Sunday, July 09, 2006

"Extremely Flattered and Surprised and Intrigued"

Encinitas mayor joins Bilbray staff

By: ADAM KAYE - Staff Writer

Encinitas Mayor Christy Guerin has taken the job of district director for Republican U.S. Rep. Brian Bilbray, who took office last month after a hard-fought election to replace imprisoned former U.S. Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

Guerin, who supported Bilbray's candidacy with letters to her Encinitas constituents, said Friday that Bilbray called her shortly after his victory to offer her the directorship of his office in Escondido. Her first day was July 1.

"I was extremely flattered and surprised and intrigued," Guerin said, referring to Bilbray's job offer.

She said she plans to complete her second term on the Encinitas City Council, which expires in December, but does not know whether she will seek a third, even though she's already collected $6,500 for the campaign.

During an interview, she became teary at the prospect of leaving the position at City Hall she has held for nearly eight years. story

From my point of view Bilbray and Guerin have only one job, and that is to fight to keep state worker's comp. rates in single digits.
There is no issue that affects my family shop more than worker's comp. rates. When the rates were in double digits (thank you Gray Davis) we were under tremendous pressure to either hire illegal aliens or close down the shop and move to China. Neither options are moral, especially outsourcing to brutal communist China.
My family has always done all the right things, pay taxes and take care of our employees. Our competitors use cheap slave labor in China, Thailand or are local operations that use illegal aliens or cash under the table workers. It hasn't been easy but we are staying true to our path. We have put quality over quantity and our customers have responded positively even if they do pay more. If state worker's comp. rates hit double digits again I even doubt if we could continue what we are doing.


  1. figured her outJuly 09, 2006 8:50 PM

    Contribute enough cash to Christy and she will work like hell for your workers comp cause. Keep your dough in your wallet and she will get on to the next bidder. People have patterns and money talks to our ( I hate to use that word ) Mayor. Just ask Paul ... he spent a pant load on her to push his bogus campaign to keep high densityhousing in Encinitas.

  2. j.p.
    Bilbray won't have much influence on the state workman's comp.

  3. How can our Mayor support someone who voted in favor to allow oil drilling off the California Coast? The Beach and Ocean are by far Encinitas's biggest asset. Last week Bilbray voted to end the 25 year old policy that banned oil and gas drilling in U.S. Coastal waters, including California. The bill is HR4761. He has also accepted over $100,000 from oil and gas companies in campaign contributions in his career. Jerk. Do I really want to see oil rigs off of Moonlight Beach and oil slicks covering our junior life guards and tourists? No! Thanks for nothing -Bilbray! I can't wait to hear the explanation of how a surfer tourist coastal town’s Mayor can take a paycheck and direction from a congressman who supports offshore oil rigs. Just drive up to LA or Ventura to see what an impact it will have on a coastal town. Mayor Guerin- Please tell your boss maybe Imperial Beach wants oil rigs, but N. County does not!"

  4. Why work for a Dickhead!July 09, 2006 10:09 PM

    "Hubbert Peak shows that oil production is peaking now. As the developing economies progress, the demand for energy will continue to increase. Oil cannot possibly meet future demand. The price of oil, measured in dollars and bodies will continue to climb. The US should be the leader in developing technologies that conserve, and alternative sources. If we focus on developing the energy supplies of the future, then we will be the global OPEC of the next generation. Every dollar spent on extracting more oil is a dollar that we could be investing in solutions the world needs. Bilbray and Guerin don't get it."

  5. Why don’t people just switch from driving 10 mph commuter cars to 40 mpg vehicles and oil self sufficient? We would not need to war or politically influence other countries. We would not be spending 400 billion and growing in Iraq with no exist strategy. Our kids wouldn’t be dying for a ‘cause” with no positive end. Lastly, we would not be damaging our frickin coastline and Oceans!

  6. Figured her out is right!July 09, 2006 11:47 PM

    Your right! Just ask the firemen- They contribute big buck to the Guerin fund and they're getting the Ritz for firestations.

  7. Bilbray ran on illegal alien issues which is directly tied to workers compensation rates. Worse case scenario is Cruz Bustamante getting his way.

  8. Explain how a party line GOP is on doling end of the fire department union's Political Action Commitee. I can explain it, anything to get elected. I've never heard of a Republican being in debt to a union of public servents. We need a new party. Democrats edit they want to go socialist and get further in debt. GOP claims the opposite, but gets us in debt faster than democrats. In my opinion the Republician party has now become passive aggressive and can not be trusted. We need a new solid 3rd party for fiscally conservatives with moderate social views.

