Monday, July 03, 2006

United States of America!

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Amendment II

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Amendment III

No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Amendment V

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Amendment VI

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.

Amendment VII

In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise reexamined in any court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.

Amendment VIII

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Amendment IX

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Amendment X

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

Fight For Your Right (To Party)

You wake up late for school - man you don't wanna go

You ask you mom, "Please?" - but she still says, "No!"

You missed two classes - and no homework

But your teacher preaches class like you're some kind of jerk

(chorus) You gotta fight for your right to party

You pop caught you smoking - and he said, "No way!"

That hypocrite - smokes two packs a day

Man, living at home is such a drag

Now your mom threw away your best porno mag (Bust it!)

(repeat chorus)

Don't step out of this house if that's the clothes you're gonna wear

I'll kick you out of my home is you don't cut that hair

Your mom busted in and said, "What's that noise?"

Aw, mom you're just jealous - it's the Beastie Boys!

(repeat chorus twice)


  1. "Never believe that a few caring people can't change your community and the world.
    For, indeed, that's all who ever have." -Margaret Mead

    Happy Fourth of July to everyone, especially you JP for keeping this blog available to the community.

  2. Yes, Happy Independence Day!

    We should all have freewill to make our own decisions and choices, and realize we can temper our liberties with the desire to cause no harm.

    Let us live by the Golden Rule and not be under the thumb of the long arm of the law. If we don't exercise our freedoms, then greed and fear will rob us of them.

    Stand up for independence. And celebrate our community of connection and understanding.

  3. I love the Margaret Mead quote Gil. I think that should be our slogan at any events we hold for candidates we want to seat on the council. Happy Independence Day to all of you. Always remember it is OUR community. It is amazing what a few caring people can do! Great job J.P. Your post is great, as is this blog. True free speech in action. You deserve some kind of an award. Perhaps "Citizen of the Year".

  4. Does anyone know what happened to Adam Kaye at the North County Times? Haven't seen a story of his in a while. Did he get fired? He was doing some good stuff for "the little people". Maybe the Editor didn't like it. I think we should find out, and if it is true, cancel our subscriptions to the NCTimes and ask Coast News to publish more often.Also, anyone that can make it to City Hall at ^PM Molnday evening, be there. I think the City is trying to pull a fast one on zoning, height, etc. We have to see for sure and go from there.

  5. 500 Gallons of PISS!!!July 05, 2006 12:08 PM

    5 July 2006

    RSPB here!!!

    Over the 4 day holiday weekend, about 8000 people went to Leucadia beaches(lifeguard estimates, not mine). Now if only half of those people needed to go to the bathroom, that would be 4000 people!!! Where did they go to the restroom??? Oh yes, in the ocean!!!! Let's see now 4000 pissers divided by 8 pints to a gallon = 500 gallons of piss in the ocean off of Leucadia!!! ABOUT 9 BARRELS OF PISS ON THE BEACHES OF LEUCADIA!!!! Please note that all other beaches in Encinitas have restrooms facilities, whether those facilites are used or not is unknown!!


    So all you enviromentally active Leucadians where are you on this issue?? Oh I keep forgetting your more concerned about keeping Leucadia Funky than having clean beaches aren't you!!!

    Hey SFRF what's up with the piss on the beaches??? You sue the city to keep Moonlight creek discharge clean only so the Public has to PISS in the ocean because the city WON'T put porta potties at Leucadia beaches!!! There is a word for you SFRF members .......Hipocrites!!! "Oh but I have a license plate holder!!! I care about the oceans, but not about PISS on the beaches"

    Where are the surf shops on this issue??? Why don't they sponsor the porta potties??? I know that I would have no problem shitting on something sponsored by Encinitas surfboards!!!!

    How do you feel about surfing in an ocean full of 500 gallons of piss?? I know that if I were to get my bum friends together and announce that we are going to dump 500 gallons of piss into the ocean off of Beacons or Grandview, you and your buddies would be there with howls of protest!!! But if it happens pint by pint well what is the damger or damage??

