Monday, July 17, 2006

Cool Crosswalk/Speedbump/Paver Thingy's.

Sunday morning the better half and I enjoyed some sidewalk dining for a late breakfast at A Little Moore on coastal N. Leucadia. Between bites of omelet and gawking at the squadrons of Harleys I started studying at this sad little bus stop:

This bus stop has no shelter, no sidewalk, and no schedule posted. Even if I wanted to take the bus I couldn't cross the street because there is no pedestrian crossing. Even if I was already the same side of HWY101 there is no sidewalk to use. If I was on Vulcan Ave. and wanted to take the bus (or eat at A Little Moore for that matter) I would have to chance getting a $200 ticket from the coaster cops crossing the tracks or walk all the way down to Leucadia Blvd. (it's not that far of a walk but the reality is people are going to cross the tracks and why shouldn't they?).

This morning I stopped in the new Henry's market on Rancho Santa Fe Rd. They have these decent looking paver speedbump/crosswalk things. I was thinking this might be the kind of thing HWY101 could use.

These paver crosswalks would be better than a stop sign because traffic would flow instead of stopping every time (think Santa Fe Dr. Roundabout, hee hee).

I wonder how much it would cost to install a few of these across HWY101? Say one at Grandview, one at Phoebe St. etc.

Update-A raised crosswalk probably isn't the call for the coast highway, think more like this photo. It's easy for the motorist to tell a crosswalk is coming up, even if they are talking on a cell phone.


  1. NOOOOOO!!!!

    Speed humps are like plaque in your arteries. Get enough and things just aren't going to circulate well.

    We want things to move smoothly and safely but that is not synomous with slowly or stop and go, stop and go, slow and go, slow and go...

  2. How about if they are raised only like a half inch so you can go over them at full speed if the road is clear?

  3. JP,

    No one, except apparently you, wants sidewalks in Leucadia -- it is not "FUNKY"... Even the mention of sidewalks brings out the natives with their war paint on and pitch forks in hand. Some people are still holding on to the delusion that we are a RURAL community. In fact, the reason we don't have sidewalks, is that under County rule, they didn't care if we had any infrastructure and this County indifference somehow became part of the character of the community in somepeople's twisted minds. I guess this is like if you eat McDonalds long enough, you'd think it tasted better than In-N-Out. Do you really want to take this cause on. Good luck, because I am with you on this one. I'd love for me, my kids and neighbors to have a safe place to walk and not have to use the srteet, risking my life, dodging the cars every time I go for a walk.

    Lead and some of us will follow...

  4. Roadside Park BumJuly 17, 2006 10:59 PM

    Careful now your treading on thin ice!!! I agree with anonymous it would be nice to have some sidewalks and perhaps some flowers in the center median,( what was placed by L101 is but 2% of what is needed and the city isn't bothering to water the flowers so they are dying, another kick in the teeth to the community) but that goes against the "character" of the community of Leucadia.

    The Old guard that fears any chance(the pre prop 13 crowd) will come out against you as a turncoat!! Goodness you have called for sidewalks and that means infrastructure and that means maybe something might change for the better in Leucadia. But have no fear for the forces of apathy in Leucadia rule. Nothing will change, no sidewalks, no drainage, no shelter for the bus stop, no place to cross the tracks other than Leucadia blvd and you really are taking your life in your hands at that location!!! Maybe just maybe, there might be a chance now that the ol' battle ax of the LTC has hit the road and abandon her fifedom. Those Zonies won't cotton to her sticking her nose into other peoples business and they'll let her know about it loud and clear, with pistols strapped to their waists!!! Perhaps the LTC will get on board the "Clean -up Leucadia" bandwagon.

    AS for the bus stop, well you failed to mention that it is under water when it rains and that forces everyone that uses the bus to stand in mud and who knows what else to catch a ride.

    Now with the new dirt being added to the tracks, I'm sure we'll see more flooding somewhere in Leucadia , it just won't be on NCTD property. Good for them,, bad for everyone else in Leucadia!

