Monday, August 21, 2006

LA Times Scopes Out Leucadia

Leucadia hangs onto its '60s vibe
By Irene Lechowitzky, Special to The Times
August 20, 2006

Leucadia is, well, funky. Once a hippie mecca, remnants of the '60s remain in this coastal north San Diego County community. But it's not all tie-dye, love beads and surfboard mailboxes: Residents are trying to preserve their lifestyle in the face of change.

Read the article here.

Irene Lechowitzky wrote an almost identical article about Encinitas in Oct. 2005.

Where shops close early when the surf kicks up
By Irene Lechowitzky, Special to The Times
October 2, 2005

People roam around downtown Encinitas barefoot or tuck their surfboards under their arms while they pedal their bikes to the beach. Spiritual centers and yoga studios add to the mellow vibe. But don't write this off as just another blissed-out beach town.

Read the article here.

Next year when Irene goes to the track maybe she will write about Cardiff?


  1. I think its an excellent article. At least it didn't compare us to Oxnard.

  2. Cardiff rocks and everyone knows it now. Patagonia is located where The Monastary was once located ( a bar where the employees were dressed like monks and where my pal Warren C hung out 4 nights a week). The town has grown with control from there with the exception of the towers that are being erected next to the 7/11 and the Jack in the Box. Cardiff people are active and involved setting a good example of why residents need to be vocal.
    Leucadia can be anything it wants to be ... choose carefully and get or stay involved!!

  3. Fulano's will no longer receive my business. I will encourage others to boycott the business as well.

  4. I agree with Fulano's comments about Junky. We want first class funk, not junk.

    Yet other residents feel that change cannot come quickly enough. John Portilla owns Fulano's Café: "The powers that be would like to keep Leucadia junky…. Hopefully, some of the new growth that is coming will help it change."
    The ironic point is that the owner of the Fulano property, the father of John Portilla, owns that Ghetto rental on the S.W. Corner of Leucadia Blvd and Hermes right next to Fulanos. John could do us all a big favor if he and his father cleaned up their own property. Everyone else has cleaned up their properties. The Portillas are the last hold out. Next time your n Julanos, Please tell John to clean up his mess next door and help with the improvement of Leucadia

  5. John Portilla is an idiot and a nutcase Don't believe me? Try eating there sometime.

    Not only will he talk your ear off, he may even join you for dinner. My girlfriend, who is a vegan, took me there for lunch and he talked nonstop. The food was average, and overpriced. When he started to rant about bull fighting and how it is "part of my culture", that's when we got the hell out of there, and no, I didn't leave a tip.

    The place used to be called SPEEDYS, and was run by John's mother, who was very nice. John used to work behind the counter and was odd, but now he needs some GOOD medication and therapy. His comment about Leucadia shows what a bitter person he is. Don't blame the community for your lack of success,moron!!

  6. The best thing that ever happened is that nothing ever happened.

    cool quote, considering how the rest of California has changed so drasticaly.

  7. "The best thing that ever happened to Leucadia is that nothing ever happened to it"-Peter Norby

    Here's some other quotes from Mr. Norby

    Article: Coast News April 15 2005

    -"It would be fiscally irresponsible if the city didn't look at forming a redevelopment agency in Leucadia."

    -"If you have infrastructure deficiencies, that's a condition of blight"

    - "I'm very familiar with the mechanics and tools of how a redevelopment agency works"

    Also in the article: "Norby said he thinks that with planned developments already taking place in Leucadia, a redevelopment agency could stand to take in $800,000 to $1 million per year in the near future. He said this because Leucadia is a desirable area for developers who are going to continue to build there. 'The question is, do you just let it happen or do you have stake-holders define, participate and control what's happening?'"

    'Nuff said?

  8. Great Scott! Back to Leucadia!

    so we get to flame Fulano and Norby all in the same blog and they are on differnt sides of the argument in the LA Times article.

  9. john is lucky his mom(wonderful woman) and dad let him run that restaraunt with no rent, which explains why fulanos stays in business doing 0 to 20 dinners a night.
    But, hey he is entitled to his opinion and don't trust any quotes in the l.a. times etc, unless you heard it yourself.

  10. So Norby, Kerry Miller, Dan Dalager, the developers and how many other council people want a redevelopment agency in Leucadia. Greed, just plain greed.

  11. "Leucadia's beaches may be the last true hide-outs of the Southern California surf scene. Very much off the beaten path, there are three popular spots — Grandview, Beacon's and Stone Steps — that are hidden gems, tucked away at the bottom of steep staircases." Not any more Irene, thanks!!!



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