    Well I'll just keep pissing on the sidewalks and alleyways and parking losts of Leucadia!!! Why?? Because noone cares!! No, you folks are too foolish to understand and DEMAND that the city treat Leucadia as they treat other parts of the city. I say RESTROOMS FOR ALL BEACHES OR NO RESTROOMS AT ANY BEACHES!!!!

    Now let's discuss the issue of where people are crapping while at the beaches of Leucadia ..............................well it isn't in any porta potties!!!!

    Staggering down the 101 and not near any piss filled ocean, it's your Roadside Park Bum!!!

  6. time for scienceJuly 05, 2006 7:36 PM

    The average human pisses 3 times a day at a total of 1-2 liters.
    There are 3.78 liters in a gallon.
    The Pacific Ocean covers a 3rd of the world's surface. The piss in question would be easily diluted.

  7. The solution to pollution is dillution.
    When Mex was dumping untreated sewage from tens of thousands of residents through a single pipe it had a bad impact on the local beaches at Imperial Beach.
    BTW: Fixing that with a dozer is what boosted Brian Bilbray from local pol to a player.
    Time for Science is right: Folks swimming/ releasing waste into the ocean can't possibly imact water quality in a meaningful way. A)The sun and salt water are natural cleansers, and B)billions of gallons of ocean water compared to litre's of human waste is a

  8. Scientific FactsJuly 05, 2006 10:25 PM

    It takes one hepatitis C poopball to float into a kids mouth to ruin that kids life. additionally most Surfers dont like to eat poop or drink piss. Unfortunately, the piss and poop don’t instantaneously dilute with the Ocean as a whole-hence lies the problem. Maybe Imperial Beach shouldn’t worry about the TJ river polluting their beaches. Maybe we don’t need our sewer systems and treatment plants- after all, the ocean is huge? Maybe the oceans aren't being over fished and polluted beyond belief? Maybe a Hep C human poop will float into "weird sciences" mouth next time they go in the ocean if they ever do? Maybe that Hep C poopball will come from RSPB!?

    The beacons trail smells like pee, and I’ve personally seen 4 pooplogs with TP and newspaper wadded on top (human poop ball) on the trail in early mornings. I believe at night, people use the trail as a bathroom. Its time to clean it up, it’s disgusting. Next time someone sees a poopball on the trial- take a picture and send it to council, or better yet bag it and bring it into the next council meeting and provide it as a gift to keep in their records of future problems.

  9. Do you guys know that Brian Bilbray recently voted to let drilling for oil begin off the shore of California. If Christy is mayor, and Bilbray's district manager, doesn't that seem to pose a conflict of interest somehow, or is it just me?

  10. why do I live here?July 05, 2006 10:27 PM

    Clean ocean- no biggy, right? Its not like the tourist come from AZ or us Leucadians live here to enjoy the Beach right? I thought we lived hear because we like to make the Carlsbad commuters honking at us when we slow down to turn into Just Peach for some fresh Fruit-How can we dare slow them down in getting to their San Diego job.

    Keep the priority in the right order- Clean Beaches and Ocean health before all else-afterall the ocean covers 71% of the entire world surface.

  11. Nothing like a good butt!July 05, 2006 10:29 PM

    When is the city going to outlaw the cigarette filters on the beach? Are we going to be the last US beach city to outlaw cigarettes on the beach? I normally hate bigger government and more laws, but a majority of smokers are irresponsible and litter the streets and beaches with their cigarette butts (not nice looking butts). One way to improve the situation is to make them illegal on the beach. I know it won’t be enforced by sheriffs or lifeguards- But at least its a start and it may give the public some balls to tell the offenders not to litter and don’t shit on our beaches either.

    I personally could care less about the tobacco use, or the self injury to the users. I just hate how irresponsible most smokers are. Make filters illegal, since they biodegrade and if you want to smoke on the beach it’s the real thing without filters or nothing. Cigarette filters are the worst and are for wimps anyway. If you want to look tough, which most smokers do, smoke camel straight and look like a tough idiot.

