Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Burning Questions

1. Why is good 'ol boy Leucadia old school local councilman Dan Dalager still interested in forming an RDA in Leucadia? Doesn't he know that this will result in his friends and neighbors losing their private property? Owning property in America is a sacred thing. Has he become so sycophant in his desire "I want to walk from my house to the beach without tripping and breaking my neck." that he would really be willing to sell out Leucadia into a 50 year RDA process?

2. Is it moral for a dozen or so players to make big money while normal citizens are forced to sell their property?

3. Why did the Leucadia flooding get worse after it was "fixed"?
*answer click here

4. If the only reason Leucadia can be declared blighted is the flooding (or extreme puddling as my friend calls it) is that why the city avoids a quality solution? Are "they" trying to make Leucadia blighted on purpose?

5. Will the new dirt being dumped along the tracks at Phoebe St make the puddling of water worse there when it rains?

6. Why is there an ugly chainlink fence along the tracks in Leucadia all of sudden?

7. Where will the city find the 7 million dollars needed to finish the $20 million UBER-BLING library?

8. Why didn't the city choose an simpler more cost effective library design? It's all about the archive of information, not curvy windows and zig zag decking.

9. Will the city overspend on UBER-BLING Fire Mansions or can they chill out and find a simple clean and efficient design that is part equipment garage and part dormitory?

10. What is the city's pension situation? The crisis in San Diego has a lot of people wondering about their own local governments.

11. Why does the city keep trying to raise taxes and fees? Why are they trying to nickel and dime you?

12. Will the city destroy the ambiance and mood of downtown Encinitas by installing parking meters?

13. Why does the city of San Diego spend a million dollars a mile on storm drains while the city of Encinitas estimates $20 million dollars a mile. Fred Caldwell raised this question at an RDA workshop, did he ever get an answer to this?

14. Should the city of Encinitas have an elected city attorney instead of an appointed one?

15. Should the city go ahead with huge bond debt? Will they get sued by Howard Jarvis again if they do?

16. Does the Hall park really have to cost $19 million? Could we go with a nice simple open park for the kids to run around on? Could baseball diamonds be built with charity fundraisers?

17. Could the big developers be encouraged to ease their way into the old neighborhoods instead of ramming their way in and then building anti-social walls around their subdivisions?

18. Is city manager Kerry Miller's only purpose in life to form RDA's?

19. Will the city actually collect TOT funds from the new condo/hotel? Has Christy Guerin opened a Pandora's Box of condo/hotels? Is this good or bad for Encinitas?

20. Did all those people on Leucadia Blvd really have to lose their homes so we could get to the Ecke golf course and Target shopping center in style?

21. What can we do to encourage the development of classy mixed use buildings in the vacant lots of coastal Leucadia?

Bonus question: Who is in charge of this crazy train?

Add your burning questions in the comments section.


  1. Kerry Miller is our City Manager and has been since he bolted from South Lake Tahoe. That move wasn't long after Bill Crawford got elected to S. Tahoe’s city council.

    Crawford was able to win a seat on a hundred dollar campaign. How could he do that? Problems with their RDAs and mismanagement of city operations were big issues allowing Crawford's message to ring strong with Tahoe voters.

    See Crawford's message at

  2. Cheap and simple solutionAugust 08, 2006 10:28 AM

    When is the City going to enforce the State Vehical Code and end the sensless illegal vehical noise, especially of straight pipe motorcycles?

  3. Laguna Beach solved the problemAugust 08, 2006 10:30 AM

    when is the City going to end the rude brigade of illegal motorcycle noise on Sunday afternoon, like the City of Laguna Beach has done?

  4. Is the City ever going to improve that hazardous intersection at HW 101, Leucadia Blvd. and Vulcan Avenue? Isn’t the safety of existing residence more important than building a regional park?

  5. unsafe said,

    They are leaving that intersection alone so that it can be used as justification for an RDA.

  6. 3 burning questionsAugust 08, 2006 11:03 AM

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    Did you know that all Directors of the different departments of this City have to have Masters degrees in their area of expertise plus 7 years of public experience. So why can't we find out if all the Directors have these credentials? City isn't willing to hand over this information. By the way, these are the City's own rules as of 2001.