  9. What I don't get is that our City Attorney, Sabine, told Christy that she only had to recuse herself if a federal issue came to the council. Since the Coastal Commission is a State organization, I guess she gets to vote on whether to allow oil drilling off of our coast. Since Bilbray is supposed to represent all of the 50th district, and Guerin is his district manager, I don't see she can be neutral on anything that Bilbray doesn't like. I can't help but wonder if again, Sabine is giving bad advice. He makes money every time he does this because citizens sue and he collects. Nice gig if you can get it. I also wonder why we don't bid out for contracted City Attorneys. Seems like there may be a firm better than Sabine and Morrison.

  10. Put these names in a rough circle on a piece of paper;
    Now draw in a two way arrow between each name... Bingo

    One sleeps with the other and both rely on the thirds support with the council or report directly to him. Try singing "Its a family affair"

  11. Our new unelected mayor is Brian Bilbray. To feed herself bossypants will have to take her boss' position on all issues. So we have a defacto elected Bilbray new mayor of Encinitas.

    I say let's not waste any more time lets recall Mayor Bilbray in the form of Guerin.

    I fail to see how either effect work comp legislation. I know our democratic legislature can't do it right. Ig Guerin had the ability she would never do it because she has been in bed with the fire department union and the sheriff's deputy's union.


  12. Please, Bossypants, Christy Guerin, if you are considering not running again, do us all a huge favor: don't. You should quit while you're "ahead." Get my drift? Two terms is enough. You've got a swell new job, lots of chances to hob-nob with the lobbyists you adore.

    Give someone else a chance. And while you are at it, could you explain all the stuff you left out on your "Statement of Economic Interests," which you signed, under penalty of perjury?

    Your husband makes over $100,000 per year through taxpayer's money. How much does your new job with Bilbray pay? Article doesn't say, of course. How much did you and your husband get in both of your separate Workman Comp awards? You are getting plenty of money through the taxpayers, already. Please give someone else a chance, in Encinitas.

    We are soooooo tired of you. You don't care about the environment, like your campain literature has stated, just your own ambitions, social, financial, political.


  13. Nightmare City CouncilJuly 10, 2006 12:36 PM

    Christy Guerin's daughter, Kaylin, also working out of Bilbray's local office, told us that Christy would go along, exactly, with Bilbray's platform. That's their job!

    We want her out of office in Encinitas, to start. Bilbray is too busy putting the fear of immigrants taking over into our hearts and minds, manipulating with fear and prejudice, to think about the consequences of his disastrous environmental policy.

    He is not for the Coastal Commission; he wants to limit the CC's control.

    City Council, now, in our not so fair city, are a bunch of control freaks. They don't want to be "controlled" by the Coastal Commission, but they want to control you and me, down to demanding to know what's inside of our cupboards. It's a nightmare.

    Dalager can't continue to hide behind Christy, either. Both have got to go.

  14. I am extremely disgusted, disappointed, bummed, but not surprised that Guerin was offered and immediately accepted her new job, kissing Bilbray's bottom.

    She's a farce, in our eyes. Why would someone who got a big Workmen's Comp settlement, and appealed it, wanting more, in the case of her husband, "Al Guerin," someone who is or will be getting retirement through the County and City, now perhaps more retirement, through Bilbray, why oh why would someone like that be interested in keeping the Workmen Comp rates low, JP?

    People like the Guerin's are the reason our rates are so high.

    Please help us to band together to get Guerin and Dalager, both, out of office. Enough is enough. We need new blood, fresh ideas, accountability and integrity.

    We need you, JP.

  15. I believe that the paper said the position Guerin is taking pays either $80,000 or $85,000 per year. Not bad!

  16. I'm sure the focus of his post is workers compensation due to Guerin's settlement. Nicely played sir.

  17. Workmen's CompJuly 10, 2006 2:05 PM

    Hey, last anonymous, this is not a game, but thanks for the compliment, anyway.

    Or are you being sarcastic?

    Either way, I don't think JP posted that about Workmen's Comp because of the settlements of the Guerin's, both Christy and husband, Al. I think he posted that because his business is suffering because of these high costs.

    However, it is relevant that the Guerin's are part of the problem. And that is not a slur on our sheriffs, either, just on a system that puts so-called "public servants" like the Guerin's on a pedestal way above the struggling workers and small business owners in private enterprise.

  18. Goodbye GuerinJuly 10, 2006 2:13 PM

    Oh, sorry I missed that part about Chisty Guerin making between $80,000 and $85,000 per year, on top of her other compensations and benefits, on top of her husband's more than $100,000 through the County Sheriff's Dept.

