Sunday, August 20, 2006

Apartments vs Condos in Leucadia

Several people wanted to know my opinion on the issue of allowing apartments to be built in Leucadia instead of condos. Since I am an opinionated person I will oblige.

I had opinions that didn't matter,
I had a brain like pancake batter.
--Jack White, The White Stripes

The North 101 Corridor Specific Plan says that any multifamily or other residential structure within the plan area must be constructed as condominiums instead of apartments. This probably seemed like a good idea at the time but these days developers don't want to build condos anymore because A) the market is dead for condos B) the people who buy condos are Nazis and will sue the developer sooner than later. The architecture firm my wife works for will no longer do condos because the liability insurance is too high.

People don't really want apartments built in their neighborhoods because apartments are mostly rented by A) Mexicans B) young people ages 18-30.

I heard that apartments don't have the same parking requirements as condos, so that becomes a huge problem.

In this week's Coast News article on the matter (Hey Coast News, please, please, please update your website. Transcribing stuff sucks. I want to copy and paste man) there is quote from Leucadia resident Mary Anne Penton who says, "Leucadia tends to be a dumping ground. We have enough low income housing. We don't have to carry the weight for low income housing for all of Encinitas."

Ouch. I felt a little sting there because I've rented apartments in Leucadia before. She does have a point though, how many low income apartments are there in say, Olivenhain?


I'm not really against apartments and here is why, since everyone in New Encinitas has 4 or 5 kids these days and those kids are rapidly approaching age 18; many of these kids need to strike out on their own. It's important that there are places for them to rent and live. It's a rite of passage, you get a few roommates, scrounge some ugly couches and learn how to pay rent and bills while working crappy night jobs at restaurants and going to school during the day. These 18-30 year olds are the most powerful consumer force in America. They spend money freely and are good for local business. Plus it's totally sweet to meet girls and bring them back to your swanky bachelor pad.

This age group of renters do bring bad things, like late night noise. It's a culture clash of sleepy baby boomers and wired up 20somethings. A well managed apartment complex shouldn't have too many problems and apartments should be built as soundproof as possible.

Vulcan Ave. in Leucadia is a well known apartment area. Some of them are nicer than others and some are fairly ghetto, run by slum lords. Some of those shag carpets haven't been changed in over 25 years and reek of beer and bong water. Many of the Vulcan apartments are rented by Mexican families. The general consensus of the local population is that all the Mexicans should move to Vista. Personally I like the diversity and the culture clash but that is not a popular opinion in this age of Minutemen and am talk radio screamers. I am also the only white person in the world who has an appreciation for Ranchero music besides my friend Josh. We both feel that tubas and accordians are overlooked instruments.

Now, regarding the apartments themselves. Regular readers of this blog know that I am an architecture snob. I hate ugly foo foo pink stucco crappy ass apartments. The vast majority of apartments built in southern California look like buildings that threw up on themselves. I have a conspiracy theory that developers who build apartments want the renters to feel bad about their lives so they make apartments as lame and tacky as possible. Then they label the apartments LUXURY.

The Poinsettia Ridge LUXURY apartments off Leucadia Blvd (by Target and the post office) are a good example of this lameness. With it's faux shutters and steroid puffiness I laugh everytime I drive by that stucco heap of shit.

An example of cool apartments would be the more modern approach taken by San Diego architect Ted Smith. His apartments are hip, cool and well designed and are cheaper to build than your typical southern California apartment complex.

Sorry I don't have better photos but this is the Ted Smith Merrimac apartment complex in Little Italy.

Planning Commissioner Bill Snow has this quote in the Coast News article, "Apartments can be nice or they can be crappy." This is true, the devil is in the details as always. Can we trust our planning commission to have our back and keep crappy architecture out of Leucadia? The Rite-Aid rejection gives me hope that they won't rubber stamp any apartment that comes crosses their desk. Oh, and props to Mr. Snow for using the word "crappy" in an official city meeting. Personally, I believe the word crappy should be found in architecture dictionaries.

Fred Caldwell, whom I have great respect for, has this quote, "Building apartments disrupts the flow of commerce. Apartment building are dead zones of commerce."
From the article, He asserted that the goal for Leucadia is to encourage a pedestrian friendly, business to business area along the corridor.