  12. Most smokers are wimps.July 05, 2006 10:30 PM

    If you’re smoking with filters, you’re just a wimpy idiot. I know the poor filter cigarette smokers says, “Oh poor me… I know smoking is bad for me, but I can not quite. It out of my control, I’ve tried. I just can’t. I can’t help myself, but I’ll use filters to try and prolong my miserable life…. Poor me… oh I hope they don’t give me cancer….someone help me….oh poor me…I know I’ll just pollute the earth, since no one love me…who care anyway….oh poor me….”

    Get a backbone and quite using filters. That way you’ll die sooner and just us all a break…Until then, quite polluting your filters and crapping on our beaches

  13. Is that right about Bilbray voting for increased offshore drilling? Please enlighten us with facts. Quote the Bill and expose the truth. This would be huge coming from a self proclaimed surfer- carpetbagger politician.

  14. We went to the Cottonwood Creek Park pancake breakfast. Dan Dalager was there, but it was privately sponsored.

    Dan didn't get a "chance," to speak to us again this year. But we appreciated all the folks, all the state flags waving. I especially liked the Rhode Island flag, just black and white, Don't Tread on Me; Liberty or Death. Strong words, but part of our history, our heritage, and our values.

    Brian Bilbray was there. He made a bit of a speech, which I, personally, missed. Hubby heard it. He waited for a long time to get a chance to speak to Bilbray, as some dude was spouting off about immigration to our new Congressman for a long time; and Bilbray's aide wanted to split. Finally, hubby did get to say a few words, suggesting we don't like it that Christy Guerin is his new District Manager, and that we don't appreciate Encinitas City Council's take on a fight against the Coastal Commission.

    We think City Council are "control freaks," not the Coastal Commission. Unfortunately, Bilbray was going right along with our unillustrious mayor Bossypants Guerin; Bilbray thinks the Coastal Commissioners are "control freaks," too, he said. sigh.

    Can't trust most lobbyists. Both Bilbray and Guerin are lobbyists, plain and simple. Guerin lobbied for the developers of the contel going in near Ponto. She used deception to convince the CC that the beach access and parking lot would be public benefits provided by Condos. The beach access stairway already existed. The parking lot will be primarily filled with contel guests, we fear.

    Bilbray was able to turn the focus from government corruption, re betrayals by Randy Duke Cunningham, and others, to an out of context sound clip from Busby. Whatever your opinion on the recent local Congressional race, immigration is a fear issue, as is terrorism. When people are fearful, they become easier to manipulate and deceive. They give up personal freedoms in the name of security.

    Big Bossypants Guerin is watching. But so are we. Don't tread on me.

  15. I have been reading this blog for sometime and have read all the slurs of Sheriff's Deputies. We don't all drink coffee at Starbucks. However, they do make great coffee.

    Well what I want to say is we, the deputies, work for you. If you want us to enforce a cigarette ban all you have to do is have the city manager make it a priority and we can ride our quads on the beach in shorts and write tickets to smokers.

    The city manager in conjunction with our captain set our priorities. So if we are not doing enough in one area you must let our city council and manager know. We can and will adjust to your needs.

    RSPB turn yourself in we will get you some help with your urinary tract problems.

  16. The previous post on Bilbray is correct. Last week Bilbry voted to end the 25 year old policy that banned oil and gas drilling in U.S. Coastal waters, including California. The bill is HR4761. He has also accepted over $100,000 from oil and gas companies in campaign contributions in his career. He has now show us some of his true colors. He is no environmentalist. And the Mayor is his district manager? That seems a conflict of interest to me. Perhaps that explains why the mayor has gone to the Coastal Commission? Are we sure she is representing us? Just questions. Other thoughts?

