Wednesday, July 19, 2006

4 Pull Candidacy Papers, Guerin's Intentions a Mystery

Four pull candidacy papers for Encinitas City Council

By: ADAM KAYE - Staff Writer

---- The race for two seats on the Encinitas City Council has officially begun.

Two Parks and Recreation commissioners, a community activist and incumbent Councilman Dan Dalager have taken out their candidacy papers for the Nov. 7 City Council election, City Clerk Deborah Cervone said Tuesday.

In addition to Dalager, the field so far includes parks Commissioners Robert Nanninga and Bert Long and Teresa Barth, an activist from Cardiff

The filing period began Monday and ends Aug. 11. By that date, candidates must return their paperwork, a $25 filing fee and the signatures of 20 registered voters to qualify for the ballot in the vote-for-two race.

While Dalager said Tuesday he intends to seek a second term, the intentions of Mayor Christy Guerin remain a mystery.

Earlier this month, Guerin accepted an offer from newly elected U.S. Rep. Brian Bilbray, R-Carlsbad, to work as director of his district office.

At 3 p.m. Thursday, she is scheduled to announce whether she will seek a third term at a press conference at City Hall.

If Guerin runs, Nanninga, 42, said Tuesday his focus would be to unseat her.

"If Christy's in the race, I'm in the race," he said. "And if she's not, it's very unlikely I'll be in the race."

Nanninga, a small-business owner, freelance writer and environmental activist, said that among other things, he disagrees with Guerin's endorsement of recent ballot measures that sought to allow housing on agricultural property and to institute a citywide clean-water fee. Proposition A and Proposition C both failed.

A native of Vista, Nanninga has lived in Encinitas since 1992.

In contrast to Nanninga, Long said Tuesday he supports the council's policy-making and is running because "too many people came and asked me to do it."

"So far I'm looking at the other people who've pulled papers," he said. "I don't agree with them and I don't want the council to stray that way."

Long, 56, attended San Dieguito High School and has lived in Encinitas since 1952. He owns a plumbing business and is a former Little League coach.

He said he'll run regardless of whether or not Guerin runs.

Barth, 53, said Tuesday she plans to run because she has a lot to contribute to the community.

"I also feel the current council is out of touch," she said. "Prop. A and Prop. C said that loud and clear."

Barth is a lifelong resident of North County and has lived in Encinitas since 1994. She serves on the board of the Cardiff-by-the-Sea Chamber of Commerce and is president of the Friends of the Cardiff-by-the-Sea Library. She also is a board member of the Greater San Diego Resource Conservation District and the county Fish and Wildlife Advisory Committee.

Dalager, 56, said Tuesday he has not launched his campaign but has already received $500 in contributions. The lifelong resident and small-business owner said he gave away leftover money from his 2002 campaign to Patrons of Encinitas Parks.

Before he won his City Council seat, Dalager served on the Parks and Recreation Commission. He said he's in no real rush to begin campaigning.

"After 56 years here, a lot of people know me," Dalager said. "There are people who'll never vote for me and others who will."

My take on the canidates:

Nanninga is nutcase, there I said it. I mean that in the best way. I don't think Nanninga is a bad person. I love his coffee shop and I think he is a pretty nice and interesting guy to talk too, but seriously dude comon'. I read his Coast News columns more for comedy than anything else.

I admit I don't know much about Bert Long. I don't hang in those circles.

I like Teresa Barth, she seems to have a pretty good head on her shoulders. I think a solid common sense local woman could pull in a lot of female votes in this town. She is the favorite of the three newbies I think.

Dan could be re-elected easier than people think. I've noticed a change in Dan. He used to look either sleepy or grumpy up there but now he seems more alert and enthusiastic.

I think Christy should run. I know her new job pulls in the sweet moola but it's kind of like sports, if you win an event you should always enter the next year to defend your title.

It will probably come down to who has the coolest sign posted on the coast highway.

Personally I'll vote for ever brings back the Stone Steps chug-a-lug surf contest.


  1. Personally I'll vote for ever brings back the Stone Steps chug-a-lug surf contest.

    Chug-a-lug? That's gotta be the RSPB. He's always doing that - with or without Stone Steps.

    Nanninga is the green candidate to be sure. Green in more ways than one. Teresa Barth seems level headed and fairly progressive.

    Guerin should just leave - she's causing your city lots of grief. But, if she runs, you'll find out she is career politician - starting out.

  2. Nanninaga = Alarmist nutcase

    Guerin = Bossypants

    Dalager = won't know what to do if Guerin is not leading him by the nose

    Long = Friend of Dalagher. Obviously running at bossypants and lawnmowermans behest to be an ally. He is smart but will vote with Dalagher on everything

    Barth = the only independent thinker.

    Analysis = Guerin won't run because she and Dalagher have coopted Long to replace her and the city won't change course. Long's business depends on development to get his plumbing jobs. There is no good second canidate yet. Where is JP's nomination papers?

  3. Guerin should bow out!July 19, 2006 8:37 AM

    Teresa Barth a definite yes, she would help us all pull together instead of apart.

    I thing Doug Long would be good, too. He's been in the community for years, seems to have a lot less problems focusing than Dalager. Doug's brother, John, fixed my plumbing years ago. What do you mean, JP, you don't "run in those circles?" Do you run in circles with Bossypants? She likes to hob nob with developers and lobbyists, for sure.