I agree 100%. Caldwell is a good man and he cares about Leucadia. I think a good compromise solution is too build mixed use live/work buildings. The greatest example of this has been in old school downtown Encinitas all along. On E St above the Detour hair salon are apartments. The key is that the apartments don't have balconies for drunk frat guys to lean over and leer at passing pedestrians. If any apartments are to be built on the coastal Leucadia corridor they should have business located in the ground floor. This creates a more lively downtown vibe. The landlord can collect rent from both civilian renters and a business. The coastal corridor gets more pedestrians walking around and patronizing the shops and restaurants. Call it Urban-Lite.

The commission has currently not reached a decision on this issue and will discuss it again next month.


  1. JP good suject. You miss the mark on a few issues.

    When the kids grow out of the house let them go to college or move to Temecula. Leucadia is a dumping ground for low income housing in this city because you guys are an easy mark. All you have to look out for your interests in Maggie Houlihan. She doesn't have the political accumen to get to RSPB off your streets much less move apts to Olivenhain. Lone Jack Road Apartments, I like it. Perhaps 50 section 8 housing units near Chris' hourse barns.

    Apts are always built on the cheap. The builders are out to maximize their investments. The tenants don't have a sense of ownership and before you know it they are run down slums with a family in each bedroom and one for the living room. Ask Vista what has happened since they went for massive apt building in the once vibrant downtown area. Section 8 housing will kill a neighborhood.

    Someone made fun of it but habitat for humanity housing is the best low income housing you can find. The people that move in have a vested interest in keeping the place nice.

    And fianally if you trust the planning commission to make a decision based on facts or rationality you really have swimmers ear and can't hear anything. They go with the highest payoffs. There is no rationality to their decisions.

    Mixed use housing is great. Put a condo above a business everyplace you can. This results, as you pointed out, in a vibrant community.

  2. Here is one of many e-mails I received about apartments:

    JP, There is a paradox here. I'm definitely FOR affordable housing. Kind of grew up renting in OB when rents were around \
    $100/mo. I am so for cutting edge architects and the new cool stuff. My greatest fear is that we have this group of developers who hover over Leucadia and don't do anything cool, affordable or that fits community character. There is nothing in this code change to say that the apartments have to be great looking. It's about developers not doing a condo map and having to get more expensive insurance. If there were protections, that said the apartments had to fit into neighborhood, etc, that would be acceptable. That's not how it works in this City. First they give developers what they want then people like us get to fight to get the right thing and usually lose. God we need to change the City Council.
    So my biggest request in this code revision is that it be debated more by the people of Leucadia. I don't feel that the
    Planning Dept should just change the Specific Plan that took years to write because a few people asked them to.
    One other thing, when they first started building these monster house on small lots, I kept bringing up that fact that if they built smaller houses which would be more affordable, but would fit into the neighborhoods, I was told to go fly a kite. Not literally, but something like that. Developers want to make lots of money and do not care about neighborhoods, character, providing shelter for younger people who want to live by the beach, etc. I really am having a hard time with this society because I am an old hippie at heart. When do we have enough???? Sorry to rant.....thank you again for your blog.

  3. Most of our kids cannot afford to buy a condo right after high school or college, and not all of us are rich enough, to help them, although I personally am a firm believer of giving kids a good education and then letting them help themselves. Either way, most of us, who are not trust fund babies, had to start out in apartments. Why should all of the kids that grew up here have to move to pay for rent? Sure, we doubled, or tripled up when I graduated from college, however, there was always something for us to rent. I hate to see us lose all of our young people, and the future leaders of this community, because we don't have apartments that they can rent. There must be a way to have some form and functionality at the same time. J.P., your wife is an architect. Can't she design something and show it to the City? I support apartments. What I don't support are slumlords. Maybe it is these people we should hammer on.

  4. Here's the reality concerning condos vs. apartments in the North 101 Specific Plan area as I see it. For sale units (condos)are the only thing you will ever see proposed in this strip of Leucadia. The cost of building one vs. the other is minor. The parking requirements are identical. Projects similar to those on Vulcan will never happen again in this part of Leucadia. What we currently have in rental inventory is about what we will always have. The fact is real estate has become so valuble here on the coast, that a project simply does not pencil out without for sale units, preferably above commercial development. Apartments can be financially viable, but only when you can buy the land cheap, which hasn't happened around here lately.

    So take a deep breath, relax, it aint gonna happen. I disagree that Leucadia is a dumping ground for low income housing. In fact, if it wasn't for the density bonus that a developer gets by including a few low income units, we wouldn't have any of those.

