Friday, August 04, 2006

Little Known Facts about Christy Guerin

1. Christy Guerin has no human parents. She was born as a full adult after the grand opening of the Ecke Ranch Shopping Center. Her birth was the result of a three way between Target, Linens and Things and Ross Dress for Less.

2. When she was a cop she was fond of yelling "FREEZE MUTHAFUCKA!" even when writing traffic tickets.

3. Her new duties working for Brian Bilbray include helping him peel off his latex human face mask and feeding him live kittens.

4. Even Chuck Norris fears Christy Guerin's roundhouse kick. She did all of Uma Thurman's stunt work for Kill Bill 1&2.

5. Under that cute Anne Taylor outfit is a .38 special with shoulder holster so don't mess with her.

6. When Christy Guerin cried at her press conference announcing she wouldn't seek another term, flowers and baby ducks appeared from the ground where her tears fell.

7. Christy Guerin makes a mean Paella, the best!

8. Christy Guerin won 1st prize at the San Diego Comic Con costume contest for her version of slave Leia.

9. Christy Guerin can reach speeds on foot up to 9 miles an hour.

10. Christy Guerin can hear underwater sounds from as far as 15 miles away.

11. Christy Guerin is the person who forwards all those heartwarming spam e-mails to you.

12. Christy Guerin's husband is a sheriff with a terrific sense of humor (I hope).

13. Christy Guerin's favorite dish at Denny's is Moons Over My Hammy.

14. Christy Guerin once appeared on the television show Judge Judy where she grabbed the gavel and cried out, NO MA'AM, YOU'RE THE ONE OUT OF ORDER!

15. Christy Guerin is lovely woman trying her best to make it in a man's world.


  1. I am pretty sure that someone tipped Christy off that we were using our connections in LA to search the archives for Judge Judy tapes. That's why she isn't running. It's not prop C or A because Dan did that too and is acts happy as a clam.

    She didn't grab the gavel. It is much more gnarly than that.

    I don't think Bilbray is going to be stoked when we find it.

  2. Roadside Park BumAugust 04, 2006 11:03 PM

    Whaaa,Whaaa, grow-up people, go buy some beer and get drunk!!!! Then you won't care a lick about Christy Guerin or any of the other morons on the city council. Together their brain power doesn't add up to the height of a flattened penny after the Amtrak has passed over it. I mean really now, how much brain power does it take to sharpen a lawnmower blade?? How much brain power does it take to tell people to keep quiet in the library???

    Whaaa, Whaaa, Christy won't resign!!! She won't give up the perks of the city to take her new $85,000 year job. Why should she?? Sucking at the government tit is all she's known for all her adult life. You know serving on all those boards pays $$$ to the members, would you really, really walk away from all that cash?? After all, you go sit for an hour or two and voila, they send you a check every month, gotta be at least $100 per hour minimum!! And there's plenty of food and drink at those meeting, wouldn't want our elected officials thirsty or hungry!!

    I was told many years ago that J.Bond supplimented his retirement to the tune of an extra 30K per year just as a member of those boards. That was over 10 years ago, I would imagine it would be more now!!

    Who cares what she did on Judge Judy?? Do you stay awake at night worrying about this shit, worry about something more important you morons!!! All your doing is showing yourselves to be as big nitwit as she is. Tadpoles have more brains!!! Yes, it's true, true, I know because in high school I desected a tadpoles brain and after removing the cranium, there is was inside........... a neon sign that read "I have more brains than Christy Guerin and the nitwits that hate her".

    Staggering down the 101 with more brains than Christy Guerin and the nitwits that hate her, it's your RSPB

  3. The bum's tirades are stale.

  4. JP- I'd have to say your very fond of Christy. Even though you have the hots for the midlife bonde, I still think you should run for council. Your well informed and dont believe in rent control for ENCINITAS!

  5. I think that was one of RSB's better rants in awhile. RSB, back in form? We should do a two man Abbott and Costello show together.

  6. I dont miss the BumAugust 05, 2006 9:51 AM

    Did Road Side Bum move to Oceanside? I haven't seen him for a long time, and my kids haven't stepped in any bum puke on their way up to Beacons for at least a month. If so,Thank God! What a nice improvment to not experience that smell while walking to the beach.

    I bet RSPB will be elected as an Oceanside City Council Member. That would be a good thing for Oceanside, but he might send all of his Alchy buds to Leucadia in spite

  7. I'm going to give the RSPB $5 if he promises to relocate to downtown Carlsbad. They need more character in their town.