    And if they bought their home over 20 years ago, you know they are not paying that much in property taxes either. Must be niiiiiiiccce.

    Please go away, Christy. You are history. Let someone else up to bat. You got called to play in a different league. Read, developers, lobbyists.

  19. Guerin taking the post with Baaaabry has given those running for council a huge boost. This seems like it can only hurt her in this city unless Dan is correct when he says "if she holds both jobs this would give us a direct line to the ear of a congressman." Dan doesn't understand that you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. It's time to get working on finding those who are going to run for council, don't daddle, start now, the clock is running and November will be here before you know it.

  20. We support our CoastJuly 10, 2006 7:36 PM

    People just aren't going to step forward, I don't think, Gil, until September or October.

    Christy Guerin's direct line to the ear of a congressman is to a lobbyist who is not listening to our environmental concerns about the off-shore oil drilling, and other important issues. Her direct line will only hurt us with the Coastal Commission, more.

    My daughter says the Coastal Commission has become another place for political appointees to hold sway, unfortunately. We fear that is why the Coastal Commission went against it's own staff's recommendation on the Contel issue, when you went up to Monterey, as did Guerin and our turn-coat Community Development Director, Patrick Murphy.

    Guerin and Murphy were on a junket, paid for by the citizens of Encinitas, to go against our best interests. They lobbied for the developers, and it worked. We're not happy. When we cry foul, Christy Guerin labels us complainers and whiners.

    Now Guerin and Dalager think they can do the same thing, again. They are counting on the political influence machine to overrule the will of the voters, and the staff of the Coastal Commission. We citizens do appreciate and stand behind the Coastal Commission's working for us as one of our primary check's and balances. Guerin and Dalager want a little tyranny, here.

    Guerin only claims environmental issues when she is trying to drum up more money for her capital projects, such as the Hall Property and the new library.

    Whatever happens, vote out the incumbents. Dan is a big disappointment to us, and Bossypants Guerin has done enough damage in eight years. We should have term limits, regardless.

  21. Ya know it occurs to me that the score is Christy Guerin won, and whiners 0.
    She's been whatever she is as a a former Deputy for a long time.

    Picking on her children and spouse? Very weak!

  22. No one is picking on the kids. It is just nice to be aware that one of them, maybe previous poster, works out of Brian Bilbray's office with Christy Guerin. And how much is Kaylin Guerin making there? Did the article in NCT mention her, or her earnings? It is relevant to us, as we want to know just how much nepotism, political maneuvering is going on in North County, with Bossy Guerin and her family.

    All that was said, here, about Guerin's spouse is that he makes over $100,000 per year, and also got a Workmen's Comp settlement, which he appealed, and lost.

    Stating the facts is not whining, although Bossypants Guerin would like people to think it is. Instead of answering our concerns, she dismisses us, labeling us as complainers. We will complain with our votes, come November, and posts here, letters to the editor, now.

    Yes, she's been doing this for nearly eight years. That doesn't make it right. Time to go.

    Stop your whining about our exercising our freedom of speech, Christy ..., previous poster. Might doesn't make right. She might have "won," but not by a majority. Time to go, now.

    And if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. And don't give people who call up to talk to Bilbray, to say our current mayor should not be working for our Congressional Rep, a hard time, Kaylin Guerin. We aren't picking on you. You are manipulating us, and public opinion.

    And why didn't Christy Guerin report all her travel reimbursements on her Statement of Economic Interests? What else is she hiding?

  23. I grew up in Santa Barbara surfing Rincon. I don't see that the oil platforms have caused a problem. They are within sight of the coast. What Bilbray is supporting is exploring 25 miles off the coast. Most days you won't be able to see them. Los Angeles has taken care of our clear days with all the smog generated.

    In the gulf coast the platforms have served as great artifical reefs. Great fishing around them.

    What is safer for us, nuclear power plants or oil platofrms?

    I say yea for those proponents of continued oil exploration off the california coast. I say nay to the greens that think progress is bad.

  24. Where were u when the platform blowout occurred and the beaches off Santa Barbara where covered with oil and the tar balls rolled in for over two years? Each platform requires over an acre of on-shore support infrastructure. There have been far fewer problems with nuclear power plants than oil production. The oil produced from off-shore drilling won't even make a dent in our demands over the next twenty years. If you want progress, start to work on re-newable power and transportation that depends on something other than oil to power you car. This will lessen the amount of LA air pollution unless you support Mr Reagan's position that trees are the reason we have pollution and global warming.

