Monday, July 31, 2006

Middle Ground?

Now that everyone has a stick up their ass about Leucadia I've been trying to figure out some compromises that could make both the laid back hippies and the fascist golfers happy (along with all the normal people too).

The denizens of New Encinitas have sent a loud clear statement by putting booze purveyor Beverages and More into our cities top 25 tax generators.

Also in the top 25 tax generators for Encinitas is Trader Joe's. Now, the majority of stuff for sale at Trader Joe's is tax exempt so how did it end up in the top 25?

TWO BUCK CHUCK! That's how, the yuppies can't get enough of this bargain swill.

So, we've established that drinking is very popular in Encinitas. So maybe what Leucadia needs in one of it's many vacant coastal lots is...a brewery!

Let's encourage a local brewery/ restaurant in coastal Leucadia. It can be cool, hip and funky. Karl Strauss already has a few brewery/restaurants around the county and local outfit Stone Brewing Co. is currently building a new restaurant/brewery in Escondido. Maybe Stone's next venture can be into Leucadia.

So raise a glass to your new drinking buddies as Leucadia, Cardiff, Encinitas and Olivenhain soak a few suds and eat chicken wings together in sweet harmony. It's all good, right?


  1. I'll drink there only if the waitress is hot.

  2. Two buck chuck is also good for cooking. Put in a winery. Beer is so plebeian.

  3. New Encinitas unfairly labeled.
    All roads in the city lead to the Beverages and More store.

  4. JP

    Good call on the beer,

    Karl Struss is the local beer and that arogant bastard ale producred by stone is crap!

    Did'nt we have a micro brewery on 2nd st in downtown Encinitas?

    Beer today, Bong tommorow

    Prost Herr Stauss!

  5. i love all the plumbing in those micro breweries.

  6. The Leucadia Brewing Company is the name the place is The Cabo Grill building on the hill.

  7. This town does need a brewpub/beergardens.

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