  8. Guerin picks CottonAugust 05, 2006 10:20 AM

    Well, we like the public to be informed, including the rumors that are flying at City Hall, as they relate to the facts of our current, corrupt Council, that lacks transparency, and hides behind closed doors and closed sessions.

    If people really knew about the lack of brain power right now at City Hall, lack of integrity, more importantly, we hope they will rally and vote for big changes, come November.

    I like this post, JP, about Guerin; it's hillarious. And I wish Bossypants would step down, now. That's not whining, that's my position. She's got the "guns," but I've got my fingers and this keyboard.

    As far as the previous post by JP, to rude dude:

    "And who is the rumored replacement already angling for the job? None other than the sycophant Phil Cotton! That would be disastrous, as he was only put there to squelch questions about the missing $1 million in the Cardiff Sanitation District and about the money shuffling from the San Dieguito Water District into the general fund." [Right on!]

    "Loving Leucadia," rude dude, it is you who are using bad language and trying to squelch someone else's right to express his or her opinions. There is money missing in the Cardiff Sanitation District, accounts, that's a fact. Will Phil Cotton ever get to the bottom of that? Has he yet? No. Does Council want him to? No.

    What are the "facts," that you base your unquestioning support of Cotton on, rude dude? This blog is a place for those of us who do love Leucadia, Cardiff, Old Encinitas, or any other neighborhood, here, to vent. I strongly suspect that you, rude, are a Council Member or perhaps a Guerin? A dudette?

    You can harsh out those who post here. That won't stop us. There have been many coverups that have gone on, are going on, now, at City Hall. That's another fact.

    Phil Cotton is part of the powers that be, that have allowed this, without so much as a how dee do. Maggie finally had the guts to say, hey, this isn't fair. That's a fact.

    And it's definitely a fact that our not so illustrious Council and their yes-men, like Kerry Miller, and Phil Cotton, have shuffled money into the general fund from the San Dieguito Water District. Top Staff, including Cotton, seem very gung ho on supporting Council on avoiding a public vote on the issue of a new revenue bond, by using the "stream of income" from water district ratepayers as collateral. This money is not being raised for the water district. And the Board of Directors of the San Dieguito Water District, self-serving City Council, includes people, such as Guerin and James Bond who do not live in that same water district: they are in the Olivenhein Water District.

    No one is watching out for the SDWD ratepayers. When people do give facts, rude dude, you ignore them, use obscenity, and blast us for caring enough about our community to speak out against nepotism and corruption.

    Get a life, and don't be a hypocrite, rude dude. Longboard contest today at Stonesteps!

  9. La connection, thank you, sweetie, for all you hard work. Keep digging, and you will find the gold.

    Don't let ranting bums discourage you.

    Spot on, and good job!

  10. Mayor Guerin obviously had her reasons for picking Cotton, not letting that decision go to the whole Council, to be ratified, as usual, at a public hearing. We agree with what was said, before. Council should let someone else, like Maggie, finish out the Mayor's term. We don't want Christy Guerin making more lame duck decisions to promote her personal cronies, and sycophants, aka "yes-men."

    That the appointment was done behind closed doors leads to suspicion, and distrust. That's a fact, too, rude dude, from before.

    Hey, there's a good article in this week's "Reader" about the huge problems the City of SD is now having re San Diego's "picking the pockets of the Water and Wastewater departments to prop up the general fund." Check it out on page 6.

  11. sh#% or get off the potAugust 05, 2006 6:14 PM

    Great post!! I laughed until I realized that we are days away from the filing deadline to replace this sold out loser. It's not much of a horse race without a competitive field and we aint got one yet.

    Bert Long is Danny's hand picked man to build his power base (although I'm not sure that he is smart enough to use it unless he gets direction from Ecke, and Liz's husband David and that would spell disaster). It will be very interesting to see who the plumbers donors are cause I just named the two drivers of that bus.

    Ms. Barth seems to be a very nice lady but do we know her positions? I will say that anyone that lets a God awful photo of herself run in the NC Times (she does not resemble that grinch)kind of scares me from a publicity perspective. I look forward to hearing her articulate her positions.

    Please, Please folks ... someone step forward who does not have their hand out for a special interst group. The peoples business deserves a candidate with the average taxpayer in mind.

    Is that too much to ask??

  12. I hear Notaxlady takes a hell of a photo when she shaves. How about her.

  13. last anonymous, you go shave your tongue.

    Don't be down on women, unless they are Guerin.

    And, no, I'm not notaxlady.

  14. Upon reading this flog blog I laughed and farted for hours...
    You hate filled losers are a stitch.
    I don't live in your town but thank goodness that creeps like you don't have any real say.

