my guessing about various bloggers(all saying the same thing)under different names has strucka cord of anger towards the RSPB. Too Bad. I have always blogged under one name, everyone knows the RSPB postings.

    "They" whine about their pitiful problems and I call them on it, maybe next time they'll stick to the point and offer some positive solutions to Leucadias problems. I always offered mine and have never complained about my plight in life.

    I said it before and I'll say it again,Leucadia won't change ever!!! Leucadia the new Imperial Beach!!!

    No sidewalks, no streetlights, no flowers, NO INFRASTRUCTURE!!! The ugliest stench of highway in California.

    And why do Leucadians always have to tell others how to live?? Why do you say a real bum would have NO access to a computer on a Sunday. Like a real bum would ONLY have access to a computer Mon-Sat. How opinionated are you!!! I guess I'm not allowed to be on a computer on a Sunday, how can a beg your forgiveness??

    I wouldn't know Russ MArr, Dr.Lori, Johnny Taco nor J.P. if these people came to my park and puked a beer with me. And I'm OK with that, how 'bout you? I'm sure they have good points and bad. Everyone does. My bad points are I'm a drugged up, drunken BUM, my good point is I add character to the community!!!

    Now you'll have to excuse me, I'm not allowed to be on a computer on a Sunday as a stagger down the 101!!!

  54. Okay gang, let's review how blogs work. I started this blog a year ago to post my opinions. is owned by Google and is FREE to anyone who wants to start a blog. One of the features that makes blogs so successful is that readers can post comments that appear instantly (actually I do have the option to review comments first but that would be lame). For the casual reader who wants to post a comment there are 3 options.
    #1 Your blogger name. If you have a blog you sign and post and your blogger name will appear. Your name is a link to your blog.
    #2 Other. You can type in any name you want. It can be your real name or a psuedonym like Captain Awesome or something.
    #3 Anonymous. You can't think of a cool name and you don't have a blog. Maybe you are afraid to post your real name because your opinions may get you in hot water considering your position in city politics. For example, if Jerome Stocks wanted to call me a lowlife scumbag it would make sense for him to post as anonymous.
    I've seen people posting as "anonymous" upset at other people posting as "anonymous" which has beent he nature of the internet since the getgo.
    The only comments I delete are unrelated spam. I have never deleted an opposing point of view. One time I deleted a post by "all seeing eye" because he/she used the F word about 50 times. My new policy is to not delete any post, let free spreech be free.
    This blog gets over 5,000 hits a month which is 4,999 more than I thought it would get. Thanks for reading and posting.

  55. Well said J.P., you ROCK!!

    ( Gotta go, real bums aren't allowed to use computers on Sunday!!!)

  56. RPB = Christy Guerin or someone close to her. "Real Powerful Bossypants."

    She pushed for "Encinitas Rocks" as our City slogan. Plus all the comments, some of the specifics. No Bum would want more "INFRASTRUCTURE," either. That is out of the mouth of a Council Member, not a Bumpster Diver.

    You can do anything you want in the privacy of your home Council Members, but not in mine.

    Oh, and you are allowed to access your computer whenever you want, Bossy Bumster.

    We do have flowers in Leucadia. We are not and never will be the ugliest stretch of highway. A "real bum" would know this and wouldn't call us a dump. All you know about, Bossy Bum, is taking a dump.

    Leucadians are working on the sidewalk issue. We don't need more streetlights. Practical solutions do not include hate mongering. We don't need more "INFRASTRUCTURE" which equals more taxes. Our choice is not between Imperial Beach or Mission Beach and Carmel. We are unique. We are funky, and we won't let corrupt politicians, attorneys, developers, or a few profiteering corporations and/or individuals take us over and take away our true community character.

    RPB does not equal community character. This persona is a bag of disingenuous tubes, a sack of lies, masquerading as a "bad neighbor." We are not going to give our power away, Bossy, because we are afraid of the homeless taking over our city or pooping. We are more concerned with people who do not clean up after their dogs on the way to the beach, frankly.

    Good riddance.

