Monday, August 14, 2006

B St to Become Amakusa Way

Some folks on B St received a letter from Debra Geishart, Engineering Technician at the city that clearly states “The City of Encinitas is requesting the following street name change in the Downtown area:

Present street name: B Street.

Proposed street name: Amakusa Way”

The letter goes on to say that “Encinitas has the privelage of sharing a Sister City relationship with Amakusa, Japan” and that “This symbolic gesture will help strengthen the bond between the two cities.”

Geishart futher states that “should you have any questions regarding the street name change, please contact me at (760) 633-2779.”

Jerome, Dan shoot Geishart a call.

Google satellite map view of B St click here

UPDATE-This story made the front page of the North County Times. Click here to read the story.


  1. B street D street was easy mistake. Shame Dan was so pissy about it.

  2. I rikey the name change very very much.

  3. tortilla flats in da houseAugust 14, 2006 8:50 PM

    I wish they would change the name of Clark St. in tortilla flats, to "street where drug dealing spray painting gang members get to live in killer "Habitat for Humantiy" houses for next to nothing street.

  4. Habitat for InsanityAugust 14, 2006 10:15 PM

    That’s a good one- Tortilla! What a joke that was, give away $200,000 lots to a few luck folks. Yeah, that did a lot for humanity. Why doesn't the organization petition the Pope (and crazy ass Islam leaders) to quit pushing their little baby makers to squeeze as many babies out as possible. The world may need more fish, whales, lions, elephants, wolfs, polar bears, apes, but I really don't think it needs more humans. The biggest cause of pollution is humans. I say stop the insanity and save Mother Earth.- Stop promoting the baby machines and definitely don’t give them a free ride! You have em- You support them or put them up for adoption.

  5. Bibray BoulevardAugust 14, 2006 10:27 PM

    At least it’s not Bilbray Boulevard. After all, he has lived here his whole life hasn't he?

    Maybe we can put a bronze statue of Duke Jr. at Moonlight with an oilrig spewing oil and a natural gas torch as backlighting for the statue!

    That would be sweet, right on our beach

  6. This is what happens when you make friends with the enemy!!! Next thing you know you'll be buying their televisions and automobiles. If Truman had any guts he woulda let MacAthur, run through that island like shit through a goose!!! That's what I did in Sicily, until Ike cut off my gasoline!!!I had Rommel on the run and he knows it!!!

    Habitat for insanity- go ride your little pantywaist EYETALIAN scotter!!
    All real Americans ride and drive tanks!!!

  7. Amakusa, Yerakusa we are all kusas in Gods eyes. So can't we all just git along little doggies?

  8. Do know why Bilbray and Roger Hedgcock are against gay marriage? Because they don't want their wives to know they are gay for each other.

  9. They should make a marble statue of Bilbray that shoots oil out it's ass.

  10. NO! We are Humans! We can not get along. Just read the history books. Oh yeah- this time it will be different the Jews and Muslims will hold hand singing love songs. Iraq will become a peaceful democratic nation and embrace US. I wish I could have that dream.

  11. Is there a sister city committee? That legal non-profit organization may have been dissolved. This is strictly a city program now. Boy, is the city taking the taxpayers by pretenting this is a separate organization from the city. Who is on the sister committee that doesn't exist?

  12. I demand a street in Amakusa be named after Crazy Louie.

  13. The only answer for us now:


    We need to get a complete change of culture at our city. They need to work for the people instead of the people working for them.

  14. Can you even believe the smart answers that stocks and dalagher gave JP in the prior post? It is that attitude of contempt they have all residents of our city.

  15. But...I thought Dan and Jerome liked me. *SNIFF*

  16. This is another case of tradition being ignored. The city should not just up and change the name of the street that leads to Moonlight Beach.

    We are not in favor of this, nor the trips that Council Members and some members of staff and the fire dept. have been taking to Japan every year, at taxpayer expense. We, and everyone we've talked to, including those posting here, are all against this proposed name change, from B St. to Amakusa. Why should we change the name of our street to satisfy the egos of our junket hopping City Council and our retired fire chief?

    If they want to take a trip to Japan, they could all pay for it out of their own pockets. Now we, Encinitas City Council's constituents, will be required to foot the bill to wine and dine the Japanese delegation, again, at taxpayer expense, so Council can have more warm, fuzzy, PR moments, leading up to election.

