Friday, July 21, 2006

Mayor Guerin Seeks Mathematical Impossibility Instead of Re-Election story

Christy Guerin says she won't seek re-election

By: ADAM KAYE - Staff Writer

---- Mayor Christy Guerin tearfully announced Thursday she will not seek re-election in November so she can focus on her new job as district director for U.S. Rep. Brian Bilbray, R-Carlsbad.

"I want to be able to throw in 110 percent at the congressman's office and at the same time I don't want to neglect the city," Guerin told reporters at City Hall.

Guerin's departure means one of two seats will be uncontested in November's City Council race.

Councilman Dan Dalager collected candidacy papers earlier this week and said he plans to compete for a second term.

Three other hopefuls ---- Teresa Barth, Doug Long and Robert Nanninga ---- have taken out candidacy papers so far. Because Guerin isn't running, the deadline for returning candidacy papers will be extended from Aug. 11 to Aug. 16.

Guerin, 49, ran unsuccessfully in 1996 before being elected to the council in 1998 and re-elected in 2002. In December, she began her second, one-year stint in the mayor's seat, which rotates among council members.

Guerin began working in Bilbray's Escondido office July 1. She said she delayed announcing her re-election plans so she could learn more about what the job for Bilbray entailed.

The job could be short-lived: Bilbray is completing the remainder of imprisoned former U.S. Rep. Randy Cunningham's term, which will end next January. Bilbray faces Democrat Francine Busby in the general election this fall.

For Guerin's remaining time in office, she said can "do a good job as mayor and still do a good job for the congressman."

Guerin choked back tears as she announced her decision.

"It wasn't easy," she said, dabbing her eyes. "I don't want anyone to think it was easy."

Also emotional was Guerin's daughter, Caylin, 20, who accompanied her mother to the press briefing. The younger Guerin is one of four siblings. She said her mother remains available to the family despite the demands of her new job and of being mayor.

"She's very balanced and has her priorities," Caylin Guerin said. "She's a good mom."

Christy Guerin said she would return the $6,500 in campaign contributions she had collected earlier.

She said she would endorse candidates for City Council after the filing period is over.

She reflected proudly on having contributed to the completion of the Encinitas Community and Senior Center, Fire Station No. 5, Cottonwood Creek Park and the Downtown Encinitas StreetScape Program.

"Those are projects that had been in a holding pattern," Guerin said.

She said she was proud to have been on the City Council that hired City Manager Kerry Miller and approved the purchase of the 43-acre Hall property as a park site.
Working for Bilbray will allow her to learn more about the workings of the federal government, but the position won't be a springboard to running for federal or state office, she said.

Before her election to the City Council, Guerin worked as a sheriff's deputy from 1980 to 1990. She left that job because of knee and back injuries she suffered on duty. She said she can continue to receive a $2,000-a-month disability pension despite her return to the workplace.

Guerin's husband, Alfred, is a commander for the San Diego County Sheriff's Department and oversees four stations as well as other operations.

She said her religious beliefs influenced her decision not to seek re-election.

"I'm a faithful person," she said. "You don't get handed a position like this (for Bilbray) and get greedy and do both."


  1. I hope Christy keeps her daughter away from the underage hard partying Bilbray kids.

  2. If you give more than 100% you will die. I only give 65% so I can still cook dinner for the kids at the end of the day.

  3. Encinitas LocalJuly 21, 2006 9:27 AM

    They are perfect for each other. Fucking Nazis!! I Just wish I was there to kick her in the ass on her way out! We can only hope Busby will win. Then Guerin can go back to Mooching off the state. LOOSER!!! Welfare Dike!!!

  4. Christy



  5. Bye, bye, BossyJuly 21, 2006 10:57 AM

    Thank God Guerin stepped down. She was up for some hard questions. Thanks, JP, for this blog, because it helped in her decision. And about Guerin's statement, she didn't want to "get greedy," well, remember, she is mooching off the taxpayers, still, and she "can continue to receive a $2,000 per month disability pension, despite her return to the workplace."

    Thank you, Adam Kaye, ace reporter for NCT, for finally revealing the ongoing workman compensation payments Christy Guerin is still receiving. Oh, yes, welfare for the rich. Her husband, also making over $100,000 per year, got a Workman's Compensation award, as well, which wasn't good enough for him. He appealed the Workmen's Comp Board decision, and lost.

    We are grateful Bossypants backed out. Thanks, everyone, who spoke out, encouraging her to do so! Yeah, Christy saying she wants "to be able to "throw in 110 percent," is just like her. She wanted to spend 110 percent, and let the chips fly where they may, which is, right at the taxpayers' pocketbooks. She goes out still supporting her terrible decision to hire our overspending, underplanning City Manager Kerry Miller, giving him outrageous raises along the way.