  57. RSPB,

    I think you are shill for a redevelopment agency proponent. I don't think you are on the Council, I think you are direct from the horses' mouth. That means you are 1 of the 3 pilage style developers with an eye for Leucadia.

    Are you trying to say that a redevelopment agency will get rid of all three of the RSPBs? Doesn't that mean you will just stagger down to DEMA territory? Aceti won't like that will he?

    Can someone explain how we can get rid of the RSPB and explain how a redevelopment agency has the mechanism to kick RSPB down the highway and how there is no other way expect a RDA to kick the RSPB out?

    NOTE: Can we consider the RSPB blight?

  58. It is impossible for the RSPB to be an alcoholic/addict, a homeless person, or anything but somewhat educated. He or she knows how to spin words too well to be any of any of the above. Behind all of the obnoxious words and accusations,is a person with an agenda to sell. It is too bad that this person needs to hide. If he or she were to just state the agenda, perhaps we all could have a discussion about the points made. Not everyone agrees with Gil, J.P., or me, but at least we all have a chance to discuss the points each may bring up. That is one of the many reasons for this blog. There are too many problems in this City to focus on calling each other names, and spinning words. Let's leave that to the politicians who do it so well.Come on RSPB, do us a favor and let us know what your points are, without all of the other B.S.Take some self responsibility.

  59. Why does a whiner and complainer, as in our former word twisiting "bum," always point his/her finger at others and accuse them of whining?

    Just wondering.

    When you point your finger at someone else, you've got three pointing right back at you. Try it, and see.

    Yes, we can remain anonymous, or not, as we choose. But we can be honest about our agendas. That would help to protect and promote the greatest common good.

    Let our public servants serve us, the people, with truth and courtesy.

  60. I personally love the RSPB- The comments are witty and interesting. they are intelligant and sharp. Unlike most postings. I hope The RSPB keeps posting. If they really were the RSPB- I would by them a bottle to thank them- but then it might result in some resident getting raped, puked on, or robbed. I am way more concerned with the real bum more than dog poop. Keep up the great work RSPB-Your classic and I read you loud and clear!

  61. Why the concern?June 19, 2006 9:32 PM

    Why are some many of you losers concerned with others identities? Why dont you just focus on posting interesting blogs. Thanks JP for the lively blog. PS- Do you want a short term rental next to your home?

  62. Give us some loveJune 19, 2006 9:34 PM

    What happened to the topic. Leucadia needs some love. Please call council and make your voices be heard.

  63. RSB has been on the whiny side lately.
    I have several short term rentals surrounding me but there has never been any problems.
    Hearing Zee Machado at the city council meeting made me slide to her side on the issue.
    I always viewed the beach rentals as a good option for families. Can we encourage the landlords to rent only to families from Arizona and not frat boys?
    More proof that Encinitas does not rock, at least not after 10 pm.

  64. Hi Limpet!!

    Can you consider me blight?? Sure you can, because I am blight. I'm blight every time I piss on your streets, I'm blight every time I take a crap in your alleyway. I'm blight everytime I'm passed out on your streets, sidewalks and parks. I'm blight just like the weeds and dirt in your center median of 101( it's not funky!!, It's filthy!!). I'm blight just like your broken sidewalks and lack of sidewalks( tripping, falling, possibly being run down isn't funky, drunk or not).

    What is blight?? Just look around Leucadia, pull your head out of the sand and WAKE-UP!!! It's not 1963 anymore!!! Kennedy is dead and camalot is over!!! LEUCADIA IS NOT RURAL ANYMORE!!!! It's a suburb of San Diego, you may not be happy with that but it's the TRUTH!!!
    (Christ you people make me so angry I want to get drunk!!) PUT IN SOME SIDEWALKS!!! It's a SAFETY issue!!! Not a funkiness issue!!!

    Hey how 'bout some portapotties at the beach?? What?? People using portapotties isn't funky?? Is that why you piss in the ocean?? Do you go to the Boardroom and sip your beer and say "Hey I did something really funky today, I pissed in to the ocean!!!" Polluting the ocean with urine and feces IS NOT FUNKY!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a health issue!!!!! It's also against federal law!!!
    Limpet I can't discuss anything more with you, you have your head too far in the sand or up your ass to see clearly!!!