    Is Dan Dallagher really dense or foxy? He's REALLY not aware of anything going on around him. He still thinks Christy's actions are just fine.Although I wonder if he even knows what those actions are?

    What is it going to take to get all of them out of there? Perhaps a legal rebellion of some sort?

  7. There are work crews in the drainage ditch next the chainlink fence along the railway. The fence looks temporary, but gives us an idea of how blighted the town will look if we get a fence.

  8. Roadside Park BumAugust 08, 2006 1:17 PM

    1- Will the residents of Leucadia have pay for their own sidewalks??
    2-Will Leucadians ever see streetlights on 101??
    3-Why wasn't Leucadia blvd beautification carried down to Vulcan when the original work was done??
    4- Will residents of Leucadia have to fund all the landscaping on the center median of 101??
    5- Why are there no porta potties at Leucadia beaches??
    6-Where do the lifeguards go to the restroom at Leucadia beaches??
    7-Will Leucadians have to pay for their own sidewalks??
    8-Why won't the city remove the rusty guardrails where there is now curbing protecting the trees on 101??
    9-Why does the city allow bums like me to crap and piss on sidewalks, alleyways and private property?( Oh yeah, crap and piss add character to the community, I forgot, nevermind question #9)
    10- When will Leucadia get a council member that's not a complete and total failure for the community? Aspell, Cameron, Holtz and Dalager absolute failures to do anything positive for Leucadia!!!
    11- When will Leucadians get their heads outta their asses and DEMAND more from the city for the community they live and work and PAY TAXES in??
    Yeah I know I repeated the sidewalk question 2 times, give me a break I'm a bum!! And I'm drunk!! And I'm staggering down the 101 with more questions than answers.

  9. The bum sure wants those sidewalks. The undeveloped, for sales properties with Doug Harwood as realtor on one, have no sidewalks. Hum, wouldn't that be nice for the developer to get the city to pick up the tab for the sidewalks there.

    How many 101 property owners would lose front yard or parking space with the city asserting the public good for sidewalks.

    Do all those sidewalk improvements increase the taxable value of the properties or doesn't that count?

  10. Where is the property tax roll showing the increase in each property value and corresponding increase in property taxes when the city did the improvements to downtown Encinitas?

  11. Bum has more common sense than Danny!August 08, 2006 2:20 PM

    The walkways would sure make it nice for residents and tourists visiting the cool stores Leucadia has to offer. Leucadia does need some representation. I agree with the bum on all his issues.

  12. It's not a sidewalk issue. It's a who is going to pay to improve the commercial property owner's property. If it were a sidewalk issue, the property owners would have put in sidewalks years ago to increase foot traffic.

    Is there a quirk in the law that allows property improvements without additional property tax if the city makes the improvements? All the residential property owners who improve their property get increased property taxes. Are sidewalks considered an improvement?

    Did the property taxes increase on the downtown Encinitas properties after the 4-5 million dollars facelift?

  13. It would be helpful if JP posted some information on the issue of Redevelopment. What is the issue here and why do JP and others feel that Council Members want to have an RDA in Leucadia? What are the advantages of a Redevelopment area - there must be some, otherwise, why would anyone want to go through the brain damage?

  14. Wo is driving this crazy train?

    Could it be Crazy Louie? I hear the dude is going to aussie land for a vaca.

  15. The usual cast of characters (Hardwood, Ecke, Meyers, etc.) still want Miller to execute the RDA. These milkers want to get on the RDA board and make some easy money. An RDA in Leucadia will put Encinitas 100 million in debt and capturing the new property taxes won't be enough to pay it back. An RDA could cripple the entire town.

  16. Why aren't leashed dogs allowed on the beach?

  17. Will the Coast News ever update their website?

  18. " What are the advantages of a Redevelopment area - there must be some."

    The idea behind these districts was to have government intervene in locations where market forces were not enough to keep a town from rotting away. There must be places where this is needed, but not in Encinitas. It is not right to do it in a place were a 900sq ft hut can sell for a million bucks.

    RDAs subsidize development/developers. Bingo! That is why this is going to happen if our council remains tied to big developers. Think Dalager here! Those subsidies come out of huge RDA bonds. By definition an RDA is in debt. That debt is covered by taxes that otherwise would be available for public services.

