Friday, August 25, 2006

Art Walk

Time to test out how walkable blighted/funky/unique Leucadia is this Sunday starting at 10am. There will be one of those awesome red double decker buses if your little legs get tired.

Will the art be good or will it be Kincaid style crap hotel art like they always have in Carlsbad? Come on down and find out!

*Here are some links to Leucadia artist whom I like:

Mary Fleener

Scott Saw

Miles Thompson (relocated to LA for now)

George and Tanya Pure Corn


  1. Thanks JP!!! I'll be at LOU'S RECORDS doing my best to kick up the kitsch-meter with my display of glamorous vintage black velvet paintings, and my new series, "Poodles Behaving Badly". I'll also have copies of my comic book, "ENCINTAS-The Last Small Town On Earth" for sale. See ya there!

  2. Leucadia- The ART and SOUL of Encintas! Be there or Be.

  3. I like Fleener.

  4. Wonderful posting - I love the diversity of the works/artists highlighted. thanks kathleen

  5. Poets will be performing on the mainsttage at 2:00 pm, followed by a local fashion show.

  6. All the folks at the mainstreet program(s) deserve credit.

    Morgan Mallory helped keep this dream alive after a hiatus of more than a decade. Bravo Morgan, Kathleen, and the Leucadia 101 folk,

    I like the fact that is so Leucadia to have 100+ artist lining Hwy 101.

    A few weeks ago it dog days of summer in Cardiff, The Poetry Slam at the La Poloma, and the arts alive banner auction, all were awesome. Last week it was the car show and taste event in Downtown, that rocked as well. Next moth it's Wavecrest woodies at Moonlight and the Sunday woodie on 101 Cruise.

    Every week it's the farmer's market on Sunday in Leucadia.

    My point is that coastal Encinitas and the mainstreet programs /town councils are really doing a great job.

    I'm sure the Encinitas Chamber is doing something right? I'm sure that New Encinitas is adding to the Culture of Encinitas Right?

    What the hell ever goes on out there? What does that area add to the culture of Encinitas other than mass homes and mass generic shopping.

    The coast is, has been, and always will be, where the heart and soul of Encinitas are found and exibited.

    Now if we can just get Theresa and other Coastal folk elected we would really have an awesome city.


  7. Maybe the new theater will bring a little soul to the Ecke shopping center?

  8. Yeah, Maybe,

    I hope they build it in a totally different way than the rest of the center. It could sparkle that way.

    Perhaps like a green house or a barn or anything other than the same architecture that is there. That's to bland.

    The North Coast rep is a great theatre but I can't help get the feeling that I'm in a shooping center theatre and the produce isle is right around the corner.

    It needs to be inspiring and unique.

    Oh, and yes they do have the Octoberfest, err, small street fair.

  9. Sunday evening, after a day of art and fun. Just wanted all those responsible for organizing and volunteering for Art Walk to know what an awesome event it was. A very proud day for Leucadia, thanks!

  10. New Encinitas said...
    Dear Anonymous Jackoff;
    For much of the history of this city it didn't have enough money to wipe its own nose.
    The Leucadia programs, Cardiff Programs, and Downtown programs ALL use city tax dollars. The economic engine of this entire city is the very same New Encinitas that you disparage.

    New Encinitas provides the sales and property tax money, as well as many of the people that support your boutique attitude, asshole.

    Learn to show some respect before New Encinitas decides to shine you on and let your events whither.

  11. Anger from New Encinitas,

    The property tax income along the coast is what drives this city, always has before there was a New Encinitas. The culture along the coast is what drives this city, always has before there was a New Encinitas. The heart is alsog the coast, always has been before there was a New Encintias, and is what drives this city, and by the way, the sales tax is increasing at a much higher rate along the coast and that is what is helping to drive this city.

    I suppose if everyone lived in New Encinitas first and then urban sprawl brought them to the coast you would have a point. I doubt the income produced by New Encinitas can even pay for the cost of urban sprawl and traffic congestion that it caused.

    As oppossed to you using sophmoric references, I say New Encinitas is contributing financially, of course they are. But that was not the point of the post. It was are they contributing culturally.

  12. We all respect each other.

    New Encinitas wants is for us to bow down to the foot of the king.


  13. Respect new encinitas??? Ha Ha Ha Ha
    Ever since we were young we've always referred to new encinitas as "The Darkside".
    Not every one in new encinitas is a Kook like the previous poster. Just 95% of them.
    I remember standing with my family and friends watching the big La Costa fire rip down Box Canyon and thinking, I hope it burns through Village Park and wipes out Home Depot and the new Target shopping center. Harsh? Not really.
    Try a little experiment. Walk down the 101 through Leucadia & Encinitas and count how many people smile or say hi to you.
    Now go over to the Darkside and see how many smiles you get from the uptight wanna-be rich Yuppie scum that reside there.

  14. I don't agree. We need to embrace new encinitas which is a major part of Encintas. These folks who live in New Encinitas love the coast and love the fact that they come to the cool Coastal part of town and hang out. They show their love of the coast by putting all the Encinitas Surf Shop pads on their cars. The problem I see is that new encinitas residents should embrace the HW101 improvements because it directly improvements their families quality of life and property values.

  15. Property tax is over 60% of the revenues of the City and squashes sales taxes. Coastal property tax is much higher than inland. Its time that the Coast received its fair share of improvements to reflect its share of taxes paid.

  16. New Encinitas says:

    "The Leucadia programs, Cardiff Programs, and Downtown programs ALL use city tax dollars."

    Buy omission, he/she implies that the Encinitas Chamber (new Encinitas) does not.

    Drum roll,

    The Encinitas Chamber is funded to the tune of $100,000.00 per year by the city and that amount, boys and girls, is greater than Cardiff Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Encinitas 101, Leucadia 101 and the crumb grants given to the town councils all combined!

    Great event Sunday and thanks to leucadia 101 and the artists.

  17. I wonder is the attitude and swearing from "New Encinitas"

    is because the Forum (Carlsbad) has taken the shine off the apple (Encinitas Ranch) and cut into their sales and sales tax generation.


  18. New Encinitas=corporate ghost world.

  19. If only we could get some car dealerships, KFC/Taco Bell, and a home depot put on top of that obviously useless strip of land called "Leucadia," then the "new encinitas" guy could come down and feel right at home.

    Dude totally rock, and honestly, I hope my pacer door doesn't put a ding in your 911. That would full-on suck, and stuff.


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