  5. Apartments are part of our diversityAugust 20, 2006 2:11 PM

    Good post, again, JP. We, too, think mixing commercial use, on the ground floor, with apartments above, sounds great. I've been upstairs in apartments along Hwy 101, downtown, and they are decent.

    Parking is always a problem. Those supposedly senior low income apartments are deadly, sometimes, because of a lack of parking; people double park, or wait for their ride with some drivers careening by.

    Parking is a problem with older homes in Leucadia, too, some where no off-street parking exists.

    The density bonus deal is good incentive for developers. But development companies should have to reserve those units as designated low income housing in perpetuity. Developers shouldn't be able to sell in 20 or 30 years, but should be able to hire someone to manage their low income rentals, and still make the deal well worth their while.

    The City does need more low income housing. If some of these could be rent to buy, along the lines of habitat for humanity, then perhaps we could help solve our low income housing shortage problem. The City gets money from the State and Feds, and is mandated to try to meet low income housing requirements.

    Del Mar probably has as many or more apartments than Encinitas. These aren't slums. "Low income" rent is actually just over $700 for a studio, according to the City's guidelines.

    I always say it isn't the land that's worth more: the money we pay for it with is just worth less - worthless.

    We do think Encinitas has been losing some of its cultural diversity. We are lucky to own now, but when I was looking for a rental in the 80's, they were hard to find (we loved the Coast Dispatch) back then.

    Letter in NCT today about B St. proposed name change. We want to go protest, as RSPB suggested. Just a simple sign, or banner, "Let B Street Be!"

  6. The City of Del Mar has few apartments. Certainly a lot less than Encinitas. If you are referring to the City of San Diego next to the City of Del Mar then there are a lot of brand new apartment buildings. They are not slums yet.

    Look at some of the older communities such as vista, escondido and Oceanside that have had apts ( a lot of sectionn 8 housing) for many years and tell me they aren't slums.

    Mixed use is the way to go for the 101 corridor. Put condos above the businesses. Apts above the businesses turn into slums also. The whole problem with many many renters is they have no pride in ownershipo and the apt owners only fix what is necessary.

    I have been a landlord in Encinitas for 40 years and have had very few tenants that cared about the units I rented them. Trying to keep up repairs with some of the young people right out of HS or college was impossible.

  7. The last poster sounds like he or she has very negative opinions about lower socieo- economic people, people who are less fortunate than the poster; and/or people who are, for whatever reason handicapped, either physically or psychologically.Section 8 housing has a 5 year waiting period, at this time. I happen to personally know a recipient of Section 8, and she has taken great care of her tiny appartment. She has M.S. and has no family and few friends. There, but for the grace of God, go I, or any of us. We also own and rent a condo in Pacific Beach. We use a property rental company and have had NO problem tenants. I know many people around Encinitas who also rent. They are both young and older. All keep the inside of the property in good shape, as they enjoy living by the ocean and want to stay here. So, more apartments, are not going to introduce a "new element" of people or renters, as suggested by the former poster. Instead more apartments could probably be built above businesses, and other creative places. We could then go back to a more ecclectic community. It was that way when I moved here 25 years ago.

  8. I want to know where the 20 year old kid pouring your latte at the Encinitas Starbucks is supposed to live. He/she sure isn't going to commute from Temecula with gas at $3.50 a gallon.

    I think if you are a landlord it's pretty easy to spot the deadbeats from the serious college students.

  9. Bleeding heart dreamers. Of course there's a 5 year waiting list for Section 8 housing. Ghetos in US are better than gettos in TJ. Condos vs. Apartments. Easy issue. Its all about ownership. One has it, the other doesn't. I rented- I didn't lift a finger to better my landlorder property. I rent to people now- The never improve the rentals. I own my house and rentals- I'm the one who improves both and has pride of ownership. No matter how you crack it-The lower socialites are not good for business or family towns. Higher crime and lower business opportunity. Plus lets get some "affordable housing" in Cardiff and Olivenhain. Spread the charator- Leucadia has enough.

    As far as our children, why isn't the public up in arms about the Federal Govenment DEBT of $27,000 per person, the state of over $5,000 per resident, and soon to the City will add another $350 debt for each citizen ($20,000,000/58,000 citizens). This country is screwing our future generations- You better start saving some cash to help out your kids, or they are screwed.