    I can hope, but as a realist I know the only thing I can hope for is another beer.

    Staggering down the 101 with reality pressed to my lips it's the RSPB.

  5. The RSbum has sour grapes.

  6. RSPB, Human SpeedbumpJuly 18, 2006 12:44 AM

    That's putting it mildly, last anonymous. Bum probably has had too much vino.

    I love Leucadia. Most people don't want sidewalks in the older neighborhoods, that's a fact.

    We could use some sidewalks by the businesses, if Council follows through on their promises. Don't hold your breath. I am lucky to live west of 101. Crossing the traintracks at Leucadia Blvd is frightening! Pedestrians are in more danger from the cars, than trains. Maybe NCTD is putting the dirt out to divert the flooding of that bench that constitutes the Bus Stop across from a Little Moore?

    Railroad crossings for pedestrains are more empty promises. I think that is more necessary for the greatest number of residents. We do need to prioritize.

    I think RSPB is a disgruntled business owner. Again, most people in Leucadia would like more sidewalks along 101. Many flowers are seasonal and do not last. Native species could be planted that are drought resistant.

    Leucadia Blvd., we notice, has a nice center divider, planted with flowers and other plants.

    Speed bumps are not practical along 101, in my opinion. Maybe RSPB could become a human speedbump?

  7. I am sick and tired of the character attacks against Annabelle Jansen and Leucadia Town Council, and Bob Bonde. Why don't you get off your high horse and come out and admit you are selfish and greedy and don't care about anyone but yourself?

    Annabelle probably put in thousands of hours working toward helping our community. You don't know why she retired to Arizona, so leave her alone, for God's sake.

    If you are a business owner, and you are willing to give up part of your property, then why don't you put in pavers, or rope off the area so cars don't park right up next to your business? I don't think the Pannikin is asking for sidewalks. People can walk on the grass there.

    JP is talking about a way for pedestrians to cross the tracks. Putting sidewalks, at taxpayer's expense, in front of your businesses, RSPB (Charlie Marvin? or guy who lives across from Roadside Park, whose house gets flooded?) will not solve the problem for residents here, who are facing death from traffic at Leucadia Blvd, or huge tickets for crossing anywhere between where? Encinitas Blvd and Leucadia? Give us a break.

    People could fight these tickets. The public has a prescriptive right to beach access, and should not have to endanger their lives by crossing at Leucadia Blvd.

    If you don't like Leucadia, RSPB, sell your businesses and go live in a gated community. You can afford to. We don't want to change our town into something that is as phony as you are.

  8. I don't want sidewalks on the residential streets because that will mean losing parking and chunks of front yards.

    I do think a simple sidewalk down the coast highway would be good. Sidewalks are really easy to make. I think we've all mixed a little concrete at some point in our lives.

    I wonder how a paver/speedbump with a yield sign would work at Jaunita's instead of a stop sign? I bet the traffic wouldn't bunch up as much.

  9. The people who are against north leucadia improvements are a select few of folks who are under the fantasy that they will be selected onto the RDA committee and make $100,000 a year.

  10. There is all kinds of criteria a certain road must meet, per CalTrans standards, before any sort of traffic-calming device is installed; posted speed limit, actual median speed, traffic volume, etc.

    I would bet money that Coast Highway would not meet the criteria necessary for any sort of traffic-calming measures.

    Also, fighting sidewalks being installed on Coast Highway is nuts; Leucadia is no longer rural.

    Up here, on the central coast, the residents of Los Osos have, for years, fought any sort of roadside improvments (and they've fought the construction of a sewer system as well, and I'm sure you've heard how well that is going). So now, there are no sidewalks, and half the roads are unpaved. There is a ton of flooding and the real estate there has fallen behind the rest of the County. Parts of the town look third-world, and not in a cool, groovy, funky kind of way.

