Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Christy Guerin Confession: "I'm a bad girl."



  1. naughty naughty.

  2. She said "the finance papers were on her kitchen counter and that she had not turned them in on time because she was away on vacation." Question to Bossypants: Why lie? You were seen in town on Monday. Yes, you are a "bad girl" for fibbing.

  3. liar, bossypants on fireAugust 01, 2006 12:22 PM

    Well, a lot of folks were late with their papers. Yes, the real problem is the fib, and all the fibs Christy Guerin has told.

    She should step down, now, because she has a conflict of interests with a Federal job, where she supports Bilbray's positions, and her local job, now, as mayor. Please go away, Christy Guerin.

    She laughs off her lateness and pooh-poohs the ten dollar late fee. She could be setting a good example, instead of coming up with lame, lying excuses.

    Christy Guerin, you are not a "girl," and you are not bad in a good way.

    No way.

  4. Thats funny...usually Danny is the one grabbing women at City Hall. No wonder he has such a big smile

  5. Step down, Christy, now!August 01, 2006 6:15 PM

    Good Community Forum piece in NCT yesterday calling for Christy Guerin to resign.

    For her to continue making bad decsions and bad policy through December is not acceptable. She needs to devote herself "110%" to Bilbray, and her Fed position, as she said in her press release, before, to Adam Kaye.

    We don't need her going on more junkets up to Monterey to lobby the Coastal Commission, on behalf of condo developers, or going to (taxpayer funded?) parties for her cronies, whether in Japan, or here, as in our recently retired fire chief. He's a good guy, but we notice nobody said a word when Cindy Adams, head of Code Enforcement retired.

    As the article in the NCT pointed out, many people in the Coastal Communities, the majority, did not support Bilbray. Christy Guerin and her daughter, Caylin, have stated that Chrisy Guerin will go along, precisely, with Bilbray's agenda, as that is her job.

    Because she will go along with Bilbray's support of off-shore oil drilling, Christy is in league with big oil interests, and not with the majority of the citizens of Encinitas. We don't want her setting policy and not putting us citizens first, before her lobbiest friends in "high places."

    Please retire, Christy, once again. Between your $2,000 per month "retirement" disability payments, through the taxpayers, and your new $85,000 per year director position with Bilbray, through the taxpayers, we don't want you to keep scamming us by working the system, in Encinitas, too, affecting future policy, disregarding the "little guy."

  6. "Bad Cop, Bad Lobbyist, Bad MayorAugust 01, 2006 6:20 PM

    Yeah, Bossy Guerin should step down, now, to show her "good faith." Or would she rather go out as a "bad girl," showing more bad faith?

    Is this picture showing Dan Dalager handing the gavel over to Christy when she became mayor again? He was so relieved not to have to try to think for himself. It's a big job being mayor; that's true. Christy Guerin should not work full time out in Escondido, and try to represent us, as mayor, here, when she has a conflict of interest with her allegiance to developers, lobbyists, and to Bilbray.

  7. if she steps down, do we rule with four or does someone get appointed to fill out the term. if it's someone getting appointed and they are a continuation of the same old party line does it help the appointee get elected to her vacated position? anybody know 4 sure?

  8. The forms belonging to Mayor Christy Guerin, Encinitas Taxpayers Association, Firefighters Political Action Committee, Encinitas Sports Coalition and newspaper publisher James Kydd had not arrived to City Hall by Monday's 5 p.m. deadline

    Does this mean that Bonde, the Firefighter's Jymm Kydd the sports folks, and Guerin were all partying together and blew the deadline?
    They are ALL naughty!
    Especially Bonde. He's Mr. "the city is incompentent, but I have my shit together, unlke them!"
    And his excuse is basically... huh? duuuuuhhhh... I don't know why that is...
    I bet the party was at his pad.

  9. Liar, bossypants,

    Stop beating the conflict of interest drum. There is barely any possibility of a real conflict arrising.

    And as for Bonde, I didn't know he was an officer for the taxpayers association. Is he?

  10. Where did RSPB go?

    He didn't answer my questions from two blogs back.

  11. Buteo,
    I'm here, I'm drunk, I'll get to you when I damn well ready and not a moment sooner!!

  12. Conflict of interestAugust 02, 2006 1:39 PM

    The conflict is between integrity vs. disinformation, self-aggrandizement through political spin and photo opportunities.