  17. I smoke. There's no excuse for cig butts on the beach. I get home at night and my wife complains that I have a pocket full of butts. For a smoker there's no excuse for not field stripping your spent smoke and pocketing the butt, it's a filthy habit, keep the waste to yourself. This same rational does not hold true for human bodily discharges. I carry blue bags for my dog and methodically police his dumps but this is not reasonable for humans. There is no excuse, none, for not having restrooms available at beacons, stonesteps and grandview. One only has to read the reports from WHO to understand the health concerns. One only has to read the reports of the Ocean Conservancy to acknowledge the damage to marine life and coral to understand the cumulative impact from human pollution. Unfortunately, our current council is under the impression that the ocean is nothing more than "a thin blue line that they see out their window." Maybe Dan and Jerome used to surf but I venture it's been many a moon since those two flounders got their scales wet. The ocean is our mother, it's not right to pee and crap on mom's front porch. I'm going to make a stink over this issue but I want the city water sampling reports, or lack there of, before pushing ahead. As for Brian Bilbray, he's another one I didn't vote for along with Bill Horn. For me, it's not a political party thing, it's a quality of life thing. As for the CC, they are going to be under attack for the forseeable future. Embrace them, they have continually fought for the preservation of the coastal environment not only for the flora and fauna but for those of use who live by and in the ocean.
    If the resumption of off-shore drilling clears both houses, the coastal commission again will be part of Calif.'s last line of defenses, you can't effectively resume off-shore drilling without on-shore support infrastructure.

  18. I love the comments from our Deputy. May all public service professionals and peace officers have the same attitude. I hope the City provides larger budgets to the Sheriffs and offset the adjustmen by less for the Firedepartment. Cops have the tough job. More demanding and not pleasant. Thats why you dont see 1000 applicants for each cop job opening. Agencies actually have to recruite for Cops. Give the cops larger salaries for the tough job they do. Many thanks to our Deputies. And no I'm not a cop, I'm a Leucadian

  19. Please stop the senseless noiseJuly 06, 2006 11:38 AM

    I think the City Manager should give direction to the Sheriffs to start enforcing the vehical code and pull over motorcycles with straight pipes (no mufflers). They are way over the 95 Decibel limit and its easy to enforce. The 3 foot pipe is hollow and has no muffler. I am no mechanic and I can identify and tell which motorcylces have straightpipes in 3 seconds. If Motorcyclists want act cool clip on some playing cards onto the forks so they can bounce off the spokes and make a rumbling noise. Thats what my kids used to do. Stop the sensless noise pollution! Laguna Beach enforces noise pollution and their noise problems have gone away for the most part.

  20. Bilbrays a Dickhead!July 06, 2006 11:42 AM

    Every other Candidate in the November election should use Bilbray's vote to end the 25 year old policy that banned oil and gas drilling in U.S. Coastal waters, including California to defeat him. The bill is HR4761. Thanks Dr. Lorri for the facts. Lets make sure all of his challengers no of this fact. Bilbrays a dickhead! as well as anyone supporting him.

  21. Thanks Gil!

    I wish all smokers were like you, but their not. Most smokers flip their butts out the car windows onto the roads and they end up on the beach. Its the largest litter problem facing the beaches.

  22. I couldn't agree more with the post above about noise pollution from motorcycles. It is the Harleys that are the biggest offenders. I live very close to San Elijo, and in the summer time with open doors and windows, a passing hog drowns out all conversation or the radio or TV if on. The sound easily passes 95 decibels, as the level hurts my ears. Only the airhorn of the passing Amtrak and military helicopters do that too. I cover my ears if outside. Would Kerry Miller actually ask the sheriff for noise enforcement? I doubt it. He has other priorities. Serving the public is not one of them

  23. Thanks Gil and Anonymous. No smoking on the beach? LAME LAME LAME!
    We should have no smoking anywhere on public property because the butts tossed from cars on the streets wash down to our beaches. The number one litter object on beach cleanup day is not placed there by the litterrer, it washes down to the beach.

    I just saw some young men driving away from the beach. They caught my eye beacuse they were sitting one behind the other in the car. Their surf boards were on the passenger side on the interior on the car. They both flipped lit cig butts into the street as they drove east on Santa Fe Drive just past the round a bout.

    Sorry I didn't get their license plates. Maybe they leave poopballs too...

  24. I agree about the ridiculous noise pollution. I live 3 blocks from down town Encinitas, and on Sundays (our day of peace) our town turns into a unregulated raceway. What the hell is going on? Is Satin free to Encinitas. Why isn't the law being enforced? Get on it folks (meaning City Manager and council). Correct this easy problem before we become getto like O'side.