  25. On City Hall this morning:
    1) info on J. Spencer not to be released per Gov. Code Sec. 6254[c].
    2) beacons, stonesteps and grandview have never been sampled by the city. The county last sampled beacons in 2002 and last sampled grandview in 2004. The have never sampled stonesteps. Paul Hartman took samples yesterday and is having them checked at Encino plant today.
    3) i picked up the videos of the June meetings of the council and will try to work them into the powerepoint presentation for the coastal commission in November(?).
    On #1 above, i will contact Glen Sabine later this week. I do not want anything personal on J Spencer just would like to have educational history(college graduated from, and major/minors) so that it is clear whether she has the minimal qualifications to be director of finance.
    On #2 above, i guess i should be glad that the samples are being taken and not harp on the council's perceived notion that saying the areas are clean makes them so even with no test results to base that opinion on.
    3) i guess i will work on the web site i started to prepare a year ago so that i don't have to fill this site with long rambling blogs. it's, give me a month to get it ready, i'll link back to jp's site so you can attack it here. love ya all.

  26. Kick her out? We can't even keep Bilbray out of our district. Best of luck... its time to face facts and see that the Republican machine in our area is just not working anymore. It's too busy trying to push out neo-conservative viewpoints, out-of-step candidates, and looking outside our communities for finacial support. Vote for locally supported candidates - no guys like Bilbray who phone it in from Virginia. Guerin doesn't have the support from the voters - so she looks outside the city for help. The GOP will make a shill out of her, so she can keep her office.

  27. her daughter Caylin is not being paid by anyone. she is continuing the unpaid internship that she had with brian's campaign.

  28. Off shore oil rigs polluteJuly 11, 2006 4:43 PM

    Dude from Santa Barbara- You fried your brain and have no common sense. Senseless crap comes out of your mind. Go back to your oil rigs and let of focus on protecting our ocean and beaches, not the oil companies profits and needless pollution of our world.

  29. "unpaid internship"

    ugh, I've always hated those words. Pay those poor kids man.

  30. Her unpaid internship got her mommy a job that pays $85,000 a year. In six months her mom can get her a $40,000 a year job. Not bad for a few months of unpaid internship.

  31. Gil,

    where were you when Chernoybal exploded polluting the area for over 20 years now. Gil you are really lame when it comes to things you don't like. Get your facts straight. You put yourself out on this web site as a great through investiagtor. A seeing all correctly for the community of which you don't live.

    Perhaps you should let everyone know when you are shooting from the hip.

  32. Yeah, I guess but I still think interns should make at least min. wage.

  33. Our Mayor works for Duke Jr.July 12, 2006 8:19 AM

    NORTH COUNTY ---- Local Republican congressmen, including newly elected U.S. Rep. Brian Bilbray, have voted for a bill that would allow companies to drill for oil and gas off the coast of California and other coastal states.

    The vote, taken on June 29, prompted criticism from Bilbray's political opponent that he is "out of touch" with residents of his coastal district. The congressman is filling out a term left open by convicted former Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham. Bilbray faces re-election in November.

    Bilbray, a surfer who once led protests against Tijuana sewage spills, said the measure would give states more control over their shores. He said he opposes drilling in local waters, but may support drilling in remote coastal areas of the state.

  34. Since our Mayor works for Duke Jr., maybe we should respectfully address her as "Honorable Mayor Daisy Duke"!"

  35. Hazardous DukesJuly 12, 2006 3:21 PM

    Bilbray is Duke Jr.- Guerin is Boss Hog!

  36. Who is it that is always picking on Gil? What did he do to you? Gil does the best he can with what he has to work with.

    Gil for City Council!

  37. See. Gil he hires many of my people. I think he do well at city council. Maybe he really PAN party.

  38. We are trying to stop an ocean Chernoybal. Did you watch Nemo or visit the Birch Aquirium? There is a different world in the Ocean. Why would we want to kill them. Keep the ban on offshore oil. Get rid of those supporting them. Duke Jr. must go!

  39. Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Association is doing Food for Thought on Thursday night, July 13. Everyone should show up and buy a ticket for $15 to show support and have a great time walking down 101 tasting the best of Leucadia. See you there at 6 PM! Tickets are available at the event.