    To us, there seems to be a conflict between Christy Guerin getting a $2,000 month disability and still feeding from the public trough through her "retirement" from the San Diego County Sheriffs, now an $85,000 per year Fed job thru Bilbray.

    This does not count her husband's $100,000 year plus government pay, through the County, although he also got some kind of Workman's Comp award, which he had appealed, as it wasn't enough for him!

    Since Chirsty Guerin is being paid to be a full time Public Servant, by the Federal government, then she shouldn't be full time Mayor in Encinitas, and also be on the Board of Directors of the San Dieguito Water District. The decisions being made at SDWD, by the way, will not affect Christy Guerin or James Bond as ratepayers, as they are in the Olivenhein Water District. That, alone, is a conflict of interest, when the Water District is being used as a sly loophole to evade a public vote on a new Revenue Bond.

    How much does Christy get to sit on the SDWD Water District Board? The gravy wagon is unending for her. She should step down. Then, we believe, we'd have to govern with four, only, until the November election. After the election, perhaps Council could appoint the one with the most votes to begin the term early, in November, rather than waiting until January. Could this be done by special resolution?

    We think we could get along with four Council members until November. We know Council has been on break now, for weeks.

  13. Lil' Drummer BoyAugust 02, 2006 1:45 PM

    Hey, I'll never stop beating my drum.

    Guerin does have conflicts, should step down. Why didn't she disclose the gifts she received from Japan on her Financial Disclosure forms?

    Those are also referred to as "conflict of interests forms," by the City.

    Perhaps no one could "make" Christy Guerin step down. There is precedent that an elected official had to step down because of another government position, could not hold both. However, the big thing for Christy to do would be to voluntarily step down. She'd have more time for golf, or to hob nob with the developers in Monterey, and at the golf course that she had stuccoed over, at taxpayers' expense.

  14. grandview surferAugust 02, 2006 3:06 PM

    the bad girl quote is great but how could you miss this:


  15. grandview surferAugust 02, 2006 3:07 PM

    sorry, it didn't paste correctly:


  16. Conflicts of interestAugust 02, 2006 7:38 PM

    ENCINITAS – A prominent local environmental engineering firm was a major donor in the failed ballot measure that sought to collect $5 a month from property owners to pay for pollution control, the most recent campaign finance statements show.
    Encinitas-based Dudek & Associates gave $5,000 to Encinitas Citizens for a Clean Ocean, which campaigned for the city-supported Proposition C earlier this year.
    That money accounted for 82 percent of the $6,100 that Encinitas Citizens for a Clean Ocean received in the reporting period Jan. 1 to June 30.

    Although supporters of the ballot measure outspent opponents during the mail-in election, the measure was defeated March 7 by 61 percent of 10,600 households that returned ballots. . .

    In Encinitas, the company is on a short list of companies invited to submit proposals on city projects because those firms have been vetted for their qualifications and experience with past city projects, said Scott Vurbeff, Encinitas' environmental coordinator.
    In addition, Dudek & Associates also competes for regular bids issued by cities and private builders.
    In Encinitas in the past two years, Dudek won eight contracts worth $724,000. Six were with private builders. The other two were an $85,970 deal with the city in 2004 to study flood control at El Camino Real and Leucadia Boulevard and a $47,300 contract in 2005 to assess wildfire hazards and suggest solutions.
    City Council members also submitted their financial disclosures on Monday. . .
    Angela Lau: (760) 476-8240
    That's part of the SDUT piece. We find it interesting that with EDCO, our trash service provider, they were threatened that the City would find another contractor, another provider for this exclusive contract, if EDCO did not put the so-called "clean warer fee" on our trash bills.

    Payback was that EDCO got to up its bill by close to the amount of the water tax, anyway, as part of the consent calendar.

    The City of SD provides trash service out of its General Fund. While that would not work here, because of our high debt ratio, we do know there is always payback with these private companies required to act as public servants, through the City. Dudek and others are expected to anti up if they want to remain the favorites.

  17. further conflictAugust 02, 2006 8:13 PM

    The article in the UT is as close as angela Lau has ever come to investigative reporting and I'm surprised that Adam Kay did not turn this up?
    Dudek was bought and paid for and who among us would not trade $5k for some fat contracts, unlesswe had integrity.
    The real story is that Aceti donated $100, then loaned the campaign $1900. What do you suppose the odds are that he will ever get this money back in the form of donations? Anyone want to have a $100 per plate party for him to repay it? I'll bet not!
    Adam, Angela, Coast news ... here is the story!