  25. I want to take my dog to the beach, but cannot. It's illegal here. If there was a porta potty and I could get my dog to poo in the porta potty would it be ok then? If so, put me totally in favor of porta potties at all the beaches. Maybe every 300 yards or so. Maybe closer. When fido needs to go, fido needs to go! But some boogie boarders and surfers may be tempted to just pee in the water. Maybe we could have floating potty's for them so they don't have to paddle in and climb the stairs at Grandview, or walk up the trail at Beacon's to use the hot smelly porta potty, which I'm sure they would. I mean heck, who would sit on their surfboard and let pee fly when they can paddle in and walk a few hundred yards up a bluff to acomplish the same thing in a hot smelly porta potty, right?

  26. How can we get the CC and manager to enforce noise from motorcycles? First we have to make it a campaign issue and find a way to link the enforcement to increased revenues to the general fund. Then there won't be a problem. I wonder how much money, if any, would flow back to the city from each ticket written.

    As we all know it has nothing to do with our quality of life. The current CC and manager are all about what is in it for them.

    Maybe we could get them to pass an ordinance requiring all Harleys housed in the city or passing through to pay a five dollar a month no noise (like clean water)fee. They seem eager to tax someone.

    Something should be done.

  27. California Vehicle Code Section
    27201. For the purposes of Section 27200, the noise limit of 92 dbA
    shall apply to any motorcycle manufactured before 1970.

    27202. For the purposes of Section 27200, the following noise
    limits shall apply to any motorcycle, other than a motor-driven
    cycle, manufactured:

    (1) After 1969, and before 1973 ............ 88 dbA
    (2) After 1972, and before 1975 ............ 86 dbA
    (3) After 1974, and before 1986 ............ 83 dbA
    (4) After 1985 ............................. 80 dbA

    Here are the noise levels allowed for motorcycles. It is illegal for the muffler store to change the stock pipes or any dealer to sell a motorcycle without the stock pipes that exceed these levels. Perhaps we need to purchase for our deputies noise meters so they can measure the noise level. I belive it will take the CC and the manager to give direction to the sheriff to resolve this problem.

  28. Quiet EncinitasJuly 07, 2006 8:46 AM

    It doesn't even require a noise meter. Straightpipes are illegal and easy to detect by sight. Its a 3 second process. Laguna beach did it, Encinitas can do it! Council- this is a low cost item that will have dramatic improvements for City Revenues by more tourist and sales taxes in HW101 business, in addition to improved quality of life for the thousands residents living along the HW101 cooridor.

  29. Roadside Park BumJuly 07, 2006 10:34 AM

    Doggy Daddy----

    Now you bring up a subject that has been taboo for so long and reflexs the silence that is all too common from the "SURF COMMUNITY". That being the fact that surfers pee in the ocean and inside their wetsuits to stay warm in the winter!!! Christ I'm a bum but at least I know better than to piss on myself. My mother taught me better than that!!!

    The utter lack of dialog from the surfers etc regarding pissing in the ocean is deplorable!!! But I guess we can't ask too much of a bunch a guys that only think about waves and wax!!!

    You are correct when you say sarcastically that they will never leave the ocean to pee in a hot and smelly porta potty. That's right they won't, but most beach users will use the porta potty before going down Beacons Trail( another subject for another day). Actually the restrooms shouldn't be porta potties, they should be permanent, fixed bathrooms facilities comperable of any 1st world country!!! But I understand that Leucadia is the 3rd world community fo Encinitas and NO restrooms is part of the "FunkyCharm" of Leucadia!!! Buncha Morons and Idiots!!!

    Deputy---- I don't have a urinary tract problem, I have problem with all the idiots living and working in Leucadia that think lack of street lights and drainage and sidewalks and pissing on the beach is "FUNKY"!! I'm sure you know me and I'm sure I've seen you or several of you at the same time. Being a drunk and a bum isn't easy, being a drunken bum in Leucadia is down right difficult. Pity me and leave me a bottle in the park near the trash can.