    Here is the real stinker, sometimes just the talk of an RDA can cause waves in the market forces. People don't know what is going to happen and if they are going to be able to develop as they wanted or get a sweet deal if they wait. Some will wonder if the neighborhood is going to be invaded by huge developments. Don't forget that RDAs can become micromanagers of everyone's property.

  19. This council doesn't like dogs on the beach. That simple.

  20. Because there too many irresponsible dog owners who leave the shit. Now because of the irresponsible smokers (Gil we know you keep your buts), we need to outlaw smoking on the beach. The butts are giving flipper lung cancer, and choking the octopuss.

  21. The culture of dog ownership has changed over the last decade. Now all dog collars come with collection bags for waste. Any dog owner who doesn't pick up after their dog should be fined for littering. Any smoker who pitches their butt should be fined for littering.
    If dogs can't be on the beach then we need a dog park where the dogs can actually run and not just stand around. Maybe the gaint Hall park should include a dog park?

  22. Now I uderstand why the City of Encinitas is so afraid of an indenpendent audit. Check out the U.T or NCTimes today on what is happening in San Diego. Looks like we might be going in the same direction. Council is afraid of us finding out the truth about their illegal ways. The question is" What are we, as citizens, going to
    do about i?. We don't even know if our Director of Finance is qualified to handle the finances of this city.

  23. The latest version of the Hall property master plan for park development shows a dog park. Unfortunately the location was poorly chosen. It is right next to Cardiff Glen ($1,000,000+ homes) and slopes directly into Rossini Creek with no room for any biofilter. This portion of the creek is posted as protected wetlands. Since there is no guarantee that 100% of the dog poop will be collected, the fecal coliform contamination will run down to the lagoon and Cardiff Reef. Surfers beware, if the park is built as planned!

    A different location on the property, away from the homes and creek and closer to the freeway, would leave room for a biofilter and also mitigate the noise problem. The noise from the freeway would drown out the barking dogs. And they will be barking.

  24. JP

    Take out papers and run for city council. You ask the questions most of us want answers to. You have till next Wed.

    When you get elcted lead the charge to dump the city employees as in city manager that doesn't care about the taxpaqyers of Encinitas.

    One question to add to your list: What the heck is going on in City Hall that girlfriends are promoted to financial officers and boyfriends are appointed to public boards without the vote of the taxpayers?

  25. JP's #1 customerAugust 09, 2006 8:32 AM

    If JP runs for city council who will sand my surfboards?

  26. Election issues:

    Open Hall property now for dogs. They don't need grass, etc. When the city has enough money just put in sprinklers and grass. Let the sports teams raise money to put in fields. The land is just wasting now not used by anybody.

    Why hasn't the Cardiff specdific plan finished?

    Don't fence the tracks through our city. Underground the tracks.

    View ordinance.

    Law Enforcement efficency. Are the Sheriff's doing the job we expect from them. Why are they always at styarbucks four or five at a time?

    Neighborhood speeding. Can a neighborhood contract for their own deputy to work speeding in their area? Why can't a neighborhood pay for their own speed humps?

    Why aren't the city staff qualifications posted on the internet? Are their resume's valid. We don't know because we can't get them to check on.

    NO NEW TAXES OR FEES. Cut spending instead.

  27. RUN JP RUN!!!

  28. This is why Redevelopment is evil. It's very simple.

    An RDA is run by the 5 City Council members and a "staff". The charter that is drawn up is a big thick wad o' forms that is submitted to the State of California and takes a year to process. This charter can be modified, and certain provisions, such as EMINENT DOMAINE, may be taken out. However, if the RDA committee decides the change the charter, and put EMINENT DOMAINE back in, all they have to do is re-submit another thick wad o' forms and wait another year and presto! They have a new charter to work with.

    This could go on for 35-40 years, people. Think about it. It sucks.

  29. This is why Redevelopment is evil. It's very simple.

    An RDA is run by the 5 City Council members and a "staff". The charter that is drawn up is a big thick wad o' forms that is submitted to the State of California and takes a year to process. This charter can be modified, and certain provisions, such as EMINENT DOMAINE, may be taken out. However, if the RDA committee decides the change the charter, and put EMINENT DOMAINE back in, all they have to do is re-submit another thick wad o' forms and wait another year and presto! They have a new charter to work with.