  11. It's interesting that JP had this blog subject now. I attended a meeting last night that the city had for a new traffic calming area in Cardiff. What JP is talking about is called a speed table and according to the consultant is the only type of vertical speed device that works.

    After two hours of working with the residents to get their ideas on what traffic calming should look like. The city traffic engineer told everyone that the city will be out of money in the landscape and lighting district and if the residents wanted traffic calming they would have to vote themselves a new tax to pay for it. He also said that the council is going back to the public for a new lighting and landscaping fee in Jan. What happened to the statement that we were flush with money from Copuncilman Bond and Bossypants Guerin.

    So let's not be fooled in thinking this council is going to do anything except build fire mansions and a public works yard. If you want any traffic calming, according to the city engineer, you will need to implement a new tax.


  12. Something I left off my last blog, the city is estimating that they will spend 10 thousand dollars a year to water the landscaping they just put in on Santa Fe Drive. Do you think they are getting ripped off?

  13. Throw Out IncumbentsJuly 18, 2006 8:29 AM

    Yes, I do think we, the taxpayers are getting ripped off.

    And also, in case anyone hasn't noticed, I don't see one single poster here who is against sidewalks on North Coast Hwy 101. There already are sidewalks in front of the Roadhouse, by the way.

    By making an issue out of the residents who do not want sidewalks by their homes, that is, off Highway 101, the anonymous posters are trying to divide and conquer, split up the good community spirit evidenced by the Leucadia Town Council, for example.

    Leucadia can remain charming, and funky, and still have some sidewalks down North Coast Hwy. 101. However, Council is wasting our money on over priced fire mansions and an over priced public's works yard. It has wasted our money on designing, without redesign contingencies, and without adequate funding, a "designer library," taking out the old Greek Revival library that was not overcrowded, and that had served us well, for years. In the process, the public works yard had to be relocated, so add another $10 ore $12 million on to that price tag.

    This is similar to what happened to the San Dieguito Water District. Their administration headquarters, paid for in full, was sold to the City. City Council sits as the Board of Directors. Now the City has to house the SDWD, and we, the ratepayers, are expected to foot the rising rates and meter fees, hidden, partially, by our being billed monthly, instead of every other month as we are now being billed. This is devious, unfair, and is robbing Peter to pay Paul, blatantly.

    Yes, Vote out the Incumbents! Don't let the deception and backroom deals continue. Believe me, we will not see sidewalks, railroad crossings, or traffic control devices, or planted medians on North Coast Hwy. 101 by November. These are all promises that have not been kept before, such as the improvements to public alleys in Cardiff.

  14. Roadside Park BumJuly 18, 2006 8:32 AM

    Human speed bump- I don't know what personal attacks your talking of, all I said was, now that the ex-president of LTC has hit the road for Zonieville, maybe that organization will start to tow the line for a better Leucadia. All I know about them is what I read from their newsletter, which I found laying on the ground on the 101. Do you think it's a coincidence that now that she's gone the LTC is calling for sidewalks in Leucadia on the 101?? I don't, I think she was an obstructionist against Leucadia and many other Bums that I have spoken to agree with me. As I have posted previously, noone is perfect, not her, nor me, and not you. I just tell it like it is, you don't have to be happy about it!!!

    Your calling for sidewalks on 101 puts you on my side of the argument whether you like it or not!!!

    You seem to advocate more flowers for 101 similar to Leucadia blvd, isn't that what I've been saying for so long now, another point for me!!

    And you talk of empty promises from the city, well at least you understand the Encinitas Govt.YOu afre 3 for 3 and a junior Bum whanna -be!! Congradulations!!!

    As for being a disgruntled business owner, sorry, the only business I'm interested in is the business of getting drunk and pissing in an alley. Don't forget I add "character" to the community.

    Get Real- It's time for you to get real!! Annabelle Jensen, I've never met her nor do I care to, she is unimportant in my life. Please read my post to speedbump. You say she put in thousands of hours helping the community, if you call obstucting progress helping the community so be it. I don't know why she left for Arizona but I wish her health and happiness.