    Pitifully staggering down the 101 without peeing on myself(although the day is early) it's your Roadside Park Bum!!!

  30. Once again RSB blames the homeowners of Leucadia for city neglect. It is not the homeowners fault the local beaches don't have public restrooms. I blame JIm Bond he has been on the council the longest.

  31. Anonymous----WHAT????? Are you outta your mind??? Are you drunk??? One drunk posting on this blog is enough, OK!!!!

    I'm not blaming Leucadia homeowners for the city neglect. I'm blaming EVERYONE in Leucadia that thinks everying is just fine and dandy!!! LaDeeDa, LaDeeDa!!! I've go my head in the sands of leucadia beaches!!!! DOODeeDOO. I'm keeping it funky!!!

    What is it about lack of restrooms you find so wonderful, can't you understand that EVERY other beach in Encinitas has toilets!!!! BUT NOT LEUCADIA beaches!!!!

    Hey I blame BOnd and every other Council member over the years, I blame ALL Leucadians that have sat back and let themselves be shat( yes that is the correct past tense of shit)upon for 20 years!!! And it's going to continue until the council recognizes that Leucadia is the heart beat of the city and that heart beat is in cardiac arrest!!!!

    J.P. thinks it's funny to post that a tree tried to kill the RSPB, but missed!!! It's not funny when falling trees actually do kill someone. And when it happens this city won't have enough $$$$ to pay the lawsuit. All the damn Eucaliptus tree are dead or dying!!!! Cut them down!!! They are a weed!!! Granted a 80 foot tall weed, but a weed nonetheless. It pains me to hear those idiots at the Leucadia town council call for preservation of "our precious Eucs" . Preserve Weeds???? And I thought I was the only one stoned on drugs in this town.

    I can't stand it anymore, I gotta get good and drunk this weekend, that's the only way I can deal with the wave after wave of dribble flowing from the mouths of funkytown.

    Staggering down the 101 with a bottle to my lips, lonnging for intelligent life in Leucadia, it's your RSPB!!!

  32. My My- That probably the most classic RSPB posting I've seen.Bravo!
    Hes going on a BENDER tonight. Lock up the kids and get out the hoses tomorrow to wash down the frontyards tomorrow.

    Personally- I like the the 60 foot high Eucaliptus trees. They're the only living trees or landscaping we have. They beat the 3 foot tall weeds everywhere else in Leucadia.

  33. Hey Bum;
    The surfing community and the local residents don't want public restrooms, especially smelly porta potty's that can be tipped over at the beach entrance, which is our neighborhood, because we don't want you. Get a clue.
    The only person agitating for a head at the beach is some farmer dude from Harmony Grove or Escondido or something.
    Surfers don't want improved access to the beach. Let the land slide commence! Less easy and safe access equals less people in the lineup, you moron!
    Surfers don't want easy public access or public restrooms. Take your kiddees and your tourist butts elsewhere!Go to Moonlight. Go to Ponto. Just don't come here!
    Take your bum self to a bar or a gas station, or just soil yourself on the 101, I don't care.
    Just get off my beach!

  34. Learning to Surf- RSPB!!July 07, 2006 5:37 PM

    Yes, yes it's YOUR beach and YOUR waves. Please tell the Coastal Commision about YOUR BEACH and WAVES and how you don't want anyone(least of all a bum like me) on your beach!!! Go down to Beacons and stake out your claim to the sand. I can see you now, "This is my beach from this flag to that flag over there and it goes out to sea for as far as the eye can see and any waves that cross my area are my waves and only I can ride those waves".

    Maybe you could RENT your sand or WAVES to tourists, of course you'd never try to profit at the expense of LOCALS. That would be wrong and the surf Gods would punish you with lousy waves and blown out chop!!! Better yet just keep all the waves and the beach for yourself, 'cause it's all about YOU!!!
    Maybe I can get Kahuna Bob to teach me to surf so I can get "IN THE LINE-UP" and then I can cut you off and every other surfer than claims THEY OWN the OCEAN. And then I can pee in the ocean and join the Surfrider Foundation all at the same time. Hell I'll even get a license plate holder, I'll nail it to one of the trees in the park!!!

