Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tree Attempts to Kill Roadside Bum

"I couldn't take the smell anymore," claimed the eucalyptus tree, "But he got up and staggered off at the last second."

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  1. RSPB,

    You must be more careful and don't irritate the trees. They will get even. Perhaps you can clean up once a week at city hall. There are public restrooms there.

    That might keep the trees happier. Or perhaps the city could trim them so they wouldn't be able to fall. Wait! all that $$$$ was spent on entertaining people from Hondo, Japan.

  2. Didn't you see Lord of the Rings!

    Do you think the flooding is related?

  3. leucadia floodJune 28, 2006 8:21 AM

    I tried to wash him off but he staggered to higher ground.

  4. Dangerous trees- another reason to chop down all the trees along 101.

  5. Alejandro, can you get several of your compatriots from Encinitas Blvd to help the city trim the trees in Leucadia? We can probably get you 10 dollars and hour, lunch and no insurance (muey buenao). However, any junk you find you can take back to your hooch to use as furniture.

    You will have to promise to not disturb RSPB for his day sleeping is important to his nightly jaunts. If he is up he can probably turn you onto any of the junk spots you haven't already found.

    So what do you think? Is 10 to much?

  6. More people have been killed by cars and trains on the 101 than trees but yes, let's chop down ALL the trees so we can feel safer. Duh.

  7. War on the trees and all living things. Except the beloved RSPB.

  8. Why are the streets of Leucadia lined with trees?

    So that Carlsbad commuters can sit in traffic in the shade.

  9. I'm there if you need me, but not feeling bueno. My first time as a voter (she told me to) and I came up on the losing side. Noviembre is just around the corner so I try again.

  10. Bossypants is loserJune 28, 2006 8:32 PM

    I think Christy Guerin, Mayor, could be Alejandro. She's going to be working for Bilbray now, she said, to lobby against the Coastal Commission.


  11. JP- That a great one! Funny cause its true.

  12. If you haven't seen this notice. You should go this web page and see what the city is trying to do to zoning on hwy 101 and other places.

  13. Nobody is mad at JP for being happy that Leucadia was promised some money for trees and sidewalks. We don't need more money for cutting down trees. That seems to come without our asking!

    We're just saying, don't hold your breath.

    Hey, we just found out that Kaylin Guerin, Mayor Guerin's daughter is also working out of Brian Bilbray's office answering phones, taking messages, "filtering" our calls.

    She's probably spending time every day posting on this blog for Mommy Dearest. That explains a lot.

    A lot of good citizens of Encinitas proper do support the Coastal Commission. We do not want our Mayor saying at the Council meeting, as she again affirmed last night, that the Coastal Commission has extended its influence too far inland, that the City will fight them. And the vote, with Bond absent was only three for going back to the Coastal Commission with the complete ban on future vacation rentals. Booooo!

    Maggie, who was almost chosen as a member of the Coastal Commission has disappointed us, too. She seems to be going over to the Dark Side, voting to spend our taxpayers dollars to oppose, for the third time, the Coastal Commission's staff recommendation that beach access would be limited by a complete restriction.

  14. Yes, Bossypants Guerin is District Manager now, for Brian Bilbray, and her daughter is working out of his local office, too.

    Bilbray was recently pooh poohed in Washington DC for some of his extreme views on immigration, by his own party.

    We thought Bilbray was supposed to be a surfer, concerned about beach access for his entire district, and supportive of the Coastal Commission. What gives?

    We will be sending Bilbray a letter telling him we are not happy with him stacking his staff with our Mayor and her daughter. This is not balanced, in the least, and will only work against our coastal concerns, particularly access.

    I wish Gil would have stuck around to emphasize the inequities of a complete ban on all future short term residential rentals. The few problems will not be addressed, as they will be grandfathered in as legal non-conforming. Plus no new T.O.T. taxes can be charged without a public vote.

    Gil did say he would have to try to go over Councils' heads re the porta potty issue.

    Everyone at the Council Meeting was deafened by a huge feedback blast from some bad microphone. We all had to clear the building for about 15 minutes while they figured out what it was.

    My ears are still ringing!

  15. Still working for changeJune 29, 2006 4:40 PM

    Folks, you can watch the Council and public speakers at 6:00, Cox 19, to see last night's meeting, see how Christy Guerin and Dan Dalager both want to push the issue that the Coastal Commission is the "State" and cannot tell our city what to do. Christy badmouths the Coastal Commission but claims she approves of the Coastal Act. That act also is in place to promote public access, including vacation rentals.

    But our city sure as heck thinks it can tell its residents what to do, without any checks and balances.

  16. Yeah, and Bossypants Guerin also claims that she can work with Bilbray to get the state to get more ammenities, like sidewalks for Leucadia.

    She wants to have it both ways. She got in as a Democrat, supporting unending pay raises for public employees, increasing benefits, expanding regulations, now, as a Republican. If she is completely affiliated with the Republican party, on the staff of a politician, she cannot remain neutral, and will not be effective as a Council Member. Eight years is more than enough.

    If term limits are good enough for the President of the U.S., they are good enough for our Council Members. Period.

  17. The bad mouthing of the CC is part of the Council's PR building up to the proposed massive role back of the coastal zone in Encinitas.

    The council would have rezoned the Ecke property without an advisory vote if it wasn't in the coastal zone.

    It will be easier to shove upzones and four story buildings down our necks if the coastal zone is massively reduced and say good by to the coastal development permit process that exposes the planning process to public view.

  18. The only answer is to get rid of these city councilmen in November. We all will have to work very hard. After Bossypants and Lawnmowerman are put out of office, we need to recall the other three.

  19. We do not like short term rentalsJuly 02, 2006 9:38 PM

    You short term rental folks are using this blog as a PR tool. We true Leucadias can stand you. Short term rentals are one of the biggest threats to destroying our family beach town. Please leave us and focus on PB. Who ever runs in November- if they do not support a ban on short term rentals, I will not vote for them. Ask yourself- would you want to live next to a short term rental property or someone who owned their property. Its all about ownership and accountability. Vacation rental have neither. Short term rental slumlords are the worst thing for Encinitas and this blog. Thanks for destroying our town.

  20. short term rentals suck and belong in LA beach areas not Encinitas. Would you want to live next to a weekly rental?

  21. the roadside park bum is a short term rental tenant that just leaves before paying any rent.

  22. You bitter people will never be able to organize and make any change. Just keep on feeling sorry for yourselves and writing your poor little whoaaa is me stories. Face it you were born a loser and will die a loser. Get over it. Ban short term rentals.

  23. Speaking of whiners, you sea bluff condo owners are the worst.


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