    Dr Lorri or Dr. Lori( I'm not sure which it is, plaese forgive me.)
    Yes your are correct, I am educated, but so are most people in this country. Although I never finished college- I'm a drop out, unlike you. Most of my learning today comes from reading and observing my surroundings, if that makes me educated then so be it, at least I don't have me head in the sand like most Leucadians I encounter!! If you want to know some of my points to discuss read what I wrote to Limpet- Health and safety!!! Anyone opposed to that, oh yeah I keep forgetting H & S aren't FUNKY!!

    Classic- Thanks for the nice comments, It's rare for anyone to compliment a bum other than another bum!!! I'm not going anywhere other than to the next dumpster(EDCO comes by on Tuesdays) and I'm going to keep posting on this blog for as long as J.P. allows me the privelige. Now this posting has gotten me so stirred up I've got to go crack another bottle and.............go staggering down the 101. Because I'm your RoadSide Park Bum!!!

  65. Can we consider the roadside park low income housing?

  66. Noooooooo, but you can consider the Roadside Park blighted!!! Why??? Well where is the landscaping??? A coupla flower plants near the sign and along on side of Leucadia Blvd isn't considered landscaping!!! It might be considered FUNKY but I consider it just LAZINESS on the part of the city and part of their grand strategy to KEEP LEUCADIA UGLY!!!!!!!

    Why does the city want to keep Leucadia ugly??? Hell if I know??? But I'm sure it's not because they want to form a redevelopment agency. Contrary to you conspiracy theorists!! And NO the moon isn't made of green cheese either, stop listening to Art Bell!!!

    They probibly keep Leucadia ugly because it's cheaper that way!!! And you can't get your photo in the paper by cutting a ribbon on some portapotty at Beacons!!! That's why I ran for Congress on June 6th, but did you vote for me?? Hell no you didn't!!! No, no you voted for either Mr.NANANANAN or MS YAMMER,YAMMER,YAMMER. Well what has 'ol Bilbray done for you in the last 2 weeks, I'll tell you .........NOTHING!!!

    You had your chance for change around here and you blew it bigtime!!! That's why I say Leucadia will never change!!! The city will keep Leucadia as ugly as it can for as long as it can, and until people like you Limpet tell them you want decent sidewalks, roads, clean beaches(no piss or crap), and LANDSCAPING!!! It will always remain what it is....... The New Blighted Imperial Beach!!!

  67. RSPB is out to lunch to compare Imperial Beach to Leucadia. Good grief! Sorry RSPB, it's not fair having a battle of wits with an unarmed man. Maybe you should hitch a ride South and tour IB sometime.

  68. Anonymous, I'm not unarmed,my arms are just full of beer. I would never try to match wits with you. You are the product of the public school system!!! I was kicked out of the public school system at age 12 for bringing Vodka to school and getting drunk at recess!!! My parents had to put me in private school where I spent most of my days face down against my desk, drooling onto my pants drunk out of my mind!!!
    But that is not the real reason I would never match wits with you, it's because, no, no I can't say it!!! Ohhh what the hell I will, It's because you are FUNKY and I'm .........just a BUM!!! Staggering down the 101, not looking to match wits with anyone, but to match wits with my next beer!!

  69. I've been out of town for a week. It took me an hour to read all the blogs I missed. Great job to all. RSPB have a beer on me. Dr. Lorri, hope you get new customers after thsi weekend blogs. Gil, good info for a person that lives in Elfin Forrest. JP, great work but I would censor all the profanity from some of the bloggers that can't control themselves. At least one of the bloggers for sure has Taret's syndrome. Where is Alejandro? Did he get deported in the recent INS sweeps?

    Weekly rental ordinance bad.
    Leucadia RDA bad.
    Leucadia street improvements good.
    Dump the city council and city manager.
    Enforce exisitng sign ordinances and remove realtor signs from the public right of way.

    These are my opinions for now.


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