Saturday, July 29, 2006

Leucadia: funky, groovy, classic...home.


  1. tortilla flats in da houseJuly 29, 2006 8:29 PM

    nice bunch of fotos, but you need to go east and get some shots of the refrigerators on the front porch and 12 cars on the lawn in the flats.
    we'll be shooting fireworks in an hour come on down ese

  2. I love eggees.

  3. ROADSIDE PARK BUMJuly 30, 2006 8:05 PM

    no public toilets at beaches
    mounds of dirt at the RR tracks

    Shall I go on???
    Staggering down the 101, not the least bit impressed by your funky, groovy, classic....home. It's your RSPB.

  4. Not trying to impress the haters.

  5. Good photo spread, JP, hope you had a great weekend.

    Thanks for sharing with us, all the time, bro.

    Yeah, no time for hate.

    We love funky Leucadia.

    Good letter by Lorri Greene in yesterday's NCT re Bilbray!

  6. Roadside Park BumJuly 30, 2006 11:26 PM

    Wait just a minute J.P. I'm not a hater!!! Just a realist in your "funky, groovy, classic...home" This is MY home also, don't be laying claim to all that is "right" with Leucadia and not take any of the blame with what is wrong!!! What's wrong is wrong, whether you like it or not!! And it's been wrong for too damn long!!!

    Talk is cheap and blogging is cheaper!!! Maybe you need to get some fresh air, come outta that trailer of yours, must be a 100+ degrees in there.

    And what's so GDamn "FUNKY" about an abandoned chair by the side of the road, It's an eyesore and a piece of trash!!! Anywhere else and it would be removed, but in Leucadia it becomes part of the "experience" of a 60's beach town!! Screw that!!!

    IS it an "Experience" to try and use a flooded park, ie a swamp for a picnic??? I must have missed that 60's funky beach town thing growing up, sorry I don't remember Frankie and Annette having to deal with swampy public parks, but them again I was more interested in scoring some beers than "experiencing" that cool 60's beach lifestyle!! But hey, I'm getting to live that bullshit in 2006, aren't I. LUCKY ME!!!

    Staggering down the 101, still not experiencing that cool 60's lifestyle of a funky beachtown, it's your Roadside Park Bum!!!

  7. J.P.

    Seeing all those pitures makes me realise why I love Qualeudia, I mean Leucadia, so much. It reminds me of my carrefree drug induced dayiz of my past. Wait a minute, my mind can only remember as far back as yesterday.

  8. RSB, you are periously close to jumping the shark my friend, lol.

  9. RSPB,

    What is your solution the problem you see? What should be done? Don’t go off on how people are getting in the way. Just say what should be done.

    It is time to hear it out. I am tired of reading your whining about other people’s views.

  10. RSPB,

    How did Leucadia get into the shambles you say it is in? How did it happen? Explain why we don't look like your ideal town. What happened?

  11. The roadside park isn't a roadside park. It is a drainage and collection area when it rains. It has always been a collection sump by county or city designation. The rest of the time it is a piece of greenery. The rspb should know that if he know the history of the area.

  12. thanks for the photos... it makes me miss the VOD and all my friends there... Have a Sangria for me next time you're at le papagayo. say hi to the wifey for me. love you guys...

  13. Roadside Park has always been, will always be in a "flood plain." That is why nothing is built there.

    Yes, when it's not raining, which is most of the time, it's a nice little patch of green.

    Lots of towns have bits of abandoned furniture, like chairs, sitting out by the curb for awhile, until they get taken to the dump, or picked up by someone who can use one. That one, in the photo, didn't look so bad to me.

    RSPB is being awfully judgmental and harshing our friend, JP, as well as our beloved little berg, Leucadia. Seems to me fake bum, if you don't like this place, you can go move to a gated community. There are no roadside chairs there.

    This town does belong to everyone who lives here, and a lot of us think you've lost your sense of balance, RSPB. That is why you are staggering. Hostility to those who appreciate "funky" will not get you anywhere. Oh, but you're already there.

    You say talk is cheap, and yours sure seems to be. If your little park is flooded, go have a picnic on the beach. You don't have to make us a part of your spewage.

    Welcome to your own nightmare, RSPB. JP is a good guy for giving us the opportunity to make comments, even you.

  14. Thats one ugly ass sidewalk.July 31, 2006 4:35 PM

    Do it right or dont do it at all. Old Encinitas has the right type of sidewalk. New Carlsbad and Oceanslime has the wrong design for sidewalks. Let do our right!

  15. Step down, Christy!July 31, 2006 7:20 PM

    Good Community Forum piece in NCT today calling for Christy Guerin to resign.

    For her to continue making bad decsions and bad policy through December is not acceptable. She needs to devote herself "110%" to Bilbray, and her Fed position, as she said in her press release, before, to Adam Kaye.

    We don't need her going on more junkets up to Monterey to lobby the Coastal Commission, on behalf of condo developers, or going to (taxpayer funded?) parties for her cronies, whether in Japan, or here, as in our recently retired fire chief. He's a good guy, but we notice nobody said a word when Cindy Adams, head of Code Enforcement retired.

    As today's article in the NCT pointed out, many people in the Coastal Communities, the majority, did not support Bilbray. Christy Guerin and her daughter, Caylin, have stated that Chrisy Guerin will go along, precisely, with Bilbray's agenda, as that is her job. Because she will go along with Bilbray's support of off-shore oil drilling, Christy is in league with big oil interests, and not with the majority of the citizens of Encinitas.

    Please retire, Christy, once again. Between your $2,000 per month disability payments, through the taxpayers, and your new $85,000 per year director position with Bilbray, through the taxpayers, we don't want you to keep scamming us by working the system, in Encinitas, too, affecting future policy.

  16. Oh, J.P., RSPB was never the Fonz. In order to jump the shark, one must have been cool or relevant at some point in time.


  17. Twelve more shopping days left for filing for council election. So far we have two new faces and one incumbent, is that it? As I said before, I'm under-whelmed. Looks to me like it's business as usual at toad hall. Where are all the people that care, off in the hay-stack fast asleep?

  18. I hesitated posting the photo of the chair because I knew it would fuel the anti-Leucadia forces but the chair was there and it's so ugly that it made me laugh.
    It's in the Grandview parking lot if you want it. A guy told me there was a matching couch the day before, heh.

    I've noticed that the homes along La Costa Ave in Carlsbad have an endless supply of crappy furniture placed on the curb at all times. Why?

  19. Good Christian piece today calling for Christy Guerin to become a goddess.

    For her to continue making comfortable shoes and rad sushi through December is quite acceptable. She needs to devote herself "910%" to Bilbray, and her Fed position. (Find "fed-position" in the cama-sutra and win a special prize!)

    We don't need her going on more jackets up to Monterey to lube the Coastal Commissars on behalf of condom developers!
    Please re-tire, Christy, once again. Tiring once isn't enough. You must re-tire. That is you should tire, and tire again in order to re-tire.
    Between your $2,000 per eyebrow payments, and your new $85,000 per origamy we don't want you to keep helping us by working with worms.

  20. Can't someone come up with a good case for conflict of interest re: Christy. There must be one. Don't count on Sabine to give it to her, even if she does ask. In fact, if we could find a lawyer that could make a case for conflict of interest, perhaps we could get both she and Sabine out at the same time, as he should be providing the Council with accurate information regarding conflict of interest. HELP! Any attorneys out there that can think of something?


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