  15. Fuck u "Visitor" if that's who you really are!
    U can blog flog here as an unknown asshole, but we know who you really are! WE ARE ON TO YOU !!!
    Go back to where you came from Mr. Morrison, if that's who you really are!!

  16. Now we find out in today's NC Times that Christie Guerin gets an astonishing $39,400 in compensation from the city. She is sucking a lot of money out of the public coffers in exchange for very mediocre performance. Adding in her disability and her Bilbray salary, I would say she has milked the system to the max.

  17. No checks & balancesAugust 06, 2006 10:06 AM

    Yeah, signing on anonymously and projecting your own vile venom, calling us "hate-filled losers," is pretty sad, phony visitor.

    You call us losers & creeps because that's what you are. Yeah, you could be Sabine or Morrison.

    If we are so worthless, have no influence, why are you wasting your time posting here? Obviously, the powers that be are worried, and are trying their best to destroy this blog with name-calling and rude, irrelevant remarks.

    For the steady posters, who obviously do care, and are involved, I applaud you.

    And yes, there is a very interesting article in today's NCT about all the compensation made by our Council Members. Maggie says she works "up to" fifty hours per week. No way can Christy Guerin be a good mayor when she has another full time position on Federal payroll.

    Council should reappoint Maggie, who got the most votes at the last election, as Mayor, now, let Christy either step down, or fill out her term as a "regular" council member. Christy Guerin is not able to balance all her board duties, and for one thing, is not watching out for the ratepayers of the San Dieguito Water District.

    She and James Bond do not live in the SDWD district, and should not be on the Board, when we are going to be charged more, to help the General Fund, ultimately, just as was attempted re the Wastewater authority, aka, the stormdrain fiasco and defeat of Prop. C.

    These should be separate entities, but if the Board of Directors is exactly the same as City Council, then where are the checks and balances?

  18. 40,000. is not an astonishing amount of money unless you are the RSPB.

    In all the years that I have appeared before the council the number of times that I have agreed with Ms Guerin's position I can probably count on one hand. But the lady has been true to her beliefs and fought gamely for those causes. I generally am on the other side of the fence but I respect her as the loyal opposition. I think she'll do a good job for Bilbray, and again I am on the other side of the Bilbray fence and so that is unfortunate for my positions.

    Ms. Guerin is out as a council member come November if her word is to be accepted, and until proven otherwise I do accept it.
    The continued incessant Guerin bashing is like the farmer whose plow mule died and he's down on the ground looking at it's rear to see if there's any thing he can do. Hence the farmerly expression for wasted futile action, "Why that's like looking up a dead mule ass".

    How you all doing for candidates for city council or is the current two plus the incumbant the slate?

  19. Appt. a new mayorAugust 06, 2006 9:24 PM

    Gil, good post, comparing Guerin to a dead mule. ha ha.

    But the point is, why can't Council vote to appoint a different mayor until her term expires?

  20. Step up or shut up. I guess we'll see if the people writing to this blog can make a difference in November. If Danny and Ron win, the answer is this blog makes no difference. Hopefully, Teresa and someone like JP will step up and run for council. Otherwise business as normal, and we can continue to whine about it because we can't do shit and the majority of Encinitas residents support status quo.

  21. Checks and Balances - Your anonymous and a joke. I'm betting you are with the Encinitas Tax Nazis. A hate filled little group of trolls looks for negativity where ever you go. Get a life troll losers or your going to get cancer really soon and die a very unhappy person.

  22. check the loser accuserAugust 07, 2006 9:52 PM

    last post is sick; bad grammar, hateful, and untrue.

    Encinitas Taxpayers Association is well supported by the people in Encinitas who want fiscal restraint, and government accountability.

    We don't need more phonies, more closed sessions, and less checks and balances. Calling someone a Nazi or a loser just means that's what you are, check the loser, anonymous accuser.

    You are lurking here as a "visitor," looking for an excuse to spread your meanspirited nonsense. Good riddance.

  23. I hope that your mother never has to read vile, inaccurate, un-Christian nasty remarks about your child. Christy is the oldest of 6 children who is an honest caring person. No, she is not perfect, but she has faced up to her mistakes and done more positive things in her life than negative, and I would be happy to share them with anyone. She is a devoted wife, mother, daughter and friend to many. If you derive joy and fulfilment from knocking other people, then I will pray for you and your parents.
    Carol Wilson, Mother of Christy Guerin

  24. Christy Guerin was a terrible mayor who did a lot of damage to the city of Encinitas.

  25. Guerin was a rude and obnoxious Mayor who made bad decisions. Those who put themselves in the public eye should expect to be purloined and parodied and not whine about it.


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