Sunday, August 13, 2006

D St Name Change Rumor Untrue

The rumor that the city was going to change the name of D St has been debunked by two city council members. After hearing the rumor from several independent persons and total strangers I decided to e-mail the council.

E-mail from Dan Dalagher:

JP, You hear the strangest things. Things that have absolutely no relationship in any reality with which I’m familiar. I’m trying to get done with these e-mails so I can get out of this dank office, get a bite to eat and get in the water. I suggest you do the same. It’s a beautiful day outside. Get out and enjoy it and stop trying to scare yourself to death.-Dan

E-mail from Jerome Stocks:

I have heard no such rumor, no of no such effort, and would oppose any such idea. No wiggle words needed in the sentence.
You may want to re-consider how much credibility you grant your source...
Please feel free to continue to contact me with any issue of concern to you.

Jerome Stocks

*I am now hearing from several e-mails that it is B St that may be changed. B St has less of an emotional charge than D St considering that D St is a beloved surf spot.


  1. Bummer.
    I was dying to call a friend and tell him "Its head high at hondo", or have my girlfriend meet me at the Hondo street bar and grill.

  2. Dude,

    I heard a rumor from one of my surf buds that it was C Street that was to be renamed for some City in China our Council visits every year

  3. I heard Encinitas Blvd was getting renamed Paul Ecke Hero Road.

  4. The rumer on d street is it is being expanded in name to "Dufas" St. as it leads directly to City hall.

    This change is being promoted by the econnomic development director and the chamber of commere as a tourism generating, moner generating concept.

    "Everyone will drive from miles around to See the dufases in their natural habitat" said the director.

  5. this can't be happeningAugust 13, 2006 8:39 PM

    Is that Dan's boilerplate response or what?

    In a Leave it to Beaver father knows best voice, "don't bother yourself with what we are doing [someone] is taking care of it." Don't question and definately don't imply that Dan isn't doing something right. If you do he will send you to the beach without dinner.

  6. Do you think Dan ever made himself a razor knife glove like Freddy Kruger wears?

  7. he'd rather think of himself as edward scissor hands.

  8. That was an epic scolding wasn't it? This is the only town in the world where a city council member will tell you to go surfing, I love it.

  9. Those slippery council men are technicaly correct. It's 'B' street that they want to change. The notices have been sent to surrounding neighbors and it should not be too difficult to get one.
    Were Slingblade and the male face for a constipation formula fooling with you JP, or just uninformed?

  10. Oh, B Street turns into Encinitas Blvd! No, we don't want Hondo there, either. Like Lomas Santa Fe turns into Plaza.

    Will this come up at a Council Meeting, or will they just force it on us?

    I hope this is a prank.

  11. Will Cottonwood creek be called Amakusa/Hondo creek? Will Christy Guerin/city council/Kerry Miller call Moonlight beach Amakusa/Hondo Beach?

  12. Now it's in the NCT. They want to change the name of the street that goes down to Moonlight Beach, to Amakusa. Booooo!

    I wish Christy Guerin would go live in Amakusa. Everywhere she went, she said at a Council Meeting, people would clap for her!

    Be gone!

  13. ...has ANYone ever seend Dan "in the water"?


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