  10. I agree - You want to see what section 8 housing looks like. Head up to Vista where all the shootings occur and drug gangs roam and you see on the news. Just ask the Sheriffs are there more problems in Del Mar or Oside and Vistas. This issue is a no brainer. Require condos over commercial business.

    If you have a bleeding heart, save your money, buy a condo, and rent it out for a low rent. Oh that’s right, your a victim and will always be a victim and want the government to take care of you and make you happy. Guess what, you wont be happy until you earn your existence by your own hard work. You don't hear the Vietnamese bitching about hard times when they have 3 families per house. They save, they buy, and they smile. Figure it out, your no more privileged than any other American and quit depending on others for freebees.

  11. Are you trying to screw up my Sunday rides? Jerkoffs!!!Don't allow affordable housing in Leucadia. Those hard hitting gang bangers won’t put up with our shit. I drive by there apartment and wake up their 12 bambinos-They'll shoot my ass. Dem dudes scare the crap out of me even more than my ex-wife. All those crazy low riders, hand symbols and graffiti. Man- I'd have to limit my cruise to Encinitas and turn around before I hit Leucadia. Yoga fairies I can handle, True Ghetto no way!

  12. Who is talking about Section 8 and affordable housing? The Coast News article address apartment buildings, not creating a ghetto.

    I hate Habitat for Humanity but that is for another blog post.

    You guys are making good points for creating mobile home parks instead of apartments because pride of ownership comes with owning a mobile home.

    There is an apartment building right next door to where I live. It's typical beach apartments. There is a group of 20something girls sharing a place, a couple of surfer dudes, a single mom, a family...and city council candidate Paul Martens.

  13. I am so sorry for people who have no compassion for others. We actually do have a condo that we rent for under market value and have fine and appreciate tenants. Gang shootings and other things of that nature are not acceptable. I agree. But, it is not always the Section 8 people, or lower income people who are involved. Some of those people have pretty high incomes, dealing in legal and illegal substances. A lot of them are in Cardiff, Old and New Encinitas, and yes, even Olevehein. Some people have fallen on tough times. I hope the last 2 bloggers, before Hwy 101 angel, never have to cash out their properties. But if you do, please know there are a few of us that will be compassionate and offer what help we can.

  14. All the crack houses are in Village Park.

  15. People rent out condos all the time freaks.

  16. When apts vs. condos was discussed at the Planning Commission, Commissioner Doug Avis said he was going to write a letter to the council and ask them to support making it easier to build apts because "with green house land going up for sale, it's a good opportunity to build apartments." Avis is a developer and I can just see big apt. complexes on what used to be green houses all over the city. Be careful people.

  17. What are the requirements between building apartments and condos? Is a tentative map needed for condos?

    Would it be easier and cheaper for the developer to build apartments and then convert them to condos when the building is almost finished?

    Was some duplex construction changed to condos?

  18. If you pay water fees or sewer fees, this information on the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association website is important:

    Big Court Win for Taxpayers: Proposition 218 Means What It Says

  19. Anyone see the article on Leucadia in Sunday's LA Times?

  20. Dr. Lorri- I feel sorry for people with no compassion as well. Why dont you sell your home and donate the proceeds to habitat for humanity, or you can buy several more condos and rent them all below market rate. You might get praise from others and even get a plaque. Are you really doing as much as you can do to help humanity?

    I personally feel that welfare breeds the victom mentality and I am compationate by saying no section 8 housing, it ruins human life.

  21. Crack houses and child molesters are diverse as well. I just dont like them in my neighborhood. Bums are really diverse. TJ is super diverse- we need more whores in Leucadia. Their is to many undersexed fat men.

  22. Dr. Lorri- I will always live below my means, which adds to my happiness. What did you default on your student loans and now you feel guilty? Catch a clue; the simplest things in life are free. Stop your preaching. I think you are on the wrong path which will not lead to happiness. Sorry Dr. you need more education. Try free enterprise or "How to find Happiness" by the Dali Loma.

