Monday, August 28, 2006

"a fee with a name that made us feel good"

Why Encinitas rejected Prop. C

Letter to the editor SDUnion

Regarding “City-funded firm donated to Prop. C” (Local, Aug. 2)link:

The article on Encinitas' Proposition C revealed that Dudek & Associates dominated the proponent's contributions base. The description of Dudek's tight relationship with the city administration was meaningful. In contrast, the opposition campaign was funded by a grass-roots uprising. The article failed to remind your readers why a coastal city with a pollution conscience population would trounce a proposition with “clean water” in its title.

It lost because Proposition C provided the city with no new clean water mechanisms. All we were going to get was a fee with a name that made us feel good. The fee would have released some steam off the council's pressurized general fund. Fortunately, city watchdogs blew their whistles loud enough to overcome the propaganda and rigged public comment process. The Encinitas Taxpayer Association ended up creating a long list of dirty tricks the city used to get the proposition to pass. Once it became clear that the city manager and mayor condoned the overtly bad behavior, recruiting people to help fight the proposition was easy. On the other hand, support of Proposition C was so weak that pro C signs had to be distributed by Dudek employees.



  1. We need to hear from Aceti and find out why he would load up his credit card to fund the campaign. He sure was vocal during the months leading up to the vote and extremely confident of a victory. Does he expect to be paid back, or was the loan just a cute way to get more money for those UGLY signs. Does Aceti make enough money with his phoney organization that shakes down local municipalities for donations to pay off the card on his own? Doubt it.

    What was he promised? What was Dudek promised? Unless someone like Adam Kay or Angela Lau get to the bottom of this story, we may never know and it will happen again.

  2. I sure hope the existing clean water program doesn't suffer. I would have liked to see the benefits if prop C passed. Like more street swiping or storm drain debris removal, or possibily more Public Relations for educating the public not to pollute. The ocean and beach is why I live here. Otherwise, I would leave most of the S. CA posers and move some where more peaceful.

  3. Mary, you must be new here. Talk with someone who was involved and they will put your fears to rest. Prop C was a scam to increase fees / taxes, nothing more.

  4. The clean water program has been in place for years - mandated by the state. The clean water program will not change AT ALL for this very reason. It was just a scam for the city mgr and council to get more money into the general fund to pay for salary, benefit and pension increases. When are we ever going to get an outside audit so we all know once and for all what is what ?

  5. We will have an outside audit if we get rid of all council members! Until then, don't hold your breath.

  6. If we get a new council person or two, and a new city manager, we have a great chance to push for the audit.
    Go to the candidate forums and ask what each candidate thinks about a true independent audit then vote accordingly.

  7. Look for the warm and fuzzy HELP THE CUTE PUPPY fee to appear on your next water bill.


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