    We are concerned about her stated intentions to fight the Coastal Commission. We don't want that. Hope she doen't do anymore damage as a lame duck.

    I'm crying, too, tears of relief. Bye, bye, Bossy.

  6. Bossypants would be better off staying home supervising her children who like to have "booze" parties while mom's not in sight. Isn't it against the law to furnish "booze" to kids under 21??? Priorities?? Good mom??? Give me a break!!! Hey, when you're a high ranking official....people WILL find out about it.

  7. Nowhereman Dan DalagerJuly 21, 2006 11:37 AM

    Don't forget Dan Dalager has been sitting up there, befuddled, going along with everything Bossypants wanted, wants, for years.

    He needs to go mow some greener pastures. The fields of moneyspending dreams are parched, dried out. Oh, but you want a City Pension, too, right Danny Boy?

    Please, don't let Dalager continue to put us into a financial squeeze, then skip off into the breeze, taxpayer dollars in hand. Lets get two new faces on City Council. It will be a great start. Dan Dalager seems to be living in a fantasy land, and has shown that he can very rarely speak for himself, or "keep up" with all the reports that need to be read and studied, for regular agenda items, much less the consent calendar. When you let staff make all the decisions, they go hog wild. We need someone with courage and integrity.

    Bye, bye, Lawnmower Man, we hope. Sometimes prayers are answered. You disappointed a lot of people who voted for you Dan Dalager.

    You, Dan, also seemed to support A, C and the Lighting and Landscaping ballots, all which failed. The voters are in no mood for you to waste more taxpayers dollars challenging our Coastal Commission, now.

    This is not a tyranny. We do need some checks and balances. We should get to vote on big bond issues that will put money into the General Fund, and take money back out of the fund. The bond should not be a Lease Revenue Bond, because it is not a water department issue.

    Think long and hard about your crappy decisions, Dan. You don't have time to mind the store and make up your own mind after really investigating the issues.

  8. How can this woman receive $2000 in workers comp and work a $85,000 a year job? This is the kind of shit that makes people go postal. What a ripoff. JP you should be pissed I read your blog about workers comp rates.

  9. Before her election to the City Council, Guerin worked as a sheriff's deputy from 1980 to 1990. She left that job because of knee and back injuries she suffered on duty. She said she can continue to receive a $2,000-a-month disability pension despite her return to the workplace.


  10. spending our money did not expose her back or knees to further injury. The only thing it put at risk was her fat ass.
    I voted for Bilbray last time but will re-think that in November based on Christy.

  11. New direction, new faces~July 21, 2006 9:13 PM

    I don't see how Christy Guerin could run in those races in Hondo, and here, too, and still get $2000 per month disability, while working the system, to the hilt.

    And Dan Dalager supported her all the way. Once James Bond lost the will to rein in the budget, they all just lined up with Bossypants. Now Dan Dalager will pay for it come November, when we predict he will be swept out, too. Don't worry, Dan, you can get by without the City Pension you will be vested in if you get elected one more time. You've got your real estate and your family business. You may have a degree from UCSB, party school, but you haven't been using your noggin as our Council Member, and former Mayor.

    Think fresh faces! Teresa Barth would be great, and who else?

    They extended the deadline for filing until August 16, when Guerin dropped out.

  12. instead of filling this blog with venom about c guerin, it should be exploring the candidates to run and make sure that some good ones file before the deadline. platform positions need to be developed so that those challenging have a good chance to prevail and time to raise the money to mount a solid campaign. personally, i'd like someone who supports:
    1. getting the sidewalks in leucadia going.
    2. getting the alleys in cardiff repaired and drained.
    3. supports the continued sphere of influence of the coastal zone.
    4. considering lowering the FAR on the property west of crest drive to rein in the McMansions.
    5. recognizing that the 101 corridor is not a relief valve for I-5 and that action needs to be taken to discourage speeding and congestion on same.
    6. maintaining the ability to have short term rentals for part of the year without absurd fees and regulations with stiffer fees and regulations if rentals are conducted on an all year basis with the property owner never occupying the residence.

    Those are a few of the things that i would support in a candidate. 25 days left until the filing deadline closes.

  13. Gil is right -- lets get another candidate in so we can get Dan out.

    Is anyone really surprised -- Miss Mayor knew she could not win after endorsements with the Eckes...Lets hope and vote Billbray out in November and then she is too!! Wouldn't that be poetic justic.

    Is Bruce Elhers still a chance or maybe you JP??

  14. What happens if Guerin changes her mind and decides to run, say a day or two before the filing deadline?

  15. Dan has Ecke behind him and he thinks he can wiin.

  16. I drove past the mayor's house and saw Guerin sipping a margarita and reading a bible while an illegal alien mowed her lawn, all paid for by her workers comp income.