  23. Dear Mary/Jane: Thank you for pointing out the error of my ways. I actually worked full time while attending both undergraduate and graduate school, so I have to disgree about repayment of student loans. I never had any in the first place. Our condo rental money goes to many charities, including Amnesty International, Encinitas Taxpayers Assoc., Habitat for Humanity, Doctors Without Borders, and at least 10 more. In addition I go to Kenya twice a year to help the people learn basic hygiene. I have read the Dali Lama's book and am quite aware happiness does not come with having a great deal of money. There is an old addage, I believe from W. Shakespere, which states "Me thinks thou protest too much." I wonder why my comments are such "hot" buttons for you? So, next time you hear me speak at a City Council meeting, please introduce yourselves, and perhaps you can educate me further on the errors in my thinking. In the meantime, I think I will attempt to offer a few people tools that will let them live happier, healthier lives.

    But, back to the subject at hand. In spite of what you may think, all people with less than you or I, are not criminals, rapists, gang members, or "free loaders". Many of them are mentally ill and have no place to go, since Ronald Reagan, when governor, closed all the state mental facilities and put these people on the street.Others have other horrible life circumstances. Since I take Medical, and work pro bono with many clients, I have seen a lot of circumstances where it could be me, or you, just as well as them. Human beings have a right to the basics of life, such as food , shelter, clothing, water, and health care. If we can spend the amount of money we are spending killing innocent people in Iraq, we can take care of our own. Would it really be so bad to have some diversity in our community?

  24. Dear Dr. Lorri: Leucadia will always have mega diversity in our Community with or without low income residents.

    Why do you call low income diversity?

    Unfortunately, low income often brings many problems to areas that I do not want in my neighborhood- High drug use, abuse, crime, gangs, ugly architecture, no landscaping, bums, run down homes, child molesters. The list goes on and on. I would like to see Leucadia improve (or at least stay the same) not becomes a refuge for low income. That’s not why I moved to Leucadia 31 years ago. If I wanted the qualities of low income neighborhoods I would have moved to National City or Vista. Why don’t you work on spreading low income diversity to other parts of Encinitas besides Leucadia? Spread the diversity. We have enough. I don’t agree with your logic.

    It sounds like your pretty well off to donate all your proceeds from your rentals to charity. Good for you! Can you do more? I do what I can and I don’t think our government can do more. Our governments are already in major debt which is a major burden on future generations.

    Do you think its right to burden our future generations with debt from our desires of today? What if our grandparents had that mind frame? Our generation would not have the quality of life we enjoy today. Our economy will become stunned by the effects of the debt which will make it difficult for even our brightest young achievers in American to have a quality of life equal to ours. We can not afford more welfare without sacrificing our future generations.

    PS- I think Iraq is a huge mistake in every way. The sooner we get out, the sooner Iraq will have its civil war and re-establish its own internal balance of power.

  25. Dr. Lorri- Your welcome. Thanks for being so humble and open to learning. Please keep your mind open, live simply and you too will enjoy a happy life. I appreciate you sharing this simple yet important message.

  26. Hi Doc- When you go to Kenya twice a year to help the people learn basic hygiene, I hope you teach them about birth control or stylization. That would surely help with many problems caused by overpopulation. Thanks.

  27. JP-I hate Habitat for humanity too. There is already too much habitat for humanity already on this earth. What about Habitat for other creatures besides Humans? Humans have to quit reproducing like a virus infecting the world. We are killing off all the other cool species on our earth. Dr. Lorri please do what you can to reduce the child production machines in developing nations. It’s sad to see so many live in hardship conditions as a result of overpopulation.

  28. I have lived in Cardiff for 25 years and bought my home, on my own, for a resonable fee, even then. I have no intention of moving, as I love it here. Is it my fault that the property values have gotten so out of control? If I am that powerful, give me a seat on the City Council. I am a psychologist, barely eeking out a living with managed care etc. My annual income is $50,000. How much do attorneys or developers make? I help whenever I can. I am a Red Cross Disaster Mental Health voluntter and worked for free when we had the terrible wildfires. I also worked Katrina. It was a nighmare and still is. No, the government is not helping our citizens. We are spending way too much money on a stupid "war" that has no specific purpose that I can figure out. Spending is out of control, and most of us will be lucky if we get social security. I pay my fair share of taxes, and don't see much being done in the way of upgrading the infrastructure.

    Since I live in Cardiff, I support apartments in this area as well. I am not picking on Leucadia. As far as people having too many children, I agree. But look around you. How many middle and upper class people have children. There must be a lot or the City Council would not want to make the Hall Property all about a sports park. I suspect that Park is not for poor kids.