    I think Guerin should not run again. She made wrong choices on Props A and C and the Lighting and Landscaping ballot, too. She has already made eight years worth of mistakes, in our opinion. We are looking at huge debt, JP, thanks to her. I don't get your support of Guerin. Sorry. To us, her kind of "cuteness," is only skin deep.

    We very much want the incumbents out. We need a change. Sorry, JP, love this blog, don't agree with your take on Bossypants Guerin. Term limits would help everyone. Guerin did not report all her economic interests. This will come out in her campaign. If she plays dirty, she will get called on it.

    Bob Nanninga, realistically, is probably not electable. Some of his columns are excellent. He is not so bold when talking about local politics. We were disappointed with his recommendations last time. But then, we have been disappointed in Maggie, too. Maybe if Teresa Barth gets on board, she can help Maggie to get a grip.

    Nanninga is doing a good job on the Parks & Rec Commission, though. He can help us out, there.

    Please, please, Christy, just do your job with Bilbray. You've got plenty on your plate. Eight years is enough, honestly. We're asking you nicely: you can live off of your and your husband's combined income quite nicely. I'm sure, with perks, benefits and unreported "reimbursements," it comes to over $200,000 per year.

    You've had your time in the spotlight on Council. Please give others a chance to get us out of the debt you've built up.

  4. By "run in those circles" I mean that I don't hang out with the active civic crowd. You don't see me at the Quail Bontanical Gardens champagne breakfast and whatnot.

    I'm not for term limits, I think they can work against you.

    I think Christy isn't going to run, why else would she hold a press conference?

  5. Ask questions!July 19, 2006 9:44 AM

    Well, I don't hang with the "active civic crowd," either, but I've been to brunches, in the past, where champagne was served. lol.

    I'm not so sure Doug Long is in that "crowd," but Quail Gardens is decent, right? Oh, any kind of power positions tend to get corrupted, but, overall, I'm glad we have Quail Gardens, here.

    As far as I know, Bert Long and his sons have done an awful lot of plumbing work on pre-existing homes. I don't see that they are encouraging hog wild development. We don't need to jump to conclusions.

    I like that Doug is a working man. I think he's "Just a Plumber," here. And his posts have been right on. Let's ask him questions about what he thinks about the Fire McMansions and the Mossy McWorks Yard, both coming to tens of millions of dollars! Overpriced trappings for those seeking status at the taxpayer's expense!

    Doug's biz headquarters is right next to Lawnmowerman Dalager's, though. I would want to ask him if he would be willing to vote independently of Dan, what he thinks about the proposed Lease Revenue Bonds. We don't want to be saddled with more long term debt.

    We don't want to be billed every month on our water bills, either! Water ratepayers, steep increases don't have to be "inevitable." Don't give up!

    Also, if I were to vote for only one person, to maximize my vote, it would be for Teresa Barth. She seems to have integrity, intelligence and yes, compassion.

    We are still deciding whether to vote for one or two. JP, what about you?

  6. "justaplumber" whomever he/she is a sharp person.

    mmmm, brunch.

  7. "Also, if I were to vote for only one person, to maximize my vote"

    That tactic doesn't ensure you maximize your voting power. It is useful in restricted situations.

  8. Dan Dalager said residents are not going to vote on everything.

    Hoorah for Danny. Keep them voters in their place.

  9. Never vote for ex cops. They are control freaks.

  10. How many years was Guerin a deputy sheriff before she went out on workman's comp?

  11. Teresa is a must. Danny and Christy need to go for the betterment of Old Encinitas, Cardiff, and Leucadia. Those two just want to build expensive monuments with plaques with their name on them.

  12. Does Teresa Barth have a website?

  13. Okay, I reread the article. I like the Just a Plumber, who posts here; but what really bothers me about what the article says is that Doug Long supports the City's policy making decisions.

    We think the policy re spending is just terrible. Spend now, let taxpayers, rate payers pay pay pay, later.

    Sorry, Doug, you need to come out with some recommendations for change if you want us to support you. And face it, we don't know if Doug Long is Just a Plumber. I'm sure there are many decent plumbers in our city. Fess up, Doug!

  14. doug long is NOT justaplumber, i am. i blog under a couple names and justaplumber is one of them. No i don't want to run for council.

  15. Justaplumber are you also the RSPB?? You blog under various names??!!

  16. no. i'm not rspb. just two blog names. justaplumber and ....

  17. That's funny, because I asked Doug Long, who was in the audience at a City Council meeting if he was "just a plumber." Ha ha ha.

    He probably didn't know what I meant. I didn't really put my question into context.

    It would be asking someone, are you just a citizen? lol.

    Thanks, Just a Plumber. I'm glad to know, from you, that you're not Doug Long. We are worried about him, because of his stated support of City Policy. We think City Policy needs big changes, including more openness with the general public, more tranparency, and more common sense when it comes to spending big, then making us pay for it, down the line.

  18. Time for Teresa and JPJuly 21, 2006 6:48 AM

    JP- Christy is not running. Time to step up to the plate. I say Teresa and JP would make fine councilmembers and would even out our current council. What do you say JP?

  19. Dan may have a problem explaining the running off at the mouth behind closed city hall doors.


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