  40. dear anonymous facts straight. Let me give you a few since i do have most of mine straight. hate to fill the blog but what the hay:
    It’s Chernobyl or if u are from the Ukraine Chornobyl. The Che station is in the town of Pripyat.
    It consisted of RBMK reactors, pressure tube boiling water reactors. Reactors of this type have
    never been built or planned in a Western country. They could not be licensed in the US. The
    RMBK design has a dangerously large positive void coefficient. Voids increase the amount of
    energy produced which creates more voids until the reactor becomes unmanageable. The more
    serious flaw was the design of the control rods with graphite tips with water filled extenders.
    Rods of this design, when initially inserted actually increase the reactor speed rather than the
    desired effect of decreasing it. This behavior was counter intuitive and was not known by the
    night-shift operators. The manager of the plant had no nuke experience and had only operated a
    coal fired plant. Prior to routine shut-down on that night of April 25, the least experienced night
    crew prepared to preform a low power test that I won’t go in to. These reactors are verrry
    unstable at low power. Preceding the test the crew disabled the automatic shut down
    mechanisms. As flow of coolant diminished, power increased. The plant was only operating with
    7 of the 211 control rods, The operator quickly inserted additional rods thinking this would slow
    the reaction, the rods did just the opposite and caused a dramatic power surge. The fuel elements
    ruptured, the steam lifted the cover plate(no solid containment vessel like our reactors), the
    graphite moderator burst into flames and the rest is history. You would have done better to ask
    about three mile island. TMI completely re-wrote operator manuals. Pre TMI operator manuals
    focused on diagnosing the underlying problem(s), now operator manuals focus on a standardized
    checklist to ensure that the core is receiving enough coolant under sufficient pressure.
    The TMI incident had a psychological effect on the nation and nuclear power approval dropped
    from 70% to 50%. The TMI event did not initiate the demise of the US industry. It was the post-
    oil-shock and the misguided conclusion of petroleum overcapacity that put the breaks on, that
    and local opposition to construction of new plants. Of 129 plants approved pre TMI just 59 were
    completed and no plant has been authorized to begin construction since. I might add, the
    containment vessel at TMI did not break and the release of radiation that did occur exposed
    people living within a ten mile are to somewhere between 8 and 100 millirems of radiation. 8
    millirem is equal to a chest x-ray and 100 is about a third of the average background level of
    radiation received by US residents in a year. Nukes are OK by me but not RBMK reactors run
    by idiots. Those are the facts and I think I've got them straight and i hope the shot hit the uninformed mark. P.S. ALL of my workers are either women from abused situations or hispanics with green-cards and over fifty. And I have to withhold judgement on PAN and PRI until i see if Mr Fox splits with the $ now that he's out as pres. That's the tradition in your country alejandro and probably one of the reasons you like it here better. now that's probably shooting from the hip. no offense alejandro.

  41. Can Leucadian's solve the nuclear power issues and illegal immigration problems? I think we should concnetrate on what is happening to our community by our city council. One of our council ladies has abandoned Leucadia and the ideals on which she was elecetd. She has gone to the darkside of development.

    Is the city going to take mobile home parks through emmenint domain so they can sell the property back to the renters? This would allow them to list all those trailers as low cost housing units.

    These are the issues we need to discuss. What are the tax implications of that move for the rest of us? What are the moral issues of taking someones property to enrich someone else.

  42. Compassion in actionJuly 13, 2006 10:35 AM

    We would hope that we can maintain the trailer parks. We love Valley of Dreams!

    And they do serve to support those that can't afford the astronomical price of new development, that is the lower income people in our community.

    If we simply let the highest profit, unchecked capitalism, be the final determining factor, then we will lose all economic diversity within our community. Our City government is a form of socialism. We need to make it work for us, instead of against us.

    Balance is key. We need to have some folks with integrity on Council so they can support their constituents and do what is best for everyone, not just a select few long term property owners and developers.

    We do support property rights, and do not support eminent domain for redevelopment in Leucadia.

    We also believe in showing some compassion for the less fortunate, often the working class. And yes, the classes are becoming more divided, in part, due to speculation and putting short term profit over long term community needs.

    The rich become richer and the less fortunate are chased out of town. That is not progress.

    We appreciate Gil's posts. Alejandro is a poser, obviously, who can't spell Yes, in Spanish. Not funny, imo.

  43. I doubt if this will make any of you feel better but a friend of mine did offshore oil exploration off the San Diego coast for 6-7 years. He reports, "There is no oil here."

    I think this will effect the Gulf coast more than us.

  44. Tell us JP surfboard makerJuly 13, 2006 9:42 PM

    JP- Doesn't make me feel better. How do you feel about the issue. I thought you would be for a clean ocean, but please tell us how you feel. How about the poor coastal communities who have oil off their beaches. Ban Off shore oil drilling and nix those that support it. Is Off shore oil drilling ok off of CA?

  45. How many years did Christy Guerin work as a deputy sheriff before she went out on workman's comp?


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