Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wikipedia's Encinitas Page

I'm going out of town until Monday so I figured in the meantime the regular posters here would enjoy signing up to Wikipedia and editing the Encinitas page. For example, the famous resident list lacks Peter Sprague and Brad Gerlach. Have at it.,_California


  1. Obvious omissions.

  2. I can't believe JP assigned us homework on the weekend during summertime.

  3. shh you didn't hear it from meJuly 07, 2006 11:14 PM

    I heard J.P. is up in Sacremento interviewing publicists for his upcoming run for city council

  4. I hope shh is correct.

  5. I bet JP wont support offshore oil drilling. Maybe he should run against Bilbray in November?

  6. Vote for JP. Bring back integrity.

  7. A vote for JP. Let's review:

    No developers. good

    Funky Leucadia, no sidewalks, tall falling trees, no restrooms, lots of gophers and more RSPBs. Bad

  8. I like the trees. Tall trees, good.

    More fines, fees, bonds without our vote, rising taxes, bad.

    Where exactly are the gophers? Do you think our city government can wipe out gophers? Should we poison them like the squirrels?

    We don't need more government interference in our lives so a few can benefit at the expense of the many.

    If you don't like Funky, go to Encinitas Ranch.

  9. To Anonymous- Yeap- I'm voting for JP. He Knows what good for the future of Leucadia!

  10. I'll vote for JP. He has the pulse of Encinitas.

  11. I'll vote for JP if carlsbad votes count. He probably likes the sound of my big ass megaphone. If not- KISS my ASS!

  12. i will vote for JP too!!

  13. If you can, PLEASE go to to the City planning meeting on Monday eve., July 10th at 6PM. The City is planning major changes in height, zoning, etc. that directly affect all of us. This is the time to take a stand, no matter what your position. As Howard Beal said in the movie: NETWORK: Stand up and say "I"m Not Going To Take It Anymore!.

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