Friday, August 18, 2006

Beautiful Downtown Encinitas

I love downtown Encinitas. I love the La Paloma theater. I saw my first big screen movie there when I was 4. It was the original 1933 King Kong. They were showing it as a double feature with a big summer surf movie that the entire surf community came out to see. It was a rowdy crowd. In King Kong the explorers open fire on a giant Stegosaurus. "DON'T SHOOT!" I yelled out, "HE'S A PLANT EATER!"


  1. This City is one of the best places on the planet. Why choose to do things that risk its appeal?

  2. I Love EncinitasAugust 18, 2006 11:15 PM

    Danny is bad for Encinitas If you love Downtown Encinitas, wait until you see downtown Leucadia. I heard this term and I love it. _ The ART AND SOUL OF ENCINITAS Leucadia is the grass roots original cool ass shit! Pure Artists. Pure soul! Pure Beauty! I love all of Encinitas. Dump the Oxnard standards. Dump Danny. Dump Slingblad. Dump Dalager and better Leucadia. The only reason Danny wants to be Councilmember is it help his business. The problem is- he wants us to look like LA. He’s stupid. Vote for someone besides slingblade and you'll be doing Encinitas a favor.

  3. Dummer and DummerAugust 18, 2006 11:24 PM

    Oh Yeah- If I buy a toro I get listened to. Otherwise I just dont know shit. Danny is a dummy. Dont vote for Dummer and Dummer- Danny and Doug are bad for encinitas.

  4. I wish Leucaida could become niceAugust 18, 2006 11:30 PM

    I'm embarrassed! Slingblade is my neighbor and I voted for him 4 years ago. I will not make the same mistake again. My neighbor is all about looking like Oxnard. I have other plans for Encinitas! Vote for someone besides sling blade!

  5. What are the other candidates Platforms? Post here. KLF ha alot of pull. Teresa is in. What about the other?

  6. I like La Paloma, too. The dove. Too many people start taking everything for granted, and all they can see are dollar signs, how much more they are worth, because of the inflation that is killing a lot of the middle class.

    I do hope those other candidates will hear about this blog. I'd love to hear from them. I wonder if we can google them? Maybe they have a web site?

    Dalager had his "fling." Now we need someone who will take a stand, who doesn't think he's going to fight the Coastal Commission just because Christy told him too, and gave him a little squeeze, under the table.

  7. JP is right. We have a beautiful city. However, the current city council don't want to keep it that way.


  8. Slingblade only wants to get vested in those retirement dollars, he needs that second term, after that, who cares?

  9. Could our city be more beautiful if we had an extra $700,000 to spend on it every year. Encinitas spends $700,000 a year on lifeguard service. The city of Cralsbad spends zero on lifeguard service. Cralsbad doesn't have people drowning in Carlsbad and they have many more visitors to their beaches than us. Why do we spend so much more.

    The answer: Anne Olmstead thought it would be neat if she could start a lifeguard service in Encinitas, after all Del Mar and Solana Beach had one. We didn't want to left out. Although rather inexpensive at the time it has grown.

    Let the State of California guard our beaches, as they do in Carlsbad, and disband our lifeguard service.

  10. Did Kerry Miller receive a city loan?

    When Kerry Miller first signed with the city of Encinitas, he may have received a city loan of up to $100,000 from the city to help with buying a house. If he left city employment, the city loan would have to be paid within six months of the separation date.

    If Kerry Miller received a city loan, how much was it? How much is left on the city loan? How is the city handling the payback of the loan?

  11. no tax lady has a great point. Doas encinitas have a lower drowing rate that Carlsbad per vistor? If not, we are wasting our money, paying dudes to watch chickies in bikinnis. We should be able to find statistics.

  12. The original king kong rocked. The new one was good but too long.

  13. Good post, Great Picture.

    Right on old timer!

    Downtown Encinitas is by far the coolest downtown in all of North County and San Diego County.

    Sorry Carlsbad, Oceanside, Escondido, San Marcos, Vista, Solana Beach, You folks all are in a distant fight for second place. You all have spent gazillions wishing you were as cool as Encintias and you just get further away from coolness. Carlsbad just can't wait to ruin Ponto.

    All you development tax increment leaches that want to suck the blood from Encinitas by starting a Redevelopment Agency, should know that Encinitas does not have an RDA and it rocks because they don't! And that the coolness of downtown is because of the people, great buildings, and people who care.

    Leucadia needs to follow the model of downtown Encintias, Leucadia style, and celebrate it's own mojo and not an RDA with crappy (Snow's word) same same.

  14. How old is the sign and when did it first go up.

    I know it's not from the turn of the century because it looks to damn good to be that old.

    thanks for the answers in advance.

  15. The sign in the photo is only a few years old. It was made to look like the original sign from the 1930s.

  16. $75,000 for that sign came out of the Landscape and Lighting Fund - the same fund that the city keeps raising and said they will raise again because we taxpayers are not putting enough into their general fund.

  17. Wow!

    Even the sign is contraversial!

    I love this place!

    It's pretty nice landscaping and lighting IMHO

  18. Isn't that the 2nd sign? I heard the first one was destroyed by high winds the first night it was up.

    By 2nd sign I mean of the new signs.

  19. Points for J.P.

    It was listing badly after a wind storm a few months after installation. The fabricator, whose engineer said it would work, swallowed the bill for the truss system that it is now on. So the sign never fell and it is still the same one, but there was no confidence in the cable system so it was put on the metal truss.

    I hear but have not seen, that a video exist of the sign bouching like the Tacoma bridge before it's collapse.

  20. Perhaps that's why there made the leucadia sign out of concrete and kept it grounded!

    score card:

    Cardiff by the sea sign B-
    Olivenhain rocks B
    Leucadia surfboard B+
    Encinitas sign A+

    Noy that I am thinking of signs, they are all way above the typical crap that you see in most cities. I like the fact that they are all completely diffrent and unique as well.

    let's keep it that way!

  21. I miss the Reno sign.

  22. Boy, when I was a kid growing up here I thought my Dad's days growing up in La Jolla seemed epic -now I think back fondly of encinitas in the early 70's when I was a kid. Surfing boneyards with no one out but me and my pals, diving for lobster and halibut and cooking em' up on the beach at Swamis, kicking it on the old couch seating they used to have inside the La Paloma watching surf flicks seeing the glow and smelling the sweet smoke of ganja burning a few rows away, numerous empty bluff top lots to check the surf throughout Leucadia and Encinitas, zero traffic issues, and a generally polite, mellow population of locals not obsessed with keeping up with the jones's driving around in $100k cars pretending to be "cool surfers with soul". We had real soul and yeah, it's still around to a lesser degree. Encinitas definately beats the heck out of many other places around the country but like the saying goes, you should have seen it yesterday!


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