  17. Guerin wants name changeAugust 15, 2006 10:26 AM

    The reason that it should not be changed has nothing to do with anyone's dislike of Japan. It is simply not appropriate. This new name isn't even the name of the town that City Council, on our dime, has been visiting for years, which was Hondo. Now they've changed their name to Amakusa, and we are supposed to change our B Street to Amasuka? Makes no sense to us.

    And yeah, Jerome and Dan seem to have been less than straightforward with JP. The NCT article does state that they didn't know about this, beforehand. I think it's one of Christy Guerin's parting "gestures." We are going to the meeting to protest the name change, and also to ask Council to vote Christy out as mayor so she can finish out her term as a "regular" Council Member.

    She was afraid to change the name of the street to Bossypants, so she came up with Amakusa, instead. She said at the Council meeting that everywhere they went, in Japan, people clapped. That's not happening here.

    Be gone, Christy Guerin! Christy couldn't even pronounce Amakusa at the Council Meeting where she showed her vacation photos, at our expense.

    Either way, changing B St. to Amakusa Way sucks, and is another ego gratification ploy by Ms. Guerin. Engineering staff did not come up with this dumb idea on their own.

  18. I wish Guerin and Bilbray would go live in Japan.

    Then we'd clap!

  19. The shadow knows~~~~August 15, 2006 10:33 AM

    JP, thanks for letting us know, firsthand, how two-faced our Council really is re their letters to you about the name change.

    And about the burning questions re Mossy, Kevin, good ones! There is a loophole for "private property negotiations" in the Brown Act. So Council and our awful attorney, Glenn Sabine, can decide in closed session how much we will pay for a property, as a City.

    Unfortunately, they are only using the freedom of info act for its loopholes. If the price is set by the appraisal amount, then what would it hurt to pubically negotiate? Oh, what's another million?

    I would not trust Dan Dalager with my checkbook for a minute. Hey, why didn't he use the degree in chemistry he supposedly got from UCSB? Or did he?

  20. Call the City, write!August 15, 2006 10:56 AM

    We called the number, and left a message saying we don't want B St.'s name to be changed.

    Thanks for providing it, JP.

  21. the sister city committee was disbanded years ago - let's find out who is on this committee and let's see the minutes of their meetings - hahaha

  22. Put it in writingAugust 15, 2006 3:34 PM

    I called too, spoke to Debra Geishart, when she returned my call.

    She states someone on the Parks and Rec Committee, Chris Hazelton, asked for the name change. We think this probably was "engineered" thru Christy Guerin. Maybe Bob Nanninga knows; he's on that committee.

    Debra G. said we should all put our objections to the name change in writing, directed to her, so that she can present citizens' objections and opinions that we do not want the change at the staff report that will be made on Sept. 13 at a Council Meeting. They need two weeks heads up, I guess.

    I told her that just as a matter of directions, to the beach, a grid is much easier to understand. Also, traditionally and historically, Amakusa makes no sense. The town we were sister city to was Hondo, not Amakusa. A lot of that was because former mayor, and Leucadia resident, now living in Hawaii, Rick Shea, was good friends with some folks in Japan.

    Also, pronunciation is a problem. Christy Guerin kept mispronouncing the name and everyone else is likely to, also. Taxpayers went to a lot of trouble to preserve the historic nature of downtown Encinitas with the Encinitas sign. Why would we want the street, Encinitas Blvd., then B Street, that leads directly to Moonlight, easily the "gateway to Encinitas," to be renamed at the whim of some junket happy, fame adoring soon to be former Council Members?

    If we contact them, they will listen. Debra said, "put it in writing." You could probably e-mail her at

    Better do it now, while we're thinking about it. Yes, it was disingenuous of Dan Dalager to write to JP with his "friendly" but condescending attitude. Does Dan Dalager have a tool to sharpen his thinking? Somewhat on the dull side, Danny dear.

  23. I am not sure if both Stocks and Dalager are just that much out of touch with what is going on in this city or maybe they are both just just BSers and don't care. Either way their response to your question sure does put MORE egg on their faces.

  24. Not too complicated...ask Chris Hazelton if he cooked up this idea of the street name change. When he says no (and he will),ask him who told him to pursue the issue.