    Maybe I can get J.P. to build a custom board for me. Whadda say J.P.? Can you make it look like a bottle of beer?? I can pay you with aluminum cans I collect!!

    Staggering down the 101, but not anywhere near the beach claimed by anonymous surfer dude, it's your RSPB!!!

  35. I find it interesting that one surfer thinks he speaks for all. I wouldn't have even brought up the subject of restrooms without talking to those that I know that surf those breaks and asking them if they thought bathrooms should be provided. I have yet to talk to any surfer in Encinitas that doesn't think bathrooms would be a reasonable and decent addition. Being an older guy most of those surfers I've talked to are over thirty, not all, but most. I haven't talked to you obviously, so perhaps your younger. Now if you are younger that means you weren't even a gleam in your father's eye when I first moved to Encinitas, not Escondido, not Elfin Forest, but Encinitas.
    As far as it being your beach, list some things on this site that you have done in your many years to make our coast a better place, hell just name one.

  36. I say ditto to what Gil said. What in the hell is wrong with bathrooms? Surfers DO NOT own the ocean. In fact, none of us do. We are custodians, and not good ones at that. If the surfer wants it all to himself, well, there won't be an unpolluted ocean that even he can surf in.Better find another pasttime with an attitude like that.

  37. I like the fact that there are no bath rooms and the stairs/ and trails keep the really out of shape people or parents with more kids than they can carry off the beach. wah sue me

  38. I like the fact their are poopballs on the path. It keep families out that care about their health.

  39. I usually crap on my way down the path, to keep others from going out to MY Break. The earlier poster is a poser.

  40. I hadn't thought of it but now I'm gonna crap too. Good idea. But is my crap gonna poison the local squirrel population?

  41. What that noise? Its not the Beastie Boys- bunch of pussies-. It my big fuckin hog with blaster pipes blastin down your fuckin little head! I'll make you look at how cool I am in my new leather uni with a tattoo I just bought. Look at Me. Look at my fat role and my big ass bitch. Look, LOOK, LOOK- I need some attention- Mommy didn’t beast feed me long enough! So what if I'm fifty, I'm an account at Walmart, and I live in a Barrett subdivision in Carlsbad, I bought my hog from S.CA Hogs, I learned how to smoke, and I rock. If it will make you look more, I think I can kick the crap out of that wimpy broken down RSPB. Remember- I'm tuff, I smoke and I have a yellow belt in woop ass!

    Piss off you all piss ant little beach bums. Yoga, smoga-frickin wierdos. Face it- Sheriffs wont touch us and a bunch of my biker buddys are firemen - not firefighters- FireMEN. I dont live here, but your town is mine! Blastin down my 101- its you’re 101 Angel.

  42. I also find it interesting that some find too many folks in the "line up." I blame this on the advent of the leash. Before board leashes you actually had to know how to swim to wait outside, and if you were a poor surfer and wiped out a lot then you knew you were going to have to swim in to retrieve your board. This meant that the good surfers and swimmers were the ones outside and the rest were progressively closer to shore. Now, with leashes, even the lame guys can venture out where they can hog waves from every one waiting patiently for their shot. I hate the new mentality of the leash surfer, and those that think it's their break. I used to fish beacons and stonesteps, don't anymore out of respect for those surfing there. In seven miles of beach I always manage to find a spot where I won't hook a surfer or his leash. Your break? Gimme a break.
    As to portables, there is so much development going on in the bluff area it is difficult to drive two blocks and not see a construction portable. If serviced regularily they are quite decent. If they do smell a bit when using them in the afternoon it just means they are being used instead of the beaches, so that just reaffirms the need for them.

  43. I like to piss in the bushes. It makes me feel like a man. And Man do I pee after drinkin those 44ouncerz before my Sunday afternoon ride!

  44. Dear 101angel,

    Do you have one of those WWII nazi helmets? They are really cool. When you crash you head squishes like a watermelon and it looks just like a tatoo of a skull inside. cool.

    I'll bet you have one of those wallets with a chain attached. That is really cool just like easy rider.