    I was taught very simple values and I try to live by them every day. My car has a bumper sticker that reads "What greater wisdom is there than kindness". It is a 9 year old car, but it still runs so I will keep it. I don't drive a SUV, a Lexus or a Mercedes. I have an American car. I buy American if I can.

    Perhaps one day, if I run for City Council, you can have a clown chase me around. As for now, I will sign off and let more posters have a chance to get to know Dr. Lorri.

  29. North county's worst drug addicts can be found in Rancho Santa Fe but they have access to high end treatment.

  30. and high end drugs. not the cheap as crack and crystal made in tubs of village park.

  31. Dr. Lorri- For your future counciling:

    “Humans cannot gain happiness through material things. We must purify our thoughts and minds to find true happiness,” said the Dalai Lama, seated on a lotus-shaped throne atop a stage.

  32. Hi Dr. Lorri- The middle upper income earners are averaging around 2 or less in the western developed nations including US. The lower migrant workers are having like 6-10 without the means to care for them according to our defination of quality of life. There is quit a difference between an acceptable quality of life in US verses Mexico or any other "developing nation."

    The hall park will be filled with mostly migrant kids simpily they are the majority which is fine by me. I just dont want my taxes to pay for illegal kids upbrings. I rather spend it on my families well being and giving to the charities of my choice.

  33. Dr. Lori, I dig the way you think. Your head seems screwed on right. You seem to have a pretty good grasp on reality. We're all here at Earth School learning our lessons and coping best we can, trying to lead sane, balanced lives, caring for one another and developing our spiritual understanding. Just doesn't get any better than doing all that in beautiful Leucadia.

    Pretty simple.

  34. Joe: Unfortunately, Africa has close to the highest AIDS rate in the world, with approximately 1/3 of the country afflicted. The reason for this is there is no birth control available, so they have anal sex to prevent having kids. This is the method that tends to spread the virus the most easily. These people do not have the drugs that we have in this country, so they die a rather miserable death. So, if you are worried about the overpopulation of Africa, I think time will take care of that. It is too bad we develeped countries don't do more to help. However, that is the way that it is for now.

    I agree overpopulation of our earth is a problem. I don't have the answers. I have a hard time believing, however, that it will be migrant workers kids that use the Hall Park, if it even gets built before the City Council sells it to a developer.These kids are usually out working with their parents, or at school. A sports park is not usually the kind of atmosphere that welcomes lower socieo-economic people.

    Sorry J.P. I know my rants have nothing to do with your post. However, it seems as good a place as any to speak out. So thanks for giving all of us the opportunity to do just that.

  35. I disagree. All the parks around Encinitas are filled with lower-economic children which is fine. Hall Park will be the same. Check out the highschool, college and pro-sport teams. Most of the players were lower econo kids. The park will be a regional park and will welcome everyone and have a diverse mix including fat and skinny kids on the Encinitas Tax Payers dime.

    Africa like everywhere the key is education. Education will set you free and may help you live longer. Maybe Dr. Lorri you could teach the Africans about Oral sex. Much less stinky and disease ridden and very satisfying. I'll take a mouth over a stinky butt anyday. Or better yet teach them about MB- which is risk free. They better wise up or they wont be around long to worry about the next booty call.

  36. Out working with their Moms- What are you nuts Dr. Lorri? You must be talking about the illegals. The ones with greencards are at the park after they load up on Doritos and cheezewhiz from Albersons, and Opera is over. The only work the ones with greencards will do is fill out forms in spanish to get more welfare checks. Give me a break! You need to get out and experience real encinitas. Go to the Alberson Store on Encinitas Blvd. and check out how many lower eco moms are trailing 6 bambino and hit the check out with foodstamps. No shame in their eyes, its just part of the program. They're not working, they're becoming the welfare dependants. It hard to break the welfare dependancy and really enjoy a happy life. Please do not encourage more to go down the dark road of welfare.

  37. WOW! There seems to a lot of anger in this community. Of course I'm "nuts", I'm a "shrink". I am happy to be who I am. My conscience is clear amd I contribute as much as I can to "mother earth." This hatred toward "illegals" seems to be directed toward the Hispanic population. I wonder why that is? Does anyone know the statistics on many other "illegals" there are in the United States? Just because someone isn't of brown skin, doesn't necessarily make them a legal citizen. I will stop now, as I realize these posts are not what J.P's post was about. If anyone wants to continue this discussion, it will have to be without me. Don't all start cheering at the same time:) I will continue to post as long as J.P. doesn't throw me off the blog.