  17. My tears cure cancer, too bad I have never cried.

  18. Dan, and cristy until she bowed out, go into this election with 4-5000 votes. They are the incumbents, and Dan is a third or fourth generation Encinitian. Dan has high name and face recognition and will be very hard to beat in November. i am not saying he can not be beaten, only that it will be a very difficult task. Candidates need to arrive at the party with 2-3000 voters before the campaigning starts and then need a platform that appeals to the leucadia element and hopefully draws votes from the ETA as well as their financial support without being flaming radicals or goof-balls that would drive away the average joe and jane that make up the rest of the voting pool. Even the weakest candidates probably will find 350-1000 voters in their camp so if 10 or more candidates end up running the vote will be very splintered and this favors the incumbents as it usually does. I don't think that shelia C. will run but you certainly need to enlist her support because she knows how to get out the walkers. She is so good at that and is one of the reasons that Prop A was roundly defeated. Someone should get her insight and input. I hope someone is quietly working on this kind of stuff starting now.

  19. Gil. You are very active and seem to know a lot about how this Citgy and government works. Would you run? We could then have Teresa and you.I think that would be a good combo. Or Shiela Cameron, where are you? Nanninga doesn't have a chance in hell so we need a few good men or women to give the Council a new direction.

  20. Gil can't run because of his current residence. It would be great to have Gil on the council if only for his cool old school style of speaking. What a great voice.

  21. Maybe Dan Dalager will talk about what goes on behind the locked city hall doors.

  22. Gil should use Encinitas Cafe as his voting address. If Bilbray can do this, Gil should be able to. He can switch back, if he has to, but I don't see why he can't be in an incorporated area and still have his influence on the Coastal Commission and the Farm Bureau, too. Maybe I'm dense, though.

    One thing, Gil, people did need to vent about our perceived and painful abuse by what we consider to by our hypocritical mayor, and her shortsighted politics of ego gratification.

    We sure don't appreciate her Worker's Comp scams. If she and her husband can make over $200,000 between all their benefits, at taxpayers' expense, if she can run races in Hondo, Japan, and locally; giving out special presentations at photo ops for the other participants, at City Council meetings, then she does not need an extra $2,000 per month for "stress related injuries."

    "Karma, karma, karma, chameleon."

  23. I won't be jumping on the Gil Foerster bandwagon. Gil has been very good on Coastal Commission issues and agricultural land preservation issues. He played a crucial part in defeating Proposition A. But he is soft on zoning questions and pesticide contamination issues. He sounds like a spokesman for the city when he speaks about these.

    I am growing more suspicious week by week after reading each of his lengthy posts. I know he leases land from Andy Brown. This property is up for development. A request is in to change the zoning from R-3 to R-15. This is a five-fold increase in density. Then there will be the now "normal" density bonus for low income housing on top of this. This is all being done under the guise of "substancial public benefit" according to the planner involved. All I know for sure is that if this goes through, somebody will make a ton of money in the short term. The citizens of Encinitas will end up paying for all the long term impacts, with traffic on Santa Fe and Birmingham just being one. There is also the problem of the serious pesticide contamination on this property.

    My questions for Gil are these: Do you have a financial stake in the development of this property? Will you be paid a commission, a percentage, a bonus, a finder's fee, or any other sum of money for helping to gain approval for this project? And do you support a credible examination of the pesticide contamination on this property and not a whitewash? Gil, I think you owe all of us citizens of Encinitas a clarification and an explanation here. I would like to think your motives are noble, but there is a heaviness in my heart that only you can relieve. Please, Gil, say it isn't so.