  18. We still have a few hats, shirts (small and medium only...thats what he wanted)and bumber stickers in a box in my garage. I will no longer lift a finger for him after the way he acted but if you want them, their yours.

  19. WhatChristyIsThinkingOfAllOfYouAugust 02, 2006 8:32 PM

    Off with your heads!!

  20. To add isult to injury, did anyone see page B3 of Wednesday, NCTimes (8-2-06)? The article does not have a reporters name on it, and was tucked away under the local section. The title was ENCINITAS,DEVELOPER SETTLES LAWSUITS. The story basically states that Glenn Sabine, our illustrious City Attorney, settled 2 lawsuits by Barratt, who had claimed that the City was unfair to add new charges to building permits, etc. The agreement was, that in the future, the City would confer with Barratt before the next fee increase. Since when does the City have to confer with Barratt or any developer to increase fees? Seems to me if they have to ask Barrat,t they should have to ask all citizens. Or am I missing something,? I think the meaning of this speaks for itself. Out with the old, in with the new. This is not only ridulous, it is probably illegal. Where are our local attorneys when we need them. STOP THIS INSANITY AT CITY HALL. VOTE THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE! Make our voices heard that we are not going to stand by and watch the City hand the keys over to Barratt and Company.

  21. Good grief! What is wrong with Sabine? Who is he really working for.? It is certainly not us or the Council that is supposed to represent us. How much did he make on the deal? We need to get rid of him ASAP! Inquireing minds want to know.

  22. Clean beaches is why I live here.August 02, 2006 10:04 PM

    I'ved lived in Leucadia for 34 years and I supported Prop C. Big Deal. I will support any measure to provide a dedicated funding source for helping clean up our ocean. I say dedicate fund for the Storm Water Program and cut funds for the Ritz fire Mansions.

  23. You know Christy is bad girl. Do you think she still has her handcuffs from when she was a cop? Yeah baby.

  24. clean beaches,

    This blog was all about Prop C for a while, look in the archives. Most everyone here knows that prop C had no provisions for keeping the water any cleaner than it is today or cleaner than it would be tomorrow. Even Aceti admitted it was all about the general fund. Christy said it was about warm fuzzies.

    Why did you think prop c would help keep the beaches clean?

  25. Clean beaches is why I live here.August 03, 2006 10:38 AM


    Its simple -Dedicated funding source to the clean water program. currently the program relies on General Fund. Once again, I am infavor of a dedicated tax to fund clean beaches. I would offset the new tax by reducing taxes or expenditures in another area. The dedicated revenue source is needed because council or the ignorant public do not have understanding or disapplin to make Clean Beaches a priority. They are too focused on building unnecessary facilities like Ritz Fire Mansions and regional parks.

  26. State law requires that every city fund clean water measures up to a certain level. There is no way the city can worm out of funding at the present level. Kerry Miller and Christie Guerin have already conceded this. Dedicated funding would only free up general funds to be spent somewhere else. I want to keep the funding as it is. Prop. C was a shell game. Only the uninformed voted yes.

    The Dudek contribution to the Yes on Prop. C campaign was to secure certain favors from the city. Dudek employees also put up all the Yes on C sign. Some were pissed because they had to do it on Saturday on their on time. Was it was done voluntarily? Yes, if you wanted to keep your job.

  27. Clean beaches is why I live here.August 05, 2006 12:35 AM

    Bullshit. Only 60% voted against a new tax. 40% of citizens, who care about the ocean, voted for the measure!

  28. The law states that they have to comply with regulatgions. They just want us to pay for something that should have been set aside in the general fund.I believe that we all want clean beaches. It's the arrogant manner of the Council and supporters that some of us don't want. Does anyone know if Jennifer Smith has a Masters degree? According to City regulations, all Directors in the City need a Masters degree in a related field. Kind of makes you wonder who has and who doesn't, since it is the City's own policy. The City isn't talking.

  29. Only 60 percent? That sounds like a big mandate, to us. People who voted no do care about our beaches.

    We just knew that the money was mandated to come out of the general fund, and that the "dedicated funding" was simply a ploy to make more general fund money available for other capital improvement projects, to boost the general fund.

    Voters were not fooled by the shell game of Aceti and Council.


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