    Attacks against the LTC?? GEt real now will you, other than the annual scholarship( very decent of them) what else have they really done for Leucadia?? Challenge every room addition and remodel driving up the cost of every project!!! That's not what I call positive for the community, CALLING FOR FLOWERS IN THE CENTER MEDIAN OF 101, NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL POSITIVE FOR THE COMMUNITY!!!

    Keeping Leucadia Ugly is not positive, keeping Leucadia funky is not positive, the LTC does both and that shameful!!!

    Staggering down the 101 not the least bit shameful, it's your RSPB!!

  15. It's been unclear what road side bum's positions are up until now. He is usually all over the map.

  16. RSPB,

    Sometimes you are just trolling to flame up the blog. You often have many good points. You also make people think about many issues that are far from black and white. Funny how I’ll bet you think they are black and white.

    One thing is super clear. You don’t understand KLF. It means we want an old California beachtown feel, not Irvine. We want interesting and unique, not cookie cutter cheap shit you get from Barratt American. We obviously don’t think funky is junky. We don’t like junky and yucky. That is why Annabelle was watching out for guys like you that come in a cheat the system and leave the long time residents to suffer with your junk. So the real question is do you really believe what you write. You just don’t get it. Do you?

    Now, I dare you to back up that the claim that LTC has "Challenge every room addition and remodel driving up the cost of every project!!!" At least name a few.

    Reviewing, watching, and giving input is bad?

    You seem to imply that the challenges were without merit. If they had merit would you still be complaining?

    Do you have a problem with citizens or the LTC trying to ensure that things are done right when the City has legal and ethical discretion on aspects of certain projects?

    RSPB there is little doubt that you are either Danny's puppet master or Mick Pattinson's shill.

    Thanks for finally showing that your drunkenness or close-mindedness has made you unable to see reality.

  17. RSPB,

    What is your big point? If we let a redevelopment district come in then bums like you will leave Leucadia?

    "Redevelopment means no more drunk bums"

    Or, "let developers run wild to buid a little Manhattan in Leucadia and we will have no more drunk bums?"

    That is ridiculous.

  18. Roadside Park BumJuly 18, 2006 12:26 PM

    Anyone that thinks that H101 will become the next El Camino Real is more drunk and delusional than I am!!!

    H101 can not ever be El Camino Real, but it can be sooooo much more than it is now!! How 'bout LTC getting on board with that message!! If you're going to represent ALL of Leucadia as your name implies, then get with the program!! Are you willing to champion any specific project for Leucadia?? Drainage?? Streetlights(only on 101)?? Porta Potties at the beaches??? LTC has finally called for sidewalks(only on 101), BRAVO!!! "Bout time!!! Better late than never I say!!

    Ever been to Carmel?? Ever been to Cambria?? These are charming little,dare I even say "Funky" towns, why can't Leucadia be like those towns, They have "Character", they also have streetlights and sidewalks and are well landscaped!!! SORRY I JUST DON'T FIND THAT ON THE 101!!! WHY?? WHY??? BECAUSE PEOPLE IN THIS TOWN THINK IT'S FUNKY TO HAVE DIRT AND WEED AND BROKEN SIDEWALKS!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!



    What is your cause?? What does LTC stand for??? What is it's purpose for being?? More than likely it will die with the lose of Annabelle and just become another shell Leucadia organization with an alleged purpose and phantom results!!!

    AS for me, what's my purpose(other than getting drunk)?? To try and wake up you Stooges into understanding there is more to life than putting a license plate holder on your car and trying to maitain the status quo!!!

    Too anger to stagger down the 101 but not anger enough to spill my beer, It's your RSPB!!!

    PS- I was run out of those towns within hours of arriving and told to not come back, been in Leucadia ever since!!

  19. "Ever been to Carmel?? Ever been to Cambria?? These are charming little,dare I even say "Funky" towns, why can't Leucadia be like those towns?"