  24. glad i don't have a bandwagon, probably be very unstable with everyone jumping on and off.
    My position on Prop A only indirectly had to do with Ag land preservation. My position on Prop A had to do with promises made to a community in exchange for the right to forever change that community with the development of a HUGE bloc oc ag land into homes and commercial real estate. The land owner made a promise and i believe in keeping promises. Soft on zoning and pesticide contamination issues? My lengthy tirads at the the pre-city CAB meetings about the lack of light industrial and PW zoning were anything but soft. ' course I was younger then, hadn't mellowed and still was a full time resident. PW is something a city needs as it grows, i knew that, and light industrial would have provided a place other than residential garages and ponto for surf board shapers and cabinet makers, people that i used to hang with before the city incorporated.
    I don't actually lease land from the Brown family, I have a share farmer agreement. I provide a certain amount of product for use of a certain amount of land. The Brown family IS exploring options for the property other than agricultural. The family is making the same request that it made prior to city-hood. The family asked then as now that the property be zoned similarly to the property that abuts their property. That is generally how property zoning is determined. How much money the family makes if they quit agriculture really can't be determined yet. I do know that the first 5 million will be used to clear debt and clean up the property. Anything above that will go to the family and developer. The Brown family involved in this piece of property consists of eight members. So what ever they do get will be divided eight ways and therefore be considerably less than a ton. Considering that the family has been involved agriculturally on the property since 1952, that's fifty four years pushing the ag rock up the hill, and has still found time to coach you sons and daughters in sports and sit on your school boards. This family expects to remain in this community regardless of the development outcome and this community is the better for that. This family has never done drugs, don't smoke cigs. and have always been the kind of role models you want for your children. This family worked to get santa fe pushed through to encinitas blvd to help preserve crest dr. and along with the rest of the residents on that street formed an underground utility dist. before anyone knew what that was. It was one of the first streets to have underground utilities and streetlights in the community. You would be hard pressed to be able to convince me not to support this family if the project they develop is reasonable. The traffic impact will likely be less since we have so many trucks coming and going from the site as a nursery. The pesticide contamination has already been addressed. The company hired to do the report is licensed and bonded to do the report. The clean-up will address the report which found a few hot spots from the agricultural production pre Browns when the site was used to grow beans. The Browns, at least for the last 35 years, have grown product in pots rather than in the ground so unless you have some report that I have not seen the pesticide contamination is far from serious.
    Financial stake? No. Only that my business will be homeless when they develop. Will I recieve a commission, percentage, bonus, finder's fee or any sum of $ for helping them gain approval? NO.
    I supported a credible examination and I support a credible elimination of the pesticide residues. The only whitewash I have ever been guilty of is the whitewash I use on the greenhouse roofs. If you knew me you wouldn't have to ask. The only thing I owe the citizens of this city is honesty and again I have never given less. Noble, well i certainly don't expect a Noble Prize, and the heaviness in your heart can't be attributed to me or my actions. On the other hand, as I explained to Maggie many moons ago, there are going to be times when we are on the same side of the fence and times when we are not. Very little in this city or life is black and white. I really try to look at the 'big picture' and often form positions in a "lenient manner, sometimes I lean to one side and sometimes I lean to the other." Compromise is the cornerstone of democracy, this is so.

  25. Crying shame - Guerin I mean. She's a shame. Shameful. Farewell! God help the 50th!

  26. I think it is a little ironic that Gil supports the Brown's converting land in Agriculture to residential, but did not support Prop A, which would have helped Agriculture stay in Encinitas.

  27. Anonymous above..... If the first two words of your sentence were true you would have stopped there.

  28. The Brown property is NOT zoned agricultural. It is zoned residential and has been so since city-hood. Pre-incorporation, I fought for an agricultural land designation in the city zoning matrix. The founders decided that they did not want an Ag designation unless the land that was designated Ag was locked in as Ag forever. The ONLY Agricultural landowner with enough land to preserve some as Ag forever was the Ecke family. EVERY other owner with land in agricultural production had small holdings and could not risk the negative financial impact that such a designation would have on their families. Farmers rarely have 401k s, or other retirement packages. What farmers have is their land. When they get old and can't walk behind the plow anymore, they expect to be able to sell that land for retirement, and to leave something to their kids. The difference between the Ecke's and ALL the other farmers was the Ecke's were able to develop 400 acres for residential and commercial use, thereby the Ecke's were guaranteed an income stream for their family for the forseeable future and in exchange locked up(promised) that 132 acres of their vast holdings would be preserved as an agricultural/open space land use forever. That entire 132 acres of agricultural/open space will remain such until the citizens of the city and the Ecke family decide to change that agreement. Prop A was the Ecke family asking the citizens if it was time to change the agreement. In my opinion 12 years was not close enough to forever, and if the door had been opened even just a crack the entire 132 acres would have fallen under the blade. Chopping up the Ecke agricultural/open space preserve would have helped eliminate the only preserved Agriculture land in Encinitas and allowed the Ecke's to return to the trough for a second feeding, again at the citizens expense. Appearing before the coastal commission, I pressed the city to make some concessions to help the agricultural element survive, but the city has NEVER taken a step toward making those parts of our city's coastal act a reality. In the long run agriculture is doomed in this city. The new residents don't understand or support it and the older residents who remember how it used to be are fading into the sunset. I expect the Ecke's to other attempts in the future to develop the remaining acreage and at some point in time they will succeed, but I am going to drag my feet as long as I can because as a farmer, if we spit on our hands and shake, we got a deal, a promise is a promise. The Browns' are going to develop their ten acre parcel on Lake Dr., the Eckes held 680 acres, I fail to see the two project as being similar and can only suspect that the blog is either P3 or Chris Calkins continuing to plant seeds for chopping up the preserve. Using residentially zoned land for agricultural production and now deciding to discontinue the Ag production(Browns)and converting an agricultural/open space preserve to something other than an agricultural/preserve(Eckes) are two completely different animals. No irony intended.

  29. Are all the quail dead in this town? It's been months since I've seen any.

  30. The doves are still around, but probably not in quail gardens.


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