  25. If Rick Shea is now living in Hawaii, why is he so involved with the now defunct sister city committee in Encinitas?

  26. didn't Rick Shea go on the Japan junket last year with Christy, her city mgr and her chosen few ? By all means, everyone should be calling and emailing Deb in Engineering.

  27. No Dumping allowed!August 15, 2006 5:43 PM

    Set up a sushi bar at Moonlight. You just wont be able to use any local fish if Duke Jr. puts an oil rig off moonlight beach.

    Recall in December-Why? Nobody will even run for a councilmember position in November. If we dump council, staff will have no one to report too. I guess we should thank Slingblade for stepping up!

  28. Amakusa Way - Thats Funky!

  29. In the No Co Times article, Masih from that infamous Enc. Engineering Dept said "no one has written to the city in support or opposition to the change" - well, really Masih - no one knew about it. Somehow you kept the info from the public and when city employees leaked the rumor, 4 of the city council people said they knew nothing about it. So how in the hell could someone write to support or oppose this truly stupid, money and time wasting idea. Now remember folks, Masih is that genius that created a new way to figure slope calculations. I rest my case.

  30. Don't kill me but I'm okay with B St renamed Amakusa St.

    And "JP, You hear the strangest things. Things that have absolutely no relationship in any reality with which I’m familiar" is the greatest thing anyone has ever written to me.

  31. Maggie Houlihan wants to rename a park. Which park should be renamed Amakusa Park? Some cities have 10 sister cities. Start thinking about renaming all the parks and more streets in Encinitas.

    Renaming streets doesn't just involve changing street signs. History will be changed. There're many references all over the world to B street in Encinitas.

    A question the city hasn't answered is who is going to profit from the name change? One of the committee members makes a living with the importing of Japanese products. Nothing like cementing the business connections.

  32. The Japanese are great customers to the local surf industry so I've always liked them.
    How do the Moonlight Motel people feel about the name change? They are about to spend a lot of money redoing their motel. Will a street name change cause confusion and hurt their business?

    At least it's not Mick Pattison Way, right?

    ha ha.


  33. Isn't it illegal to use a public office for personal gain?

  34. Elm ave. was changed 15 years ago to Carlsbad Village dr. That was a stupid stupid thing. Folks are still peaved about that, Hell I say change it back to Elm.

    If B street is changed it will be the same thing.

    Q How do you get to Moonlight beach?

    A Take the 5, west on Encinitas blvd. That turns into Amakusa way and the to third st up to the parking lot.

    Ok what dos not fit in the above?

  35. Instead of changing park and street names the city council should seriously consider the more traditional method of planting cherry trees in a park.

  36. I like 'Carlsbad Village Drive'. I could care less about renaming B. Why is every issue the end of the world on these boards?

  37. Because the sad truth is most of us don't like change. We become attached to that which is familiar to us and when it changes a part of us dies. That is why even the uggliest buildings in Leucadia are deemed to have character since it is what we know and who we are. The reason why we are critical of everyone else but us is because we are not in control of our destiny and that pisses us off. It is also easier to complain about a problem than to be a part of the solution to a problem. If we are part of the solution we then become responsible for our actions and therefore cannot be critical of any change. That is not funky!

  38. This isn't an issue about change. It's about the secrecy at city hall.

  39. You know what? I am upset about what the government is doing, at all levels. Locally we might have a prayer to voice our opinions, contact our city staff and council, make a small but significant difference.

    I think the person who is putting down this blog is a Guerin or somebody else on Council or staff.

    We are doing our best to be responsible for our own actions, and we cannot accept many of the changes. Change for the worse is not progress. And speaking out is the only way we can have some slight feeling of control.

    JP, we love you and your blog, but we are not with you on this issue. We liked Elm St. in Carlsbad, and we like B St. by Moonlight. Those Japanese tourists will come and buy your boards even though it's still named B Street. The previous poster's point about the downtown mainstreet refurbishing, with historical perspective is well taken. People do appreciate some tradition. Change initiated just to stroke the egos of a select few is not progress.

    Let B St. be!

  40. I like Crazy Looie Drive. Crazy Looie loves Encinitas. Can Crazy Looie run for council?

  41. Better get used to change, it's part of living on this planet. Our saving grace in Encinitas is that a landowner's property rights can be tempered by the community. We all get a say in certain types of development here. A landowner can't do whatever he pleases.

    Our system of review and public input may not be perfect, but we do have opportunities to modify that change.




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