    This could go on for 35-40 years, people. Think about it. It sucks.

  30. sorry for the double post

  31. Again I post the site for the truth on redevelopment. Check it out then try to explain why it is either good or needed anywhere in Encinitas.


  32. Trust is a big issue for a RDA.

    It works great in some, terrible in others.

    Encinitas politics are too high stung for a RDA to work in my opionion.

    Boiled down, it's a tool to keep more of the property tax local than up to sacto. Then its up to the politicos who to spend it. Do they enrich their developper friends, in many case you betcha they do!

    Do they tear down historic buildings and replace the unique with generic crap? you betcha they do,

    Do they use the money to provide infrastructer improvements? unfoutunatly that is all to seldom.

    What is the track record of our RDA expert and potential administrator Kerry Miller? terrible! You betcha it is.

    Did downtown Encinitas turn itself around without a RDA? you betcha it did!

    Follow the downtown Encinitas modle of Historic preservation and a mainstreet usa program and go slow.

    Kill any attempt at an RDA.

    An RDA provides tax increment for a wealthy few developers and excrement for the rest of us.

  33. Don't run JP, the world needs surfboard builders . Politicians just muck stuff up.

  34. Roadside Park BumAugust 09, 2006 9:57 PM

    Hall Property Master Plan!!
    Q-What in hell are you thinking??? Do you really think this lame ass city gives a damn about where the dog park goes and how much fecal coliform bacteria flows into the ocean???
    A- NO THEY DON"T!!! They don't give a damn about your precious San Elijo lagoon or said "BIOFILTER"!!!
    Q-Where's the damn BIOFILTER for the beach goers in Leucadia???
    A- There isn't one!!!!

    Surfer BEWARE!?!?!? I won't even go there!!!Like they're gonna stop surfing because some dog owner didn't pick-up the doodee 2 miles away!!

    I'm too drunk to continue, consider yourself lucky this time, perhaps next time you post you'll give deeper thought to your comments and try, just try to understand the nature of this blog. You have to be a newbie, that's all I can figure. And that's OK.

    Staggering down the 101, wondering where I can find a "BIOFILTER"when I need one, it's your RSPB

  35. To Roadside Park Bum:
    It's not what I'm thinking, it's what our city is thinking and planning. I am just stating the facts as they not stand. You can find all the relevant information at city hall, if you care to inform yourself. Don't forget that the city spent money at Cottonwood Creek for the single purpose of cleaning up fecal coliform contamination at Moonlight Beach. They had to because they were sued by Baykeepers.

    The mouths of creeks carry much more bacteria than bluffs because they drain a much larger area. The bacteria can be carried for miles, and even breed and multiply on the way. It sounds like you need to check yourself into rehab like Mel Gibson and dry yourself out. Your drunken rants don't make sense.

  36. Dear Fecal Cloriform,

    I know lets get rid all the dogs, cows, monkeys, cats and RSPB. Then we don't have to worry about it.

  37. your so-called "humor" is wearing thin, Gary, oh, I mean, RSPB

  38. Well, I sure don't always agree with RSPB, and his "potty mouth," but to us it is obvious that our present Council doesn't really care about bacteria, or contamination.

    They only care about being sued, liability. That's the only way to get them to recognize our concerns, to disclose their closed door decisions.

    So you think Gary, who lives by Roadside Park is RSPB? Hmmmmmmmm.

  39. I don't think Gary even owns a computer.

  40. Roadside park bumAugust 12, 2006 10:53 AM

    I get potty mouth when I get angry(and drunk) because Leucadians don't "get it" and it pisses me off!!! See, there you go again, getting me so upset I start to use bad language. I will keep it cleanier next time, but there is something to be said for foul language. People do listen more and sometimes foul language gets their attention!!

  41. What the fuck are talking about man?

  42. Wash out your mouth~~August 12, 2006 12:21 PM

    JP, we are going to wash out your mouth with surf wax.

    But we love you, your blog.

  43. J.P. doesn't use profanity in real life so I don't know why he uses it on this blog that is read everyone in the community.


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