  38. WOW! There seems to a lot of anger in this community.

    great statement.

    This blog rips very good people because you disagree with a position.

    Disagreement is diversity, and it is productive and nurishing as long as it comes with respect.

    Their is a lack of respect while proffesing to be tolerant and accepting of diversity by a lot of posters.

  39. Why in your minds do apartments equal welfare? Are you really that out of touch with the beach scene?

  40. teacher of toleranceAugust 23, 2006 3:38 PM

    It has saddened me that someow Dr. Lorri has gotten to be a the target of so much anger and disrespect. She has a right to her views, even if someone doesn't agree. Name calling always turns me off, and I don't believe it is necessary to get a point across. I don't even know Dr. Lorri, but at least she has the balls to publish in her own name. I don't think it is right to rip her a new A, just because you might not agree with her beliefs. Where is the tolerance that Leucadians pride themselves on?

  41. I'm sorry. I dont see where other posters were naming calling or being disrespectfull to Dr. Lorri. Nor do I see any negative comments directed at skin color. The issue appears to be about welfare, which dr. lorri brought into the blog. I see the points as just blog comments nothing mean spirited. If someone feels Dr. Lorri got ripped a new A hole, maybe her kind spirited comments were not logical. I feel no dislike for Dr. Lorri, I am actually fond of her for posting her views and using her own name. Can she say the same about me.

  42. Are you kidding? I know a ton of agree and hateful Leucadians. I wish you nice ones would become my neighbors. It seems like 1/2 are peaceful individuals and the other 1/2 are bitter vipers.

  43. Ever been to San Francisco or New York? Apartments don't have to be low income. There are nice beach apartments on third street and the world hasn't come to an end.

  44. Dr. Lorri says "If we can spend the amount of money we are spending killing innocent people in Iraq, we can take care of our own."

    Killing innocent people in Iraq? Is there some secret accounting the good and proper Lorri, Phd. has that shows how much of our tax money is spent killing the members of radical islam (who blow up US troops and coalition troops as well as truly innocent people in Iraq) vs. the amount spent on whoever SHE describes as innocent victims of the U.S.? Are the sick freaks who behead innocents in Iraq and post the video's on websites the friends who Dr. Lorri seems to respect and support?
    I know who I think is the sick freak with twisted values!!!

  45. I find it intersting when people that post on this site call themselves anonymous when they post incomplete, or innacurate data to chastise another poster, (in this case, me). With the exception of Mary, Jane and Fred, all other posters who have disagreed with what I have said, won't put their names on their post. I wonder why? Are they afraid they will be ridiculed, or perhaps told that they are mistaken, as the last post is. Since this is fortunately still a free soceity, I urge posters who state things they believe to be facts, to put their name on the post. Yes, I do happen to have "inside information" about the civilian casualties in Iraq and they are extensive. How do I know this? I do consulting for the Pentagon and work closely with the public affairs officers. I know, hard to believe from such a left wing liberal! And yes Jane, I do admire that you put your name on the posts. I don't know you either, but I appreciate your ideas and honesty.

  46. Apartments vs. Condos in Leucadia, fully cooked, no deal, dropped from the package sent to council, DOA at Planning Commission.

  47. Heh, I browsed around to this particular entry from a google search for apartments to rent.

    Seems like maybe I shouldn't look to Leucadia so I can avoid assholes.

    And I wonder how many of the people who posted here are now, 2 years later, struggling with their poor mortgage choices?

    I am looking to rent right now, because the Condo I bought is only worth about 80% of what it was when I bought. Only a fool would waste that kind of cash.

    The low income property by pointsettia station in carlsbad looks better then most of the housing in Leucadia. And those people appreciate it.

    I will say that I like the idea of mixed use Commercial/condo/apt. I used to live in Oregon near the famous Orenco Station, it was a wonderful community. But I think it's critical that some properties remain rental. Especially in this market.

    As for young people. I work for a a technical company in Carlsbad that hires a lot of kids right out of school. Many of those kids live in the "Ghetto" apartments, because they want to surf and have the same coastal lifestyle. Those that aren't as interested live further south where there are more apartments. And that means higher transportation costs and that means that eventually, we lose those kids. You can talk about mixed use neighborhoods, but when the big companies are losing employees, because they struggle to find housing that is reasonable, you have a problem that will hit the community much much worse.


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