    Do you have leather saddlebags like the cowboys used with their horses? They are really practical and really protect your stuff. cool.

    I'll bet you have California pipes so you can make the maximum amount of noise. Getting all that attention is really cool.

    You know you are so cool perhaps we can use you to stop or lower global warming. Of course you will need to crash so we can spread your ashes in the right spots. My thought would be, you are so cool, we could spread you at the outfall of the sewage treatment plant to lower the water temperature. You could join the other shitd their. Or we could spread you at beacons to join those shits. If we use the outfall the fish could feed and eventually shit you out so the lobster had something cool to eat.

    What a plan.

  45. Whatever bitch! Go back to your yatzee party or whatever. I love to roar down the HW101 makin those pansies folks from east Encinitas look at how cool I am. I spent over %200 dollars on this outfit, You better look bitch! If not I'll get a mega blaster and F you all up next Sunday

  46. Hey 101 Angel- Kiss my ass. I'm sick of you tormenting me and my family. Its time you and your weak ass punk shit hit the road and go somewhere else. Get lost before some Jogger kicks the crap out of your fat ass looser shit.

  47. Please Mr. 101 Angel- You are obviously not from Encinitas. I don’t know how you found this website but please let us be and we'll let you run thru are town whenever you and your road warrior crew comes to town. Please just let us be. We will pray for your soul.

  48. Mary- Kiss My ASS. Better yet. listen to me this Sunday afternoon. I RULE!

  49. Funky & laid back MY BUTT!July 08, 2006 11:28 PM

    Wah wah wah. Why the heck does JP bother putting any effort into the original posts? The comments all turn into the same junk...
    "I can't crap at every beach in a porta potty, the aweful motorcycles are too loud, put in sidewalks, don't put in sidewalks, the city aint given us da' coin, well they are now... but not enough and not for the right reasons. Or maybe it's OK... we must outlaw smoking on the beach! NO wait Gil smokes on the beach and we like Gil... OK, Gil can smoke on the beach but NOBODY else. No loud radios or parties either while we're at it, no renting your house out for the weekend, or is it leave us alone to enjoy our property rights? Kick the bums out!
    No wait we like the RSP bum, but not urinating or deficating near MY house or MY children, or on MY beach. We actually just like him or her in "concept". Sortof...
    Hey, it's just good old laid back Leucadia! Very mellow, and definitely of one voice. HAHAHAHAHA

  50. who ever said Leucadia has one voice?

  51. Ex-wife of 101 angelJuly 09, 2006 9:29 AM

    The straighter and louder the pipe, the smaller the log!!! I can tell you that's true!!!

  52. OK everyone. Could you PLEASE help all of us by going to the City Planning meeting on Monday, July 10th at 6PM. They are planning some major, not so positive, changes in the building and zonding codes that could affect us all, even you RSPB and 101 angel. Please attend, if you can, and let your voices be heard. Complaining, and not acting, will not get the job done, whatever you want that job to be.Hopefully, it is still somewhat of a democracy.

  53. Jennie is that you- I bet your little Yoga instructor is tired of bending you by now. I'm going to gun it everytime I go by his Yoga shop. Lets see how much peace he can create in someones mind with 115 Decibels rumbling thru their skull Hee Heeee Heeee! I going out in about one hour, so listen up. Oh that right- you dont have to you'll hear me.

  54. Dr. Lori- what do I care about your town. I'm hannin with Butch and Gasser on Monday. Plus Jennie and her limber boy might be there. He will work me if he ever gets his hands on me. If you could do me a favor- tell the President of Encinitas to remove all those damm stop sign on my HW101 then I could really rip thru town

  55. Screw that one voice stuff. We are individuals. San Elijo Hills has one voice and it screams THERE IS A SALE AT TARGET.

  56. Dear 101 angel,

    I think we will get Bill Morrow to introduce legislation to require that all motorcycles have a yearly inspection for smog and mufflers. That would front your a**.

    My Harley lobbiest will kill that bill before it ever sees light. Hope you liked my music last Sunday. Yogi Losers! I bet you cant wait to hear me next Sunday.


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