    Uh, because Leucadia is surrounded by 10 gazillion people in the neighboring area and because all those people use 101 to commute through Leucadia?

  20. Leucadia HWY101 becoming El Camino Real is my worst nightmare.

  21. But, but, but, there are no road side bums on El Camino. That makes El Camino better.

  22. The worst nightmare is Mira Mesa Blvd.

  23. I've lived in two college towns where the campus were situated across busy streets. After several hits and near misses of darting students--both town added paver pathways with big ol' PED Xing signs. No bumps, just a visual reminder. They turned out to be more effective than the consultants promised. Colorado College (Colorado Springs) went the extra mile to add blinking lights embedded in the concrete.

    Juniata College is in the economically depressed area of Huntingdon, PA--so it must be on the lower end of cheap tricks.

  24. Susan,

    You can find those on the 101 in Del Mar. We didn't need such things before we had so many people in North County.

  25. 90% of Leucadia has sidewalks. Stop spazzing out and finish the last 10%

  26. sorry - but i say sidewalks first. the 101 corridor must provide safe passage for pedestrians so that the existing business owners can thrive and make improvements to their property without a RDA coming in. don't design in a bunch of landscaping if it means more taxes, business owners will add and tend the flowers but give everyone sidewalks along the 101 corridor. If the council and traffic engineer say there is no money for sidewalks then get a council and traffic engineer that know ther is money for a community basic. As for the drainage problem, i want to hear more from gary burke who has some ideas to solve the problems for less than a gazillion dollars. he's also the one who complained to anyone who would listen about the impact the pile of dirt by the tracks would have on the flooding problems. bitch about the pile folks cause it isn't going to help come winter.

  27. and if you are going to change the council you better start doing something other than complaining the clock is running and Nov will be hear before u know it.

  28. RSPB,

    "Ever been to Carmel?? Ever been to Cambria?? "

    Those places have solid development ordinances and the planners hold developers to it. Do you think Encinitas should be a little more like that?

  29. I know Cambria has a severe water shortage problem, now, and that is a big reason there is more or less a moratorium on new development. We are facing the same problem in years.

    Yet our Council won't make the hard choices because they know they will be out of office when the dust hits the fan.

    Seems like RSPB is spouting about nothing. Everyone agrees that sidewalks are needed along North Coast Hwy. 101. The only question is when. Will Council follow through? It didn't, in Cardiff with the promised improvements, there.

    Seems like RSPB is someone close to Council because they are always trying to compare us with Carmel. You know what? No way. We are unique. We are not Carmel, not Cambria, and we are not some kind of fake Miniature Golf Course style housing, either.

    Does Carmel have Fire McMansions, and Public McWorks Yards? No way.

  30. Gil,

    You finally said something worth listening to. Find a canidate from Leucadia that will use his or her head and stand up for leucadia. Perhaps if we find one we can get hoolihan to stand up and be heard.

    The four canidates reported in the paper don't fill the bill. It will be more of the same.

    So, as Gil has said, quit bitching and get busy electing soemone that will keep Leucadia funcky.

  31. It's true, the majority of Leucadia already sidewalks. Gil is right, the landscaping money should go to finishing the incomplete sections and make all of Leucadia walkable. That would help Food for Thought and the Art Walk right? Complete sidewalks would be good for the hotel/motel guest and good for locals.

  32. Oh yeah, and I love Cayucos and Morro Bay.

  33. whatevers done- we should slow down traffic that should be on I5 but is ripping down HW101 to get around the I5 gridlock. Landscaping is needed in a big way.

  34. i fail to see landscaping as a traffic calming device unless it's roses and you think everyone is going to stop to smell them or you plan on re-aligning 101 and landscape with hedges so it's more like a maze for drivers. let's get the sidewalks in first, they don't need a landscaping district tax to do that.

  35. Screw that. I say zig-zag the 101 and plant nasty thorny plants everywhere!


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